Feminization with Miss Teresa

Well hello there, it’s so nice to finally meet you in person! Come in, come in.

Looking for kinky and agressive mistress near ?

I feel like I know you from all your e-mails, the pictures you sent me, and the conversations we’ve been having. It seems like I know almost everything about you.

But most importantly, I know how much you like to dress up as a girl. And today, your dream is finally going to come true.

Are you excited, nervous, a little scared?

Yes? Yes what, excited, nervous or scared?

All of them? Oh come on now, there’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s just you and me today and we’re going to have a ball together!

Sit down on the couch with me and relax for a little while. Would you like something to drink?

Water? Sure, I think I have some water around here somewhere.

I have all the things you ordered from Secrets In lace inside. You know, at first, I thought it was silly that you wanted to have them shipped here, but now I think it’s going to be a wonderful surprise for you.

Their lingerie is just gorgeous; I know you’re going to love it. And I have a pair of very, very, sexy black, Sasha pumps with cute little ankle straps in just your size. You should be able to walk in 4-inch heels by now right?

And if that isn’t enough, I have a beautiful Rene of Paris wig in Vanilla lush, it’s a very light blond that will look great on you.

I also have some pretty clip-on earrings, an adorable set of pearls, and all-new makeup and nail polish, and…

Are you OK, you look a bit faint? Deep breaths sweetheart, take a few deep breaths.

If you’ve changed your mind and want to forget about this it’s fine, really. You can take your things with you and I won’t be mad or anything, it’s totally up to you.

Maybe you’re not ready, is that it? I understand. I’ll go get your stuff.

Did you say something? You want to do this after all? Well alright, but you have to promise to be a good girl and do everything I say. Is that understood?


Now the first thing we have to do is change your name, just for today. I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I think the name Candy is perfect for you. Do you like that Candy?

I thought you would. Now come with me. Wait, let me rephrase that, follow me downstairs.

You know Candy, later on you can practice walking up and down these stairs in your heels, won’t that be fun? I have so many important things to teach you about being a girl.

I see you’re all shaved like a good little girl, so now its time to take off those silly male clothes and put on your panties. You can change in the bathroom over there and I’ll get your lingerie. Just put your jeans and stuff in the shopping bag on the counter.

OK Candy, here are your gorgeous, Secrets in Lace, full satin briefs and a matching Cabaret Plunge Bra.

Candy? Hey-open the door.

A little more….. More….. Come on, you know you can’t wait to try these things on.

Here you go. Nice huh? They really make some beautiful lingerie don’t they? I’ll have to get some of these for myself. You’re not the only one that likes pretty panties you know.

We also have a matching garter belt to go with that, but I think we’ll do your makeup first. Now come on, get your pretty little butt out here.

Here she comes… Oh my, don’t you look pretty! Come on, don’t be shy, we have all kinds of fun in store for you this afternoon.

You love this don’t you Candy? You just love the feeling of the soft, silky, lacy fabric on your smooth body.

It’s perfectly alright sweetheart. All girls love pretty lingerie and you want to be a girl right? This is only the beginning for you Candy, only the beginning…

Why don’t you have a seat right here in this chair and I’ll make you beautiful, just like the Secrets in Lace girls that you love so much. Come on, that’s a good girl. Now just relax and enjoy this.

I want you to pay close attention to the way I do your makeup so it will be easier for you when you’re home.

Now, let’s pluck a few stray hairs in your eyebrow area, nothing drastic, we just want to neaten you up a bit. It’s very important to have groomed eyebrows you know, they frame your face which will be my canvas. I am an artist, and there’s nothing I love more than showing people how to properly apply makeup.

First, we’ll start with a liquid primer. This will give you that nice feminine, flawless skin you’ve always wanted. Be patient sweetheart, makeup is an art and it shouldn’t be rushed. Besides, I’ll bet this is your first time having professional help.

Did you used to try to put on makeup yourself? Its not as easy as it looks is it? Don’t you worry Candy; you are going to look amazing. And you can always call me when you’re dressing up at home if you have trouble.

Next, we’re going to apply skin matching foundation. I’ll smooth it over in a downward motion with a makeup sponge.

Are you paying attention Candy? I realize how excited you are but I want you to watch me. I’m going to give you everything we use today so you’ll have your own makeup kit.

Now I’m going to dab on some creamy concealer around your eyes and smooth it out. No more dark puffy circles for my girl.

This is fun isn’t it? You don’t have to worry about anyone coming over unexpectedly, or putting someone else’s things back. I know you’ve told me how stressed out you used to get about that.

I understand, I really do. So few women understand this you know? But I do Candy. I know how much you love to wear pretty things, and act like a girl, and even pretend you are one if only for a little while.

That’s why today is going to be so special. Not only will you be wearing some of the sexiest lingerie I’ve ever seen, but we also have a fabulous silk blouse and pencil skirt, full fashion French heel stockings, 4 inch black pumps, breast forms… Oh did I mention your breast forms?

You are going to be stacked young lady! Just like the models you adore so much.

Aw, you’re blushing, that’s so cute. But that’s not all Candy. Once I finish your makeup I have some jewelry for you, I’ll do your nails, comb out your wig, a splash of perfume, and then…..well, I have all kinds of things I want to teach you about being a girl.

OK, now I’m going to take this big brush and apply some translucent loose powder to set everything for now. Its amazing what you can do with makeup isn’t it? And we really have only just begun!

I love how you shared some of your fantasies with me, especially the one about your attractive neighbor.

I’m going to start on your eyes now; get ready to see some makeup magic.

You’re loving this aren’t you sweetheart? I’m glad. I love makeup as much as you do I’ll bet; you just watch what I’m doing and enjoy every second of it.

I’m going to use 3 colors of eye shadow all in the same hue. Trust me I know what I’m doing. I’m using a really nice MAC eye shadow brush. Its top quality and we won’t have to worry about any shedding hairs coming from it. Believe me, the last thing you want is shedding hairs!

Oh lighten up Candy; I’m just trying to have fun. I realize that as exciting as this is for you you’re still a little nervous, and I want you to be comfortable and relaxed.

Now about that neighbor of yours, I’ll bet you had a huge crush on her, didn’t you?

I knew it. Isn’t it interesting how we substitute one feeling for another? Here you were admiring her huge breasts and long, pretty legs, and instead of fantasizing about having sex with her you fantasized about being her!

And then, your mind created a way that you could be just like her. She would catch you dressing up in her clothes, and then turn you into a girl as punishment. Isn’t that what you told me?

Oh don’t be embarrassed, that’s probably one of the most popular forced feminization fantasies of all time.

Hold still now Candy, I’m just going to blend the eye shadow a bit and then we’ll move onto your eyeliner.

There, we’re cookin now pretty girl!

Next I apply black liquid eyeliner on the top, and a little on the outer edges for that sexy Cleopatra look. It’s really not that hard to do one you get some practice, you’ll see.

Have you ever used one of these? A lot of women don’t bother with an eyelash curler, but I think the results are well worth it. Stay still now this won’t hurt a bit.

You are going to be the talk of the town Candy.

Oh, you mean you’re not going out on the town once we get you all prettied up? Well alright, we’ll take some pictures so you can remember how amazing you can look with a little professional help.

Now its time for your mascara, have you used mascara before Candy? This is CoverGirl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara. It’s really very good and a great deal at about ten bucks a pop. Now watch…

I wiggle the wand left to right at the base of your lashes. Then, I pull the wand up and through your lashes, wiggling it a bit as I go. The wiggling part is the key because it separates them. After that, I’ll put the mascara wand on top of your lashes at the base, and pull it through to remove any clumps.

It’s easy when you know-how isn’t it? I’m going to do 2 coats and then we’ll move onto your blush.

So back to your neighbor. If you don’t want to talk about it that’s fine, but it really fascinates me how creative some fetishes are. Especially forced feminization.

You’ve told me that in your fantasy, she would come home and find you in her panties, modeling in front of the mirror, right? Then, instead of screaming and freaking out, she calmly teases you, and threatens to tell everyone you know. I love that part!

You apologize and beg for mercy, but she has you by the balls and you know it right? So what’s a panty stealing boy to do except let her feminize you and take you to a beauty salon!

Oh my God that is so cool!

I can only imagine the look on the women’s faces when you walk in with your neighbor wearing a pretty dress and heels!

Easy now girlfriend, we don’t want you messing up those pretty panties, yet.

OK, back to work. I get so caught up in the details you know?

I’m going to take another very soft brush and apply a little blush on the apples of your cheeks. This is where a lot of girls overdo it. You want it to look as natural as possible; the idea is to highlight your cheek, that’s all.

You know Candy; you’re really looking fantastic so far don’t you think? And we haven’t even got to your lip liner, lipstick, or lip gloss!

Let’s take a short break, I want to ask you another question about your caught in panties fantasy.

What do you think the most exciting part of the whole thing is for you? Is it being caught?

Or maybe being blackmailed and having no choice at all but to submit to a beautiful woman? I can understand how that would be a turn-on.

Or is it the embarrassment and humiliation of being in the hands of complete strangers who are in total control of you. Having to do everything and anything they ask of you, and being teased to the point of tears?

Yes, which is it then?

All of that? That’s really very, very creative don’t you think?

Well I think so.

Alright Candy girl, lets get back to you.

Now I know how much you love lipstick. In your fantasy, when the girls at the salon finally apply your bright red lipstick, you just want to explode don’t you? You do, I know you do!

Don’t be embarrassed Candy girl, lipstick is a very powerful thing. Did you know that women have been wearing lipstick for thousands of years? And lipstick has always been associated with femininity. At one time women who didn’t wear lipstick were suspected of being mentally ill or even of being a lesbian!

All girls love to wear lipstick honey, and you’re no different. It’s OK, really.

Now I’ll use a dark red lipliner pencil to outline your lips, tracing them slightly outside the natural line to enhance the fullness. Just relax.

I’ll bet you don’t even have a lipliner pencil at home, am I right? These are the things that you have to learn if you want to be a pretty girl.

There, now for your lipstick. This is Estee Lauder all day lipstick in blushing rose. Pretty isn’t it?

I’m using a brush for better control, but you can apply it any way you want.

Almost done, be patient. A little more….

Now blot your lips on this tissue like a good girl.

There, doesn’t that feel nice? And it looks great too. But were not finished yet, you need a little bit of lip gloss. This is Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss, and it comes in a little tube. You can put it on with a brush or your fingertips. It will add luster and sparkle to your already perfect red lips.

Go ahead sweetheart; put some on with your finger. Its cherry kiss, how cool is that!

Very, very good. You really make a very attractive girl you know that? And we have so much more for you today.

Let’s see how that wig looks on you alright? Are you ready for this? I’ll go get it, meanwhile you just look at your pretty face and tell yourself what a beautiful girl you’re becoming.

He we go, I really love this style. It’s a wedge cut with a tapered neck line and feathered edges. You’re going to look fantastic in this wig believe me!

Now just sit still while I comb it out a bit. It doesn’t need much but you want to do this before you put it on. Alright, now lets see how it looks on you.

Do you think that blonds have more fun Candy? We’ll see wont we?

Almost finished, I’m going to spray on some Giovanni L.A. Hold Hair Spray. This is something you’ll want to keep in your purse at all times.

Now, take a very good look at the new Candy. You look fantastic don’t you think? Those long eyelashes, eye shadow, blush, and that gorgeous red lipstick-Wow!

Go ahead, run your fingers through your pretty blond hair and lick your lips for me. Feel it Candy girl, I want you to feel like the beautiful girl you have become.

I’ll be right back…

Time to get dressed pretty girl!

Come over here and stand in front of the mirror. Come on. Now what do you see?
You see a very, very pretty girl with perfect makeup, beautiful blond hair, wearing a fabulous bra and panties. Now what’s wrong with this picture?

No stockings? Yes, but you also need a garter belt, breast forms, a blouse, a skirt, high heels, jewelry, a touch of perfume, and a manicure!

I know you don’t want to stop now right?

Of course not. But being a girl is more than just the clothes you wear, much more.

I want you to be a girl in your mind as well. I want you to feel like a girl, from the top of your pretty hair to the tips of your French heel stockings. It’s all about your attitude.

Your attitude will reflect everything you do, from putting on your stockings to the way you walk.

Now before you put on your garter belt, I want you to think about yourself in a special way.

You are graceful, you are poised, you are confident, and most important you are very, very feminine.

Now here is your Secrets in Lace, Intrigue Garter Belt in ivory to match your panties and bra. Go ahead, take it.

It’s awesome isn’t it! Wearing a garter belt will help you feel like the feminine little girl you know you are. Feel how smooth and silky it is, do you like it?

Oh, I see you do! OK pretty girl, let’s see if you know how to wear it.

Now normally you’d put this on under your panties. Do you know why?

Correct, so when you use the little girl’s room you won’t have to get completely undressed. But in this case you can wear it right over them. Go ahead and slip it on. Remember, graceful and feminine.

Take your time. Everything you do should be relaxed and effortless. You’re in no hurry at all. In fact, getting dressed is a special pleasure. I want you to enjoy every second of it.

Go ahead Candy; show me how a girl puts on her garter belt.

Excellent, now pull it all the way up and enjoy the feeling of all that silk and lace. Very, very good!

Here are your stockings, sit down on the bed and put them on as delicately as you can.

These are Banbury French Heel stockings; they will look so great with your skirt and heels. They are top of the line seamed stockings young lady; nothing is too good for my little girl.

See how they have that pretty pink band on them? Isn’t that just gorgeous!

Now I want to see if you’ve been paying attention to me. Put your stockings on one at a time, and connect them to the garter belt straps. Go ahead; I’m right here if you need help.

What’s the matter sweetheart, are you feeling a little overwhelmed? It’s perfectly alright, really. I know that this is what you love and I’m here for you.

Aww, you’re not going to cry are you? Come on now honey, there’s nothing wrong with dressing up, OK?

Sometimes the things that you dream about for so long seem like they’re never going to happen, right? And when they do it can be very emotional. Now give me a smile and just be happy.

Good, the last thing we want is to have to do your makeup all over again.

Now start again. Stretch your legs out a little.

Take one stocking at a time, roll them up, and then ease your foot into it. Gently but firmly, pull it higher and higher up your leg, smoothing out the fabric as you go. Take your time. Keep going until it’s all the way up.

Good, now put on the other one. You’re really very good at this you know. Pretty soon this will be second nature to you and you won’t even have to think about it.

Now stand up and attach the straps. Yes, there are six of them. Take your time. Do one at a time, then adjust the length like you would a bra strap.

I’m really very impressed Candy girl; you did that like a pro. OK, now put your leg up on this chair and re-adjust them. Now the other leg. You want to be comfortable as well as sexy!

Are you comfortable sweetheart?

You are sooo cute! It’s OK to be a little shy, really it is.

You’re doing great Candy, and I want you to know that I’m enjoying this as much as you are. I feel like a teacher, and when my student is learning and doing well then I feel very, very good. If you’re happy than I’m happy.

Are you happy little girl? Yes? I thought so. But wait, there’s more!

Are you ready to move on to the next step or do you need a break?

OK, we’ll move on.

What is the next step, why heels of course! But not just any heels, not for you Candy girl. You will be wearing these fabulous black Calvin Klein, Sasha Pumps with a 4 inch heel.

You must be dying to try these on by now, with your silky stockings over those smooth legs of yours, and that beautiful garter belt. Well Candy my dear, let’s go for it.

Now remember what I said about your attitude. You are graceful, poised, confident and feminine.

Strut on over here and I’ll put them on for you. I’ll be your Prince charming and you’ll be Cinderella.

Come on; now give me one of those pretty feet. These are nice aren’t they? Just relax your foot and I’ll slip them right on.

See, a perfect fit! Now put that foot down and give me the other. Once I get this one on I’ll let you buckle them, its part of the fun of wearing such sexy shoes.

You did tell me you’ve walked in heels before right? I hope you weren’t telling me a little pink lie because I don’t want you to get hurt.

Go ahead little girl and laugh, but professional models fall all the time on the runway.

Alright then Miss High Heels, I’ll give you a test. I want you to gracefully walk across the room, make a turn and walk back. I’m going to walk right next to you until I think you’ve got it.

I have a couple of tips for you. First, stand up straight and tuck in your tummy. Your hips will sway naturally so just let it happen, relax.

Now go ahead-slowly.

Well, well, well, so you can walk in heels? Another step in the right direction for you.

Now that I see you can walk without having an accident, I’d like you to do it for me again. Remember everything that we’ve talked about, and show me how a pretty girl struts around the room, just knowing that you look like a million bucks. Go ahead, and finish your walk in front of the full length mirror.

That was beautiful sweetheart, really beautiful. If I didn’t know any better I’d think you’ve been a girl all of your life. Really.

Now look into the mirror and say to yourself; “I’m a beautiful girl. I’m graceful, poised, confident and feminine.”

Well I’m convinced! But we aren’t finished yet. There are a couple of little things missing. Well, they’re not really little things. Do you have any guesses?

Correct-Breast forms! Just wait until we put these babies in your bra, this will make a huge difference in the way your blouse fits and looks on you.

These are 40 Double-D Perfect Fit Silicone Breast Forms from the Cross-dressing Superstore. See how real they look? They even have cute little nipples!

They are going to fit perfectly in your Cabaret Plunge Bra. That’s a push up bra that already has some light padding, and we’ll adjust the straps to make it fit properly. Now just stand there and let me help you.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have 40 Double-D breasts?

Oh you have huh, I should have figured that. These are expensive but I think you’re worth it don’t you? Almost finished….there.

Well look at the rack on you Candy girl! You are HOT!

Alrighty then, let me get your blouse and skirt; they will be the icing on the cake!

Are you ready for this? Here we have one of the cutest tops I’ve ever seen. It’s an ivory, Katharina Chiffon Blouse. It’s sheer enough to show just a hint of your beautiful lacy bra too.

And to go with it we have an absolutely adorable, black Erica Pencil Skirt. Candy girl, you are going to look good enough to eat!

I’m going to take a break and make some coffee, so we can sit upstairs and relax later. I’ll leave you to finish getting dressed and be back in a few minutes.

Remember, attitude!

I’m back gorgeous! Oh, I see you’re sitting down; it’s not so easy to walk in 4 inch heels is it? That’s OK Candy girl, it’s not that easy for me either.

I have some very pretty quick dry nail polish, would you like me to paint your nails? I promise to help you remove it before you leave.

Yes? Good girl.

OK, now check this out. Here we have In a New York minute quick dry polish in a color called Downtown. It dries in just 60 seconds. You might want to get some of this for yourself, it’s really inexpensive and they make about 30 different colors.

Come sit over here and I’ll get another chair.

Well, your nails are in very good condition Candy. This will also make a difference in the way you feel. Maybe one day we can go to the local nail salon for a real manicure and a pedicure too. Would you like that?

I figured you would.

Just sit still and we’ll be finished in a couple of minutes. Then, all that’s left is jewelry, a bit of perfume, and you’re all done for today.

I have some earrings I think you’ll like, plus a set of pearls just like the Secrets in Lace girls wear with this outfit.

There, see how easy it was to do your nails? Now let them dry a tiny bit more while I find those earrings.

Here you are, these are silver hoop earrings that I bought a while back. I think they’ll really go well with your whole classy, retro look. Let me put them on for you.

I just push your hair back a bit, clip them on, and that’s it. Let me do the other one.

Very nice Candy girl. It’s these little details that really make a girl beautiful.

We’re almost completely finished my love. Let’s walk over to the mirror again so I can put on your pearls. Its fun to see yourself looking this pretty isn’t it?

Do you like the earrings? You can keep them if you want; a girl needs to have jewelry and this can be the start of your collection.

Oh you don’t have to thank me sweetheart, it’s my pleasure.

These pearls are only going to be a loaner. I’ve had them for a long time and they’re very valuable, but I don’t mind sharing them with one of my girlfriends.

Now these are medium size pearls, but you can get them in several different sizes and necklace lengths. Let me just clip them on….there you go!

Gorgeous, really you are simply gorgeous!

All you need now is a few drops of perfume on your wrists, and a little on your cleavage.

Be right back

I have something very special for my special girl. This is Clive Christian and it’s insanely expensive. I bought it for my girlfriend from Neiman Marcus and it was like $800 a bottle!

Here, put a bit on your wrists and rub them together. Nice isn’t it?

Now turn around and let me dab a tiny bit on your chest.

Mmmmm, I just LOVE that fragrance. Face the mirror again sweetheart and take a good, long look at the beautiful girl you’ve become.

You know that perfume really reminds me of my girlfriend. And you kinda remind me of her too in that pretty blouse with those perfect breasts and long pretty legs. Mmmmm…..you are soooo sexy.

Do you know what I like to do when she gets home? I walk up behind her and begin kissing her neck, while my warm breath gives her goosebumps. Little soft kisses like this….

Then I rub her shoulders a little like this, do you like that Candy?

Then, if she responds, I move my hands over her chest, cupping her firm breasts and gently squeezing them like this…..

Then I whisper into her ear;


I want you baby girl.

I want your body.

I want your soul.

I want every little part of you.

I want your breasts.

I want your pussy. I want to give you a nice long tongue bath.

I want your legs wrapped around me.

I want to feel you warm tongue in my mouth.

I love you baby, you’re my girl….

Then I slowly move my hands down her body and into her panties. I touch her as gently as I can at first, and feel her getting wet, as she moans for more pleasure from my hands.

OH-OH, I’m so sorry Candy-I didn’t realize. You came in your panties didn’t you?

Well you know what? I think you just had your first orgasm as a girl and that’s awesome! Did it feel fantastic? I’ll bet it did.

Let me get you some clean panties and we can go have that coffee now.

Cream or sugar?

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