Here come the Mistress

Today was the day. After the long wait, Mistress Peggy’s plane would be arriving today. Having cleaned and packed all of my toys, as well as some new toys I’d made for Mistress Peggy the night before, all I had to do was throw together a few clothes and get in the car. The drive was almost 6 hours, so I left early. I wanted to be checked into the hotel with a little extra time to clean up before her arrival.

After I checked into the hotel, I set about making the room ready for her. I carefully arranged the toys on the table so that she would have easy access to all of them. There were plugs, lube, rubber gloves, clamps, a flogger, a crop, a paddle, cuffs, and a spreader bar or two. She asked that I place some ropes on the headboard and footboard of the bed for her bondage needs. I knew Mistress Peggy would be bringing toys of her own to use on me as well, so I left one full side of the table available for whatever she may have brought.

After setting up the room, I had some time to get cleaned up and dressed. I was to pick her up at the airport and she had made some requests for when I was to pick her up. I was very well groomed, freshly showered, shaved, and clean inside and out. Dressed stylishly to pick her up, Mistress Peggy had ordered that I wear no underwear on this particular day. Instead, she had requested that I take a soft piece of rope and loop it around my scrotum, then back between my legs, and leaving the end looped over the belt of my pants but underneath my shirt. It was invisible to most, but I expected her to check it when we met.

In the past, Mistress Peggy has requested that I arrive with a butt plug already in place. This time was to be different. She had explained that the previous time we’d played that she hadn’t been able to use my ass to her full intent. She knows that I haven’t been fucked since she fucked me and she decided that she was to be the one in charge of loosening me enough to accept her various dildos in her strap on harness.

After showering and cleaning up, I attached the rope and left for the airport. Waiting in the lobby, it was great to see Mistress Peggy. She had been training very hard and it showed, she looked amazing walking towards me. I offered her a warm hug and as I expected, when her arms went around me, they immediately sought out the rope. As I pulled her closer to me, I felt her give the rope a firm tug as she whispered into my ear “you better be ready, I plan on getting a lot of use out of your tongue, cock, and ass.” I could barely speak, but I was able to utter a “yes ma’am”.

I took her bags from her and asked: “Mistress Peggy if you’d like to follow me, I’ll show you to the car”. As I walked ahead of her, stopping to open and hold doors, I could feel her eyes burning through my clothes. Mistress Peggy has a voracious sexual appetite and there was no question that over the next two days I’d be the main course. As we arrived at the car, I opened her door for her, then closed it when she was inside, I then put the bags in the back. I got in, and once in the car, she told me to lean forward so she could see the rope coming out of the crack of my ass. As I leaned forward, I felt her fingers do down my crack to my hole and push against it firmly. “I hope your ass is ready for me” is all she said.

Leaving the airport, I asked if she needed to stop for anything at the adult store, to which she replied that we may need additional items, but she’d like to see what our combined toy bags offered her first. With that, I headed for the hotel. Since I had checked in earlier, I was able to show her directly to our room. I opened the door to let her in, the brought the bags in. As I brought the last bag in, she closed the door behind me and I heard the door being locked by her.

Her demeanor immediately changed. As the door locked, “in the middle of the room, eyes to the floor, NOW!” was all I heard. I hurried to the middle of the room and stood with my eyes to the floor waiting for her next order. Mistress Peggy took this time to look over the toys, unpack some of hers, and make herself familiar with the room. I felt Mistress Peggy behind as she was close enough that I could feel her breath on my neck. She began to slowly start pulling on the rope that was looped around my scrotum, I struggled to maintain my balance but was determined not to disappoint her. After a short time, I felt her release it and now she standing behind me but in contact with most of my body. I felt her arms reach around and undo the buttons on my shirt, my belt buckle, and the buttons and zipper of my pants. She slipped my shirt off my shoulders and as she took a half step back, my pants fell to the floor. Stepping out of my pants, she took them and my shirt and placed them neatly on the couch.

I continued to stand perfectly still while I heard Mistress Peggy near the toys. I heard the snap of latex gloves being put on had a pretty good idea what was next. I was slightly wrong. Instead of Mistress Peggy behind me, she appeared in front of me telling me to open my mouth. I did and she shoved two fingers deep into my mouth. She said, “you might want to get these gloves wet, you know where they are going”. I did my best to please her by sucking on them. I could tell she was enjoying it as it had become a game and it felt like she was trying to figure out just how many fingers she could fit in my mouth. Finally, she stopped and stepped behind me. I had made them as wet as possible, but I was still afraid they weren’t wet enough. Luckily, she was just using that as an excuse to finger fuck my mouth, as I heard her open our lube bottle and start to rub lube over her fingers.

“On your hands and knees” were the next words I heard, and I immediately dropped to my hands and knees. Not feeling like I was giving enough access to her, she changed her mind and said: “face on the floor, I want that ass higher”. I did so immediately, followed by “and reach back and spread your cheeks with your hands, I shouldn’t have to do all the work”. As I spread my cheeks with my ass in the air, I felt her pour lube directly onto my asshole, then immediately one of her well-lubed fingers was fully inside me. I gasped a bit but was go grateful to finally have her fingers inside me again. She commented again on how tight my ass was, but that she had other plans. She seemed to finger me forever. I wasn’t complaining in the least, but it did seem as if was more aggressive than usual. In the absence of wearing the plug first, it seemed as though she was really trying to stretch me. I knew how much she liked to see her big strap on disappearing in my ass, so I obediently laid there spreading my ass and letting her enjoy what she was doing.

As I felt her fingers withdraw and heard her step away, I let go of my ass cheeks. BIG MISTAKE. I hadn’t been told to do so. Mistress Peggy picked up the crop and came back over demanding I reach back and hold them open again. I immediately did as she asked. She said,, “you need to learn to follow my orders…exactly!” As she was saying this I could feel the edge of the crop tracing a path over my nuts and across my asshole. Reaching down to grab the rope around my balls, she pulled them out behind me and said “maybe this will teach you” as she delivered about 5 sharp smacks to my stretched out balls with the crop. I tried to be as still as possible and hold my ass open for her. I didn’t want to feel the crop on my nuts again if I could help it. After tracing the crop around on my body for a few minutes and realizing that I wasn’t going to move without permission, she said “very good….but that was only half the punishment on your nuts”. With that, I felt another five sharp smacks directly on my asshole from the crop. As much as it stung, I dared not let go. “Almost done,” she said and I was wondering what else could she possibly do with the crop???? I shouldn’t have wondered as I soon felt the round hard rubber end of the crop handle being shoved into my ass. I’m starting to think that Mistress Peggy will be trying to shove anything she can find that is round into my ass.

This time as she walked away, I didn’t release my ass cheeks. Lesson learned. I heard her again at the toy table. I heard her unwrap a condom and place it on a buttplug. There were several to choose from, but I had a good idea which one she would pick. The next thing I felt was the inflatable butt plug being pushed into my ass. Once in place, I didn’t have to wait long until I felt it start to grow. She pumped it until my eyes started to bulge and said, “that’s a nice start”.

With the buttplug in place, I was still face down waiting for her command. She took a moment to stroke me a little bit and fondle my nuts, both felt wonderful and I was glad that I had obviously pleased her somewhat since she was allowing some pleasure. Hopefully, I had earned it. I felt her thumb and forefinger circle around my nuts and tighten, followed by her lifting and telling me “time to stand up slave” and me trying to stand without having my nuts ripped off. Finally to my feet, she released them and ordered me onto the bed laying on my back.

“I’ve been waiting, or actually, my ass and pussy has been waiting for that tongue to do its thing”, as she stood above me on the bed. Holding on to the headboard as she lowered herself, I heard “do a good job” as the sights and sounds of the world were blocked out. I immediately started licking and sucking for all I was worth. She was moving her pussy and clit to where she wanted to be licked. As I was licking I felt her body shift and soon realized she’d picked up the leash on my nuts again. As she commanded me on how to eat her pussy, any delay in following her orders was met with a sharp tug on my nuts the rope or a quick tap with the crop.

After she’d had her orgasm, she realized we hadn’t eaten yet. Not dinner anyways 🙂 With that she told me to get dressed but leave the plug in place. Luckily, she at least deflated it so I could walk. This time she did take the rope off my nuts, thankfully. We found a place to eat close by and had a light meal while we caught up and she again mentioned how much she was going to use me in the following two days. I told her that during the day I’d take her off-roading and she laughed and asked if I’d ever been ass fucked in the outdoors. I told her I had not and her evil grin reappeared.

On the short drive back to the hotel from dinner, she again had the inflation bulb from the buttplug in her hand. Several times on the short drive she said “Pull over and stop” and she would pump it up to where I could barely stand it, grope me and fondle my cock and balls, and then she’d deflate it, and say “Drive”. She barely looked at me when she did it, I was nothing more than a toy for her amusement. My cock was so hard it hurt.

As we entered the room, she told me to go to the bathroom and remove the plug and clean up. After I did, I was to put on the panties that she left on the vanity and come back out to the room wearing only them. I did as she asked, even though she knows I hate wearing panties, she was happy that I was willing to make an exception because she enjoys it so much. As I came back in the room, she was laying on bed with pillows propped up behind her and her legs spread. she told me to crawl up on the bed and make my way closer to her. As I got near, she took a firm grip of my neck and forced my head to her pussy. She said she enjoyed it earlier, but now just needed me as a “fluffer” to get her ready for my cock.

After she felt I had her wet enough, she pushed me over on my back, tore the panties off, and straddled my cock. After fucking her as long and hard as possible, I was finally unable to keep from cumming. Mistress Peggy gave me permission to cum, but warned that it wouldn’t be the end of the night. When I came, I excused myself to the bathroom to get rid of the condom.

When I returned, Mistress Peggy was wearing her strap on and said, “I told you it wasn’t over for the night, I hope you like being fucked after you’ve already come”. She told me to stand in the middle of the room again. When I did, she threw a set of ankle cuffs and a spreader bar on the floor in front of me telling me to bend over and put them on. As I bent over to put them on, I felt her shove 2 and then 3 lubed latex covered fingers deep in my ass. Apparently she felt after the buttplug, 1 finger was a waste of her time. After I finished attaching them, she ordered me to the bed. Walking with the spreader was difficult and she was using that damn riding crop to hurry me along again. Finally, I reached the bed. She ordered me on my back again and attached the spreader bar to ropes that she’d had me attach to the headboard before her arrival. The ropes pulled my legs up by my head and have her perfect access to my asshole. Again, I felt her fingers inside me trying to further stretch my ass. Then as they withdrew, I saw her position the head to her strap on at my hole.

She asked if I was ready, but didn’t really wait for an answer before I felt the dildo begin to enter my ass. Mistress Peggy is amazing with a strap on, and knowing that I’d be sensitive after my orgasm, she fucked me slowly and steadily until she was sure I could handle the raping she’d been waiting for months to give me. After pounding me for what seemed like forever like that, she unhooked my ankles and again forced me face down and told me to spread my cheeks for her cock. I did so and she was alternating forcing her cock and her fingers into my ass. At this point, I was loving it and pushing back as much as I could, which really helped turn her on. She told me she wants to watch me ride her bigger strap on, but that will have to wait for tomorrow. It’s only the first day, and she has other ideas on how I’ll be used.

Before going to sleep, she tells me to remind her to get some Corona bottles in the morning. Ok, whatever that means. 🙂

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