Ginger root torture

Every creation depends first on destruction: So too does the Master destroy the slave in order to create His masterpiece; His property.

Have you ever walked through the groves of an ancient forest…..and felt the mystery unfolding with each footstep? Do you want to understand the reality of the Natural Order…? Then follow…. This is not about Submission but the Reality of True TPE Slavery.Master led slave by the cuffs around slave wrists. Chains dragged behind slave’s ankles as it moved, weighing down its steps. It walked with exaggerated caution, unable to see, legs wide apart; with every step the fear grew stronger, and slave’s heart pounded more wildly. Vivid memories of what Master had done to slave when it was chained to the bed before flashed through slave’s head, and a tear leaked from beneath the blindfold and rolled down slave cheek.”There you go, that’s better,” Master said. “It won’t be long before keeping your legs spread will be second nature to you.” Gently, almost tenderly, Master laid slave down on its back, and placed slave’s arms above its head. It remained still without protest while Master attached a second set of chains to the shiny steel cuffs, binding its wrists against the headboard. It made no outward reaction as Master attached more chains to the restraints on slave’s ankles and affixed them to the head of the bed, drawing slave legs up and apart, save for a subtle quickening of breath.”Now let’s see,” Master said when it’d been securely chained down. “Where did I put that package.” “Aha!” Master retrieved the small bag he had bought from where it lay on the floor, slave could feel Him grinning. “If W/we’re going to get you properly trained, we’ll need to use some special tricks, hmm?” Master arched Master’s eyebrows and pulled a gnarled root from the bag. “I think it will like this. It’s ginger root.” Master removed slave’s blindfold so it could now see what He was doing.Whistling cheerfully, Master drew a large folding knife from His pocket and set about carving the plant root. In short order, Master had whittled out a wide, roughly cylindrical plug from its heart. It watched silently, eyes wide with apprehension.When He had finished, Master sat on the bed next to slave. “This will encourage you to relax. You’ll see.” Master caressed the smooth, soft skin of slave inner thigh. It whimpered, heart beating fiercely, as Master lightly touched the puckered entrance to slave anus with the carved ginger root. “Try not to clamp down on it.”Master pressed, gently at first. The root was slightly damp, and it felt a tingling where it touched slave. Master pressed harder; as the tip penetrated slave, the tingle grew became a mild itch. It shifted uncomfortably.The root slipped fractionally deeper. The itching sensation intensified. It whimpered softly, clenched tight against the intrusion; the feeling became a burning. “Don’t fight it,” Master said. “Relax. It gets worse if you clamp down.”Master held it there with firm, steady pressure. Slowly, it slipped deeper, and the burning, itching feeling grew. It moaned and tried to force herself to relax. Slave’s anus opened up, and all at once, the ginger root slid deeply inside.slave shrieked and closed tightly around the invader. Almost instantly, slave’s ass was filled with molten fire. It screamed and arched its back, lifting itself partway off the bed; slave struggles seemed to intensify the burning, making its stretched sphincter clamp down harder. It thrashed frantically against the chains.”Shh.” Master stroked slave thigh softly. “Don’t clamp down. Relax. Listen to the voice of Your Owner, slave.. Obey.”Slave’s struggles subsided bit by bit as it made itself relax. The burning faded to a sharp, nagging itch inside slave. “There. See, isn’t that better?”Master watched slave for a long time. Every beat of slave’s heart, every small vibration of slave’s body brought with it new little flashes of discomfort. Periodically, it would tighten around the root involuntarily, and instantly a bright burning pain would explode through slave, making slave cry out and writhe on the bed.Soon slave’s entire attention was focused on the steady burning inside its ass cunt. It struggled for control, making itself relax, overriding slave’s body’s desire to clamp down on the object within it. Steadily, inch by inch, bit by bit, it loosened slave’s grip on the ginger root. The burning faded to a warm glow, and before long it found itself moaning and rolling slave hips steadily against the burning in its ass cunt… Master smiled. Slave’s animal arousal was plain; it could not stop itself from thrusting its hips in the air in long, slow undulations. Slave’s cheeks were flushed, its eyes closed, as it twisted sensuously on the bed, oblivious to everything save for the heat radiating through it. Its humiliation, its wantonness… is enslavement duly noted.Master started carving some more, slicing out a small triangular sliver of ginger. Master whittled it flat, then carefully scooped out a rounded indentation in the underside. His slave meat remained lost in itself; the exquisite heat was unlike anything it had ever experienced before, and it awakened in slave a strange, formless desire that it didn’t understand; but Master did and wanted to grow.Gently, carefully, Master parted the folds of slave’s labia and pulled back slave’s clitoral hood, then placed the triangular slice of ginger root directly on the hard nub of slave’s clit.It began as a tingling in slave’s clit, mild at first. It sighed with pleasure and arched its back. Slowly, the tingling grew stronger, making slave’s clit throb and pulse. As it grew, it spread, becoming a maddening, demanding itch deep inside slave’s dripping cunt.Slave’s breathing came in fast, shallow gasps. An overwhelming feeling of need consumed slave. It writhed in Master’s chains, desperate to come, craving release; it ached for orgasm, hungered for it so badly that the desire consumed slave from within. It thrust its hips toward Him, making small mewling noises of raw desperation. Master sat back and watched as the ginger worked its sinister magic. The frantic need overpowered slave, swept aside slave’s rationality, stripping it of human dignity; slave’s body burned with unquenchable fire. The itching strengthened, and slave’s need became more desperate still. “Please! Please!” it whimpered. Slave world shrank until the only thing it was aware of was this yearning to come. Tears of frustration and need leaked from slave eyes. “Please!”Master kept His property chained in that place, merciless, for a long time. It shuddered, slave’s body helpless in the chains and the grip of an animal whore’s need. Master’s hands roamed freely over the body of His property; Master pinched slave’s aching nipples, caressed slave’s face, trailed Master’s fingers feather-light over slave’s shaved mound. It squirmed and shook, needing more. “Please!”A small smile. “Please what?”Slave body yearned. “Please! Fuck it Master… use its Ass… Use it. Please!”Master’s hands left slave’s body. Master slid the briefcase from beneath the bed, removed the leather satchel. From the satchel, Master withdrew the same long, slightly curved metal probe Master had used on slave earlier, the one it’d taken only with difficulty. Master did not bother placing any lube on the end of the probe, and knelt carefully on the bed between slave legs.The ginger root slipped easily from slave ass. It whimpered at the sudden feeling of emptiness; wet white fluid dripped down between slave legs. Even its ass was cumming. A quick flick of Master’s fingernail and the small wedge of ginger was gone from slave clit; the touch of cool air, so intense it was almost excruciating, made slave squirm. Slave’s body screamed its need.”Good,” Master murmured. Wet slick at the entrance to slave gaping ass, and then the probe, cold and rigid, slid effortlessly, deeply into slave ass. The cold, slippery metal felt shockingly, surprisingly good inside slave, quenching the burning itch, and it drove herself onto it, pressing against it all the way to the base. Suddenly, the tip of Master’s crop flicked lightly across it; it twitched and yelped, sensitive, and heard him chuckle. “Very good.”That began a long period of endless, relentless teasing. Master’s probes danced over and inside slave, skillfully bringing it to the edge of orgasm, over and over, only to back off just as it started to contract. Master drove slave to the brink time after time, each time pulling slave back precisely when it thought it’d reached that point of no return. It moaned and wailed and thrashed against His chains, and still, that damnable, infuriating, exquisite probe teased slave. It clenched and tightened around the probe in its ass, squeezed slaves thighs together despite the metal teeth that would impale them, thrust against Master’s hand, all for nothing; Master seemed to know, almost by magic, exactly how to keep slave hovering on the threshold of ecstasy without permitting slave relief. The torture was extreme… the humiliation and degradation total.Slave screamed in frustration, aching to come, relishing and hating the feel of Master’s hands and toys, and Master denied slave, again and again, working slave’s need, playing it, creating art out of sexual desire.At the exact moment it could bear no more, Master stopped, just like that, and stood. It lay bound beneath him, sheathed with sweat. “I think that’s enough for you right now, little whore.”Please…please…””Not tonight. My slave meat has had enough, I think. I’d better leave it chained up tonight so that Master’s cunt does touch itself.” Master lengthened the chains binding slave wrists so that it could move slave arms and turn freely, careful to keep them short enough that it was unable to reach between slave legs. With that, Master undressed quickly, slid beneath the covers, and pulled them over His property. “Sleep well. Tomorrow’s another day of training.” Master smiled and drew close to the slave’s body pressing warmly against it. Soft lips kissed the slave’s cheek. “Good night.”It writhed and twisted in frenzied, throbbing, agonizing need. Tears streamed down slave’s face; at that moment, it felt that there was nothing, no matter how filthy, it wouldn’t do to feel Master’s lips and tongue again. “Please, please, please, please,” it sighed, “please…”“Please? Not enough? With this Master replaced the ginger root in slave’s ass… and placed duct tape closing its ass checks together. Checking the chains… He gently kissed His property, bit its neck… and rolled over on His side.Beside slave, Master’s breathing became slower and deeper, and it knew Master was asleep. It stayed awake for a long time, trembling and making soft noises of pain aand need as the ginger root continued to torment it. Finally, exhaustion overcame it… and slave slept in spite of itself.(To those who pose the question… is this real? Yes, this was not fantasy based.. this was and is how this piece of the property lives its life…) blessed be.

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