How she enjoyed working Sundays. Not that giving up one day of the weekend was particularly fun, but being able to get through the pile of paperwork on her desk without the interruptions of phone and visitors was a blessing. With Il Divo playing softly from her computer speakers, and a hot cup of coffee at her elbow, she attacked the inbox with determination.

About an hour into the rhythm of correcting evaluations, something made her pause. Was that a noise in the outer office? No way…there is no one else crazy enough to give up a Sunday to work. She hears a key in the lock to her office… but that is not possible! Only one other person has a key to her door and He is not due back for a month. There is just enough time for her to rush to the end of her desk and assume the proper position, feet placed wide in the second position, fingers clasped together behind her neck. Eyes downcast, she struggles to slow down her breathing as the door opens.

A tall body fills the doorway. There is a pause, a whiff of familiar cologne, and then the sight of his boots…bit scruffier than normal without her tender administrations. Slowly he approaches her, filling her gaze until he lifts her chin, and she is allowed to look into his steel-grey eyes. Her lips automatically curved into a smile. Words of greeting are lost as he takes possession of her lips with a hungry growl, his fist in her hair, pulling her head back, exposing her neck. He knows how vulnerable she feels in this position, and how turned on it makes her.

She is dressed conservatively as was her style, even when not forced to wear her uniform. She hides her beauty behind a stylish white blouse, tucked into a black skirt reaching just past the knees. Rich black hair pulled back into a bun, caught at the nape of her neck. He knew there would be silk stockings and garter belts beneath that skirt. This is a woman who did not believe in pantyhose, even before his directions against them.

He takes a deep breath and releases it with a sign of contentment, breathing in the scent of her. Hmmmmm… vanilla musk, and female arousal. He had only intended to drop by to say hello, see her pretty face, and arrange for her service this evening, but seeing her, his slave, ready for him, took his mind in a totally different direction. And having her in his arms after being without her for so long, he had to claim her….now.

Molding her body into his, he placed his mouth over the pulse of her neck, setting his teeth to her skin, tasting the salt of her body. He bites gently at first, then with greater pressure as he feels her response. Her desk, always keeps neat and clear, was an irresistible attraction. So inviting with its open space, huge open space.

“I need you Pet, Now” Her golden-brown eyes widen and he could see exactly what she was thinking.. This was her sanctuary; he had never required her service here. This is where she reined. Would she yield? She was His slave, He knew that. But she was a strong woman in her own right, which is what made her surrender to him so sweet.

But there was no struggle in her mind at all, not for a moment. Without hesitation she replied. “How may Your slave serve you, My Lord?

“On the desk” “I want you bent over your desk.” The great mahogany desk came up to the tops of her thighs. She curved over the top, resting her hands on the front edge.

“Pet, I don’t have my leathers here to bind you, so we will use your exquisitely imaginative mind.” He grasped one wrist, pulling it to the left edge of her desk. “FEEL my cuff on your wrist, locking you here; you won’t move this wrist until I release you.

Watching her closely, he sees her breathing slow as she automatically enters the mind space he wishes her to be in. Trailing his fingers up her arm to her neck, he slides his hand to her other wrist, pinning it to the opposite edge. “ Do you FEEL the cuff’s mate on this wrist little one?” “Yes My Lord, “ she whispers. “Do not move them. Do you understand? “Yes My Lord”.

One large hand circling each fragile wrist, he covers her body with his, once again breathing in the scent of his slave, feeling his cock harden against the soft bottom beneath him. He spreads her thighs wide with his feet. Running his hands over her firm buttocks, he caresses her right leg, slowly trailing to her ankle. “My ankle cuffs lock you to this leg of the desk, slave.” He slowly, torturously, repeats his actions with her left leg.

When he was finished, he stood and enjoyed the sight of her. Bent over like this, her bottom arched upward, cheeks slightly spread, her thighs open leaving her pussy and ass totally exposed, presented for his pleasure.

He flips her skirt up, caressing her bottom and pussy through the sheer fabric of her string bikini panties. Those silky panties were damp over her vulva with her excitement. Tiny string bikini panties, white against her mocha skin. Looking at her wearing only a wisp of sheer fabric made his cock hard before he rips them from her body.

He begins the spanking abruptly, striking her hard and fast… then slowing, alternating cheeks. His hand raised and she waited, tensed for the blow. He waits, seeming forever, and then lets it land with a loud crack that made her back arch. He continues spanking her, right over her anus, noting how it makes her shiver.

Feeling the dampness of her pussy, he spanks it with his hand. He starts out slowly, alternating the slaps between her buttocks, mixing the slaps with caresses between her spread thighs. As the spanking continues he gives her more slaps and fewer caresses until he is spanking her steadily and her bottom goes from blush pink to deep red.
His cock is throbbing. She moves against his hand, rubbing harder against him, inviting without speaking. Her deep moans have changed to higher whimpers, a sign of her rising excitement…and impending orgasm. How he enjoys her struggle with her need to cum and her training to only cum on his command.

She hears his clothes slide off him as he undresses behind her.

Holding her from behind, he spreads her pussy lips and slips his cock inside her, thrusting in and out of her slowly. She arched her bottom up, pushing back, taking him deeper, and starting to move against him. His thrusts are deep and hard, as he pulls his cock almost all the way out of her with each thrust. She loved the feel of his hard cock and she arched back, gasping. After a few minutes, he withdraws…caressing her hot buttocks.

“Oh, please…” she said breathlessly, wanting his cock again.

She feels every single inch as his shaft slides between her cheeks, across her anus, and an extra little shiver every time the crown scrapes across her rear entrance. She then feels the tip of his cock against her anus, preparing her for initial entry. Perhaps the sweetest pleasure-pain in the entire world. His crown pops inside as her anus clamps down around the head of his cock. With a low primal growl, he gently but inexorably pushes inside her. At first, it hurts, as usual, as her Master was generously blessed, and it felt like she would never be able to take his cock in her ass. But she manages to relax and then he is inside her, fully claiming what was his…her moan is deep and pure. The heat from her bottom and her desire immediately engulf his cock. She leans her weight on her arms, gripping the desk edge tightly, as he holds her around the hips and fucks her ass with slow deep strokes. Her bottom and thighs are sore and hot and it hurts as he slams into her, and she loves every moment, every ache. Every now and then, he reaches down to tease her clit, grazing it as he slides his finger into her wetness. She pushes her bottom up more, so he can take her ass more deeply. Feeling her complete surrender, he starts to fuck her harder…deep insider her now, his breathing getting faster as he fucks her ass swift and hard.

Fisting the remnants of her bun, pulling her head so she arches her back, he whispers in her ear…” Cum for me Pet, cum with me”

And she does, her entire body trembling and clamping down on his cock and sending him over the edge to his orgasm, biting into her shoulder hard enough to draw blood.

She felt his body shudder as he came inside her…the beautiful pain of his teeth, and rode the waves of pleasure he had given her before they both collapsed onto the desk. They stayed in that position, him inside her ass, panting to catch their breath. Their breaths moved as one, heartbeats merge into one rhythm. He tenderly cleaned the blood from her shoulder with his tongue and murmured against her skin.

“I missed you my love, my Pet”

She smiled and tightens her body around him until he gasps.

“Welcome home Master