House of Feminization – Forced-fem erotic fantasy – part 1

I had been driving through the curves of the mountains for three hours and had yet to see any sign of life. I 
desperately needed to find a gas station, or I would be stuck out here. My cell phone was low on batteries and I 
had forgotten to bring the charger with me.

Finally, I saw the mountain pass in which I was driving was ending, making way to a valley secluded by the mountains surrounding it. I still saw no dwelling or any kind of building where I could fuel my car. Halfway down the 
mountain, my car sputtered and finally the engine shut off, 
I was screwed. I just put the shifter in neutral and coasted down the hill, where my car finally came to rest on 
a straight road bordered by small patches of trees and grassland. I grabbed my backpack out of the car and started walking in the direction of my destination, a much needed vacation in California. 

I hiked along the shoulder of the road for what seemed like 
hours, it had to of been because the clock in the car said 
11AM when I left it, and now the sun was about to disappear behind the mountain to the west. I pulled out my water bottle and saw it was almost empty, I took a small sip 
knowing I needed to make it stretch. I realized I could not make it across the mountain tonight as it would be too 
cold, so I figured I would walk halfway up and just sleep under a tree before setting out in the morning. That's when 
I saw the house up on the ridge south of the road.

I found the driveway ten minutes later, with a sign saying 
that trespassers would be shot. I had no choice, I could 
freeze to death out here, so I set off up the manicured 
driveway, noticing the big house, which was probably still 
three miles away. I felt so tired from walking so many 
hours; I noticed several small guardhouses tucked off into 
the thickets of trees. I didn't notice the rifle barrel 
poking out of one, but I sure did feel the pain on the back 
of my neck. I reached around and pulled out a small dart 
with a frilly end, and then collapsed by the road.

I was semi-conscious, I thought, I could hear voices, soft 
voices, but could see nothing. I could also feel slightly, 
as my body moved, and soft hands grasped my arms and legs. 
I felt the motions of what seemed like a car ride, and then 
being laid in a bed. I heard the voices again right before 
feeling the familiar prick of a needle being stuck in my 
arm. After that, nothing.


I awoke with a jolt, and tried to jump from the bed I was 
lying in but felt the snap of the restraints holding my 
hands and feet. I looked around in a panic; no one was in 
the room with me. It was bathed in shades of pink. The 
walls were a light pink, the draperies were thick pink 
velvet, the carpet was thick pink shag, the sheets I lay 
upon were a soft and silky pink hue, and the bed looked to 
be solid pink granite. I strained to remove myself from the 
bindings, but it was useless, they were too well tied. I 
noticed that I was naked under the silk sheets, but that 
something was restraining my manhood, what it was I could 
not tell. But it was soft.

"Good morning, sleepyhead." A woman said upon entering. I 
tried to say something but my mouth would not move, I tried 
to shimmy away from her as she neared the bed.

"Welcome, we have been expecting you for some time now." 
She informed me. 

Who? I thought, as she ran her fingers through my hair. I 
wanted to head butt her but she seemed innocent, her beauty 
had me transfixed. She leaned over me and kissed me deeply. 
Her hair covered my face, her lips were moving over mine, 
her tongue moved in and out of my mouth, and I felt my 
bulge growing in the restraining undergarments I wore. I 
did not notice the other women enter, and untie my hands 
and legs. They tied them back, but this time together so I 
was no longer strapped to the bed. 

The girl kissing me ripped the sheets from me, and slid her 
leg over the top of me. She then pulled the frilly pink 
panties down to reveal my throbbing penis. I soon realized 
she wore no panties under her skirt when she slid herself 
onto me. She moaned with pleasure while riding me.

She ripped her top off to reveal the most beautiful breasts 
I had ever seen, perfect handfuls of tanned flesh with 
nickel-sized nipples. She slid them over my face as she 
fucked me harder; I came within minutes and lay back onto 
the pillow exhausted. I then realized my hands and ankles 
were free from the bed, but it was too late, she gave me a 
shot and I was paralyzed in an instant. I felt her touch, 
but could not move a muscle.
femboy in black lycra

I was flanked by three more women, equally as gorgeous as 
my recent partner, and carried into a large bathroom 
adjoining the bedroom. After being seated on a stool in the 
bathtub, the women began to rub a lotion all over me. No 
spot was left uncovered, all except my head, and a small 
patch in the front above my groin. They worked it into a 
lather, on my chest, arms, back, armpits, legs, and even in 
the crack of my anus.

I was left in the shower alone, propped up against the wall 
so as not to fall down, for what seemed like an hour. The 
women returned and stood me up before turning the shower 
head onto me, I felt the warm water run over my body, and 
coupled with the hands wiping off my skin I became erect. I 
heard murmured giggles coming from the girls. When finished 
they each used a soft terrycloth towel to dry me, and two 
of them followed that with a sweet smelling powder applied 
with soft sponges. They led me back to the bed where one 
girl managed to dress me. I was aroused the entire time, 
and it was impossible to hide it. 

The beautiful blonde vixen slid a pair of silk lace panties 
over my erection. She then pulled out two pieces of peach 
colored rubber, applied something to the edges, and pressed 
them onto my hairless chest. I could feel the extra weight 
of them instantly. She slid pink sheer panty hose up my 
legs, followed by a garter belt, which she clasped to the 
stockings. I felt something moving behind my back, she 
pulled it out of the other side, or did she? Because it was 
still there when she rolled me over with the help of 
another girl.

I now felt the new mounds affixed to my chest pressing into 
the bed, and the silky material of something covering my 
stomach. The same silky material I felt on my back, 
becoming tighter. I could feel a knee pressing into my back 
as the new garment became tighter and tighter. I soon 
struggled to breathe, and felt it necessary to take smaller 
breaths. I felt her doing something near my shoulder 
blades, and after being flipped over once again I realized 
she was attaching straps when she clipped it to the front, 
by my new tits. I could feel my erection being suppressed 
by the tightness of the garter belt when I imagined what I 
looked like. I heard one whisper to the other.

"I think she likes it!" I could barely make out.

Yes, I do, and if you would stop drugging me I could tell 
you. I was arranged back on the bed in my sleeping position 
with my hands were tied to the posts as well as my feet. I 
felt the tightness of the constrictive clothing, taut yet 
soft and supple against my smooth and hairless skin, and 


I awoke to find the same girl who had made love to me 
straddling me yet again, but this time she was running 
something coarse across my face. I sat motionless as she 
did, feeling stings every so often. She stopped, laid the 
tool beside her, and began to rub a liquid all over my 
face. I closed my eyes as she did, feeling her work my 
eyelids as soon as I closed them. I then felt her pushing 
at certain spots and then rubbing them down, followed by 
another rub of liquid. She used her fingers to open my eye 
and ran a cold liquid around the edge, and repeated it on 
the other. I then felt her use a clamp on each lash, 
followed by several minutes of brushing all over my lashes. 

My forehead was pulled up above each eye and what felt like 
a pencil was rubbed across each brow. The same feeling 
could be felt around my lips. I felt her lift the brow 
again and paint each lid with a cold creamy layer of 
softness, followed by more brushing of my eyelashes. I then 
felt a sting in my earlobe, and as soon as I felt my lips 
being pressed on I opened my eyes to see a woman kneeling 
by my other ear before feeling the same sting. She moved to 
the other ear and wiped it with something cold while 
playing with it as the blonde continued to rub my lips. 
While the brunette fondled with my other ear the blonde 
used a soft brush and ran it across my cheeks, forehead, 
chin, and nose. They both rose.

"Close your eyes princess." I heard, and did.

I felt a fine mist coming from in front of me, covering my 
face. I kept my eyes closed, and soon felt a brush 
enveloping my face, with a sweet smelling powder. I felt 
her knee come off the bed as she stood up from me.

"Now go to sleep princess. Today was a long day, but 
tomorrow will be longer, you need your beauty sleep."

I felt a kiss on each cheek, the lights turned off, and the 
door shut behind them. I wondered what in the hell they had 
planned for me.

heavy makeup transvestite in black
The sun creeping through the slit in the curtains brought 
me out of my slumber. I raised my head as far as I could, 
but could not go very far. I lay in the bed staring at the 
ceiling, tasting the familiar taste of lipstick in my mouth 
as if I had just kissed a woman, although I had worn it 
once or twice. My lashes seemed thicker, fuller, and 
longer. I felt the silkiness of the garments I wore, the 
tautness of the girdle, or corset, whatever it was I wore. 
I felt the new breasts poking me, heavy. I felt myself 
growing in the confines of the panties and girdle; I needed 
relief from the seemingly constant stiffness. I heard the 
door open and saw the same beautiful blonde leaning over 
me. Her hair was up in curlers. She must have sensed my 
longing, for she slid herself beneath the sheets and on top 
of me.

"You like them I see," she said, while running her pink 
foam roller filled head across me.

"You too, will soon be able to wear them." She said. I 
wanted her to fuck me again, but she held back my advances, 
and rose from the bed.

"I will get the girls and we will get started, you seem 
eager to."

She said as she walked off. Soon she was back with the 
others, and I was placed in a wheelchair and wheeled from 
the room. I was taken down a hallway to an elevator where 
we rode up several floors, and down another hallway to an 
unbelievable room, a full service salon. 

I was moved to another chair as they pulled a cape around 
me, a rolling salon chair that reclined. I learned this as 
I was wheeled over and placed against a backwash, where a 
girl gave me a quick shampoo. She then wrapped my hair in a 
towel and wheeled me to a mirrored wall with a salon 
station set into it. My hair was brushed out and then up 
before a clear gel was rubbed along my hairline. Two girls 
then went to work on my hair, covering it with a smelly 
paste. It burned my scalp in places. One then placed a 
clear cap over my head and they went into another small 
room off from the main salon. 

I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed for the first 
time how gorgeous I was. My face was flawless, and I saw 
that my hair was already lighter under the plastic cap. One 
of the brunettes returned and wheeled me over to the sink 
where she removed my cap and leaned me back but just left 
me there a minute before rinsing my hair, shampooing it, 
rinsing it again, and covering it for the ride back to the 
station. But she wheeled me over to a booth set against a 
wall where another one sat waiting. My feet were propped up 
in the bench across from me in the booth. Another girl 
stood behind me and began brushing my hair, as I sat 
wondering what color it was, and the girl across from me 
was joined by another and they both filed my toenails. I 
felt my head and hair being tugged on at the nape, and I 
thought nothing of it until I realized she had worked her 
way up. I felt her pulling, and poking my head, sometimes 
painfully, although not much more hurt. The girls across 
from me placed something between my toes and began to very 
delicately work on them while they leaned in closer. I then 
felt the girl above me tugging on the hair on my side, I 
tried to peer back and saw nothing, she worked on it and 
went to the other side. The girls now worked on my hands. I 
watched as they filed them, glued on false ones, and 
painted them in a pink shade. They placed my hands in a 
small box and air blew over them, and it was then I saw the 
hair falling around me, and it was blonde.

I felt it all being pulled back and my head felt heavier. 
She worked in the front and around the bangs, all the while 
pulling it straight back. The other two coated my nails 
again, fingers and toes, and the girl behind me stopped her 
incessant tugging with one final one pulling upwards and 
picking my scalp several times. I was placed back into the 
chair where I was wheeled to the dryers. 

All three brushed my hair for ten minutes or more, and 
after the most erotic sensation I had ever felt I was 
placed under a dryer and it was turned on full blast. I sat 
there seeing the pink stocking clad legs poking from the 
pink vinyl cape, the long pink nails on my fingertips, and 
I could barely see the blonde hair draping over me. One of 
the girls came over and switched the dryer, and I soon felt 
the cool air rushing over me. After several minutes of this 
I was wheeled back to the sink, and my cape was pulled up, 
my garter was removed and my panties were pulled down. 

I watched as they daubed the hair color around my hardness, 
covering my pubic hairs in the liquid. I was wheeled over 
to the room they had in been earlier. A bar was in a 
corner, a huge window opened onto the Cliffside that had a 
small waterfall cascading down the face, a hot tub sat in 
one corner and it sat inside and outside. The blonde woman 
came in and pressed several buttons on the wall, a window 
opened to reveal the outer portion of the hot tub, and the 
growing dusk outdoors. 

I was led up into the water with my hard on bulging, they 
slid me in as not to get my corset wet and rubbed the 
liquid off of my pubic area. I was relieved when they 
pulled me out of the water and toweled me off. I noticed 
the blonde shade of my hair now when they wheeled me back 
and out of the salon. I was brought back to the pink room I 
had slept in, and an IV was attached to my arm. 

All four of them sat behind and beside me and twisted my 
hair up into many braids. I could feel the braids bounce 
off of me as they moved me around. I was laid back, and the 
blonde kissed me intensely. 

"Soon my princess, soon." She whispered into my ear.

After she rose she turned several knobs on the machine, and 
walked away. Before the lights went out I noticed one of 
the bags was labeled 'hormones'.


It felt as if I was awake, but I was not sure, I could be 
dreaming, I thought. I felt a massaging on my chest, and my 
rear was being massaged as well. I finally saw light 
piercing my tired eyes. I saw the blonde sitting atop me, 
rubbing my chest, while two others rubbed the hands across 
my bottom. I felt my penis throbbing in the panties, and 
they were summarily pulled down and the angelic blonde once 
again slid onto me. I felt her suckle my breasts, and it 
felt incredible, so real. I came as I felt the two 
brunettes massage the inside of my anus, and passed out 
from the sensory overload.

When I awoke I was in the elevator once again, and after 
getting out on the same floor I was once again led into the 
salon. I was back in the salon chair and having my hair 
shampooed, but it now felt very heavy when it was wetted. 
Two girls massaged my hair and rinsed it out before 
wrapping a towel around it turban style. I was wheeled to 
the mirror, and I became hard the instant my hair fell over 
me. It was longer than two feet and the most beautiful 
golden blonde. I watched as the blonde blew it dry, all the 
while brushing it out. It felt so soft and light, and so 

"Oh princess, all of this stimulus and no relief! Now that 
your hair is done lets get you dressed so we can play 
again!" She said while wheeling me out of the salon and 
into another room, which looked like a dressing room.
sexy crossdresser in pink fishnet
I was placed on a velvet couch, and all of my clothing was 
removed. A girl came in with an armload of clothes and they 
proceeded to dress me all in pink. Fishnet stockings, g 
string, a garter to hide my excitement, a tight fitting 
sheer baby doll with marabou trimming that hugged my figure 
and breasts, and satin gloves all in a soft pink. I was put 
back in the wheelchair and led to the elevator where this 
time we went up instead of down. I was taken to another 
room, this one huge and containing a bed that looked like 
five put together, except it had a huge canopy draped in 
white lace. 

I was laid on the bed with my head barely on the edge. I 
felt my hair being pulled straight atop my scalp, and then 
it being twisted tightly. I was then raised and moved to 
the pillowed portion, feeling the hair above me pointing 
straight up. I was laid on the bed by the four women, and 
the three brunettes left. The blonde climbed atop me, 
pulling the large comforter over us. She removed my garter 
and rubbed the tip of my penis with the wetness of herself. 
I arched my back under the extreme pleasure, and she slid 
herself down onto me, she felt like silk sliding me in and 
out. I felt her rip the garment from my torso, and run her 
tongue across my nipples. It felt so real, and when I 
realized it was I came into her. She continued to ride me 
while I contemplated my new breasts until her own orgasm 
came. She purred while squeezing me inside of her, and 

"Tomorrow I will perm you my princess."

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