Forced diapering and forced infantilism

I’m a male submissive. my fetishes include forced feminization, forced age play, and forced infantilism. I was in an emotional (not sexual) relationship with a strong-willed Lady Whom I will call Helene. Her late husband had abused Her sexually; now She was repelled by any sexual activity and She considered all sex “dirty”. The marriage had produced one Daughter, now 20 years old. After Helene’s husband died, his life insurance provided a small annuity for Helene and Her 20-year-old Daughter, Whom I will call Gail: the insurance was enough to pay Helene’s and Gail’s rent and living expenses, but not enough for luxuries.

I have a full-time job that pays well, and I helped Helene and Gail financially: taking them to restaurants and on trips, sometimes giving them financial gifts outright. Helene and Gail lived near me, so I visited their home often.

Helene enjoyed dominating men emotionally and verbally, but She did not examine Her own mind to recognize that this domination also gave Her sexual pleasure. She was dominEERing, rather than being a Fetish Domme. She did not know the term “role-playing”, yet She enjoyed play-acting with me in non-sexual scenarios in which She held control over me. i willingly allowed Helene to domineer me in private and in public … but Her eagerness to control me did not allow for my fetish interests.

For feminization games, I have a collection of Female clothes in my size (slut costumes, maid uniforms, schoolgirl uniforms, and “little girl” clothes). With Halloween approaching, I carefully raised the subject to Helene of “playing dress-up” or having a costume party. What should I be for Halloween? Flipping through a costume catalog, i just “happened” to see the French maid. Helene reacted in genuine disgust: the sexual paradox of a man in Women’s clothing repulsed Her. Now i just “happened” to find another costume idea: the adult baby. Instead of being repulsed, Helene laughed: She did not think of babies as sexual, so this image did not trigger Her sexual revulsion. Now i asked: “Suppose the only baby costume in the costume store was for a Female baby?” “Then you’d have to be a baby Girl!” said Helene, laughing at this image. She seemed genuinely aroused by the thought of turning me into a baby girl, without acknowledging the sexual aspects of this. i didn’t tell Her that i already had my own baby-girl clothes.

Helene did not need to work, but She and Gail sometimes made extra cash by babysitting local children. Helene and Gail both enjoyed taking care of infants and small children, often eagerly bottle-feeding them and changing their diapers. At age 20, Gail was extremely naive because Her deceased father had controlled almost every aspect of Her life. Gail took after Her mother: She enjoyed being bossy and dominating males, yet She did not recognize any erotic aspect in this.

i’m very interested in forced infantilism and forced diapering, but of course, these “forced” situations are really voluntary. It occurred to me that Helene’s interests — a passion for changing diapers, pleasure in controlling me — could help me undergo a GENUINE experience of forced diaper-wearing. i would create a situation in which Helene and Gail would FORCE me to wear diapers, seemingly against my will … without either of Them realizing that i received sexual pleasure from this. Because i am diabetic, i can no longer achieve an erection … so i knew that, if Helene and Gail diapered me, there was no danger of a hard-on announcing that i enjoyed being a baby girl.

Now, when I describe how i got Helene and Gail to “force” me into diapers, You may suspect that They knew They were indulging my fetish while pretending not to know. Possibly that is true; i genuinely believe that (despite Their domineering personalities) Helene and Gail were too ignorant of Fetish to recognize it. They got pleasure from controlling me and forcing me to do something, without knowing that i secretly took pleasure from being “forced”.

I had two weeks’ vacation time coming from my job, so i made plans to schedule my forced diapering. i am friends with a lifestyle Domme Who is sympathetic to my fetish needs but involved in a relationship with Her collared sub: She isn’t poly. She won’t do sessions with me, but when i told Her my plans for a forced-diapering fantasy She was delighted and agreed to help … especially since this would give Her a chance to practice Her role-playing skills. i offered to pay the Domme for Her time, and of course i would pay all expenses.

my family are from Scotland, so I carefully set out in my home several photos of Scottish landmarks with Scots people wearing native costume: photos of men and boys in tartan kilts. When Helene and Gail visited me, They giggled at the pictures of men wearing “skirts”. They did not perceive this as kinky, because the men and boys were clearly wearing male clothes otherwise, and not pretending to be Female. i explained to Helene and Gail what a kilt is, and then i showed them one of my own kilts. i did not mention that this is actually one of my “sissy-kilts” made from Schoolgirl uniforms. To make a sissy-kilt, i take two plaid Schoolgirl skirts, rip the seams, then stitch the pieces together … making one plaid skirt wide enough to fit me but short enough to be appropriate for a teenage Girl. i made sure Helene and Gail noticed that i owned several skirts (kilts) in my size. When Helene and Gail saw my “kilts”, They were delighted and They wanted me to wear one next time i took Them somewhere. Pretending to be angry, i said i would never wear a kilt in America because everyone would think i was wearing a skirt and they’d make fun of me.

Now i pretended to be worried about something else. i told Helene and Gail that i was having problems at my job because i was taking too many bathroom breaks. i said that my supervisor (a Female) had threatened to fire me unless i could train myself to work an entire 8-hour shift (plus overtime) without bathroom breaks. i knew what Helene and Gail were thinking: if i lost my job, They would lose my financial help. i said i couldn’t think of any way to go 12 hours without a toilet.

Gail brightly suggested: “wear diapers!” Pretending to be ignorant on this subject, I replied that diapers are only for little babies: nobody makes diapers big enough for adults.

“Yes, they do!” said Helene. i said i’m an adult, and there’s no way in the world i would be willing to wear diapers. But i said that the company Nurse at my job would phone Helene and discuss it.

The next day, Helene got a phone call from “Nurse Jane” (my Domme friend). Nurse Jane told Helene that She needed to have an urgent discussion about my medical condition because it was affecting my job. Nurse Jane made an appointment to visit Helene. Without mentioning Gail, Nurse Jane intentionally made the appointment when Gail would be home.

Helene and Gail were both so neurotic about human body functions that They were uncomfortable with honest words like “urine” and “feces”, much less “piss” and “shit”. In Helene’s home, the correct words were “wee-wee” and “poo-poo”, and a penis is a “pee-pee”. i had explained this to Nurse Jane.

i wasn’t present for the “medical conference” but Nurse Jane recorded it for me. She went to Helene’s home wearing a Nurse’s uniform and carrying a medical bag. (Props from Her fetish play.) She showed Helene and Gail a lot of medical diagrams and X-rays i’d obtained for Her, while She told Them that a disease was poisoning me because my wee-wee and poo-poo were piling up inside my body. There was only one possible cure: i would need to take laxatives that would flush the wastes out by forcing me to constantly wee-wee and poo-poo. i would have to wear diapers since the only alternative would be for me to stay on the toilet around the clock.

“he won’t wear diapers,” Helene told Nurse Jane. “You’ll have to MAKE him wear diapers,” said Nurse Jane while Gail hung on every word. “Otherwise he’ll lose his job, and he could die.” Nurse Jane explained that i was probably unable to wee-wee or poo-poo into a diaper, because i was toilet-trained and so my “wee-wee muscles” and “poo-poo muscles” wouldn’t relax unless i was using a toilet or a urinal. Nurse Jane took out some X-rays i’d supplied for Her, showing bladders and colons, while She explained that i needed to be UN-toilet trained: trained to use diapers instead of a toilet. “You might have to FORCE him to use diapers,” said Nurse Jane.

Then She explained that my health insurance at my job would pay a small fee — not a full-time salary — for two attendants to help diaper-train me, and to make sure that i did not “cheat” by making toilet trips. Did Helene or Gail know where such attendants could be found? Helene and Gail were already interested in forcing me to wear diapers; now They were more delighted to know They could be paid for it! They eagerly volunteered to be my diaper-trainers.

Nurse Jane told Helene and Gail that my health insurance would pay for a special formula — “like a baby’s formula” — that would flush the poisons out of me, but i would need to drink huge amounts of it. “he won’t want to,” said Helene. “Well, he HAS to drink it, or You don’t get paid to be his diaper-trainers,” said Nurse Jane. She assured Helene and Gail that She could arrange to put a chemical in my formula that would “pacify” me and make me do whatever i was told, even if i didn’t want to. Nurse Jane told me later that Gail’s and Helene’s eyes were gleaming when They heard that They could have absolute control over me. They were natural sadists, not fetish Dommes.

Nurse Jane told Helene and Gail that my health insurance would also pay for the supply of adult diapers (and waterproof diaper pants) that i would need … but there was a problem: my health insurance had nearly run out, so i would have to accept whatever incontinence products the insurance company supplied rather than choosing my own. Helene agreed to take delivery of my diaper supplies.

Meanwhile, I was busy making a large batch of “sissy-diapers”. These are my invention. my fetish self (for infantilism) is a baby Girl, so i yearn to use the disposable diapers that are made for little Girls: pink diapers with pictures of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and the Little Mermaid on them. Because i can’t wear such tiny diapers, i have made “sissy diapers” instead. i buy a pack of adult diapers and a pack of little-Girl diapers. i take one little-Girl diaper, slit it down both sides and “butterfly” it, then i place it over the outer crotch of an adult diaper, and I glue it in place with rubber cement. The “sissy-diaper” is an adult diaper that i can fit into, but the areas directly above my crotch and anus are now extra bulky and Girly: pink, with Princess characters on them. Perfect for an adult sissy baby!

i paid a shipping company to make a delivery to Helene’s home when i knew that Nurse Jane would be present to take charge. She told me later that Gail was wide-eyed as the delivery arrived: several large boxes and one smaller one. Nurse Jane slit open one box while She explained to Gail and Helene that the company making the adult diapers also made children’s diapers; there had been a factory error, but my insurance would not allow the shipment to be exchanged. Then She opened the box and took out an adult-size diaper with a pink little-Girly crotch! Gail and Helene both burst out laughing at the thought of forcing me to wear these Princess diapers! Then, Nurse Jane reached for the smaller box. She explained that the diaper company also made plastic diaper pants in adult sizes, but there were two types: a plain type for men and a frilly pink type for Ladies … and I would just have to wear whichever ones the company needed to unload because my insurance would not permit me to choose. When Nurse Jane opened the box, it contained several pink plastic diaper panties with frilly ruffles at the waist and leg bands! Gail and Helene shrieked with laughter at the thought of forcing me to wear these. They didn’t know that these were my own fetish garments, shipped to Helene from a false address.

These fetish diaper panties were designed to be LOCKED onto the wearer: the frilly waistbands contained thin steel chains. I’d prepared the chains with tiny combination locks. Gail and Helene were bug-eyed while Nurse Jane explained that these diaper panties (with locks and chains) were for medical patients who refused to be diaper-trained, and who had to be locked into diapers. She invited Helene and Gail to choose a four-digit combination: They chose Gail’s birthdate. Nurse Jane set this combination on all the locks, explaining that when i was locked into these diaper panties only Gail and Helene would be able to open them.

Following the script that Nurse Jane and I had worked out in advance, now She explained to Helene and Gail that diaper-training a man is always more difficult than diaper-training a Woman or a Girl. Nurse Jane explained: “A Woman can wear diapers under a skirt or a dress. If She needs a diaper change, She can just pull down Her diapers, take them off, then put on new ones without taking Her skirt off. With a man it’s more work, because of his pants. You have to pull down his pants, take them off, change his diapers, put his pants back on and pull them up again. It would be easier to change a man’s diapers if he wore a skirt, but of course, men don’t wear skirts.”

Gail eagerly announced that I owned several skirts! “It’s a kilt,” Helene corrected Gail. In Her best medical manner, Nurse Jane stated that it was vitally important that I stop wearing pants and start wearing a skirt, so that my diaper-trainers (Helene and Gail) could easily check to see if I needed a diaper change, and so that my diapers could be changed more easily. “he won’t wear a skirt in public,” said Helene. “Then You’ll have to take him,” said Nurse Jane. “I’ll put something in his formula so that he’ll do whatever You tell him.” Nurse Jane explained that the formula wouldn’t work properly if it was gulped down like beer or soda. i would have to suck it gradually from a container with a very small opening, but Nurse Jane didn’t seem able to describe exactly what was needed. “A baby bottle! With a nipple!” crowed Gail, delighted at the idea that She would be paid to bottle-feed a grown man. Nurse Jane agreed that a baby bottle would be ideal. She promised to arrange a shipment of baby bottles and “formula” to Helene’s home instead of to my address, so that i would not know what awaited me.

Nurse Jane told Helene and Gail that a doctor would show Them how to hypnotize me so that i would be easier to diaper-train. “he won’t struggle if You hypnotize him so that he has to pretend he’s a baby,” Nurse Jane explained. “But should We make him a baby boy or a baby girl?” Gleefully, Gail and Helene shouted that They would prefer turning me into a baby GIRL! “Now, what will We name the baby girl?” asked Nurse Jane, playing along. In a hinting tone, She said: “Let’s not make it anything too sissy.” “SISSY! That’s it!” laughed Helene. Just the response i’d wanted: She and Gail would force me to become Baby Sissy.

A shipment arrived at Helene’s door that evening, officially from an insurance company but really arranged by me. It included baby powder, a changing table strong enough to hold me, and (repackaged by me in advance) several gallons of a commercially available baby formula that tasted awful, so i would be especially humiliated while being forced to drink it. The shipment also included several extra-large “baby bottles”: these were regular 2-liter plastic bottles with screw tops, fitted with adaptors to hold standard latex nursing nipples. At the top of the box were several large terrycloth bibs: pink, trimmed with lace and embroidered in red letters: BABY SISSY. These were actually from my existing stock of infantilism props.

my non-poly Domme friend, pretending to be “Nurse Jane”, would not consent to the next part of the plan, since She was faithful to Her collared slave and so She would not give me any hands-on sexual attention. Instead, She contacted a semi-active pro Domme Whom i had never met. With “Nurse Jane” as go-between, i paid this Domme to agree to climax the role-play as “Doctor Veronica”. Claiming to be my employer’s company physician, Doctor Veronica phoned Helene and made the final arrangements. i was to report to Helene’s home first thing next morning, and bring all of my kilts. Under no circumstance must Helene or Gail give me reason to suspect that i was about to be forced into diapers. One more detail: i was to prepare for a medical examination by shaving off all my hair “down there”. Doctor Veronica told Helene and Gail that They should force me to feel as baby-like as possible in order for my diaper-training to work … therefore my “pee-pee” had to be kept hairless, so that i would feel more like a baby.

i pretended to be surprised when Helene phoned me with these instructions. Since i didn’t want Her to catch on that this was all my plan, i pretended to be angry and i refused to co-operate. “Well, you’d better or your boss will fire you,” said Helene as She hung up.

The next morning “Doctor Veronica” (the pro Domme) arrived at Helene’s home, wearing a lab coat and acting like a strict physician. She said She was authorized to give Helene and Gail the first payment of Their fees as my diaper-trainers, but They would be required to do whatever Doctor Veronica said. She asked to inspect Helene’s bathroom “just in case”. Helene and Gail escorted Her into the bathroom. Doctor Veronica’s cell phone (in Her pocket) was dialed to my phone line, so i heard everything as i timed my arrival. i pressed Helene’s doorbell, and She went to let me in while Gail and Doctor Veronica watched from the bathroom. i was intentionally wearing a short-sleeved shirt so i’d have bare arms.

i came in, pretending to be furious, and carrying all four of my sissy-skirts. i flung them on the table angrily, telling Helene: “You wanted these? Here! Keep them! No way i’m ever going to wear a skirt! And i didn’t shave down there like You told me to, either!”

Now “Doctor Veronica” came out of the bathroom, followed by Gail. i pretended to be surprised and angry that my company’s physician had shown up here. “Take off all your clothes,” said Doctor Veronica in a no-nonsense tone. i refused. She took out one of Her medical-fetish props: a fake hypodermic needle. Now She grabbed me; there was a brief (fake) struggle and then She jabbed my bare arm with the hypo. i pretended to be drugged, and i collapsed to the floor while Helene and Gail stood with Their mouths open. They weren’t frightened; for Them, this was more exciting than a movie! These natural sadists had absolutely no qualms at watching a Female doctor drugging a man against his will.

“Help Me get him undressed,” said Doctor Veronica, in a tone of such authority that Helene and Gail didn’t think to disobey. Pretending to be unconscious, i kept my body slack and limp and my eyes closed (though i wanted to watch) as They stripped me to my underpants. i normally wear panties under my male clothes, but this time i wore tighty-whiteys. Gail’s hands plucked at me so rapidly, i sensed She was eager to strip me naked. Now i felt a breeze between my thighs as my underpants were snatched away … leaving me wearing only my pubic hair.

“Damn it! I thought You told this idiot to shave down there!” said Doctor Veronica, pretending to be annoyed. “Help Me get him into the bathroom.” i started moaning, pretending to be semi-conscious but unaware of what was happening … so i was able to support my own weight, half-staggering, as Helene and Gail helped Doctor Veronica get me into the bathroom. They sat me naked on the toilet, Doctor Veronica giving me one more injection to keep me quiet. Gail and Helene watched in fascination as Doctor Veronica opened Her medical bag, taking out a straight razor and a can of shaving cream. She lathered me between my thighs, then shaved my crotch baby-naked while Helene and Gail watched. i had to pretend to be unconscious, eyes closed, while i was being shaved. A couple of times the pro Domme nicked me; i’ll never know if this was deliberate.

Next, Doctor Veronica explained: “We need to open his bowels so he can poo-poo. Help Me get him into the tub. This is part of the job you’re getting paid for.”

They got me into the tub, face down: i co-operated while pretending to be unconscious. Doctor Veronica opened Her medical kit, and Gail gasped as the “doctor” took out Her enema equipment. Doctor Veronica gave me a high colonic, while She told Helene and Gail to watch carefully because They might have to give me further enemas as part of my diaper-training.

i was given about two quarts of enema. Then, with Doctor Veronica giving the orders, They all lifted-walked me into the living room, where Helene had set up my diaper-changing table. They plunked me onto the table, still “unconscious”, face downwards and my rear end upwards. Doctor Veronica told Helene to powder me and diaper me while the “doctor” watched Helene’s technique. “No, I want to go first!” said Gail.

Gail powdered my bare bottom, then They turned me over and Gail powdered my crotch. Helene and Gail both laughed at my under-endowment: “With that tiny little pee-pee, he could BE a baby girl!” gloated Helene. They put me into a pink sissy-diaper and a pair of frilly pink diaper panties. Clearly eager to take charge, Gail padlocked the slim chain that locked me into my diapers: a padlock that only She and Helene could open.

Meanwhile, Doctor Veronica had taken out Her iPhone and attached the earbuds to my ears. The iPhone was playing “white noise”, but the “doctor” told Helene and Gail that She was forcing me to listen to a hypnotism recording so that Helene and Gail would have an easier job diaper-training me. i’d printed two copies of a list as part of this plan; now Doctor Veronica gave Helene and Gail the list of hypnotic commands (all fake, of course) that i was supposedly being hypnotized to obey:

• If Helene or Gail started to sing “Rockabye baby”, I would instantly become unconscious. i could only be awakened by a slap in the face, or after several hours’ sleep … during which i would mess my diapers.

• If Helene or Gail said “high chair”, i would be hypnotically compelled to sit in the nearest chair, firmly convinced that i was bound and gagged, unable to move or speak. The words “baby talk” would remove my gag but the command “pacifier” would gag me again. The word “stroller” would release my hypnotic bonds. These commands would work in private and in public.

• If Helene or Gail said “spanky time”, i would be hypnotically compelled to strip naked, fold my clothes neatly, walk to the bathroom and take a fetal position in the tub, ready to receive an enema. Doctor Veronica explained that this command would not work in public.

• If Helene or Gail said “baby bottle”, i would be hypnotically compelled to suck on whatever was put into my mouth, and to swallow. If i was hypnotically bound and gagged, this command would open my mouth but would not untie me. The hypnotism would also convince me that i had no teeth; only toothless gums … so i could suck and swallow but not bite.

• If Helene or Gail said “baby time”, i would become compelled to pretend that i was a baby girl named Sissy. i would respond to this name; i could crawl and whimper but not walk, speak or make loud noises. This command was not for public use.

• The command “crib time” would compel me to walk to my bed and lie face-down. “Dipey-wipey” would make me walk to the diaper-changing table and submit to changing.

• Whether in adult mode or in baby-girl mode, each time i felt the call of nature — in private or in public — i would be hypnotically compelled to announce “Baby Sissy haffa poo-poo!” or “Baby Sissy haffa wee-wee!” in a babyish voice. After completing the function, i would be compelled to announce “Baby Sissy go poo-poo!” or “Baby Sissy go wee-wee!”

• When in adult mode, the hypnotism would compel me to address Helene as “Mommy” and Gail as “Big Sister” — even in public — without being aware that i did this.

Doctor Veronica took out two booklets now, not mentioning that i had typeset, printed and bound them. “This is the Diaper Diary,” She said, solemnly giving Gail a booklet of pages containing rows of blank squares like crossword diagrams. She also gave Gail two markers: one brown and one yellow. “As part of Your job as diaper-trainer, You must keep track each time Your baby girl makes a wee-wee or a poo-poo by coloring in one box.” Gail felt very awed by this solemn responsibility.

Doctor Veronica gave Helene the other booklet. “This is the Baby Formula book. You must note the time and date every time Baby Sissy is given her formula, and every time Baby Sissy is given an enema. The insurance company pays a bonus if Baby Sissy is given an enema before she is put to bed, but You must keep track.” With dollar signs in Her eyes, Helene vowed that i would get an enema every single night.

By now, Helene and Gail had put me into a clean set of sissy-diapers and a frilly set of diaper panties, firmly locked onto me. The enema inside my bowels was already announcing its intentions. i was still pretending to be unconscious. Doctor Veronica spoke the command “high chair”. As if i was sleepwalking, i went to the nearest chair and sat down, twining my arms and legs as if they were shackled to the chair. “Now wake him up,” Doctor Veronica told Helene. “Give him a slap in the face, HARD. he’ll wake up but he’ll think he’s tied up and gagged.”

i was astounded at how eagerly Helene complied. She slapped me, HARD.

i pretended to wake up … then i reacted in fury as i discovered that my clothes were gone and i was wearing frilly diaper panties. i struggled and growled, pretending i was bound and gagged.

“Listen carefully,” said Doctor Veronica, speaking to me in the tones of a trained hypnotist while Helene and Gail listened. “For the next two weeks, your Mommy and your Big Sister have absolute control over you. you are absolutely helpless, and They are in charge. There are only two things that cannot be controlled: your poo-poo and your wee-wee will flow constantly. you will be diapered at all times except when bathing or receiving an enema. It will amuse your Mommy and Big Sister to watch you struggling, but you are now incapable of any violent act or threat.”

i pretended to struggle furiously against invisible bonds. Doctor Veronica slapped me again, slightly harder. “your Mommy and your Big Sister have a two-week supply of liquid formula containing all the nutrients you need, as well as laxatives and a hypnotic additive. This will keep you pacified, and also keep your bowels loose. No solid food for you. In public, you will dress as a man except you will wear a skirt over your diapers: this will make it easier for Mommy and Big Sister to change your dirty dypies. I see that your skirts are just barely long enough to conceal the frilly diaper panties you will be wearing: be careful not to bend over in public! When you are in public with Mommy and Big Sister, you will be deeply ashamed to be seen wearing a skirt, diapers and sissy panties, but you will not protest or resist. At all times, you will remain aware that you are an adult male even when you discover that Mommy and Big Sister can hypnotize you to pretend you are a baby girl. you will be very embarrassed whenever this happens.” As Doctor Veronica spoke this hypnotic command, Gail giggled and Helene snickered while They realized that They would totally control me.

Doctor Veronica wasn’t finished with me: “Each night, your Mommy and Big Sister will give you an enema, then put you into a clean diaper and prepare you for bed. you will be tied into bed, so that you cannot get up in the night and use a toilet. you will also be given a pacifier to suck on all night. Mommy and Big Sister will give the hypnotic command that will require you to go to sleep. While you are asleep, you will dream that you actually ARE a baby girl. While you are asleep, with a full tummy and a hiney full of nasty enema, you will “haffa go” wee-wee and poo-poo. When you wake up in the morning, with messy diapers, you will whimper and squirm until Mommy and Big Sister arrive to change you. When They arrive, you will announce in a baby-girl voice what happened in your diapers. At that moment, you will remember that you are actually a man … and you will be deeply embarrassed, yet you will remain hypnotically forced to continue to pretend to be a baby girl until Mommy or Big Sister decides otherwise.”

Doctor Veronica showed Helene and Gail how to mix the “baby formula” and fill a 2-liter baby bottle. Then She told Gail to “give the baby girl her bottle. Baby Sissy needs to keep sucking formula until she needs to make a wee-wee or a poo-poo. If Baby Sissy messes her dypies instead of trying to use a toilet, You’re all set.”

Gail came at me holding the oversized baby’s bottle, with a sadistic gleam in Her eyes. “Baby bottle!” She announced. Pretending that i was obeying a hypnotic command against my will, i suckled the nipple, swallowing the awful formula. The enema inside me was just about to escape. i stopped suckling long enough to announce in a high-pitched voice: “Baby Sissy haffa poo-poo!” There was a loud flatulent noise inside my diaper panties, and Helene shouted “Ewww!” while Gail laughed at me. Now i meekly announced “Baby Sissy go poo-poo!” as i soiled my sissy-diapers.

“Doctor Veronica” reminded Helene and Gail to keep Their diaper-training diaries up to date, then She gave them each a check: the first payment for diaper-training me. Through my lawyer, i had arranged for Helene and Gail to receive checks from a generic account; these were supposedly payments from my health insurer.

Doctor Veronica left … and now, for the next two weeks, i would be utterly controlled by two naturally sadistic Females with the power to “force” me to become a baby girl!