first date awkwardness for a slave

We meet. We have coffee. I am nervous – am I what you thought I was? Do you want to tie me up and abuse me? I sit there and although we are talking easily and comfortably, inside all I am doing is working out if I want to do this, if this is going to be fun, reminding myself of the state your texts have made of me.

The coffee goes down really quickly, which is a good thing as I didn’t take long to decide and we have spent so long teasing each other by text and email I really can’t wait to get started. But that brings on the nerves again as I just don’t know how we are going to go from chatting over coffee to being naked and having you thrusting your cock down my throat as you promised.

Thank god he is dominant

We get to my flat and I give you a brief tour. Without planning it we end up in the bedroom, and I don’t know what to do. However, you quickly take charge of the situation, telling me that you are going to the bathroom and that when you get back I am to be naked, on all fours on the bed facing away.

My heart starts beating at 400 miles an hour. I have never got undressed so quickly, the only way I could have done it quicker was to tear them off. But that was the easy bit. I get on the bed, facing away from the door and my head is in a spin. I’m already feeling incredibly submissive just by you telling me what to do in such a relaxed, confident way. But I feel all the insecurities and nerves again – what if you don’t like my tattoos/my ass/ my whatever. And what are you going to do? You’ve teased me for days with ideas/threats/promises and I just don’t know what’s going to happen.

The longer you take the faster my mind spins. I’m fairly sure you knew that. I find it harder and harder to be on all fours as it just feels sillier and I’m more and more nervous. But I hear you flush the toilet and my stomach lurches and my heart thuds. I’ve thought about this moment for days but now it is really here and it is really real.

I use all the control I can muster and don’t turn around as you come in, don’t say anything, try not to shake. I can hear you moving things around and I am so desperate for contact, for the first step, the anticipation is so thick I can barely breathe.

Anal lust

When your hand touches my bum it’s all I can do not to jump. And I exhale, relieved. Your finger moves to my asshole and I am so excited I could cry. You know I am an anal slut that’s been left to her devices for too long and your teasing and tormenting me has been made even more successful by all the promises of you ramming your big hard cock into my ass. It feels like you have no problem getting your finger in, followed very quickly by my small plug. It slips in and out so easily, and it takes only seconds before I am comfortable and wanting more. It feels so good I have tears in my eyes.

Then you try a bigger plug and I have different tears in my eyes. It’s too big and wide and hard but you notice and tell me you are going to try something different. I’m so disappointed that I can’t take whatever it is, as I want to take whatever you want me to. But its no time at all and with seemingly no effort before my ass is being filled with a big plug, full but not too full. I love that feeling, it really centers my mind on what we are planning to do, and makes me feel submissive, knowing that this is your plan, and your desire.

You tell me to sit up and turn round. My mind has already gone a bit fuzzy – each direction you give me makes me catch my breath and gives me a shiver down my spine down to my groin. You have the rope in your hand and I can feel my heart thudding in my chest and my pulse throbbing in my clit. You start with a rope under my boobs, round my middle and round my breasts. As the rope goes on, I find it so calm and soothing. And completely focuses my mind on how you have all the control, how I am here to please you, to pleasure you.

You wind the rope down to keep that plug in my ass and it’s so hard to describe how it felt. I can feel the rope against my skin with every breath, as an instant reminder of who is in control. And the plug in my ass is comfortable, but always there in my sensations.

I hear you take a picture of me in the rope and I wonder what the pattern looks like against my skin.

You get me back on all fours on the bed and start slapping my ass with your hand. I love the feeling of your hand on my bum, even if it comes with a sting. I think you gave me four slaps before moving to something harder and stingier. Each hit makes me flinch a little but makes me crave the next one. You stop after a few and rub my cheeks and I just want you to keep going. I’ve never really felt like a masochist until right now – but I want you to hit me again, and harder, even though it’s starting to really sting.

But before I get to that point where I want you to stop but don’t, before I am only enduring because it turns you on, you stop. My bum is grateful, as its feeling a bit warm and stingy. My mind doesn’t know what it wants, I’m really losing the ability to keep thinking in a straight line, and I am completely in a little sub world of my own.

Tasting you at last

The next thing I remember is you sitting over me, thrusting your cock into my mouth at your pace, not mine. I really wish I didn’t have a gag reflex, because I want to be able to take all of you in my mouth, and because I don’t want to be sick, or feel like I am going to be. But I know that practice makes perfect, and watching me struggle is making you harder and harder in my mouth. It seems like I am choking on your cock for hours but it must be only minutes before you pull out of my mouth and I feel your hot cum landing on my face. I can’t believe how many times I feel that warm fluid land on me, but it makes me feel so defiled and dirty and turned on. I love lying there knowing my face and glasses and neck is covered, that you painted me in your semen. I am a cumslut, and it feels so good.

I lie there, smiling and zoned out, while you clean up. I feel so satisfied like this is right and good and what I should have been doing it before now. I’m lying there covered in spunk, my breasts tied with a rope keeping that plug in and it feels like I have had an itch scratched I didn’t realize was there. I feel so fluffy and fuzzy that even if you asked me to say how I felt I couldn’t speak as my brain has stopped being able to use words.

You take the rope off me and I kinda don’t want you too as I love that reminder with every breath or movement. But it is just a rearrangement – you wrap it back around my breasts tighter and longer, so they look like mushrooms when I am lying on my back. Heh. I remember pegs on my nipples and the sides of my breasts, and I remember the burning pain that again goes just straight to my clit. I am proud of my large breasts and want you to enjoy them too.

Then I think you got the tens machine out. I’m not sure how much this is going to hurt and looks like complex fun. I’m surprised at how little the twitching feeling is uncomfortable. At first, its really nothing at all, and each time you ramp it up the increase is manageable. It does create an itch in my clit that’s growing, making me want to move my fingers there, wanting to play with myself. Very soon we’ve got the tens unit up to 8 and it is not unpleasant, just making me hotter and wetter. I tell you I want to play with myself and I know I am lucky when you tell me I can. You straddle me again, and with your cock in my mouth, my fingers on my clit and that plug still deep in my ass its no wonder that I am asking you for permission to cum in a few seconds.

When you do give me permission, I think I am going to cum but it actually takes me much longer than I think. I can tell I am on the edge of orgasm, but that edge keeps getting higher and higher and then I cum. I cum so hard and so long that I surprise myself. I can feel my full ass and your cock in my mouth so clearly as I cum around them, and I can feel my orgasm right up to my stomach muscles.

I’m a mess afterward – my mind was already scatty from the bondage and the spanking and the everything and there is little hope for coherent thought now. I think next you tied my legs and then arms into your spreader bar so that my face was in the bed and my ass was in the air. You’d got me to take the plug out just beforehand and I remember lying there on the bed feeling so exposed and so desperate for your cock to fill that gap in my ass you’d created. Then I feel you start pushing your cock in me and it feels so easy for your to get balls deep in me – I don’t know if it was, but it was the easiest entrance I ever did have.

Holding on to that bar, feeling you ramming me, hearing you grunt, feeling you have to slow down just makes me feel so filled and fulfilled and used and fucked. I want to make you cum, want to make you feel so good you can’t help yourself. But the restraints remind me that its not up to me when you cum. and as I remember that, your cock leaves my ass, you untie me and then I’m sucking you off again.

“And relax” you say to me. I’m so spaced out I can barely talk, everything seems blurry and fuzzy. I lie there feeling my sore nipples, my stretched asshole, my red and stinging bum and couldn’t feel more used, more degraded, more defiled or more satisfied right now.