Hot lesdom dream

I woke to the sun shining in my eyes. The light was coming through the half-open blinds. I scanned down to the beautiful sight that lay beside me. Hair still wet from the night before lay in disarray on her pillow. Her eyes opened, her lips parted she looked at me and smiled “morning love, did you sleep well?” she said as she began her stretch. Her arms reached toward the headboard, her breast exposed now, nipples becoming hard.

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“Yes Mistress, I did, I had a dream about you and me last night”. I said as she moved in to kiss me. I love her kisses, so sweet, wet, her lips so soft, her tongue as it searches my mouth. “Tell me love” she said as she cuddled up and embraced me.

Well, last night as you were whipping me I must have gone into one amazing subspace and out of body or fallen asleep. I dreamt that…

You unclasped the chains from my wrist cuffs. I could feel you holding me tight as I slipped down. The dragontail felt like you sliced me open with each impact from my shoulder to legs. I dreamt that you lowered me to this mattress and laid me on my stomach. I felt your now naked body on top of me, nipples caressing my back. You started kissing each mark you left, cooling them, healing them as you traveled towards my ass. You then turned me over and asked if I was thirsty and then opened my mouth. You dripped water from your mouth to mine, exploiting my fetish. It tasted so sweet. I felt streams of water trickle down my cheeks. I could barely swallow.

You lay kisses from my lips to my ear and whispered: “I know what you need and I need it too, take me, my love, take me as I am yours now”. I could feel you sliding a leather strap up my leg and lifting my back as you fixed the strap around my hips.

You lay down beside me. I rose up onto my knees and stared into your eyes, fire, passion, wanting. I could feel the heat rise within me. I found myself telling you “Turn over and get on your hand and knees for me, now”. You complied. I kissed your ass, my tongue searching for your hole. I kissed you deeply. I could hear you moaning. I rose up and spread your ass. I entered you, slowly, you moaned louder. This made me hungry, hotter. I slid in deeper. “I want your clit in my ass love, fuck me hard with your clit” you said as I grabbed your hips and pressed into you.

I moved faster, harder, deeper until I heard you scream. “Turn over and spread your legs for me” I told you as I fumbled with the straps. You followed my directions and lay there looking at me with glazed eyes. I crawled up your body, kissing you as I went. I straddled you, we gazed into each other’s eyes for the longest time. It was as if we where exchanging molecules, particles of energy. I could feel my soul leave my body and dance with yours until they swirled into one.

You whispered, “take me, love, take me as I am yours”. I slapped your cheek with my fingertips, hard enough that your head turn to the side. I grabbed your throat and said “tell me again, tell me you are mine, all mine”. You raised your arms above your head and held the slats in the headboard and said “I am all yours, fuck me, love, claim me”.

I took the cuffs off my wrists and put them on you; I clasped the chain on them and attached them to the headboard. I found your crop on the bed and said “now spread your legs wide for me”. I felt more fire burn within me, determined on bringing you with me, a lioness dragging her prey. I spanked your inner thighs, your clit, until you couldn’t take it anymore. I then slid three fingers inside you and palmed your hardness. I pulled up entering you, my palm slapping you, faster, harder as I sucked your nipples. ”love me inside out, fuck me love” You cried out. I continued until you screamed in pleasure.

I sat up and tucked two pillows beneath your hips. I softly kissed you on the lips and trailed my kisses down your stomach, your thighs, and your sweet wetness. I licked your hardness, I sucked you in. my fingers sliding into you once more, deeper, searching up for another way to please you. I found it. “Yes, yes, oh my God, yes” you screamed out. I kept it up until you stopped convulsing into me. I lay there with my head on your stomach holding you……

“Then I woke up Mistress, are you pleased?” “Yes, I’m pleased, with you, love” she said as she sat up crawled on top of me and kissed me passionately. “Shall I warm the shower for you Mistress?” I asked. She moved and lay on her back stretching yawning as she said: “ Yes, love, and you mustn’t tell anyone about this, Its imperative that no one knows”. I rose from the bed and headed for the shower. As the water streamed down my face I heard her enter behind me. her arms wrapped around my waist and she started kissing my neck. “Mistress?” I asked “why don’t you want me to tell anyone about my dream?”

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She whispered into my ear “Because, love, it wasn’t a dream”.