Double foursome weekend

Traveling with ben wa balls

As I was waiting at the airport to board my flight to Atlanta, I reminisced about the fun I had had with Aiden on previous encounters. We had been talking online for several months and had become great friends, but this was only the third time I had seen him. The first time we met we had a threesome with my husband and him, and the second time I drove to the hotel in Chicago to meet him alone. Now, he had invited me to spend a weekend with him and his wife. I never dreamed that my husband would agree to it, but he not only agreed, he practically begged me to go. Ahhh…the hardship of being a Hotwife! So here I am in the airport, with benwa balls jiggling in my cunt as requested by Aiden, as I board the plane I am aware of them inside me, a constant reminder of the fun to come.

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Aiden picked me up at the airport and we started driving to his house. We were driving down the interstate, traffic was a little heavy as it was the beginning of Spring Break in Atlanta. As we drove along he began to move his hand up my skirt. I was wearing a blue sundress, nothing underneath as per his request. When his hand reached my pussy he proceeded to play with my clit. He asked if I had the Ben Wa Balls in and I smiled and said yes. They had made me very wet on the plane, making me hornier at the prospect of what was ahead of me this weekend. I slumped down in the passenger seat to give him better access to my smooth wet pussy and he began fingering my dripping hole with the balls still in. Next, he pulled down the top of my sundress, exposing my breasts for all passing cars to see and proceeded to pinch, pull and rub my erect nipples. It felt so good and I wanted him sooooo bad, it had been such a long time since I had seen him last.

About 30 minutes into the drive he said, “SHIT!, I am going the wrong direction!” He pulled off at the next exit and when we were stopped at the stoplight we made out like teenagers, groping, fondling, panting, moaning. I pulled out his magnificent cock and started to lick off the pre-cum. I kissed and teased his cock with my mouth. I played with his piercing and flicked my tongue on the end of his cock, he was moaning with pleasure as we got back on the expressway. As I was bent over the center console, my head in his lap, throat filled with his cock, he lifted my skirt and fingered my pussy, causing my ass to be visible to the cars and trucks in the next lane. He told me later that a truck full of workers had been beside us and kept trying to maneuver for a second look in the traffic. I love the thought of that!

Driving down the road, as we were playing with each other he said, “you are not going to believe this, but I am still going the wrong way.” We laughed and turned around, again!! This time I wouldn’t let him get distracted by me sucking him or him touching me and we just talked the rest of the way to his house as I caressed his arm and laid my head against him, enjoying his company.

Pulling out my exhibitionist self

At his house he gave me a tour, it was a beautiful house, welcoming, warm and inviting with children’s artwork on display throughout. He poured us each a glass of red wine, Casellero del Diablo. It was smooth and tasted wonderful after my long journey. Upstairs we began to get ready to go out for dinner, I was famished and the wine was quickly going to my head. I pulled out the dress that I was going to wear to dinner and we both changed. I wore a red, tight tube dress with a slit up the front. I knew that if I moved the “wrong” way while getting up from a seated position I would expose my smooth pussy to whoever was looking. Since I am a bit of an exhibitionist this really turned me on! We paused to kiss…I contemplated just skipping dinner altogether, but I wanted to savor the time I had with him. We got to the restaurant, it was a small bar that served tapas. We found a seat on the patio and drank, kissed, touched, talked and laughed. Soon it started to drizzle so we moved under the overhang. Then it started to downpour and we grabbed our drinks and plates and ran inside the small bar and found a little table in the corner.

After dinner, we were to meet Aiden’s wife, Heather, at a dance club. I had brought an outfit to change into in the car on the way there. I started to put the leggings on and Aiden said, “What are you doing?! Oh, no, no, no… you are going to get naked!” I started to refuse, but I knew he wasn’t going to budge on this, and his devilish smile convinced me that it would be worth it for me. So I took off my red dress and sandals and sat in the passenger seat, completely naked. Luckily it was dark by now!! He lowered my seat back and rubbed my breasts and played with my clit as he drove to the dance club. It was surreal, laying in a car, naked with the street lights and cars driving by. When we were almost to the club he pulled into a nearby parking lot so I could get dressed and he helped me tie up my corset.

At the bar he took my hand and guided me through the crowds, giving me a tour of the different rooms, each with a different dance theme. We chose to start at the main bar with techno dance music and we both went up to the bar to get a drink. As he ordered I scanned the place, there were so many hot men in Atlanta I noticed. Suddenly a very good looking young man, I assume in his 30s, came up to me with a big smile and said, “I just had to compliment you on your corset, it is very hot!” I smiled and said thank you. Just then Aiden turned to me and said that he had to go to the bar in the other room because they didn’t have his beer at this one. The guy who had just come up to me said to Aiden, “I am not hitting on your woman, I just had to tell her how nice she looked!” Aiden said, it’s fine and he asked me if I would be OK here while he went to get his drink, I said sure. After Aiden left, the hot young boy asked me if I was from around there and I said: “No, I am from Northwest Indiana, close to Chicago, I just flew down to visit friends.” His smile was mesmerizing, great teeth, dimples, sparkling eyes, he was so yummy looking I just wanted to eat him up. I couldn’t believe he had the balls to hit on me when he clearly knew I was here with another man, yet I was so attracted to him that I didn’t want to dismiss him just yet. He said, “So, have you been naughty lately?” And I replied almost without hesitation, “Well, I was naked in the car on the ride here.” I smiled slyly and his jaw about hit the floor! I so love to tease the boys!!! He said, “Seriously, like butt naked?” “Wow, you are awesome!” He put out his hand and said, what’s your name? I told him my name and he said, ” Nice to meet you, I am Billy.” I shook his hand and did a double take. Billy isn’t a very common name and Heather has a boy-toy named Billy. Just then Aiden came back and I turned to him and said, “Is this Billy as in Heather’s Billy?!” He laughed and said yes. We laughed and talked and Aiden said Heather would be here soon and Billy’s eyes lit up. I was so excited to finally meet Heather, but I was unsure as to how or if Billy was a part of the evening’s festivities. I asked Aiden and he said that since Billy couldn’t make it to our little party on the following evening he had him meet us tonight, he was there to fuck me!!! Holy crap!! I was so happy to hear that!! Heather finally got there and I was in awe of her beauty when she walked into the room. She had the most beautiful figure, and her low cut silk top seemed to caress her breasts in a very inviting way.

The four of us danced and I kissed Aiden and Billy and we all caressed and teased each other while dirty dancing on the dance floor. Finally, we decided to all go back to Aiden and Heather’s house. I rode with Heather and we chatted all the way there. I told her how much I appreciated her letting me come to stay with them, and for sharing her husband and boy toy.

Foursome fun

When we got to the house we all opened a bottle of wine and Heather excused herself to start a bath, she had been in the car all day and was beat. Billy went to the restroom and Aiden and I started making out, he started to take off my corset and when Billy came back I was standing there topless. I was a little embarrassed and then Aiden said he was gonna go up to see Heather and Billy told me to come over to him, I walked over and we kissed. I couldn’t wait to see him with his shirt off, I could tell when we were dancing earlier that he had washboard abs. I pulled open his shirt and kissed my way down his toned muscular bare chest and abdomen to his bulging pants. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled out a huge clean shaven cock. I was so turned on at the sight of that magnificent cock that I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth. I slowly licked it all over then put it in my mouth. I started sucking and looked up at him, he really liked that, his eyes rolled up and he moaned. I didn’t want to finish him off there, I wanted much, much more of him so I suggested we see what Aiden and Heather were up to. We took our wine up to the Master bath and Heather told us to join them in the tub. As Aiden and Heather were caressing each other I was facing Billy, kissing and touching his sexy body. The warm water and soapy bubbles heightened the sensations, each caress from him sent waves of pleasure through my body. He was rubbing his cock along my slit and I wanted to feel it in me soooo bad, he got a condom and I eased my pussy onto his cock, it felt so good I felt an orgasm growing. I rode up and down on his cock, grinding my pussy into him. I was kissing him and fucking him and I felt a finger find its way into my ass, I had no idea whose finger it was but I had a suspicion that it was Heather’s. It felt so good for both me and Billy and not knowing whose it was made it even more naughty.

Soon we decided to get out of the tub and move to the bed to be able to spread out. As I was getting out of the tub, one leg in and one leg out, Heather leaned over and started licking my pussy. Electricity pulsed through me knowing a gorgeous woman was licking my pussy…so unexpected…so naughty…so erotic! We adjourned to the bed where Heather began making out with Billy and I was kissing Aiden. Being in bed with these three gorgeous people was absolute heaven. Aiden got up to get a camera and I started kissing Heather as Billy licked her clit. As Aiden took pictures to send home to my husband, I sucked her beautiful nipples and caressed her voluptuous perky breasts, I had never seen such beautiful breasts in person before, licking them was so sensual. Aiden came back to bed and we started to kiss, and touch and fuck, there were hands and mouths everywhere. I wish I could describe it better, but everything just blurred together into one big orgasmic experience. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, all four of us in the king-sized bed.

Morning delights

I awoke to the sounds of sucking, I looked over and could see Heather sucking Billy’s cock, it was so hot! Aiden heard it too and we both watched her suck him as Aiden’s hand found it’s way to my still wet pussy. I was inspired by the scene and moved down and started to suck him and he started to moan, he asked if he could cum in my mouth and I said yes and he continued to pump, fucking my mouth, his cock hitting the back of my throat, his hand holding my hair, his pelvis grinding into my face…he came down my throat and I hungrily swallowed and licked his cock and laid on top of him. We both watched as Billy pulled his cock out of Heather’s pussy, pulled the condom off and sprayed his jizz on her taught toned abdomen. I reached over and swirled my fingers in it, I love how silky and warm jizz is. Then I scooped some up and licked my fingers. Aiden smiled and asked if it was good. I devilishly ran my finger on Heather’s creamy tummy again and put it in his mouth, he recoiled a bit but he gave in. Billy left to go home and Aiden curled up between me and Heather in the bed and we dozed off again in each other’s arms.

Sex for the camera

I got out of bed and laughed at the number of condoms, wrappers, and lube bottles that were scattered about, it was pure debauchery! Heather and I went down and made coffee, she looked so cute and in her fluffy robe. We came back to the bedroom and Aiden was still in bed naked, so sexy!! We had a big day ahead of us, we were going to drive to the photographer, Jim’s house for a photo shoot, dinner and some more hot sex. Heather went to the gym and manicurist and Aiden and I picked out clothes from Heather’s closet for the photo shoot. I hopped in the shower and Aiden joined me. We kissed, caressed, and lathered each other’s bodies.

We drove to Jim’s house, chatting about the different experiences we had with other couples as we all were swingers. We pulled up to the house. It was set far back from the main road and was surrounded by woods. We walked into the home and all around there were photographs of people and animals, it was like walking through an art gallery, and yet it was homey and comfortable.

Around the corner walked Jim, he was tall, thin and muscular … and very, very attractive! Yes, it’s true, I had agreed to have sex with another guy that I had never even seen, boy did I get lucky!!! He introduced himself and gave me a hug, and then Heather and I proceeded to unpack our bags of goodies. We laid out our corsets, garters, heels, jewelry and decided on our favorite outfits.

I was so excited to get started! I had never been to a photo shoot before, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Heather and I selected the outfits that would look good for a pin-up shoot. I picked a black chemise with garters, black stockings, and high heeled slingback peep toe shoes. My hair was done up to look like the old glamour Hollywood movie star, and my makeup was done in a nude tone with red lips. For a final touch, the makeup artist applied fake eyelashes. I felt completely overdone but they said that it would look good in the pictures. I got started with the photo shoot as Heather was getting her hair and makeup done. We went into the bedroom and Jim told me to lay on the bed and positioned me and started taking pictures. I was a little nervous but Aiden was there to help me feel more comfortable.

When we were done with that shoot I went out to change into a new outfit and Heather came into the bedroom to pose. We continued with another outfit and photo shoot, had wine and dinner and lots of laughs. After the makeup artist put the final touches on our last hairdo she left for the evening. Heather and I were wearing corsets and skirts and Aiden put on a tuxedo. We all went down to the basement for our final photo shoot in the dungeon.

I had on my high heeled vinyl fuck me boots, so I had to be very careful going down the stairs, we navigated our way through the maze and I found myself in an unfinished basement with what must have been 12 foot high ceilings, various BDSM gear, and restraining devices.

We began posing as instructed, Jim had me and Heather kiss several times as we went through the first part of the shoot posing with Aiden. Next, I got on my knees and started to suck on Aiden’s fabulously adorned cock.

Aiden decided he wanted some shots of me restrained. He had me stand on the wooden platform, legs spread and chained down as my arms were stretched above me and chained to the ceiling with a long thick metal chain. I was wearing only my corset and boots as Aiden put a blindfold on me. Aiden pulled my breasts out of my corset and tweaked my nipples, then he got a flogger and proceeded to gently hit my breasts and exposed pussy. The sensations were intoxicating, and the blindfold added to the sense of fear, never knowing what was coming next. He then took off the blindfold and began licking and fingering my pussy, I arched to reach him as best I could in the position I was suspended in. Finally, Aiden unhooked me from the chains and helped me off the platform.

Next came the swing. Aiden hooked up the sex swing and had Heather get in. I watched as Aiden pummeled her with his rigid cock. Next, it was my turn. Aiden put nipple clamps on me and began thrusting his cock in and out of my wet pussy as I pulled on the nipple clamp chain with my teeth, feeling it pull with each thrust. The feeling of his cock in me sent ripples of small orgasms throughout my body.

Next Jim and Heather started fooling around. By this time we all were at least half naked, charged with sexual energy, hungry for each other. I watched Heather pull out his enormous cock and I was drawn to it, like a bee to honey. I walked over and took it in my hand, felt it’s smoothness, the hardness surrounded by soft skin, the desire I felt was inexplicable. I put his cock in my mouth as Heather held it and together we shared his fabulous cock! In the meantime, Aiden was taking pictures so that we all could capture these memories forever.

We all decided that it was time to go to the bedroom, we just couldn’t wait any longer. As we were leaving the dungeon I glanced around, there were used condoms and clothes scattered everywhere.

We all crawled on the bed, and I started to suck Aiden’s cock while his wife licked my aching pussy. Jim snapped a few final pictures then joined us on the bed, licking and sucking on Heather’s beautiful pussy. Aiden and I watched the beautiful show as he began to fuck her while Aiden fingered my eager pussy. Next Jim crawled over to me and entered my pussy, instantly I felt the orgasm start, he was so big, filled me up so completely, I could barely contain my emotions. I was screaming in ecstasy at each thrust, mmmm, then he had me get on my hands and knees and began pounding me from behind, I thought I would lose my mind it felt so good, he was pushing my head and chest down into the mattress, fucking me like I had never been fucked before. He said he was going to cum as he plunged deeper into me, thrusting his cock as far as it would go while I was flooded with one orgasm after another. After we came I collapsed on the bed, watching as Aiden and Jim pleasured Heather.

Next came the Hitachis, Aiden had the idea of a photo of me and Heather both using our Hitachis, so Jim snapped a picture of us going to town. picture

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By now we were all completely exhausted and decided to get a few hours of sleep. Aiden and I retired to the bedroom upstairs while Heather and Jim stayed in the Master bedroom. I fell asleep in Aiden’s warm embrace.