Diaper kidnaping and humiliation

Daddy comes across me randomly and tells me a few things about what he does and I express the need that I’ve always wanted to try, that I like coloring and even admit to wearing pull-ups sometimes. I’m intrigued and we talk over drinks. I go back to his house and fall asleep unknowingly drinking a Xanax cocktail. I wake up in a different place. Not the same house it’s morning time and the birds are creeping outside a window toward the ceiling it’s a basement and the door is locked. I’m in a small bed, pink sheets, wrists cuffed to the bedframe. There are a few things in the room. Tv mounted. A chest. There are benches and hooks for the suspension I’m in white panties, topless, my nipple rings still in. I wait forever before daddy comes in the room telling me things about how little girls need rules and discipline and a good daddy for them. How you know all about my history with men and why it never worked. How daddy is going to keep me and condition me and make me what I was born to be.

He comes over to me and feels my pussy hard running his fingers up against my clit and thighs, grabbing my nipple and twisting while I squirmed. He moved his hand to my mouth sticking a few fingers on my tongue then gagging me. I struggled for a breath. He removed my wrist cuffs and pulls me to a spanking bench where he again straps me down tight my legs spread clit against the bench, ass in the air. A few hard spanks to my sweet meat and he moves to my mouth, closing my nose forcing me to open wide while he slides his cock in. He fucks my mouth deeper and deeper my hair as his handle. Gets close to cumming then stops. Daddy goes back to my ass and back hitting it with floggers, belts and canes, making it turn bright red and bruise, making me cry as he strikes the skin over and over again. He slides inside of me then, his hips pressing against my tinder ass, telling me what a tight pussy I have. I’m crying And floating and taking it as he shoots his cum into my pocket, pulls out, gives another slap to my ass and mutters good girl. My body relaxes from the lack of stimulation until I hear something roll up behind me. Hear a machine turn on and feel a cold thick dildo sliding into me in a robotic rhythm. In and out, in and out. He laughs as I struggle the attempts useless against the binds. He takes the panties that were on me and forces them into my mouth, grabbing ductape and wrapping it around the cloth, my head hair, and all. He picks up a gag that looked like a muzzle, securing it right around my ears.
Moan all you want kitten he says, attaching weights to my nipple barbells, the weird pulling them towards the ground, the machine pushing his cum further into my holes, gushing and making noise from the machine starting to work faster, harder. He walks away and slams the door.
In and out in and out.
He leaves me there for hours until my pussy is raw and stretched out and hurting. By myself my ass stinging and red, muscles sore. In and out.
Daddy comes back and turns the machine off pleased with himself and the results of his machine.
His hands slide across my pussy lips but I can barely feel them, my clit is puffed out and pink. I moan my mouth tired from being open my eyes pleading. He plays with my pussy his hand stroking his own cock in pleasure. He cums again making sure for it to go inside and around my pussy. I’m tired now and he leads me to the bed where he lays me down. I don’t fight him. He cuffs my arms above my head, and a waist strap, pushing my legs apart roughly. He slides a butt plug in and out of the opening making it wet from my own pussy juices. He pushes it slow into my ass, making sure it goes in far enough to stay, he smiles, grabbing baby powder and sprinkling it all over my butt. Rubbing it into the sore skin. Sliding a diaper under my butt, fastening it, and then adding another on top of it. Extra padding for a sore bum he tells me and I squirm to get out of them. He gives me a kiss on the forehead not bothering to remove my gag. He covers me with a blanket and turns off the light. A pink princess night light glowing in the corner. He tells me he will see me in the morning and that tomorrow will start my new life and training as his.