Fucked in the back room

I saw him as soon as I entered Sydny’s Sly Fox the bar. Leaning against the bar wearing only cut-offs and a denim vest that advertised his pecs and abs, leaving his pierced nipples to wink out at the world, just begging to be sucked and bitten. Made my mouth water! Made my own pierced tits tingle, wanting him to pay attention to them. The shorts left nothing to my imagination, tight enough to show his gorgeous cock, short enough that its giant head hung out, dangling and throbbing as he eyed me checking him out. With his huge meat-hook of a right hand, he reached down to give it a squeeze, pumping out a stream of precum that looked so appetizing I could almost taste it. Drawn to him as if by a magnet, I found my left hand caressing that monster mushroom-shaped cock head, getting a fistful of precum that I sucked into my mouth (damn! It was so sweet my head began to swim!!), while my right made its way over his six-pack abs to his left nipple, teasing the nub while I vibrated the big ring dangling from it. As it does mine, this made his dick start to jump and twitch and my left hand went back to catch more precum. He opened his mouth and I shared his clear juice with him. As he licked his lips, I whispered, “Fuck me. Please?”

He nodded towards a door at the end of the bar, and we made our way into the storeroom. He closed the door behind him, but made no move to lock it – not that I cared, at that point! I just wanted his cock and I didn’t care who watched or who knew. I dropped to my knees and undid his belt. Pulling down his zipper, I freed that beautiful hunk of man-meat as his shorts fell to the floor. As he kicked them out of the way I wrapped my lips around his dick, locking my teeth behind the corona while I sucked on the head and tongue-fucked his piss-slit. Jesus, this dick tasted so good I thought I was gonna die!! As more of his delicious precum flowed into my mouth I began to suck him off like the cum-slut cock whore I really am. By the time I’d taken it all into my throat the third time, his dick was so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it! I grabbed his huge nuts and started milking his sac, feeling those balls of iron play in my hand like giant ben-wa balls. As he growled and wrapped his fingers in my hair, I again swallowed his dick into my throat, feeling his pubes tickle my nose while his odor of piss, cum and ball sweat filled my nostrils and made me drunk with my need for his cum. I moaned and groaned from the sheer pleasure of sucking this gorgeous cock, and every sound I made seemed to urge him on – he started fucking my mouth hard and deep and fast, growling and cussing with every thrust, “That’s right cocksucker! Suck my dick, boy! Make me cum, you hear me, you old queer!! Fuck yes, oh fuck yeah! Oh shit man, here it cums you queer motherfucker! Oh fuck, oh fuck, ooohhhhh!!! Fuck me, here it is!!!” And his dick spat the greatest load of cum I’ve ever tasted into my mouth and right down my throat – spurt after spurt, great gobs of delicious cum, mine, all mine.

With my mouth now satisfied, I realized just how horny my ass was, so, without releasing his dick from my mouth, I undid my own shorts and pulled them down, then turned my ass to him and, reaching back, spread my asshole in anticipation of getting the fucking I needed so bad. I felt him rub his dick in my ass crack, lubing it with my saliva and his cum, along with the precum that was already starting to flow from his dick again. Oh, Jesus, I wanted his cock in my ass so bad!!! I felt that big mushroom pressing into me and my sphincter responded so quickly and so entirely that he practically fell into me. I was so horny I didn’t need any time to get used to him inside me. He was in me and it felt so-o-o fucking good. And next he was pumping me deep, and hard, and then faster and deeper, and I was wailing like a banshee. I heard the storeroom door open and voices cheering us on as we fucked like tigers! He was panting with the exertion of fucking me, and I was moaning and groaning, again, as he gave it to me so hard. Oh my fucking God! What a great fuck he gave me!! I don’t know how many times he pulled completely out of me, only to plunge back in, all the way to the hilt, his balls slapping against mine, then back all the way out, and again all the way in , up to his balls, in and out, hard, and fast, and harder and faster, fucking, fucking my ass, so deep, so hard – fuck man, I never wanted it to end! But even a stud like this can only fuck so long before he has to shoot his load, and with a bellow like a raging bull he plowed deep into me, his cock buried all the way up my starving ass, and I felt his load coat my ass walls as his cock jumped and throbbed inside me. After all the cum he shot down my throat, he still had enough left to completely paint the inside of my gut white with cum.

Curiously, I was still so horny I was practically insane with lust. Looking now at the group who had gathered to watch and cheer, I said, “Who’s next?” It may not surprise you to hear I got roundly and soundly fucked that night. It’s so good to be a whore.