Giving head on her command [forced sissy]

I had been undergoing training under Miss Asis for some months. She had very rigorous methods of discipline, and She wanted me to not only dress like a gurl, but to learn how to use make-up, sit, walk, talk, and act like a gurl, and most importantly, learn to suck cock like a gurl. Any deviation from protocols earned me a spanking and time in the corner. Miss Asis told me that dressing, cumming, walking erect, eating off a plate, using the toilet, and freedom of movement, were all privileges that could be revoked. At one point she revoked all of my privileges, just for training purposes, so I could see what it was like. I had to crawl on my hands and knees all the time, naked, stay on a leash, eat out of a kitty bowl, use a litter box which I had to clean myself, and could do nothing and go no where without permission.

Soon, Miss Asis controlled all aspects of my life – I only came when I was told, She picked out my clothes for me, She decided what I would eat, She ordered for me in restaurants, She controlled all my finances. I had no credit cards, and only the allowance She gave for spending money – which was only five dollars a week. If I wanted to buy something that was more than five dollars, I needed to save my allowance.

Miss Asis also trained me to be a better slut for her. She widened my sissy hole, by making me wear a butt plug every night – for longer and longer periods of time. Then She made me wear bigger butt plugs. Miss Asis liked to fuck me with Her strap-on, on demand. She could cum just by fucking me from behind, lifting up my little micro mini, pulling aside my thong, inserting He strap-on deep inside me, and fucking and rubbing until She came.

At any time, Miss Asis could tell me to get on all fours, and I would do so. Sometimes She would have me wait there for hours, sometimes She would come to me right away. Usually, She would spank me first, with a large wooden paddle. She said She preferred to fuck me while my ass was hot, because She liked the feeling of my hot cheeks on Her thighs while She was deep inside of me. So the spanking would be long, and hard. I had to keep my ass thrust out, and take every spank without whimpering. I was often restrained in chastity devices, as I was only allowed to cum when She demanded. I also had a list of chores to do, and once a week, I put on my French Maid outfit and cleaned the house, while Miss Asis stood over me with Her paddle, egging me on with spankings.

Miss Asis also had me suck her strap-on so I could learn to be a good cocksucker, but eventually, I knew, She wanted me to suck on a real cock, and eat cum for her, like a good little cum whore.

Miss Asis would spank me any time, for any reason, even in front of friends. If I misbehaved, and there were people in the house, She would still tell me to get the paddle or the cane. I would have to do so, then bend over in front of everyone and take my spanking. Sometimes She would even let guests help in punishing me. After my spanking She would send me to the corner – and I would have to stand there and listen to people talk and laugh about what a naughty gurl I was, and how bright pink my ass looked.

One day, Miss Asis invited several friends over. She had me dress in a very skimpy outfit – my shortest little micro mini pink and red striped skirt, pink and white lace thong, tight little pink and red top, with a pair of pink striped knee highs, and my red Mary Jane platforms. I was in chastity, and before the party started, Miss Asis, in front of every one, took an aerenos and milked the cum out of me. It took a little while, so there I was, on hands and knees on a table, a small bowl under me, Miss Asis behind me, and men and women all around me, talking about what a little slut I was, making comments about my outfit, making comments about how beautiful and imposing Miss Asis looked in her black nylons with pink lace trim, pink and black striped mini skirt, and black corset with pink flowers. Finally, my cum dribbled out of my clittie – no orgasm, my cum just dribbled out. In front of everyone, Miss Asis made me drink it.

Then the party started. I was serving food and drinks. A large man saw me and called me over. He said I looked like a pumpkin. He pulled me over his knee, and spanked me hard with a paddle – saying my ass should match my skirt. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my thigh. Miss Asis came along and watched. After my spanking She told me I should thank the man. I curtsied, and said “thank you for the spanking, Sir.” But Miss Asis said that wasn’t enough. She told me to unzip the man’s pants. The man looked at Miss Asis, he wasn’t sure if he wanted me to unzip his pants. He started to say something.

“You just spanked my slave without asking My permission, now you will accept your reward, or instead you will receive a very unpleasant punishment.

Have you ever heard of figging?


“Libbie, tell the gentleman what figging is.”

“That’s when a Domme takes a piece of ginger and peels it, cuts into the shape of a butt plug, and sticks it up the ass of a sub. At first you don’t feel a thing, but after a while it stings terribly badly.” I spoke from experience. Miss Asis had recently given me a figging, and made me sit and write an essay on the importance of being on time – because I was late for an appointment. I had to sit in my hard wooden desk chair, in my school gurl uniform, after receiving a caning, and write an essay, with my ass on fire both outside and inside. Then I had to print it out and walk to Miss Asis and give it to her – the walk from the computer to Miss Asis was very painful, as it reawakened the ginger and moved it around to fresh areas inside me. I had been having a trouble with tardiness, and had already received several punishments, so the figging was well deserved.


The man shut his mouth. I unzipped his pants. Miss Asis told him to stand up, so I could pull his pants down. He was wearing tight leather pants, and underneath a cute little red men’s thong. Miss Asis told me to sniff around his cock, and to rub my cheek against it. The smell was overwhelming, and my own clittie got hard. I was excited, I was going to have my first taste of a man’s cock. Despite his earlier reticence, the man got very hard. When his cock started to poke over the top of his undies, Miss Asis told me to pull them down with my teeth.
I obeyed, freeing the man’s cock. “Now take it in your hands, Libbie, and play with it.” I obeyed, feeling up and down the shaft, cupping the man’s balls. He began to whimper a bit, as I started to stroke it. Miss Asis’s single tail whip lashed fiercely across my ass.

“Did I tell you to stroke his cock, little missy?”

“No Ma’am.”

“Let of his cock, and get on your hands and knees. Ten strokes, and after each one, you will say ‘i will only do as i’m told, Miss Asis.’” Miss Asis then gave me ten, hard, stinging lashes with the whip. While the man watched his cock got even harder. He started to stroke himself, and a bit of pre-cum appeared on his cock. When Miss Asis was done She said “Now, lick the pre-cum off his cock.” It tasted so sweet. I looked up at Miss Asis, and She smiled. “You want to suck his cock, don’t You little slut.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Beg me, and I’ll let you.”

“Please, Miss Asis, please let me suck this man’s cock for You, please let me suck his cock like a little whore.”

“You are a little whore, aren’t you. Do you even know this man’s name?”

“No Ma’am.”

“But you want to suck his cock anyway, don’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“If I let you suck his cock, you have to keep on sucking until he cums, and you had better eat every last drop of his cum, do you understand Libbie?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good, because that’s exactly the kind of things sluts do, suck strange men’s cocks and eat their cum without even asking their names. you may suck his cock, and remember, I’ll be watching, and I expect you to put on a good show for me.”

i slid my mouth over the man’s cock, doing it slowly, so Miss Asis could see. I slid up and down his shaft, kissing the tip, then sliding down again. Occasionally Miss Asis would lash my ass with her whip to encourage me. I slid faster and faster, taking the man’s cock deeper and deeper down my throat. He began to moan, it was obvious he enjoyed watching me get spanked while he was getting sucked, so Miss Asis spanked me more and more often. More precum came to the tip of his penis, and then I engulfed his cock completely down my throat, and began to lick under his balls. I was almost gagging; Miss Asis’s whip spanked my ass again and again, my own clittie was hard, pressing against the chastity belt. Finally the man came, and Miss Asis grabbed the back of my head, and held it hard against his pelvis, as gobs of cum spurt down my throat. I sucked the cum down hungrily, like a good little whore. By this time a crowd had gathered, and people were calling me pumpkin, the good little cumwhore. The name stuck for the rest of the party.

After the man came, Miss Asis hooked her leash onto my collar, and took me with Her as She mingled. At one point She took some clothes pin, attached them to my ovies, and made me crawl around the room with them on while She paddled me from behind, everyone cheering me on “pumpkin, crawl faster pumpkin!” The Mistresses decided to run races that way. I ran several races, Miss Asis furiously paddling me to go faster, my ass burning, but I lost the last race to a younger slave in the end.

Miss Asis decided I should have to suck the cock of the winner, but before that, She had me attach Her strap-on. While She had me suck the winner’s cock, She entered me from behind. I was completely full, the slave had an enormous cock, and Miss Asis had widened my ass to the point where I could take a very big dildo. She drove all the way into me, rubbing Her thighs on my bright red, blazing hot, ass. I heard her moan with pleasure.

“I love the feeling of your hot little whore ass against my creamy thighs like this. Now you suck that cock, but you better not make that slave cum until I tell you. Now work both of these cocks, you little whore, see if you can bring us both to orgasm at the same time.”

I wiggled my ass, pushing it back against Miss Asis

like I know She likes. We moved our hips together, She pressing deep into me, and me pressing back into Her. All the while, I slowly worked the shaft of the huge cocked slave, sucking up and down. He had not been allowed to cum in a long time, so I had to take it nice and slow, as he was very hot. I got quite a bit of pre-cum from him, licking and flicking my tongue on the tip of his cock, while Miss Asis worked my ass with Her strap-on, and I responded to Her every thrust and wiggle.

Then I could hear those little gasps and moans that told me that Miss Asis was close – I increased the speed of my sucking, moving up and down the slave’s shaft, faster and faster, in rhythm with Miss Asis’s hip thrusts. She slammed deep deep deep into me, and held Her hips there, gyrating hard against my hot red ass. I deep throated the slave’s cock, gagging on his size, and made a miscalculation. He was just too excited – or else he wanted to see me punished. He came, before Miss Asis, not by much, but enough that She could tell. He had not cum in two weeks, and he was big, so there were gobs and gobs of cum. It felt like he would never stop.

i swallowed and gobbled and swallowed and gobbled, my stomach got warm, but still he came. “You are in so much trouble,” Miss Asis whispered, and then Miss Asis was cumming, as She watched me eating all that cum. She raked her nails over my back as She moaned and screeched. Rubbing me hard and deep, fucking me so deep I thought Her strap on would meet the slave’s cock in my throat.

After the slave was done cumming, he took his cock out of my mouth and thanked me. His Mistress patted my head and said “pumpkin, you are good little cock sucking slut, but my slave came before Miss Asis, so you are also a very naughty gurl for disobeying and embarrassing your Mistress.”

Miss Asis heard this and was not pleased – looked bad that I had disobeyed Her in front of other Dommes. Miss Asis pulled her strap-on out of my ass and said “Well, Libbie, you’re going to have to be severely punished for allowing that slave to cum too soon. You are going to get the a very hard spanking, but before that I want you to clean my strap-on.”

transvestite against the wall

i turned around. I had wisely douched myself before the party, so my sissy hole was very clean, so Miss Asis’s strap-on was not very dirty. Still, it was humiliating, and thrilling, to have Her put something that had just been in my ass into my mouth. Miss Asis enjoyed it too, smiling devilishly, as She held my head, forcing Her strap-on deep into my mouth. I had to give up total control of my head to Her, as She essentially used my head like Her own fuck-and-suck toy, moving it up and down Her strap-on however She wanted.

“All right, I think that’s clean enough. It’s time for your spanking, Libbie.” Miss Asis dragged me by the collar to a spanking bench. She tied me down, my legs spread wide, bent over the spanking bench, on my knees, tied down so I couldn’t move a muscle. She lifted my skirt, and grabbed a long, thick, leather strap – a tawse.

“You will receive 50 spanks with the tawse,” my heart sank as the tawse was a very heavy, very painful strap. “After the first ten, you will say, ‘i am a bad little whore.’”

Then Miss Asis started spanking – the tawse sent vibrations of pain throughout my body with each lash. Being tied down, all I could do was squirm helplessly under the ten blows. “Now,” Miss Asis said “you will say ‘i’m sorry I disobeyed You, Miss Asis,’ for the next ten.” The spanking continued, Miss Asis spreading the blows out all over my ass and lower thighs. The pain in my ass became a burning flame, and my eyes welled up with tears.

“Very good, Libbie, only 30 more spanks. For the next ten you will say ‘i’m Miss Asis’s little bitch.’” The tawse exploded across my ass again, and if I hadn’t been tied down I would have fallen off the spanking bench. The pain was electric, ecstatic, my thighs and ass quivered with each blow, tears rolled down my cheeks.

“Now, for the next ten, you will say ‘i am Miss Asis’s little cum whore.’” The tawse lashed across my thighs, giving my burning ass a slight reprise, but bringing a cry from my throat, as I blurted out my punishment sentence. “Almost done now, Libbie. For the last ten you will say, ‘thank You Miss Asis.’” The spanking continued, my ass was in such pain, it took over my mind, as if my world was my ass, my burning, screaming red, ass. Tears cascaded down my cheeks as I thanked Miss Asis for every spank – and I meant it.

When the spanking ended, Miss Asis untied me from the bench, put the leash back on my collar, and mingled back to the party. Everyone remarked that now pumpkin’s ass looked like a frosted cherry pop tart too. When every one started to leave, Miss Asis sat down on the couch, and had me sit at Her feet. I rubbed my head against her beautiful legs, wrapped in black nylons, while She stroked my hair. I caressed Her creamy skin, letting my fingers wander to Her shapely thighs. Miss Asis slowly opened Her legs, and I played with the area where Her bare thighs poked above Her nylons. I looked up at Her gorgeous face, Her radiant beauty beaming down at me, Her luscious brown hair cascading over Her cute shoulders; Her sensuous lips smiling.

“Miss Asis, may I pleasure You, Ma’am.”

“Yes, you may, Libbie.” I turned over, and slid my tongue over Her sweet thighs, and toward Her clittie. She juices were like nectar to me, Her fragrance heady and trance inducing. She tasted sweet and beautiful, and I reveled in my good fortune at being Her slave. I took my time, sliding my tongue slowly, flicking it teasingly, rolling it lovingly over Her lips and clit. When She came I drank in Her juices, and they tasted better, sweeter, more wonderful than any of the cum I had eaten that night. I looked up at Her beaming, beautiful face, Her joy and contentment seemingly alive, and I was happy, so happy, that I could bring Her such pleasure.

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