Guided masturbation (for women)

Items needed: Timer; nipple, pussy, and ass toys.

Find human doll near

*note: no orgasms allowed until instructions say so. The goal is to complete the entire masturbation cycle.

Your breasts

If it is morning you can wear a robe or casual clothing. If a robe leave it open to expose your breasts, If a t-shirt loop it over your head so your breasts are exposed.
If it is evening, unbutton your blouse and pull your breasts over your bra, or pull your shirt over your head. Either way, the goal is full access/exposure.

Tits hour

Set the timer for sixty minutes. The first hour is tit hour. For the next sixty minutes, your full focus will be on your breasts. If more than five minutes go by without attention to your nipples, they are to be punished with a wooden spoon, ruler, or finger flick. Use whatever nipple toys you have – clothespins, clamps, suction, rubber bands, etc, to keep your nipples hard and stimulated. If the sensation gets to be too much, just use fingers to pinch and pull your nipples. Find the line between pleasure and pain and keep the sensation there.
Use this time for a meal and a large glass of water (so long as your tits remain exposed and your nipples aroused). Move around your house as usual, aware that your breasts are on display.
Challenge: instead of full tit exposure use modified clothing to show off. Put on a bra with the nipples cut out, or a shirt with tit holes in it. Or tie your tits in a rope harness or bra to accentuate them.
When the timer goes off tease your nipples until you can’t stand it anymore (extra bonus if you can find an edge with just your nipples)

Strip down completely and use your hands to caress your entire body except for your tits, ass, and cunt. After you’ve touched everywhere take a shower, shaving everything you normally shave and taking extra time to get clean. Use any oils, salts or bubbles that make you feel sexy.

Anal time

After bathing get out the lube and any ass toys you’d like to use. (if you don’t have any, you will have to use fingers) Set the timer for sixty minutes. This will be your ass hour. Don’t think about your pussy or tits in this hour. Spend the first ten minutes of this hour using lots of lube and fingers in your tight hole. Push your fingers in to relax your ass muscles. Push them in and out. Add a second, and third finger – seeing how much your ass can take. Play around with positions. See if your ass is more accommodating when you are on all fours, or if you can stuff more in there on your back, reaching between your legs.
At the end of these ten minutes put a moderately sized toy in your ass. And use the rest of this hour to finish doing what makes you feel sexy – makeup, nails, lotions, hair, etc. You want to look and feel your best. (as you would for a Master) Every ten minutes remove the toy, re-lube and either reinsert the toy or put another one in. You may edge with the toy, but if you touch your pussy or tits the challenge is over and you must quit for the day – no more touching until tomorrow. Also during this hour drink at least 16oz water.
Challenge: write “ass slut” on one cheek of your ass and “fuck here” on the other side. And spend the last part of the hour kneeling with your shoulders on the floor, so your ass is fully exposed and ready to be fucked. Imagine how you would look to a Master who walked in and saw you waiting for him like this.
When the timer goes off push the toy in your ass and pinch your nipples hard. Then remove the toy and keep your hands clear of your breasts. If needed clean the toy, but do not put it away.

If you need to pee, now if a good time. If you do so between now and the end of the challenge you must do so with your legs spread wide and your hands in your stream of piss.

Now we put the pussy in focus

Get out vibrators, dildos, etc. This is your cunts shining hour. Set the timer for one hour. For the remainder of this hour tormenting your pussy is the goal. If you touch your tits, nipples, or ass the challenge is over and you must quit for the day – no more touching until tomorrow.
Lay on your back with your knees wide and spread your pussy lips with both hands. Your cunt is on display. Slowly touch it all over – except for your clit. You should be soaked, but if not use lube to make yourself slick. Slowly rub from the top of your slit to the bottom of your hole. Put a small vibe between your lips and slip on a tight pair of sexy panties. Turn the vibe on low.
Clean up from your earlier meal, clean up bathing stuff, and prepare your space. Remain aware of how exposed you are and how used your nipples and asshole are. At 20 and 40 minutes in the hour, you may play with your clit until you find an edge. Do not come. If you do you must stop the challenge and may not attempt it again for 2 days.
Challenge: fill your cunt with a large vibe or dildo and keep your legs open for the remainder of the hour. You may do this on your back with your knees spread, or on knees and shoulders, ass in the air and pussy open.
When the timer goes off use nipple suction or clamps, reinsert the butt plug, and put the largest dildo you have in your cunt. Kneel with your hands clasped behind your head and tits out, ready to be inspected.

Kinky ladies in

After a few minutes lay back and fuck yourself. You have earned a hard orgasm.