Good Morning Sir [sexslave fantasy]

“Good morning Sir, I hope you slept well.”
“Slave, I woke up to a puddle of pre-cum on my sheets. The thought of torturing your body made my cock throb and pump so much that I think you should lick up the mess you have created.”
With a smile that lit up her chocolate brown eyes, she eagerly began licking and lapping at the sticky mess.
“Maybe I should tie you down and stroke this pre-cum onto your nipples, then apply your clover clamps after rubbing it in.” he says with a stern yet mischievous look on his face.
“Mmmmm…. That’s sounds delicious Master.” She replies as she licks up the last of pre-cum from the sheets.
“Then I think I will wipe your pussy lightly with my teaser, letting the tassels glide over your clit and thighs, dipping it into your wet cunt, and making you beg to lick your juices off it.”
“God, I love the way you think Sir.”
“Lightly pulling on the chain of your nipple clamps, making your tits ache at my torture of them.”
She shouts, “Not the Clover Clamps, Please Sir.”
“Did I give you permission to speak slave?”
She vigorously shakes her head back and forth to indicate that he had not.
“Turn around!” and with that he attached the clover clamps to her already erect nipples, and cuffed her hands in front of her. “Bend over! I’ve handcuffed you to prevent you from escaping.”
“Why would I want to escape Sir?”
And with that he began her punishment starting with light spankings with his paddle against her ass slowly increasing the force and speed, and every so often stopping to rub his hands over the heated skin, controlling her pain and ecstasy, “Your body is my playground Slave.” and with that he began whipping the chain of her nipple clamps lightly up and down like a stage couch conductor.
Repositioning her onto her back he takes ice cubes and slowly rubs them over her pinched nipples. The melting cool water trickles between her breasts. When the ice is gone, it leaves her nipples numb to his touch, as his tongue extends to flick her left nipple. She doesn’t feel the extent of the torture yet, but as his warm breathe heats the area, she feels the pleasure coming up from her pussy like a tidal wave.
She gasps letting out a light scream “Please fuck me!” and her Master stops the uninstructed noise by placing his fingers in her mouth. She wraps her tongue around them and begins sucking them aggressively.
“I’ll fuck you when I choose to, now lay there and take this like we both know you want to.” He grabs another toy from the table beside the bed, It’s been sitting in warm sex oil the entire time. He starts to probe her dripping cunt with the warm slick tip of his glass pleasure stick. “Watching your body pull and twist and come unbound is very pleasing to me, so pointless to try getting away from me darling.” And with that he probes into her deeper, the warm glass ignites her pussy from deep within.
She quickly discovers He has many unique skills as he grabs a new paddle and starts lightly tapping it against your tits. The probe is engulfed in her aching pussy, “Do you deserve to cum my pet?”
And in a meek voice she replies “Yes Please Sir”
“I’m sorry are you talking to me?” He says pumping the thick glass dildo into her deep and fast. He grips a hold of her nipple clamp chain again and smacks them with the paddle quickly.
“Yes Sir I deserve to Cum. Please let me Cum Master” she yells. As she lies there moaning and screaming he Pulls the glass rod out of her pussy and lays his throbbing cock against her clit, bouncing it with his pelvic muscles up and down against her Clit. He grabs oil from the table and pours it all over his large cock, and pushes the huge mushroom head just barely inside her eager pussy. “Your aching for it aren’t’ you babe.” He states as he pushes deep inside her. All that teasing now amplifying the pleasure as his shaft slides in and out. He leans over her like an animal pushing hard against her as he humps her and thrusts deep fucking her like they both know she deserves.
“You’ve been such a good girl” he says as he feels her body arching and tightening. He unties her at the last minute and her arms flay violently digging her nails into his thighs. He slaps her ass hard and quickly removes her nipple clamps. She screams out loudly as she holds her tits and the slightest touch of her fingers now amplifies the pain. He grabs her hips and thrust into her and with one hand he reaches up and pulls her hair hard, “look at me while I fuck your tight cunt” he demands.
She cries out in ecstasy as he works his cock rapidly and deep to reward her for her submission and he watches as she drifts into subspace. Looking deep into her eyes he commands “Now cum for me, Cum like you’ve wanted to since we started. Cover your master’s cock with your warm juice. That’s it, that’s my girl” he says as he slowly chokes her, feeling her ultimate orgasm approach.
Her body comes undone erupting inside like a dormant volcano finally allowed to release. Her whole world unravels, Body shaking uncontrollably, as she lies there completely satisfied and exhausted. Her thighs go limp, her body now involuntarily cumming, Hot wet juices flowing over her masters’ cock.
As she drifts thru subspace he admires her messy hair, red paddle marks and the fact that she belongs to him. Caressing her body as she relaxes into his arms, and rubbing oil into her skin, he watches as her eyes slowly flutter open.
“Good Morning Slave.”

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