How my husband gave me to another man

Secret Desires

As I showered, I thought about what I had agreed to do for my new friend, who I just met through an ‘alt site’. We had not even been together yet when he had shared with me his fantasy of watching while I had sex with another man. My fears felt very real back then, and were more than a little apparent, as we talked on the subject for hours while he described, in detail, the fantasies he had been having about me, about us. I found it difficult to wrap my mind around why he would have those fantasies and told him as much. During that discussion and many more in the days that followed, he calmed my fears and insecurities.

Gradually, I was able to accept the voyeuristic tendencies he had. He assured me time and again that he wasn’t trying to pawn me off to another man, nor was he trying to scare me away. He kept telling me those were only fantasies, and I wouldn’t lose him. I even became secure enough, that we role played those fantasies in our emails to each other. ‘That’s it, Dearest. Take that cock all the way!’ He would whisper in his emails. And I would play along, describing to him how it felt to have another man inside of me as I climaxed.

We had been talking through email just a week or so when I was brave enough to share with him the enjoyment I get from being spanked. Despite my fear of him thinking I was weird because I was aroused from the pain and sensation of these spankings, he was very aroused and excited. He promised that spankings would become a regular aspect of the sex we shared.

We found that he really liked the thought of making my backside a light red before we made love and I knew that these spankings would allow me to reach climax very easily. He promised me multiple orgasms during sex, and he was quite proud to be the one to give those to me. We also talked about me giving his cute little butt a spanking, and we knew that would switch back and forth for maximum pleasure for us both…

I finished my shower and dressed in the clothes we had agreed on for the evening. I put on a lacy red garter, with red fishnet stockings, under my well fitting black skirt. The matching bra I wore slightly showed through the white blouse I buttoned over it. I put on a very modest amount of makeup, and a little perfume, before I went into the front room where the two of them waited.

I have to admit, the man I chose to join us was an attractive man, but that didn’t make my agreeing to do this any easier. He had a pleasant manner, which I liked, and I also liked that he was well spoken. I felt a bit uncomfortable as he looked me over, but this was more from knowing that soon I would be getting a spanking from him. My Tom smiled as they both stood when I entered the room, and he gave me a kiss, asking if I was ready. I told him that I felt ready, but that we should start before I lost my nerve.

Helping me relax with spanking

My Tom took me by the hand leading me into the bedroom, and as I followed him my heart hammered in my chest. He had placed a chair just to the right of the bed, slightly kitty-cornered toward the headboard, and as he led me into the room, I heard the door close behind me. He released my hand, and I felt our friend guide me by the waist to the chair. I sat down and our friend began working the tension out of my shoulders and upper back. My Tom sat on the edge of the bed facing me, and he took my hands in his. We looked into each other’s eyes then, and I could see the adoration and excitement from him as he whispered to me ‘I am right here Dearest. You aren’t alone,’ and I began to relax.

The firm pressure of the hands on my shoulders eased the tension from me a bit, and I closed my eyes trying to enjoy the massage. He rubbed my back for a few minutes, and when my tension was eased a bit more, I felt my Tom pull me up from the chair, and I sat gently onto his lap, and into his embrace. He held me for a few minutes whispering softly into my ear how much he adores me. He kissed me softly on the mouth and neck and then he had me stand.

I wasn’t surprised to see that our friend was sitting on the chair, and I allowed my Tom to guide me over to stand beside him. Then my Tom placed his hand on the center of my back, and eased me over our friend’s lap, my head toward the foot of the bed, while our friend helped lower my body into position across his lap.

My heart beat rapidly in my chest. I slowed my breathing and tried to relax, feeling his arousal against my hip as he placed a hand on my bottom. I remember turning to look at my Tom, who sat again on the edge of the bed, as I felt the first swat. He smiled at me, and I mouthed the words ‘I adore you’ to him. His face lit up and he whispered ‘I adore you too dearest’ as another swat landed on my bottom.

Our friend seemed quite proficient at spanking, and he swatted my bottom soundly for a few minutes. That familiar sensation to my fanny grew as my Tom took my hand lovingly and gave it a squeeze. While I held my Tom’s hand, I felt rubbing on my stingy cheeks and I closed my eyes as that spanking did what we knew it would. My body reacted as it always did from a spanking, I began to feel arousal. The sensation of my bottom becoming red, along with the throb of the pain in my fanny, made other parts begin to react, and I felt warmth growing between my legs.

My mind was on my Tom, and I squeezed his hand, as I felt another series of swats through my skirt. I looked at him again, but his attention was focused on the spanking I was getting. I could plainly see the arousal he had, and that brought a smile to my lips. Knowing he was enjoying watching this man spank me made my body’s arousal increase. I remember that I started to let myself be selfish, as my Tom had urged me many times in our correspondence. I started enjoying the feelings a spanking always brought me.

The swats from those strong hands on my bottom began to increase in force, and I kicked my legs a bit as my butt started to really sting. I remember feeling my skirt being pulled up, and I quickly looked to see my Tom leaned forward, and using his free hand, was tugging my skirt up to reveal my bare butt. I relaxed just a little, knowing it was my Tom baring my ass for that spanking. As that hand landed against my now bare skin, and I felt the sting of that swat, my body slowly began to react even more.

I vividly remember the sting to my fanny as that spanking became a bit harder. I also remember feeling this man’s arousal grow slightly against my hip and belly as I kicked my legs and pushed against his thigh. I opened my eyes when I heard the bed creak, and I saw my Tom had stood, and letting go of my hand, he walked around to my feet. I remember feeling his hands ease my legs apart and then slide up my inner thigh to touch my exposed pussy. I then felt my Tom slip a finger into me, and my body reacted with a shudder. He drew that finger across my sensitive clitoris, and slid another into me, as another solid swat landed against my butt.

One finger orgasm

I had closed my eyes as I felt the hard swats land against my bare skin and with the added stimulation between my legs, the arousal of my body grew swiftly toward release. I was kicking my legs hard, and getting really close to climax when I lifted my head and arched my back. I remember that I opened my eyes then, and saw my Tom was sitting on the edge of the bed with a huge grin on his face. My entire body seemed to tense when I looked at him, and I closed my legs on the hand between them. The knowledge that it wasn’t my Tom bringing me to climax was a shock for me, but my body was too close, and that finger still touched the sensitive places between my legs. Before I could even try to control it, I climaxed, and I remember thinking my body had betrayed me, as I felt it begin to spasm. His free hand kept landing squarely against the bare skin of my butt many times during that release, and his finger continued to stimulate me, prolonging my body’s orgasm.

My Tom had moved to sit on the very edge of the bed as my climax subsided, and I watched as he unzipped his pants, pulling his erection out. I remember feeling the hand between my legs withdraw as I relaxed them, and then those hands eased me gently onto my knees in front of my Tom. I took his erection in my hand, and I felt him throbbing as I knelt before him and he guided my mouth onto him.

I wasn’t surprised that he had me taking him orally.

I focused my mind on my Tom and watched as his hands reach to my collar, and began unbuttoning my blouse. I remember that I heard the sounds of undressing from behind me, and as my Tom stroked my hair, I felt other hands start to caress first my shoulders, then my back. Then I felt those hands cup my butt and firmly gave it a squeeze. I was surprised when my Tom made me stop, and take him from my mouth. He then had me stand as he finished unbuttoning my blouse. His hands slid up my belly and over my bra, as I felt the fabric of the blouse soft on my skin, slide from my shoulders and landed on the floor behind me.

As my Tom stood, he kissed my neck and shoulders, then slid his hands down my sides, and I felt his fingers slide under the elastic waistband of my skirt. I remember struggling to control my emotions as my Tom sat slowly on the edge of the bed again, pulling my skirt down over the garter I wore. He eased the skirt to the floor, and I lifted my feet slightly, stepping out of it. I felt very vulnerable standing in front of him, wearing only the garter belt, stockings, and a bra. Then I remember starting slightly as hands took hold of my waist from behind, and as I tried to slow my breathing again, I was turned to face the man that had just spanked my butt.

He stood in front of me completely naked, still holding my waist, and his body showed well-defined muscles. His broad shoulders and strong arms showed very little effort as he lifted me to sit on the bed, with my legs over the edge. His cock stood straight out, pointing directly at my breasts as I sat there.

Then I remember that my legs were eased apart and I felt one of his hands glide over my skin, slowly going up the inside of my thigh. My Tom sat down close beside me on the bed, having removed his clothes as well, and he placed my hand onto his cock. I felt the hand between my legs reach my groin, and when he placed it against my pussy, I took my Tom in a firm grip and squeezed. I lay back onto the bed looking at my Tom, and as I met his eyes, I felt that finger part my lips and enter me.

My pussy had dried a little, but the finger within me found moisture from my recent orgasm, and when he felt the wetness increase, he began teasing my clitoris. I shuddered slightly from the sensitivity between my legs, and as I closed my eyes, I felt my body begin to respond to that touch. He worked his finger around within me, bringing back my moisture, and I began working my hand up and down over my Tom’s erection.

I didn’t open my eyes, as I felt the clasp to the front of my bra being undone, and then felt hands on my exposed breasts. I kept working my hand around my Tom, as the touch to my breasts made my nipples erect. Once my nipples had hardened, I opened my eyes and looked at my Tom again. As our eyes met, he stopped stroking my breasts, and I had to let go of his cock as he got up from the bed.

I remember I closed my eyes again, and I felt my legs being lifted and bent at the knees, my feet set completely apart on the edge of the bed. I had been trying to prepare myself for this moment all evening and was still trying to accept that I had agreed to get fucked by this man. Then I felt my Tom’s hands stroke my hair and I realized that he was standing on the opposite side of the bed. I tilted my head slightly back, and my Tom leaned forward, kissing me firmly, just as I felt that thick cock lay against the lips between my legs. I kissed him fiercely, reaching back and pulling his mouth against mine.

Slickness had built between the lips of my vulva, and I felt gentle pressure from the cock pressed against it, as I felt it slide up and down against my slit slowly. Within moments, my lips parted enough that I felt his shaft slide against my clit, the main vein within his cock sliding up and down the length of me.

My husband’s eyes, strange man cock

I remember feeling his hands slide down my sides, and come to rest at my waist. He slightly lifted his hips, drawing the head of his cock down between my lips, to stop directly in line with the opening to my pussy. My Tom ended our kiss, but kept hold of my hand and grabbed the other one, lifting my arms a little above my head. I felt the member between my legs start pushing against me then, and I spread them fully as the head of his push against that opening. I felt how thick he was as he began to push into me, and even being wet, I thought I wouldn’t be able to take him. He worked his cock into me a little way, then he would withdraw, and then enter me again, just a fraction deeper.

‘Damn, he is thick’ I said to my Tom, as I wiggled my hips slightly from side to side. He pushed against me again, and I felt myself stretching tight around him as the shaft began to enter me. The feeling of just a small part of him against my sensitive clit, had me close to orgasm again, and as he pushed another fraction of himself within me, I gripped my Tom’s hands tightly and couldn’t control the climax as it built to a roar in my ears. I came around him with his shaft only just inside of me, my legs spread almost painfully apart. I opened my eyes to find my Tom watching my face intently, his stiff manhood standing straight up. Our eyes met as I climaxed, and I saw the awe on my Tom’s face. I knew he was pleased while watching the fantasy he had shared with me coming true.

Slick moisture from my orgasm coated the thick cock still pushing into me, but I felt only a couple of inches within me, as he pushed against me again. As I climaxed around him, moaning softly, I still looked into my Tom’s eyes. I felt him push harder as his cock slid slowly into me. He would pause as my body shuddered in orgasm and then push himself a little deeper before my body spammed again. I remember the shaft of his cock pressed hard against my clitoris as he pushed it into me, causing my orgasm to continue until he was completely inside of me.

My orgasm didn’t stop when I felt his balls slap lightly against my ass. My body continued to shake violently, and it kept climaxing, as he pulled out from me slowly. He stopped when only the head parted my lips then pushed himself slowly into me again. My Tom let go of my hands as I felt every inch of him pushing tight inside of me, and that kept my body climaxing. I remember the feeling of that long orgasm while that cock pushed into my slick pussy over and over.

I still watched my Tom’s eyes as I was getting fucked, and his gaze went from watching as I climaxed around that thick cock, to looking deep into my eyes, watching my face as I came.

When my body’s climax finally began to subside, I was panting from the strain, but I remember feeling him push fully into me again, and he slid his hands behind my back. I felt impaled with him still inside of me, as he stood and turned, sitting on the bed, making me straddle him. I watched my Tom walk around the bed as I felt that cock slip just a fraction deeper within me as I pushed my weight fully down onto him. Then I felt my body thrown into a multiple orgasms, and I closed my eyes as I threw my head back.

I then felt my Tom stroke my back and buttocks as I was drawn forward by the man fully inside of me. My breasts pressed against the curly black hair of his chest as I lay against him, and I felt the head of my Tom’s erection rub against the bottom of my pussy a few times before he set it against my anus.

I remember saying over my shoulder between gasps ‘I doubt, there’s room, for anything else, love!’ But I felt pressure as he pushed against my asshole anyway, and as I felt the head slip gradually inside, I let out a gasp. He withdrew slightly, with the tip still parting my anus, and then he pushed into me again, just a fraction deeper. The orgasm I was having hadn’t stopped making my body convulse, and I did the only thing I could think to do. I sat up, lifting myself partly off of the thickness within me, and reaching back, pulled my Tom by the waist toward me. I remember just feeling desperate to have my Tom inside of me, and I pushed down onto the cock between my legs. I drove it fully inside of myself, but I didn’t feel my Tom enter me any deeper. I still felt him in me, but it seemed that he moved as I did, and hadn’t pushed any more into my ass. I pleaded over my shoulder ‘Please, fuck me, love. I need to feel, you in me’, and I again pulled his hips forward. This time I felt my Tom push into me as I lifted off of the cock I straddled. I remember throwing back my head and yelling ‘Yes! Yes!’ as I felt the two heads pass each other tightly. ‘Now, stay right there’ I gasped, and when I pushed down, forcing that cock between my legs into of me again, my Tom stayed firmly inside of my ass. I felt each of the places they tightly filled spasm and twitch, and I threw back my head, moaning loudly, deep in the climax.

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