For Mistresses Pleasure


I arrive at Mistress’s home, fully prepared. Earlier that day I had been instructed to shave my genitals, fit myself with a butt plug (tied tightly in place), attach tweezer nipple clamps to my nipples, get dressed and on the way to Mistresses home, pick up a nice bottle of wine and some flowers.

When Mistress opens the door she smiles and invites me in. After a hug and a warm hello she leads me to the kitchen, where I place the wine on the counter and quickly arrange the flowers in a vase. “Now let’s see how well you obeyed my orders”, She says, stepping closer to me and instructing me to take off my shirt. I unbutton it and place it over the back of one of the dining room chairs. She smiles and lets out a bit of a contented, “Mmmm”, and then grabs the chain between my nipple clamps and pulls on them. They have been on for almost an hour now and are very sore, but it excites me tremendously. I moan and do my best to stand straight. While holding them taut she reaches around and feels for the butt plug through my jeans. Again she lets out a pleasant, “Mmmm”. “Take off your jeans!” She commands but does not let go of the chain to my nipple clamps. It is a bit difficult but I manage to open my jeans and shake them to the floor and step out of them. With my pants on the floor, she begins to inspect my cock and balls, all the while holding the chain to my nipple clamps taut. “You did a very good job!”, she says. “But what is this?”, she points to the new metal cock ring I am wearing that fits tightly around the base of my cock and holds my balls apart from one another. “I didn’t mention anything about a cock ring!”, she says firmly with a tug on the chain to my nipple clamps. Stumbling over my words a bit, I finally lower my eyes and say, “I thought you might like it, Mistress”. She smiles, “It is very nice… but you must learn to do EXACTLY as you are told! … Come with me!”.

She grabs my cock and balls tightly and walks me to the “play” room. She removes my nipple clamps, sending a painful rush of blood to my nipples, and after rubbing my sore nipples a bit, she places clothespins on them with a squeeze for good measure. I squirm a bit, and can’t help but let out a soft moan. She bends me over the spanking horse and ties my hands and feet very tightly and as far apart has she can pull them. Then walks around behind me and investigates more closely my butt plug and the rope job I did to tie it tightly into place. She leaves the room for several minutes… and when she returns she is wearing a black leather corset, a black garter belt with black stockings, and a pair of lacy black panties that I can just barely see-through in the dim light. She walks across the room and stands directly in front of me, slowly moving closer until Her beautifully shaven pussy is directly in front of my face and is almost completely visible through the lace panties. “Do you want it?”, she asks coyly. I eagerly respond, “Yes Mistress!”. “Then you must learn to follow my instructions EXACTLY! Can you do that?”… “Yes Mistress”… “We will see slave!”. She goes a short way across the room, Her back to me, and slowly removes the corset. Finally, She turns to face me, Her breasts are magnificent and I am overwhelmed with desire. She sits down in a leather lounge chair facing me, closes Her eyes, and slowly begins to rub Her breasts, eventually moving slowly over her stomach, and then to Her pussy. She is rubbing very slowly, taking her time… one hand is on Her breast twisting Her nipple ever so slightly and the other is rubbing through Her panties. This goes on for what seems like an eternity… She begins to moan very slightly. I have almost forgotten about the pain in my nipples from the clothespins being pinned tightly between my body and the spanking horse. Suddenly she stops, She has that look in her eye now. I know I will be receiving some sort of spanking. She loves giving me a good spanking when she is aroused, it only adds to Her excitement she has told me many times before. She walks up inches from my nose, removes Her panties, tells me to open my mouth, and then stuffs them in. I am TREMENDOUSLY aroused! She moves to the wall and removes a heavy leather flogger, and works it across my butt for the next 5-10 minutes, giving me a good warm-up. My butt is really starting to sting, and I know that she intends on giving me a good one tonight. She goes to the wall to get another whip with a bit more bite and is really starting to swing hard. I am gritting my teeth, and after 10 minutes of good hard whipping, she stops and rubs my butt with Her hands. My cock has softened a bit from the pain, and I know She is not happy about that. She has always trained me to keep my cock hard no matter what she does to me. She walks around in front of me, Her bare pussy directly in front of my face, removes Her panties from my mouth, and in a soft but very firm voice she asks me “Have you learned to do exactly as you are told?”. “Yes Mistress, I am yours and I will do exactly what you tell me to do!”. “Very good”, she says with a purr. She bends down so she is looking directly into me eyes… pauses for a moment… and says, “For your sake I hope so!”.

She unties me from the horse, removes the clothespins, and finally removes the ropes keeping my butt plug in place. The butt plug slowly escapes and falls to the floor. She moves back to the chair and tells me to clean up. While I quickly put everything away, she again begins to slowly rub Herself all over. Once i’m finished, she tells me to kneel in front of Her. I can see that she is very excited. She points to some of the juices that have gone down the inside of Her leg and asks if I would like to taste them. I of course respond with an eager, “Yes Mistress”! She wipes up the juices with her finger, stands up, turns around and wipes them onto her asshole. “Well then, go ahead my little slave”. I move in and begin to lick, gently and slowly at first, and then a bit faster. I dig as deep as I can because I know Mistress loves that. She moans and after a few minutes, she sits back down, grabs the back of my head and pulls it tightly to her pussy. For a few moments, She grinds Her pussy on my face, up and down, using my nose and mouth to create friction… Her juices are covering my face. Then she tells me to, make Her cum. Over the last few months, she has trained me to perform EXACTLY as she desires it. Her first orgasm comes very quickly, and she pulls me away for a moment, then she pulls my face back to Her pussy and tells me to take my time. I keep Her very excited, licking and sucking slowly, and after 10 minutes or so she has another orgasm. This one seems to be very slow and intense… she constricts and writhes, seeming to hold on to it. Finally, She looks down at me and asks very softly if my jaw is tired. “Yes Mistress… a little”, I respond.

“I know what will fix that”, she says smiling devilishly. “Go get those nipple clamps again, and be quick about it!”. “Wait… I have an idea, bring me the IcyHot too”. I am a bit nervous, but I respond “Yes Mistress!” and I quickly return with both items. She opens the IcyHot, puts a good amount in Her palm, grabs my cock and slowly starts stroking me for several seconds. It is starting to get warm when she rubs the remaining amount on my balls and leaves to wash Her hands. At first it tingles, feels warm and is almost kind of nice, but the heat keeps building. As the heat takes hold, she returns and applies the nipple clamps tightly to my already very sore nipples, admires Her handi-work, smiles and says, “Now you will forget about your sore jaw”. She relaxes back into Her chair, grabs my face, and grinds against it again for several minutes and then finally puts me back to work. my nipples are sore and my cock and balls are on fire. I am moaning into Her pussy as I lick and suck and the sound seems to excite Her tremendously. After another 15 minutes of careful attention, she has Her 3rd orgasm. She rubs my head tenderly, “Excellent work slave! I am very proud of you!”. “I think I am going to need some penetration to finish this beautiful session, but I certainly can’t have that IcyHot inside me!”. She blows on my cock, making the IcyHot hotter again, leads me to the bed, ties me tightly face up with a pillow under my head, and quickly straps a dildo to my face. My cock and balls are burning, my nipples are sore, but I have never been so excited! Mistress loves riding my face an it means she is having a great night so far. She lowers herself slowly, Her smell almost makes me go over the edge. She rides and grinds to several orgasms and finally lays next to me silent for several minutes. Finally, she stands up, collects Herself, without a word, and unties me. Then to my surprise, she leads me to the wall and grabs a spreader bar. She places it between my legs, spreading them very far apart. She attaches an impaler pole to the center of the spreader bar, attaches a long dildo to the end, places lots of lube on it, and pushes it deep inside my ass… then locks it in place. Still silent, She pulls my hands up over my head and ties them like that using a hook in the ceiling… then removes the nipple clamps, rubs more IcyHot on my cock and balls, walks to the door and turns out the light. Before she leaves she looks back and says, “I need to clean up. I am going out for dinner with Cindy tonight. I’ll be back in a few hours, but the idea of you here in this predicament while I am at dinner will excite me tremendously. Be ready when I get home!”. She smiles and closes the door.


Mistress finally returned home a few hours later. I was very excited to see Her again, but also very nervous. The last several hours had left me feeling mentally drained, and I wasn’t sure I had much more to give. She opened the door and smiled at me. “Did you think I forgot about you, my darling?”, she said. “No Mistress”, I replied. She walked closer to me and began to inspect me. I was dying to be released, but She continued to look me over as She spoke, “We were having sooo much fun!”. Mistress paused, wiped a bit of sweat from my forehead and then continued, “Cindy and I decided to have a few glasses of wine after dinner.”. “Have you been a good boy while I was gone?”, she queried. “Yes, Mistress”, I quickly responded. “Well then, lets get you down from there. You can’t do me any good hanging there.”, She said as She smiled devilishly. She unhooked my hands and then left me to do the rest. She instructed me to clean everything up, including myself while She slipped into something more comfortable.

When She returned, she was wearing a black negligee and nothing else. I was kneeling in the center of the room with my head down to the ground and my butt high in the air, as I had been taught. Mistress placed a collar around my neck and then walked me over to the lounge chair in the corner of the room. She sat down in the chair and instructed me to kneel in front of Her. She placed her hand behind my head and directed my face down between Her legs. With my face inches from Her naked pussy, she began to pet my head. My cock instantly sprang to attention, and After a few minutes sitting there She asked me, “Which would you prefer? I can place you back on the impaler, or you can come please me in the bedroom.”. It was an easy decision, I would join Her in the bedroom even though I knew it would probably be much more difficult.

In the bedroom, Mistress gave me a glass of water and a caffeine tablet. “Don’t want you falling asleep on me.”, she purred into my ear. After I took the tablet She bent me over the end of the bed, and attached ankle cuffs to each of my ankles. Using ropes attached to each ankle and looped around the feet at the corners of the bed, She pulled my legs far apart until I thought I would split in half. She tied the ropes off tightly and gave me a good spank on the ass with Her bare hand. Then She placed wrist cuffs on each of my wrists and using some more rope pulled them as tightly as She could towards my ankles. I was now completely immobile, but there was more. Mistress stepped into view holding a head harness with a ball gag and several D-rings. She laughed a little as She rubbed the ball gag on Her butt hole and then placed it in my mouth while She positioned the head harness on me. Once in position, She pulled all of the straps very tightly and the ball gag sank into the back of my mouth. She walked around behind me, and after a few moments I felt something metal against my asshole. As it eased in I realized it was an anal hook (large metal hook with a ball on the end). With the hook firmly in place, Mistress tied a rope to the top of my head harness, pulled my head back and tied the rope to the hook in my ass. I couldn’t move my head forward at all and the hook was pulled tightly into my ass.

The overhead lights went out and a small bedside lamp was turned on. Mistress crawled into bed and positioned Herself so my face was between Her legs and only inches away from Her pussy. She began to rub Herself all over and slowly made Her way down to the area around Her pussy. She took Her time slowly rubbing Her inner thighs. After several minutes She moved closer to Her vagina, but still only rubbed around the outside. She began to tell me how much She enjoyed the thought of me on the impaler while She was out having a nice dinner and drinks with Her friend. She told me how She loved the idea that I was completely immobile and that I had to watch in frustration as She slowly brought Herself to orgasm. Right at that moment She slowly began to rub Her vagina. She would rub up and down and then switch to circles. She varied Her pace from slow to medium and then back to slow. After several minutes She began to get very wet. The smell aroused me so much I thought I could cum without anyone even touching me. I tried to gyrate my hips to get some friction on my penis, but I could not move at all. Sensing my frustration She reached down and rubbed Her glorious juices under my nose and all over my face. I hadn’t been allowed to come at all this evening and my balls were beginning to ache. She continued rubbing, every so often slipping a finger inside and withdrawing it again quickly. Over the next 20 minutes She built Herself up to a mind-blowing orgasm. Her body shuttered and She let out a loud groan/moan/growl sound. She sat still for several minutes, then reached down and rubbed Her juices over my face and nose again. She moved down in the bed so Her pussy was on my face and said, “Good night darling. See you in the morning!”. I was extremely aroused and as the minutes turned into hours it only got worse. I was wide awake and every movement Mistress made in Her sleep seemed it would send me over the edge. In fact, at one point in Her sleep, She began to slowly grind Her pussy on my face, and I completely forgot about how sore my neck, butt and jaw were. I began to wish I had chosen the impaler, this was the worst torture ever!

That night, I don’t think I got more than an hour’s worth of sleep. When Mistress awoke She rubbed Her pussy up and down my face a little and then sat up. She untied the rope between the hook in my ass and the top of my head harness. “How did you sleep dear?”, she asked. I still couldn’t answer with the ball gag in my mouth but She continued anyway, “I slept wonderfully!”. She unfastened the head harness and removed the ball gag. My jaw was very sore, but I did not dare complain. She laid back in bed and told me to begin to lick Her very gently. She told me She woke up extremely aroused but was still very sensitive from last night. I slowly licked and after a few minutes, I could feel Mistresses pelvis begin to gyrate a little. I quickened my pace and lightly began to suck every so often. Eventually, She let out a soft moan and then got out of bed. She smiled at me and asked, “What shall we do today?”.


I heard the front door open, and I suddenly became very excited. It seemed like I had been in this predicament for several hours, and the time must have been getting close to midnight. When Mistress came into the room, I very much wanted Her to be pleased. I tried my best to stand as straight as I could, I straightened my arms above my head and I began to think about the evenings activities in the hope that my penis would begin to stand at attention. In the midst of my preparation, to my surprise, I heard voices!

Mistress had invited Cindy back to Her place and I could hear them in the next room. I couldn’t quite make out their conversation, but my mind began to race. After a few minutes, the door opened and I could hear Mistress say, “Would you like to see him?”. My penis was at full attention now, but I was still a bit nervous. Mistress turned on the light and I had to squint a bit as my eyes adjusted. Mistress looked gorgeous in a pair of low cut jeans, and a sexy black top that was showing plenty of cleavages. Cindy stepped into the room, covered Her mouth, and let out a half-laugh, half gasp. “Oh myl! He’s been there all night like that?”, she said. “Wow!”, she said as she eyed me up and down. “Take a closer look.”, Mistress encouraged. Cindy came closer and my eyes shifted to the ground. She looked me over, giggled every now and then, and finally gave me a good swat on the ass. “He’s cute!”, she said as she smiled. Mistress smiled back, “Would you like to see some more?”. Cindy’s smile turned to a devilish grin, “Yeah, I think I’d like that”. Mistress walked over and untied my hands. “While he gets cleaned up, let’s go open a bottle of wine.”, Mistress said as she looked at my erection and smiled. “When you’re finished cleaning up, come out to the living room naked and bring your collar and those nipple clamps you were wearing earlier today.”, she said firmly and then left the room with Cindy.

Getting off of the impaler on my own was a bit of a challenge, but it came as a great relief. After putting everything neatly away, I took a very quick hot shower, grabbed my collar and the nipple clamps, and took a short moment to prepare myself.

When I opened the door I could see that Cindy and Mistress were sitting on the couch in the living room chatting and enjoying their wine. Their eyes turned to me, and Mistress instructed me to come to kneel on the floor in front of them. I kneeled before them with my eyes lowered and Mistress placed the collar around my neck. “He’s my little play toy. He cooks me dinner, cleans my house, and attends to all of my special needs.”, she smiles at Cindy. “We met at a New Year’s Eve party for bondage enthusiasts and he’s been serving me ever since. I guess that was almost 6 months ago.”, Mistress pulls slightly on my collar as she speaks. “I’ve had several fantasies about things like this, and even been in a few chatrooms on the internet but never took the next step.”, Cindy responded. “Would you like to see me give him a spanking?”, Mistress asked Cindy. Cindy nodded Her head yes. Mistress instructed me to lie across Her knee, and I quickly complied. Mistress placed my penis between Her legs and pulled my hand up behind my back and then began. Each swat I counted aloud and said, “Thank you, Mistress!”. After about 20, Mistress began to hit me a bit harder, “See how his butt is turning pink! It’s nice and warm now and I can really start to give him some good ones.”. The next 10 were quite hard and my ass was really beginning to sting! Mistress stopped for a moment, “Cindy what do you think? Would you like to see some more?”. Cindy was quiet for a moment and then asked, “Can I give it try?”. “Certainly!”, Mistress responded. Mistress pushed me off of Her lap and I crawled over to Cindy. She looked at me and smiled, “Get across my lap slave!”. “Yes, Ma’ am!”, I quickly responded. I was surprised to see that she had paid attention to every detail. As I laid across Her lap she positioned me so that my cock was between Her legs, she pushed my head down and then pulled my arm up behind me. She was very firm, but the first spank was not very hard. I began counting and responded, “Thank you Ma’ am!” after every swat. After 3 or 4 Mistress said, “Don’t be afraid to give him a good spanking. I’m sure he deserves it!”. The next several swats were much harder and by the count of 10 I think she had found Her stride. She was swinging hard, alternating cheeks and taking very few pauses. At 40, my ass was on fire and I was gritting my teeth after each swat. Mistress told Cindy she would have better control of me, if she placed my leg closest to Her between Her legs and underneath. Cindy did this and continued, hitting ever harder. I think she had begun to lose Herself in the role. At 60 she stopped for a moment and rubbed my ass. “Oh I could become addicted to this”, she said. Mistress laughed and responded, “When you think he’s had enough, let me show you how to put these nipple clamps on him”. Cindy pushed on to 80 before releasing me.

Mistress instructed me to lie face up on the coffee table. Cindy moved closer and Mistress started to put on the nipple clamps. “I like to get them on the real good. So I can tug on the chain.”, she told Cindy. “Pull his nipple up, put the clamp around it and then adjust the slider to tighten them. The tighter they are, the more they hurt and the more likely they are to stay on.”, Mistress put both clamps on me and then tugged a bit on the chain. “You try”, Mistress removed the clamps and handed them to Cindy. Cindy put them on very tight, moving the slider as close to the nipple as she could. I saw the grin on Her face as she tugged on the chain and my face changed to a grimace. Cindy looked down at my penis and asked, “What about that?”. Mistress smiles, “I don’t use that for sex much, I prefer to use his tongue and face. I’ve trained him to keep it hard at all times because I like the way it looks.” Mistress winks at Cindy, “Come with me. I think we need to get a few more things!”. Mistress and Cindy disappear into the dungeon and return several minutes later with a box full of toys. Mistress grabs some rope from the box and begins to tie me down to the table. She ties my wrists and ankles to each leg of the table and then pulls my knees far apart and secures them in place with a rope going under the table and to the other knee on the other side. Cindy pulls a metal cock ring out of the box and asks, “What are these other 2 holes for?”. “Those are for his balls”, Mistress answers. Cindy grabs my cock and slips the cock ring over my cock and starts to push the balls into place. At first they won’t fit, since it is meant to be very tight when I am erect, but as she painfully pushes and tugs on my balls, my erection subsides just enough for everything to pop into place. “Wow, I thought I was going to have to oil him up to get that on!”, Cindy giggles. She caresses my cock and balls as she admires Her handy work and my cock jumps to attention. The ring begins to trap the blood in my penis and it is quickly swollen and bulging.

Mistress and Cindy sit back on the couch, have another glass of wine and admire their handy work. They chat a bit about the evening so far and conclude that they are both ready for some pleasure. Mistress reaches into the box and pulls out Her favorite toy. It is a full head harness with a gag on one side for me and a dildo on the other side for Her. She places the harness on my head and makes sure everything is positioned properly before tightening the straps. “Cindy, why don’t you go first!”, Mistress says softly. “It is sooo much fun! And the idea that my pussy is so close to his face but he can’t touch it makes it so much better!”. Cindy smiles, pulls up Her skirt and pulls down Her red lacy panties. She hangs Her panties from my cock and moves up towards the other end of the table. She puts one leg on each side of my head and stands above me for a moment. Then she slowly lowers Herself down until the tip of the dildo is touching Her pussy lips. She rubs it back and forth and I can see Her juices coating the tip. She slowly eases the tip inside Her and pauses for a few seconds. Then she slowly lowers Herself almost to the base. She goes back up a little bit and then lowers Herself all the way to the base. Once at the base, she bounces a little and slowly grinds onto the base. I push my face forward to help improve friction. After a few slow strokes, she begins to move a bit faster, coming to the base and bouncing a bit before raising up and doing it again. She does this for several minutes and I can see that she is breathing heavier. The view of Her pussy moving up and down so close to my face is got me so aroused I almost feel like I’m drunk. Cindy lets out a soft moan and I can tell she is getting close. She lowers Herself all the way and I can feel Her full weight on my face as she grinds and bounces. She looks down at me directly into my eyes and firmly commands, “Look at me!”. She tightens a bit and her fluids rush onto my face. As soon as that happens I feel a bit of precum squirt out of my penis. Cindy rests for a moment before standing up and sitting down on the couch. Mistress is smiling, “I told you that was fun!”. Mistress walks over to me and to my surprise begins to untie me. “Slide down so your butt is at the end of the table!”, Mistress commands. She pulls my knees back to my chest so my ass is off the end of the table and completely exposed. She ties my wrists under the table and ties my knees so they are tight against my chest and as far apart as possible. Mistress removes Her jeans and a pair of pink silk panties. “Cindy, do you think you could do me a favor?”, as an evil grin comes across Her face. “I’d love to watch you give him a good spanking while I am riding his face!”. “Certainly!’, Cindy smiles as she gets into position. Mistress gets up onto the coffee table and straddles my face with Her face towards my feet. She holds my feet as she guides Herself down. The dildo touches Her lips in perfect position and she gently pushes it inside. She lowers Herself to the base. Her asshole is pressing against my nose. Holding my legs, she leans forward a bit and puts Her feet back down onto the floor. Cindy opens up with a hard spank, and the shock makes me jump a bit. Mistress begins to gyrate and bounce while Cindy quickly makes it up to 15 good spanks. After a few minutes, Mistress reaches down and pinches the clamps on my nipples. Cindy keeps spanking and Mistress is beginning to quicken Her pace. “Hit him harder Cindy! I like to feel him squirm underneath me!”, Mistress says. Cindy’s next spank stings tremendously and I bite down on the gag. The next is even harder! Mistress grabs the chain to my nipples and begins to tug on it mercilessly. I am squirming and moaning in pain and Mistress is riding and grinding my face faster and faster. Finally, she lets out a moan and pulls the chain so hard that the clamps come off my nipples. “Don’t stop Cindy!”, Mistress commands. Cindy focuses on one cheek now and I can barely stand it. Mistress gyrates a bit to get the last part of Her orgasm and then rests on my face. “OK…”, she says to Cindy and Cindy stops. Mistress unties me and directs me to my feet. She removes the head harness and tells me, “You can clean the dildo with your mouth slave.”. They both smile as I eagerly lick and suck the dildo. “Cindy, I think I am done for the night but you are welcome to spend the night. Who knows what fun we can have tomorrow!”.


Mistress finally returned home and I was extremely excited to see Her. When she opened the door and stepped into the room I was immediately struck with how gorgeous she looked. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans, a partially see through black top and a black corset over the black top. She looked me over for several seconds before starting towards me. “Hello my beautiful pet!”, she said as she admired me in my predicament. She stepped closer and pinched both of my nipples very hard, smiled and said, “Did you have a nice evening?”. “Yes Mistress”, I quickly responded. She reached up and unfastened my wrists from above me. “Get yourself down from there, I have some other ideas for you tonight.”, she said in a firm tone as she walked away from me and over to the lounge chair in the corner of the room. She watched as I struggled to get myself off of the impaler and unfasten my ankles. Once I was free, I knelt down in front of Mistress with my head down to the ground and my butt high in the air as I had been trained to do. “Very good. Now get me a glass of wine. I need something to drink while you clean up these toys and take a shower.”, she commanded. I knew Mistress doesn’t like to wait, so I moved very quickly.

When I returned and begun to kneel Mistress ordered me to stand with my legs apart and my hands behind my back. “Spread them further!”, she said as she slapped my inner thigh. She picked up a metal cock ring from the table next to Her and begun to fit it on me. This cock ring also had metal rings for each of my balls and when Mistress had a bit of difficulty fitting them into the place she gave my balls a good squeeze. After a few seconds, my erection subsided a bit and Mistress could easily slip everything into place. She admired Her handy work, slapped my cock back-n-forth a bit and then pinched both of my nipples. My erection sprang back to life and was now very snug in the cock ring. She grabbed a large (and long) butt plug from the table and commanded me down on my knees. “Get your butt up here!”, she said. She rubbed a generous amount of lube on the butt plug and then a generous amount on my anus. “Lets see if we can’t make this fit.”, she said softly. It took several minutes of coaxing, but finally, the tip slipped slowly into my ass. It was very long, and Mistress slowly pushed it all the way inside me. She then fastened it tightly in place with some rope. “Can you sit down?”, she asked. I moved to a wooden chair and eased myself onto the chair. “Yes Mistress”, I responded. “Good! Now come back here.”, she smiled and said. She began to tell me a bit about Her plans for the evening and as she talked she pinched my nipples. “I told Cindy I would meet her at a bar this evening, but I had to go and take care of something. I’ve decided I’m taking you with me. I will need someone to get me my drinks and amuse me for the evening.”, she said as she smiled. “You will be wearing these items under your clothes! Do you understand?”, she asked as she began to place tweezer nipple clamps on my nipples. “Yes Mistress! Thank you Mistress!”, I eagerly responded. She tightened the clamps a bit, “Don’t want these falling off in the middle of the bar.”, she said with an evil grin crossing Her face. I put my clothes on, styled my hair and Mistress made a few last-minute adjustments to make sure nothing was visible. “One last thing!”, Mistress said firmly and then unbuttoned Her jeans, reached down into Her panties and began to rub Herself. She rubbed for almost a minute and then pulled Her hand out and wiped it under my nose and all over my face. She smiled and finally placed them in my mouth and told me to lick them clean. The smell of Her pussy drove me crazy and the thought of Her juices on my face, while I was out in public, was almost too much.

We arrived at the bar, and Mistress sent me directly to the bar for drinks. It was a bit difficult to walk normally, but I made my way to the bar through a crowd of people. I was getting looks from several women at the bar and I was sure they could see something. I ordered the drinks and then began to look for Mistress and her friend. It took me a few minutes, but I finally them near the back of the bar by the dance floor. As I walked across the room towards them I could see several guys checking them out, and as I got closer I saw 2 guys already talking to them. I stepped confidently through them, politely introduced myself to Cindy and delivered the drinks. Mistress loved for me to be confident and suave when in public, and I knew if I was intruding she would immediately let me know. She smiled at Cindy, Cindy smiled and the guys excused themselves. “Thanks!”, Cindy said relieved to be rid of them. “It is very nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard so much about you!”, Cindy said with a smile. “Very nice to meet you as well.”, I responded. After an hour of small talk and a few more drinks the girls went off to the bathroom.

When they returned, Mistress smiled at me, stepped next to me and slyly pushed on the butt plug through my pants. “We’re going for a dance. Grab us a few more drinks”, she said with a gleam in Her eye. When I got to the bar, one of the woman bartenders came directly to me. She smiled and asked me for my order. While she was getting the drinks she kept smiling. When I looked a bit puzzled she told me she had just come from the bathroom. “I hope you washed your hands”, I said trying to be funny. “I overheard a few girls talking about you.”, she quickly responded still smiling. “I’ll give you these drinks for free if you’ll let me do something.”, she said her smile widening. “Depends what it is.”, I responded. She reached across the bar and pinched my nipple. “Wow! Can I see them?”, she asked a bit quieter now. I unbuttoned a few buttons and flashed the nipple clamp attached to one nipple. “Anytime you need drinks, come back and see me!”, she smiled at me. “Thanks!”, I said and winked at Her. Wow, I can’t believe that just happened I thought as I walked back to our table. I watched the girls dance for a few songs and thought about how lucky I was to have such a great Mistress.

When the girls returned, Cindy walked directly to me. “So I hear you have a little secret!”, she said. I looked at Mistress, “Unbutton your shirt and show her”, Mistress said to me. I stepped closer to Cindy and positioned myself so no one else could see. I unbuttoned my shirt and Cindy’s eyes widened. “Do they hurt?”, she asked. Before I could answer Mistress told Cindy to tug a bit on the chain. Cindy gave slight tug on the chain and I grimaced a bit. Cindy buttoned my shirt up for me and commented, “That’s sexy! You’ve been wearing those the whole time!?”. Cindy looked at Mistress and asked, “How did you convince him to do that?”. “I told you, he will do whatever I tell him to do!”, Mistress responded. “He cleans my house, cooks my dinner, gives me massages, attends to my sexual needs, and obeys my every command! He’s my play toy!”, Mistress continued. “Wow! I’d love that!”, Cindy smiled at me. “If you’d like to see more, he’s got a few more secrets I haven’t told you about.”, Mistress told Cindy and then took another sip of Her drink. “He’s also wearing a cock ring.”, she told Cindy. “Really!”, Cindy said. “Show Her!”, Mistress commanded firmly. I again stepped closer and did my best to position myself so no one else could see. I pulled my cock out of the top of my underwear so Cindy could see. She took one finger and pushed my cock to one side so she could see a bit better. I was a bit nervous exposing myself like this. I am a very confident & assertive man in my public life and had always been very private about my submission & BDSM activities. Cindy smiled at me while I put my cock away and buttoned myself back up. “What other secrets are you hiding?”, Cindy said to me as she tugged a bit on the ropes around my waist. I looked at Mistress. “He’s also wearing a butt plug! Reach around and give it a push.”, Mistress said just loud enough for Cindy and me to hear. Cindy stepped closer to me, reached around to my ass, felt between my cheeks and found the butt plug. She hesitated for a second and then gave it a push. “It’s longer than this glass and wider than this.”, Mistress said holding Her fingers up so Cindy could see. “I like him to be reminded of his servitude to me at all times.”, Mistress continued. Mistress leaned over a bit towards Cindy and continued, “Plus it gets me excited to know that he is doing all of this for me and I’m the only one who knows about it. Well, until tonight that is. Our conversation at dinner got me thinking you might appreciate something like this.”. Cindy looked me up and down and you could almost see her brain working. I tried to act normal and drink my drink.

Finally, Cindy turned to Mistress and asked, “Do you loan him out?”. My jaw dropped a bit. Mistress thought for a minute or two, looked me in the eyes and then responded to Cindy, “I haven’t yet, but I don’t see why I couldn’t! We’ve been friends for a few years. What did you have in mind?”. “I’d like to take him home with me tonight!”, Cindy responded. It felt very strange being talked about this way when I was standing right there. “I’ll allow that, but on two conditions. One, that you bring him to my house in the morning and tell me about the evening in detail! And two, that you promise to give him a very good spanking for being such a lucky boy!”, Mistress said and let out a little laugh. “Oh, I can do that!”, Cindy responded with a smile. Mistress finished the last of Her drink and then gave me a hug. “I’m heading home. I’ll see you both tomorrow.”, she said still standing very close to me. Before leaving, Mistress held my balls firmly in Her hand and whispered in my ear, “Be a good boy my pet!”. After Mistress left, Cindy’s eyes changed. There was still a bit of lust and wonderment but now there was also strength and confidence in them. “Come over here!’, Cindy said firmly. She pinched my nipple, looked me in the eyes, and said, “We’re leaving, and I hope you’re not tired because you’ve got a long night ahead of you!”.