My Halloween feminization and humiliation

Mistress’ instructions for Halloween

A week before Halloween, Mistress Teresa sent me an email, commanding me to present myself at Her home for instructions.

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When I entered Her residence, Mistress Teresa was busy at Her computer, viewing the Internet. I dutifully knelt on the floor behind Her, awaiting Her instructions. As I knelt, I glanced at the website on Her computer. It showed police photos of two angry-looking African-American men. There was also a full-length photo of one of the two men, showing him standing up wearing only a diaper. The webpage had been posted by a local crime-watch. Above the photos was a message: _”These two men are registered sex offenders, paroled into our community after unsuccessful attempted conspiracy to abduct under-age girls. These men are under court order to wear monitor bracelets and to remain home on Halloween. Notify your children not to trick-or-treat at the following address…” The message listed a house in a lower-class Black neighborhood, twenty miles from Mistress Teresa’s home.

Now She switched off Her computer and commanded me: “sissy-slave, I have decided that — for Halloween this year — you will dress up as Goldilocks.” Mistress Teresa handed me a list. “you will come here at noon on Halloween, bringing with you these items from your sissy wardrobe. you will make the usual preparations for sissification. On this list are items you will purchase for your preparation, including a reel of monofilament nylon thread. And take these also.”

Mistress Teresa gave me a handful of tiny flat button-like discs: gray metal on one side, dull red on the other side. “Here is your latest slave task,” She commanded me, as I accepted the tiny discs. “I do not want little Goldilocks to spill any nasty porridge on her pretty pinafore. you will purchase some pink cloth, pink ribbons, and pink frilly lace. you will then sew a frilly pink sissy-bib for you to wear as Goldilocks on Halloween. To remind you that you are Goldilocks, I want you to take those metal buttons and applique them to the front of the bib so that they spell out the name of who you are for Halloween. When everyone sees you in your little-girl outfit, I want them to know that you are Goldilocks. Now, before I dismiss you, lie down face-upwards: open your mouth, and prepare for bidet service.”

let the sissyfication begin

I made the necessary preparations. On the night before Halloween, I used depilatory cream to render my face and my entire body absolutely hairless … especially “down there” between my thighs. When I finished, my entire body was smooth and bare and baby-soft. Only a short male crewcut of hair and my thin blond eyebrows remained on my male scalp.

Normally, when I prepare for sissy-maid service under Mistress Teresa’s command, I must first take an enema to clean out my insides; next, I shower to wash off all traces of my male stench, then I must bathe in scented soap and body lotion so that I smell like a Woman. This time, Mistress Teresa had slightly varied the procedure: this time I was required to take an enema with peppermint-scented soap. I showered as usual, but this time I bathed in baby shampoo and children’s bubble bath. The result left my soft pink hairless body smelling like a little Girl rather than a Woman.

I dressed in clean male garments and went to Mistress Teresa’s house, where I stripped naked and offered myself for inspection. She nodded Her approval and ordered me to begin my sissification ritual.

I have purchased a very realistic strap-on Vagina, made of molded latex: it has no pubic hair, but it has realistic flesh tones and bright pink labia. Now i put this on, spraying a thin layer of surgical adhesive inside the Vagina, then carefully squeezing my tiny undersized male baubles into the retainer cup in the back of the Vagina, and aligning the tip of my pathetic little inchworm with the urethra in the molded Vagina, so that I would be able to pee (girly-style) while wearing my Vagina.

I tucked my crewcut hair into a tight beige nylon wig cap, then I put on my Goldilocks wig: a wig of long blonde ringlets and sausage curls. I used several clear bobby pins to fasten the wig to my wig cap, and i had already threaded a pink satin hair ribbon through the cloth underframe of the wig. Now i fastened the hair ribbon under my chin, with a big pink bow at the back. i shook my head several times: my long Goldilocks curls tossed and swayed, but the wig stayed firmly in place. A fringe of long blonde little-Girl bangs concealed my forehead.

Next, I put on a pair of white frilly ankle socks. I own several pairs of Women’s and Girls’ shoes in my size, appropriate for Feminization: for this occasion, Mistress Teresa had commanded me to bring my black patent-leather Mary Jane tap shoes, with metal taps. Putting these on, I also stepped into a pair of pink ruffled sissy-panties, intentionally several sizes too small: the sissy-panties fit snugly over my crotch, showing that the front panel of the panties, between my thighs, was absolutely flat … with just a slight “camel-toe” for the labia of my strap-on Vagina.

Now Mistress Teresa indicated that She would take over the rest of my transformation. She had commanded me to bring my Venus de Milo corset, with its arm-binder restraints. She laced me into this now, tightening the corset-stays unmercifully until I had an hourglass figure. Ordering me to cross my arms behind my back, Mistress Teresa now adjusted the arm restraints of the Venus de Milo corset, and these too She tightened unmercifully, confiscating my arms. I knew, from painful previous experience, that I could wear this corset for several hours without damaging the circulation in my arms. For now, I was effectively armless.

“I hope little Goldilocks doesn’t need to go wee-wee any time soon,” Mistress Teresa taunted me as She picked up another item from my sissy wardrobe: a frilly pink baby-doll nightie, tailored for my male body with an enlarged bodice but a too-short hem. Pulling the baby-doll nightie over the blonde Goldilocks curls on my head, Mistress Teresa tugged the nightie into place over my corseted body, fastening the pink ribbon sash at my waist. The nightie’s lining contained several layers of white ruffled taffeta petticoats, very frilly but also very short. The too-short nightie was barely long enough to conceal the Venus de Milo corset I was forced to wear. my arms, tightly constricted behind my back, were hidden inside the rear of the very wide and very full (but too-short) nightie.

The baby-doll gown’s shoulders contained two short capped princess-style sleeves: normally my own arms would have emerged through those sleeves. Now, Mistress Teresa picked up a pink plastic baby-Girl doll: about the size of a real baby, with jointed arms and legs. With a slight savage effort, Mistress Teresa pulled the baby doll’s arms out of their plastic sockets … and then She attached these baby-sized plastic arms to the shoulder restraints of my corset, adjusting the plastic doll-arms so that they emerged through the short puffed sleeves of my frilly pink nightie.

The list of items I had been commanded to bring with me included some cosmetics purchases. Now, Mistress Teresa glued a pair of false eyelashes to my eyelids, then She applied a brief layer of make-up to my face: rouging my cheeks, reddening my lips.

Next, Mistress Teresa picked up my penis-pacifier: an enormous pink plastic object shaped like a baby’s pacifier, except that the part to suck on is a pink latex inflatable dildo. “Open wide, like a good little Girl,” Mistress Teresa commanded me. She thrust my penis-pacifier into my mouth — dildo ends inward, of course — then She used the pacifier’s air-pump attachment to inflate the dildo … enlarging the latex cock until it filled my mouth and I could no longer spit it out. Mistress Teresa took the pink ribbons on the pacifier and tightened them securely behind my head, among my long blonde Goldilocks curls … forcing the penis-pacifier so tightly into my mouth that I had to deep-throat the latex cock.

I own several other forced-insertion toys that are similar to my penis-pacifier but designed to be used farther down: inside my sissy-hole. As the inflatable cock filled my throat, I wondered why Mistress Teresa had not commanded me to bring one of those other toys as well. As if reading my thoughts now, She coldly assured me: “your little hiney won’t be feeling neglected tonight.”

One more detail remained. Mistress Teresa ordered me to sit on a stool and extend my legs straight outwards, close together. Wielding a knife, Mistress Teresa now picked up the reel of transparent nylon monofilament: a clear, thin thread that’s almost completely invisible, yet possessing extreme tensile strength. Swiftly, Mistress Teresa wound several loops of this clear filament around my left ankle, just above the frilly hem of my ankle sock. She knotted the loops closely: tight enough so that my foot could not slip out of the loops, yet loose enough not to threaten the circulation in my foot. Next, Mistress Teresa repeated this procedure with my right ankle. The nearly-invisible cord was now securely knotted around both of my ankles, with about six inches of barely-visible nylon filament serving as a tether between my Mary Janes.

“Get up and go to the mirror,” Mistress Teresa commanded me. At once, my taffeta petticoats rustled as I stood up and tried to walk. But the almost-invisible tether between my ankles restrained me: I discovered that I could only toddle in tiny six-inch baby steps, like a very young child. I heard Mistress Teresa’s mocking laughter as I toddled over to the mirror.

I was so startled, I nearly choked on the penis in my mouth. In the mirror, I looked almost exactly like a little Girl! I’m a normal-sized adult man, 5’9” tall … but now, in the mirror, I saw myself: my rouged face framed in long blonde Goldilocks curls and pink hair ribbons. my torso was covered — just barely — in a frilly pink baby-doll nightie with ruffles and petticoats. The hem of the nightie was much too short: I could easily see the pink ruffles of my sissy-panties peeking out beneath the petticoats … and, instead of a male bulge between the thighs of the panties, there was only the slight camel-toe of a little Girl’s labia. Below this was my naked bare legs, and — much farther down — my feet were encased in frilly ankle socks and Mary Janes.

my long eyelashes fluttered as I blinked in humiliated astonishment at the most embarrassing details of this disguise: the huge pink plastic pacifier (with its concealed dildo) crammed into my lipsticked mouth, and fastened in place. And, protruding from the short puffy sleeves of my baby-doll nightie were two tiny little baby-sized arms … much too small for my adult-sized (but otherwise totally infantilized) body.

I looked like a baby Girl!

Even more humiliating: I looked like a thalidomide baby Girl!

Mistress Teresa laughed cruelly as She stepped behind me and She fastened one more item into place beneath my chin, above the yoke of my baby-doll nightie: the pink ruffled sissy-bib that I’d made, with the dull red discs sewn into place to spell out the name “GOLDILOCKS”.

“Now everyone will know who you are,” laughed Mistress Teresa, while I blushed in shame. Reaching under the too-short hem of my baby-doll nightie, She seized my frilly sissy-panties and tugged them down to my knees, exposing the fake Vagina between my thighs. “Now bend over, Goldilocks!” commanded Mistress Teresa. Meekly, I obeyed … expecting Mistress Teresa to reach for Her paddle and give me a spanking on my bare hiney. Instead, I saw Mistress Teresa pick up the pink rubber bulb of a douche syringe, bringing this towards my rear entrance.

I whimpered, biting down on the latex cock in my lipsticked mouth as Mistress Teresa jammed the syringe bulb into my hiney-hole … and I felt a warm tingling liquid flooding into my rectum. “It’s just a mild hypnotic drug with hallucinogenic effects,” said Mistress Teresa soothingly. “It won’t take effect for about an hour or so, but then it will work very suddenly. Now listen carefully…”

Pushing aside a few of my long blonde Goldilocks curls to expose my left ear, Mistress Teresa whispered seductively in a smooth hypnotic voice … Her words filling my brain while Her hypnotic drug filled my rectum: “slave, I am implanting a hypnotic command in your subconscious mind: you will obey it, but you will have no conscious memory of this command before tomorrow.” As Mistress Teresa spoke, I trembled in terror … knowing that I would have no choice but to obey the command:

_“When you hear the words ‘Alice in Wonderland’, you will lose all awareness of your male identity, and you will BECOME a little Girl, four years old. you will be deeply terrified, but too frightened to scream or to run away. your memory will be completely blank except that you retain the voice and speech patterns of a four-year-old girl … and you will remember that your name is Goldilocks. The false Vagina between your thighs will become your own real “little-Girly place”. you will lose all memory of your corseted arms; the baby-doll arms at your shoulders will become your real arms, even though you cannot control them. you will have no teeth: if something is put into your mouth, you cannot bite it or spit it out: you must suck and swallow. None of these transformations will occur UNTIL you hear the command: until then, you remain aware that you are an adult man dressed in a ridiculous baby-Girl costume. Now click your Mary Janes three times to show that you understand, and then you will forget this hypnotic command until tomorrow.”

Nodding meekly, with my sissy-panties pulled down to my knees, I clicked my Mary Janes together three times. As soon as I did this, I felt a weird sucking sensation inside my brain, as if something had vanished … while I continued sucking on the latex cock crammed into my mouth.

Mistress Teresa pulled my panties up over my Feminized crotch, and She adjusted the hem of my baby-doll dress. Her stiletto heels clicked sharply as She strode towards the door of Her residence, leading to the carport. “Come along, Goldilocks! Time for you to go trick-or-treating!”

Out to the night, all dolled up

I tried to follow Mistress Teresa, but I could only toddle in tiny baby steps. She waited patiently until i reached the door, then She seized my corseted waist and She hustled me outside to Her parked car. After locking the house door, Mistress Teresa unlocked the car doors and held the rear door open. “Lie down on the back seat with your eyes closed,” She commanded me.

my transformation into Goldilocks had taken several hours; by now it was early evening on Halloween, and the trick-or-treaters might be out. The thought of being seen in public dressed as a little Girl — even on Halloween — terrified me.

As best as I could manage without the use of my arms, I crawled into the rear seat of the car, and I lay face-downwards with my eyes closed. A breeze across my bare thighs and my panty-clad hiney warned me that my petticoats and baby-doll dress were askew.

I heard the car doors close and the engine start. I had no idea where Mistress Teresa was taking me. I lay there helplessly in my little-Girl disguise, forced to suck on the huge latex hard-on crammed into my lipsticked mouth.

After a while, the car stopped. Mistress Teresa got out, opened the rear door, and She helped me to get out and stand up. By now it was early Halloween night. Mistress Teresa had taken me to an empty lot in a crime-ridden neighborhood where only lower-class Blacks live.

“Now listen carefully,” said Mistress Teresa, in a persuasive tone that I dared not disobey. She gave me directions to an address a few blocks farther south: the address sounded familiar.

Mistress Teresa instructed me: “you will walk to that address, exactly as you are, dressed as a little girl. I will follow you slowly in my car. At no time are you to acknowledge my presence or call attention to me. you are perfectly free to call attention to yourself … although I suppose that a full-grown white man, dressed as a four-year-old little blonde sissy-Girl, sucking on a pacifier and wearing tap shoes, will have no difficulty attracting attention in this neighborhood.” Mistress Teresa laughed cruelly, then She gave me one more command:

“When you reach the address, you will not be able to ring the doorbell because I have confiscated your arms and you cannot speak, because of that big cock in your mouth, which I assure you is only temporary. you will go around to the window on the left side of the ground floor, and wait for Me there. Click your Mary Janes twice to show Me that you will obey.”

Trembling in terror, I clicked my Mary Janes together twice, then I started toddling towards the exit of the empty lot. Behind me, I heard Mistress Teresa starting Her car.

It was a cold October night, and I shivered in the thin fabric of the pink taffeta baby-doll dress. A sudden breeze sprang up, snatching the hem of the nightie and petticoats, and raising them over my waist … exposing every inch of the pink ruffles on my sissy-pantied crotch. The wind ruffled the long blonde Goldilocks curls framing my face, reminding me that i was supposed to be a little Girl … as if the pink penis-pacifier crammed into my mouth would make me forget this. Now a stirring in my bladder made me feel like a little Girl for another reason … I had to make a wee-wee.

As quickly as I could, I toddled towards the address that Mistress Teresa had stipulated. I was painfully aware of my predicament: I was a white man, with no arms, forced to toddle in tiny baby steps through a Black neighborhood while dressed as a little blonde sissy-Girl and sucking on a huge cock. If anyone challenged me, I would be totally helpless! As I toddled, the metal taps on my Mary Janes rang loudly on the pavement, making sure that I attracted attention.

A horn honked, and suddenly a gaudy convertible, with the top down, pulled up beside me. The car inched along the curb, keeping pace with me as I toddled desperately.

Pissing myself in public

“Yo, white bitch! Where you goin’?” laughed a taunting male voice. Glancing sideways through my long fluttering eyelashes and my long blonde sausage curls, I saw that the car was occupied by two Black men, aged about twenty, and two Black Women slightly younger. All four of them were laughing as they stared at me. One of the Women whipped out a camera, and She snapped my picture as I sucked on the cock in my mouth.

“Who you s’posed to be for Halloween, bitch? Shirley muhfuggin’ Temple?” the second man asked, leering at my little-Girl costume. All four of the Blacks laughed. Mistress Teresa had warned me not to call attention to Her, but now I desperately hoped that She might protect me. The blonde Goldilocks curls tossed against my blushing cheeks as I frantically looked for Her car behind me. Now I saw Mistress Teresa leaning out of Her car’s window, holding a cellphone. There was a cruel smile on Her lips as She aimed the phone towards my throat, then She pressed a button.

A sudden red flash startled me, beneath the huge cock in my lipsticked mouth. I looked down at the pink frilly-sissy bib I was wearing. The tiny red discs sewn into the bib were L.E.D.s — diodes — and now they suddenly lit up to flash the word GOLDILOCKS in bright red letters, flashing on and off!

All four Blacks laughed even louder, while the one with the camera took my picture again. “This little white bitch thinks she’s Goldilocks!” said the Black man in the driver’s seat.

“she ain’t a bitch! she’s a faggot!” said one of the Black Women.

As I frantically toddled to escape, the other Black Woman pointed beneath the hem of my too-short baby-doll nightie, Her long fingernails grazed the pink ruffles between my thighs, directly over the slight camel-toe in the flat crotch of my sissy-panties. “Yo, look! Little sissy-bitch got a pussy between her legs!”

“Yo, Goldilocks! What you suckin’ on?” the driver taunted me, clutching the steering wheel with one hand while his other hand fondled the crotch of his tight-fitting jeans. Unlike the front of my frilly panties, there was a huge male bulge between his thighs. “you want to suck on THIS, Goldilocks?”

I whimpered in terror, trying to toddle faster as I sucked on the cock in my lipsticked mouth. The four Blacks kept pace alongside me, but now they started loudly debating if they should make “Goldilocks” come for a ride with them.

Now I suddenly lost control of my bladder! I felt a hot stream of piss squirting through the Vagina between my pantied thighs as I started to pee myself! I blushed bright crimson as I felt a warm stain spreading through my ruffled sissy-panties.

“Ewww! DAMN! Goldilocks is pissing herself!” The Black Woman with the camera took one more photo of me — a full-length portrait revealing my entire little-Girl costume, including my urine-soaked pissy sissy-panties — as the Black man in the driver’s seat laughed, and then the car sped away. The glue holding my false eyelashes in place was starting to get gummy: now I realized that I was crying in humiliation.

I managed to toddle the rest of the way to the house. Mistress Teresa had already parked, and She was waiting near an open window on the house’s ground floor. I was surprised that a window would be open in this high-crime neighborhood.

“I see that you’ve wet your panties, you disgusting little Girl,” said Mistress Teresa, wrinkling Her face in disgust as She pulled a pair of latex gloves onto Her trim hands. “you’d better take those nasty wet panties off.” As I saw what Mistress Teresa intended to do, I shook my head in dismay and I tried to toddle backward… but Mistress Teresa suddenly reached one gloved hand beneath the hem of my baby-doll dress and She seized the waistband of my urine-soaked panties. There was a brief struggle, a tearing sound … and suddenly a cold October breeze was blowing across my naked buttocks and my Feminized crotch … totally bare except for the thin latex Vagina between my thighs.

Mistress Teresa flung aside the sodden panties disdainfully while Her other hand seized my corseted waist and She drew me closer. “Now listen carefully,” said Mistress Teresa as She unfastened the dildo-pacifier from my mouth, withdrew it, then She wiped my drool-stained lips on my pink frilly sissy-bib. “you’re Goldilocks, and this is the Three Bears’ house. In the story, Goldilocks went into the house without being invited. So that’s what you’re going to do.”

Mistress Teresa seized me by my bare thighs: almost the only parts of my body that She could grip firmly without tearing my flimsy Goldilocks costume. I struggled and whimpered, desperately pleading with Mistress Teresa that I had experienced enough humiliation for one night, and I wanted to go home. She ignored my pleadings as She pushed me through the open window. “Be glad at least you’re Goldilocks,” said Mistress Teresa’s mocking voice as I teetered on the window sill. “At least you’re not Alice in Wonderland.”

Something clicked inside my brain. I lost my balance and I fell backward, in a flurry of blonde curls and petticoats. Like Alice plunging down the rabbit hole, I fell.

As I fell, I seemed to feel as if my body was shrinking. Just like Alice in Wonderland, I was getting smaller…

I landed on my head, but the slight padding of my wig cap and wig protected me only slightly — Wig? It’s not a wig! It’s my hair! — as I hit something hard, head-first, and I lay there stunned. The world was spinning. I could hear a key opening a door, then Mistress Teresa’s voice telling someone: “…the little sissy-faggot I promised to bring you.” i could feel my body shrinking as She spoke.

I saw a dark male hand holding several Halloween masks: animal masks. I saw two cruel male faces standing over me: the two Black men I’d seen on the webpage, who were convicted sex-offenders … aroused by little girls.

I managed to stand up, stunned and very confused as if the insides of my brain were being shuffled. Why was I suddenly only three feet tall? I was about the same size as a four-year-old child.

Three people towered over me, larger and powerful while I was weak and small. The proud Female in the middle was Mistress Teresa. She was flanked by two large brawny males with dark skin: two Black men. One man wore gang colors; the other male was naked, except for a large diaper held in place with an oversized safety pin. I noticed an enormous bulge in the crotch of his diaper, like a spear pointing towards my thighs … and now I noticed a similar bulge in the jeans of the other Black man … also pointing towards my thighs. The two Black men stepped away from Mistress Teresa, and I saw She was wearing an enormous strap-on dildo.

All three people were putting on masks: Halloween masks with bear-like faces.

I suddenly realized that I had no idea who I was! I shook my head to clear it, and long blonde sausage curls slapped my face. Now I saw something frilly and pink in a mirror, and I knew it was my reflection. I looked in the mirror to see who I am.

I’m a four-year-old Girl! I’m dressed in a frilly pink baby-doll nightie. Beneath its too-short hem and my piss-stained taffeta petticoats, I see my tiny bare hairless Vagina. I squirm nervously in my Mary Janes, as my arms dangle helplessly from the short puffed sleeves of my nightie. Why can’t i move my arms? my mouth is suddenly dry. I run my tongue across my toothless gums, feeling a faint taste of lipstick. If I’m a four-year-old Girl, why don’t I have teeth? Why do I feel a sudden powerful urge to SUCK on something?

Towering over me are three huge furry bears: one in male clothes, one in Female clothes, one in a diaper. i know who they are: Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear.

Now I know who I am: my mouth opens, and I introduce myself in a high-pitched lisping little-Girl voice:

”my name ith…” i stop, trying to force my little-Girl mouth — as toothless as a baby’s — to form the adult syllables of the name “Goldilocks”, but I can only lisp and babble in a high-pitched baby-Girl voice:

”H-h-h-hewwo. m-my name ith Goldiwockth,” i say, curtseying nervously as a breeze ruffles my petticoats and exposes the girly-place between my thighs.

A minute ago, i couldn’t remember who i am, or where i am, or how i got here. But now i remember: this is the house where the Three Bears live. Naughty little Goldilocks came in without permission: she ate the porridge and broke the furniture.

And I’m Goldilocks.

my petticoats rustle as I tremble in fear. I’ve been a naughty little Girl, and now I’m going to be punished.

I whimper in terror, as I see that all three of the Three Bears have big huge nasty long thick things pointing at me from between their hind legs. Even Mama Bear.

Now Mama Bear points underneath my petticoats at my little girly-place between my trembling naked thighs. “We don’t want to make little Goldilocks pop her cherry,” says Mama Bear. “But one of you can rape Goldilocks in her little hiney, while the other one gives Goldilocks something to suck on. And I don’t mean porridge.” Mama Bear fondles Her strap-on. “When you’re done with Goldilocks, I’ll take over.”

Papa Bear and Baby Bear move towards me, stroking their huge nasty hard things. “Come here, Goldilocks!”

my toothless mouth has gone dry, but I have a feeling my mouth will be full of something wet soon. Not porridge.

Right now would be a really good time for the Huntsman to rescue me. No, wait, that’s Little Red Riding Hood. I’m in the wrong fairy tale.

I click my Mary Janes together, wishing I can go home to Kansas. No, that’s Dorothy.

I glance at my little-Girl-self in the mirror, thinking this would be a really good time for me to escape through the Looking-Glass. No, that’s Alice.

I’m Goldilocks!

i start crying … like a little Girl.

One of the Bears turns the lights out. In the dark, something pushes aside the long blonde curls framing my face, and thrusts itself between the pink toothless gums of my lipsticked mouth. Against my will, i start to suck on this erect invader. Hairy paws push roughly past my petticoats … lifting them aside, then gripping my little-Girl buttocks and spreading them apart as something long and stiff invades my hiney.

I squeal in terror, whimpering and kicking my Mary Janes. I hear Mama Bear laughing. “Save some for Me!” She tells Papa Bear and Baby Bear.

In the darkness, my mouth and my hiney are being filled with huge hairy dirty penises, while — beneath my long blonde curls — my memory is wiped completely empty and clean, except for one thought that I remember with absolute certainty:

I am Goldilocks. I’m a naughty little Girl. This is all my fault. Now I’m getting raped by the Three Bears … and I deserve it!

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Hot sperm fills my little-Girl throat and my little-Girl hiney, as I wonder if it’s too late for me to trade places with Little Bo-Peep.

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