Dominant Assistant

She smiles down at him as he kneels before her in his sharply pressed suit, well-polished dress shoes, and while his eyes are wide and pleading. Her black hair cascades down as she leans closer. He can see the different, brightly colored highlights in her carefully managed tresses. He finds himself drawn to them even with everything else going on.

Goddess is waiting in

“Good… so good…” Her voice is thick and sultry matched by her hot breath on his face.
“Thank you, Miss… so much…”
She smiles even wider at his gratitude. Gratitude for the terrible, frightening things she had already done to him and what was still to come. His gratitude is obvious, just as his arousal is.
“Now beg me, you fucking animal…” Her hissing voice demonstrates the cruelty she feels, and the evil that he loves.
“Please, Miss. Please hurt me, and make me suffer…” His voice is cracking and he gasps for air. Her reaction is unsurprising to him.
CRACK! The crop slices hard across his back.
“You are filth. A repulsive and depraved…thing. You have no business dressing like a man or even a person. You are neither and we both know it. Strip!” She is angry now, her rage building with every breath or fevered thought. He is perfect for her… a living thing being molded into an object for her sheer amusement.
He rushes to strip his clothes off, practically tearing the expensive suit from him while tossing his pricey shoes as if they were cheap sandals. His disregard for himself is but one of the qualities that she loves about him… and one that she has built in him over the last few months.
“So sorry, Miss… I am so…”
“SHUT THE FUCK UP! Do as you are told and save your pathetic excuses until you are properly prepared for service!”
He knows better than to even acknowledge her command but instead to undress as quickly as possible and make himself ready for…what comes next.
It wasn’t always like this.
They were almost equaled.

Meeting my boss

“Hello, I am your new assistant, Denise.”
She was demure and polite, her handshake fairly firm and warm to the tall and authoritative executive that Danny was. Past tense.
“Excellent. Punctual AND polite. I appreciate the little things, Denise.”
His smile was genuine. Hers, on the other hand, was less so.
“Thank you, sir. I am anxious to get started.”
“As you can see, your desk is just outside my office. On occassion, the other assistants or Supervisors might need your help so when things are a little slow you will answer to them as long as it doesn’t interfere with your duties for me. I won’t be yelling or anything but I will be calling your desk should I need you in my office or otherwise. Any questions?”
Denise seemed to be biting her tongue but Danny didn’t seem to notice as she answered.
“Sounds great, sir. Where do I start?”
“Well, a cup of coffee for yourself and I, and meet me in my office in ten minutes, then.” He smiled a little warmer before finishing the handshake and heading for his office.
“Of course, sir. Right away.” She spun around and, in an almost calculated fashion, swayed gently towards the office kitchen on this floor. He stared, as she knew he would, and in a test of his will, he managed to look away before she went out of sight in spite of her stunning appearance.

“Here you are, sir… wasn’t sure how you take it so I brought a few things.”
“Thoughtful, Denise, thank you.”
They exchanged pleasantries and discussed a few of the basics of her job as his Executive Assistant, including basic filing, typing, phones, retrieving files and documents, etc., along with more mundane tasks such as getting lunch for the both of them, coffee, drinks for Danny and office guests, etc. She was prepared for so-called menial tasks only because it fit into her long term goals.
Dark, terrible, goals, carefully cultivated from his professional and personal profile.
You see, Denise did her homework. And then some. Rudimentary information could be found online in his professional profile, company website, and some information gleaned from his background as well as prospective clients and businesses.
But she wanted more. And as Danny’s ex-wife had a small ax to grind (as she divorced him prior to his success) and his high school girlfriend was a similarly… vengeful type, Denise’s plans were even easier to put together and her goals were attainable with effort.
And with her…singular… background and experiences. An experience that was just as dark and terrible as her plans for Danny. There would be a little warning, and less of a chance to resist.

The weeks passed and Danny grew comfortable with Denise as his Assistant. She was tasked with handling practically every professional detail outside of his office, from expense reports to delivering and preparing high-end proposals for clients. The devil was in the details of Danny’s life. Literally.
It had taken a long time for an opportunity like this to cross Denise’s scrutiny and she made the most of it. This would be the game changer she was waiting for and she was careful in managing things even slightly before she came to work for Danny.

“Your 1 O’Clock is here, sir.” Denise’s smile was ever-pleasant, hiding her intentions even as they reflected her satisfaction.
“Thanks, Denise… you really do keep things running for me. Send her in.”
“Emily, thank you for meeting me on short notice.” Not one to mince words overmuch in business, and knowing Emily’s similarly focused nature, Danny got to the point. “So what do you think of the proposal? Do we have a deal?”
“Well, Danny… I like what I see and of course, Denise has laid out everything very clearly but I still have questions on this proposal. I was thinking about lunch?”
“Of course, would you like to use the conference room or office? Denise knows every restaurant in the area by heart…”
“No, off-site.”
“Oh… I suppose that’s fine. Shall we?” Standing, Danny gestured to the door as he grabbed his briefcase. Emily stood, almost in a confrontational fashion, and stared Danny down.
“Denise is coming, as well.”
Danny was startled and his hesitation was obvious.
“I…what? That is, I suppose that’s fine…”
“Well, you said yourself she knows the restaurants and I know for a fact that this proposal was due in large part to her work, correct?”
“Emily, I… well, yes.”
“Then it’s settled. Let’s bring her in.” Emily stared down at the phone on Danny’s desk.
Hesitating, he picked it up and dialed Denise’s desk. “Hello, Denise? The client would like you to join us for lunch, if that’s okay?”
“I…suppose so…” Denise’s calculated pause unnerved Danny a little. He felt that he had less control over this deal than he was used to. He didn’t know the half of it.
“You’ll drive, of course.” Emily’s statement was more of an order. Danny was getting flustered, but it wasn’t unusual for him to drive out of town clients to entertain them.
“Certainly…” Holding the doors open for Emily and Denise as the three left for lunch seemed to further undermine Danny’s position in this negotiation. A fact not lost on either Emily nor Denise, as both seemed to be smiling and chatting away the entire time.
Lunch was no different, and Danny literally was a third wheel the entire time. The Ladies talked of designer handbags, expensive clothes, and shoes. At that, Danny grew strangely confused…
Emily always seemed authoritative and lovely, a woman who cared for herself and was clearly used to being pampered. What caught Danny off-guard was the same qualities now obvious in Denise.
He found himself staring blankly from one to the other as they spoke, his eyes gravitating from their lovely lips, to their gracious curves, to their well-manicured nails, to their designer shoes, to their sparkling eyes.
Eyes sparkling with devious intent.
Without warning his reverie was cut short as Emily stared Danny down.
“Danny… this proposal makes good sense, I think. Fair, equitable, and ultimately profitable for your company, correct?”
He wasn’t sure how to answer or even what to think…but Denise did.
“Well, Danny has let me know that of course, our company will do well here, just as you will be getting fair value for the property and the arrangements, isn’t that right, Danny?” Her tone was different. Her tone was more than the helpful assistant that she played.
It was commanding.
“Yes, Denise, it…” Denise cut him off and turned back towards Emily.
“So of course you can see that we make a great team for you, Emily. I think that this proposal can be terrific for both our companies, even in the short term.”
Danny wasn’t sure what was going on at all. But Emily did. And Denise was getting exactly the reaction she was expecting.
“True, Denise. Okay, Danny… it’s a deal but of course I have a few stipulations that we haven’t really covered yet.”
“Name it…” Denise’s answer was quick, and although Danny agreed to an extent, he WAS supposed to be the authority here.
He wasn’t. At all.
“To start with, Denise here gets a healthy commission and more than the usual for document prep, etc., understood?”
Both ladies turned to Danny, their eyes locked on his and fishing for weakness and compliance.
And finding it. In spades.
“Next, she gets her own office. I need Denise to be given free rein to follow up and manage my account and this property, especially as there will be more to come. Understood?”
“Understood, Emily.”
“Please, call me Ms. Parsons.” Her tone had changed. No longer were the understanding and respected businesswoman.
“Yes, Ms. Parsons, I understand.”
“Better.” Emily smiled, satisfied at Danny’s compliance. Were he looking at Denise he would have seen a similar if slightly meaner, version of that smile.
“Denise no longer will be working with any other assistants or supervisors unless she wants to. She is exclusively assigned to my accounts.”
She paused. The expected answer came a few seconds later as Danny figured out what was expected of him…
“Understood, Ms. Parsons.”
“Good. Now I am sure there are things I am forgetting. Denise will fill you in on the details, if that’s okay with you, Denise?”
“Thanks, Emily, I am sure that’s fine.”
“Oh, and Danny, if ANYthing is amiss I will hear it from Denise, is THAT understood.” Her tone at that statement was clearly a threat. A harsh, unforgiving, threat.
“Yes, Ms. Parsons.”
With that, Emily pushed the check to Danny and stood.
“We’ll be waiting at the car. I suggest you hurry.”
“Yes, Ms. Parsons, thank you…”
“Whatever.” With that, Emily and Denise left the table, leaving him with a substantial check. And a sense of bewilderment unlike any he has ever felt before.

Baby steps of a butler

After paying the check in a haze, he gathered the signed paperwork, his briefcase, and headed out. Looking back, he noticed Denise’s purse and went back for it. As he stepped to Valet parking he noticed Emily and Denise having a cigarette.
“What took you so long??” Emily’s tone was anything but professional.
“Sorry, Ms. Parsons, I found Denise’s purse.”
“Found? I didn’t misplace it…” She looked at Danny with a condescending smile as she casually exhaled a thick plume of smoke from her cigarette. The implications of the statement were not lost on Danny but he couldn’t find a thing to say about it.
The drive back to the office was similarly exclusive to Denise and Emily, often referring to Danny as ‘That one’ and mentioning how different things would be for Denise now. Danny was struggling to figure out how best to address this mess when he got back to the office. Ms. Parsons… Emily… left little room for Danny if he wanted to close this huge deal for his company.
As they parked, Danny found himself in the role of the butler, opening doors, and walking behind the entire time, until he saw Ms. Parsons car pull out of the parking structure and he stared blankly at Denise. She smiled at him in a way that was unsettling and simply turned away to the elevators and back to the office.
The ride up was a quiet one as Danny couldn’t think of a way to start addressing all of the problems he had with the luncheon that left him emotionally bruised and left confused.

Sitting in his office, Danny blankly checked his email and cleared his voice mail, robotically responding to everything, just enough to muddle through.
The appearance of Denise in his office door, unannounced, was the first of many disturbing things to come.
“I have a few things for you, boss.” The term was not used respectfully.
“I…what? Wait…” She didn’t wait. At all. She confidently strode to his desk and callously dropped a sheaf of paperwork in front of him. On top was the signed and confirmed deal paperwork for Ms. Parsons.
Underneath that lay paperwork that froze his blood. Authorization forms, consignment forms, personnel forms, all filled out and signed by Denise.
“They all need your approval. I will need those by end of business today…boss.” She spun on her high heels and strutted out of his office leaving him slack-jawed.

The next few weeks were a blur for Danny as the construction crew built Denise’s office adjacent to his while simultaneously reducing the size of his office. She noticed the furniture coming in, her wardrobe improving (as he had authorized her promotion and raise, of course), and a significant change in her attitude. The way things had happened regarding the Parsons account was now widespread throughout the company… the meteoric rise of an Executive Assistant mentored by a seasoned executive.
But many knew the actual truth. The other assistants, for example, all knew exactly what Denise had done to gain her promotion. Every step, told in humiliating detail. Every one of the assistants would practically giggle as Danny walked past, knowing how Denise had played the situation and how easily Danny folded. Given the hard economic times how could he refuse such a lucrative deal for the company? His commission was almost nothing… Ms. Parsons had seen to that, and so much more.
Denise’s success was all on the shoulders of one account, but that wouldn’t be enough for her and certainly wouldn’t get her everything she dreamed of.

First slap

So it was that Denise walked into Danny’s office one day just at closing as he was taking up his laptop and briefcase, again without knocking. After today she would never need to be respectful of his privacy… or anything of his.
“Hey there boss.” The sarcastic use of the title was not lost on him.
“Er…hi Denise, how are you?”
“Good, good… of course.” Her smile was triumphant. As she only had one client she had to be careful of appearances when others were around. Not so much when everyone else was walking out.
“I am glad to hear that…” She cut him off.
“Of course it’s good, boss. With Emily’s accounts doing so well for the company you look enough like a hero for mentoring me that you still shine… a little.” Danny had no idea where she was going with all this but he knew that anything he said to her would make it back to Ms. Parsons. He had no idea what to say.
“Thank you…”
“Whatever.” The same tone as Ms. Parsons, now on the lovely lips of Denise as she stood confidently in his office. A second later she casually closed his office door. The click of the lock should have been a warning for Danny to run like hell. But he didn’t.
“I am sorry, but is there something I can do for you, Denise?” He was being polite in spite of everything he really wanted to say.
“Actually, there is, boss. It’s why I’m here a few minutes past closing.” She smiled. A wicked, dark, smile, enhanced by her blood red lips and shimmering eyes, so beautiful even in the harsh office light. A light that went dim as her sharpened nails were dragged over the dial near the door. He noticed her high heels and tight fitting skirt and blouse as she took a couple of confident steps into his office.
He was breathing hard and broke into a sweat.
“Please…” She cut him off again.
“What? Is poor Mr. Big Boss man scared of little ol’ ME?” She carefully drummed her lovely nails over her ample bosom enhancing her cleavage and leaving Danny’s mouth dry as the desert.
“It isn’t that, it’s just…”
“It IS that…. admit it.”
“I don’t know what you mean, Denise?”
“Miss. Call me Miss.”
She stared down for a second as she came around the desk, close to him. Her head shaking slightly, disappointedly, her perfume was heady and thick. Her sultry, thick, voice, cut through him.
“I said… address me as ‘Miss'” She looked up, staring into his eyes as she stood mere inches from him. He nearly tumbled back against his chair trying to keep his balance.
“I still don’t understand…”
Her hand crossed his cheek at a thousand miles an hour, leaving a deep red mark across his face.
“I said you will address me as ‘Miss’ from now on.”
She waited. She had built to a moment like this for months now, waiting, to finally see if she was right about Danny. After everything she has already done to him, and knowing that she had to keep pushing to really be successful, this moment meant everything and she wouldn’t let him out of it.
“I… can’t…” He was unsure, his hand on his face was shaking.
Coming the other way, Danny now had matching red marks on his cheeks.
“Fucking idiot. You can and you WILL.”
“Please stop… Denise, please….”
Danny almost fell over, leaning completely against his desk.
“Listen, you little bitch… you have no right to use my name anymore. People can use names. Not you. Not anymore, is that understood?”
“Please, I don’t understand?”
“Then I will explain things more clearly… you are my bitch.”
She waited, drinking in his fear, confusion, and his physical reaction.
“I own you. You gave me Emily’s account because I made you. I worked with Emily and she recognized potential in me. So I took the opportunity to take it from you. To steal it from you. And in doing so make you thank me for it…”
“It wasn’t like that…”
“Yes, it was, bitch. I took it from you and made you like it. And that’s just the beginning, cupcake. I am going to take your life apart and you will thank me for every step. I will make you beg for it. Beg for me to break you into little pieces, faggot.”
He was on the verge of tears but importantly Denise could see his resistance, such as it was, was almost gone. He was feeling the crush of the company valueing Ms. Parsons account and the money Denise was bringing in, and he didn’t know where to start fighting it.
She saw the weakness and knew what to do.
“What? Denise, please don’t…”
“Don’t what? I’m not going to do ANYthing! You are going to take off your clothes right now.”
“But why, Denise? Please, I…”
“You will take off your clothes so I can see what a pathetic excuse of a man you really are. I want you stripped and exposed like some fucking animal.”
“No, please…”
“I am sick and tired of repeating myself, idiot. Take off your fucking clothes right now. I will correct your use of the word ‘No’ in the future. For now, I want you naked.”
Slowly he started to remove his dress jacket and tie. Denise leaned back, triumphantly, smiling down at him as he leaned up against his desk and took off all of his clothes, down to his socks and boxers.
“Boxers? You don’t need boxers. From now on it’s tight-y whiteys, bitch. Butthuggers. Only real men need boxers and you don’t have enough equipment to count.”
He said nothing, only went flush with shame.
“Take them off.”
He hesitated. Denise knew exactly how far she could go now with Danny.
Anywhere she wanted.
Without another word he dropped his boxers to his ankles and was naked before Denise as she stood over him.
“Just as I thought.” Her condeceding smile told him everything he needed to know about his chances with Denise as a girlfriend or anything close to it.
“Pathetic. A tiny dick for a tiny little bitch. I hope you have learned your lesson, whore. I own you now. From now on if I snap my fingers you come running… if I call you answer… if I say to kneel you will drop before me like I am your God. Because I am.”
“Please… Den… Miss.” She smiled and held out her lovely, delicate hand.
“Close. But you have to learn. Hand me your belt, faggot.”
Knowing his mistake and obviously accepting his role, for now at least, he bent down and retrieved his belt from the pile that his pants had become, and handed it gingerly to Denise.
“Now bend over and stick your lily-white ass up in the air for a beating.” He didn’t hesitate, leaning far over his desk and pushing his ass back a little.
She held the belt, feeling the leather and smiling. She waited.
“Now beg me, bitch.”
“Please, Miss.”
“Please what?”
He was almost crying.
“Please beat me, Miss.”
“Well, since you asked so politely…” Her smile was wide and proud.
The belt found every inch of his ass and part of his back. Welted, red, and crying, Danny was spent and helpless on his own desk, his sweat in a pool underneath him.
“You are a sick fuck, you know that? I made you beg to whip your ass and you just took it… I lost count of how many… turn around.”
Struggling to move, every inch of his body on fire, Danny slowly turned to face his new owner.
His erection was unmistakable, pointing it’s short length towards the ceiling. Denise knew it would be involuntary after everything she put him through but Danny didn’t need to know anything.
“Fucking pervert. Your useless little cock is dripping and hard after I beat your ass. You make me sick…”
The belt found his cock and with a yelp he cried out in pain.
The knock on the office door followed a minute later.
“Is everything okay, Mr. Danny?” They both recognized the heavy accent of the cleaning lady.
Denise leaned in close and hissed in his face, her spittle showering him.
“Tell her everything’s fine… if you mention I am in here you will be sorry. Everyone should know you are asking for this, whore.”
“Sure. I’m fine… I’ll let you in later, Maria.” Denise smiled proudly at sharing his shame. It wouldn’t be the last time.
“Well, poor little pervert got heard by the help, huh? Don’t worry, the way I have things planned YOU’LL be the help before long in the office.” She dug her nails into his chest to emphasize her point.
“God, please, no, Miss…”
“Hm… I told you I would explain the use of the word ‘No’ to you, didn’t I, bitch?”
The fear in his eyes as he looked up at his new owner was unmistakable.

The next day started early for Danny. As she had explained in the final moments of him being conscious, Denise was going to siphon off every one of Danny’s accounts and client roster. He resisted at first but his belt went red from his own blood as she clarified his new life.
This first day of servitude might just be the longest of his life.

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