First Caning

I could hear Her walking up behind me …

I was Rinsing a plate when I felt Mistress’s hands on my shoulders giving me a gentle squeeze … then her breath was whispering in my ear .. pixie darling .. the soft yet dominant tone was enough to cause a shiver that just seemed to pool in the pit of my stomach … I took a breath, set the plate down …turned the water off .. While She was already snapping my collar around my neck

I could feel the cool chain of my leash teasing down my spine and it sent yet another shiver through me ..

The click of Her heels as She stepped back from me hit me before the tug of the leash did .. I was quickly kneeling and facing Her …She reached with Her free hand and softly traced her nails along my cheek before cupping my chin and lifting my gaze to Hers ….The very look in Her eyes sent a twinge so deep I almost sighed, but I swallowed it down …. One could not help but to succumb to Her. She had been waiting all week to get me alone in the house alone, and today was the day.

She was standing very close, captivating my attention with Her gaze and the occasional stroking of Her fingers through my hair … we seemed to stay this way forever, in silence surrendering my submission to Her Dominance. With every breath I was inhaling her perfumed essence, mixed with her excitement, it was making me swoon and my thoughts were racing as to what She had planned.

With a twisting of her fingers I felt the leash pulling the collar around my neck, the hook now in front she gave a sharp enough tug to pull me forward, holding the leash tight my face pressed into the Y of her thighs. I felt her gasp a quivering breath .. I held mine .. fighting every urge to gently brush my face and lips across the soft silk panties separating me from her flesh.

She knew I was squirming inside and released the leash .. I wouldn’t dare move .. but finally took a slow breath and released it just the same, feeling the warmth soaking into the panties .. my flesh was on fire, tingling from head to toe .. desperately I wanted to press my lips to Her.

I didn’t have to, She leaned forward just slightly, I heard her nails tap the sink as she grasped it for balance, her hips now pressing against my face even harder. The sweet aroma of her excitement, the quivering shortness in her breath – still I did not move – I wasn’t sure how far she was going to go when she suddenly stopped. She didn’t move at all … again I held my breath – a moment of silence and then the click of her heels … a quick turn and a sharp tug of the leash I was following her into the playroom.

I knew she had received something new in the mail earlier in the week but had no idea what I was about to be in store for. As she left me kneeling in the doorway I could see the restraint table already prepared. I began thinking She must have received a new flogger or paddle…but I became a little hesitant when my eyes caught a glimpse that the thigh and waist restraints were on the table. She had it set to bend me over it, my wrists would be corner to corner. I glanced over to Her, hearing a loud WHISH and what first caught my attention was the somewhat evil excited grin that danced on Her lips .. and THEN I saw it.

My heart was pounding … HOW could I have forgotten. I set my gaze back to the table as She walked back over to me. My eyes were as wide with fear as Hers were with excitement. Ever since the party, we attended a few weeks ago, the caning demonstration…..It’s ALL she had talked about. yes, how could I have forgotten?

It appeared to be about 3ft long and I had no idea what it was made of but I felt my ass clenching tightly at the thought of being struck with it. She stood briefly to make sure She had my gaze, and then knelt down before me, placing the cane to my lips, waiting for me to place a kiss of respect upon it. The sparkle in Her eyes, Her energy emanating a calmness .. neither of us hearing a sound but feeling every tug of desire raging inside

Mistress reached for the leash and rose and led me to the table, I was trembling from head to toe as I stood and leaned over it. Without a second thought, I placed my wrist into the restraints and waited patiently while she secured me to the table. Standing in front of me she stroked through my hair, caressed down my back and arms, and began speaking very softly to me.

My darling pixie girl, you tremble like a leaf, your Mistress hopes this in excitement, not fear she would hurt you. Almost barely able to breathe, and knowing she expects an immediate reply, I nod my head at first so she knows I am listening, then finally get the words passed my lips, no ..nooo I am ok Mistress .. its not a fear that YOU will hurt me, just maybe .. that IT will (trying to half-laugh to make myself feel better as my head debated whether this was really going to hurt or not

i whispered back to Her, its the excitement of knowing your pleasure that makes your little one tremble Mistress …. She leaned very close and placed a kiss to my cheek whispering, good girl.

She must have walked around the table 20 times. Teasing, touching, stroking every inch of my bare flesh with the cane. I was covered in goose pumps and trembling and I could feel the dripping warmth of my juices as my excitement grew …. my fingertips were clenching over the edge of the table

She began then switching back and forth between the cane and her own hands…. Whispering in a steady voice all the while describing how soft and beautiful my flesh was, how she loved that I took such good care of it for Her and How lovely it was going to look striped in red across my ass and thighs ….

THAT caused a clenching of every muscle in my body (omg omg can I really do this) She soothed my being with Her inviting voice, I was writhing softly now against the table .. desperately trying to entice Her to touch and stroke my flesh with the cane again. Goddess how I loved the essence and power of this Woman over me .. Controlling every desire with such patience and genuine need

And with that racing thought I heard Her ask me if I was ready … I couldn’t open my eyes, I could barely breath, but I knew I wanted more than anything right now to feed Her energy of Hers ….. I nodded with a whimpering sigh .. Yes Mistress…

I tensed every muscle and tried to control my swallowed breath, twinging spasms were aching within my loins..after placing a pillow under my head She stroked her hand tenderly over my bottom .. a gentle slap letting me know she expected to relax, it took me several seconds .. and with barely an escaped breath I heard it before I ever felt it .. She really barely struck me but the sting and searing pain burning through my flesh at that moment forced a scream from my lungs that I promptly buried into that pillow (silly me to think it was for my comfort).. I writhed and tried burying my entire body into the table to escape .. when She hissed several more strokes into my flesh …

Immediately in my crying scream, I muttered out my safeword

It was well more intense than I had expected and while inside the pool of desire and lust was certainly swirling, I needed a moment to at least let it sink in … Mistress walked from my side and stood before me, leaning close to me, stroking the tears from my cheek, and placing soft kisses to my face .. I trembled my body was confused in its pain and pleasure .. I knew at this point it was my fear of the pain, rather than real pain that had caused me to utter my safe word .. I also knew the rule though, once I said it there was no changing my answer …

She continued stroking my hair with one hand, the other releasing my wrist from their bounds .. I laid very still, just softly breathing, yet still trembling from head to toe … She stroked my flesh gently .. comforting,, reassuring She made Her way down my back. Then flourished each red welt of the cane with Her tender kisses …

She could not help but notice the dripping excitement seeping from my very swollen lips .. I see my pixie liked pleasing her Mistress today, didn’t she. I nodded and writhed back against Your stroking fingers, whispering in a quivered breath, Yes Mistress .. She continued stroking and teasing Her fingers through my juices, occasionally slipping through the folds, causing my inner walls to grasp…my breath stolen – oh god I felt as if I could crawl right out of my flesh – feeling the excitement and trembling from Her own body …. my obedience and desire to submit to Her control sending me over the edge as suddenly cried out oh please Mistress … She buried Her fingers within me, Her body collapsed against mine I heard what I longed for, now pixie …. cum for Your Mistress pixie … and together the raptures of lust exploded like a crashing wave through our bodies ….

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