Dave’s punishment training

Dave was really enjoying the party… It was his type of crowd: young, up and coming urban professions. A young figure in the investment bank division of a medium-size brokerage, Dave was enjoying life to the fullest, together with a gorgeous girlfriend to boot. It was that last thing which made his life complete: his everyday life forced him to be always in control, in charge, barking instructions to others… Dominique was special, different. What started out as a playful, drunken experience has grown into a serious, very well hidden D&s relationship – she enjoyed controlling his private behavior, and he enjoyed giving up control. Especially since, despite what they discussed and he knew she wanted, she just could not bring herself to discipline him. Dominique had a personality much better suited to be with a submissive who’d obey without needing to be physically disciplined, but the rest of the relationship worked so well, she did not want to stop. Both were having the time of their lives, even if Dave’s ability to exploit her weakness allowed him to get away with more than he should…

Goddess is waiting in

Sitting across a spacious living room, they caught each other’s eyes, and she motioned with her eyes off to the side… Dave excused himself from the conversation he was having and rose to meet her.
Dominique took his hand, and whispered into his ear: “there is a surprise here, in this house… Come with me.” She led him to another part of the house, and into the basement, where to his amazement, Dave saw a very well equipped play dungeon! Bondage equipment lying around, attachment points on the ceiling, walls, and wall columns, together with an elaborate looking device in the center of the room. There was even a stocked bar on the far side of the room.
Dominique turned to him and said: “This house belongs to a friend of mine, who’s very much into the “lifestyle” too. She gave me permission to play here, so strip – let’s play!”
Dave was speechless for a second, but he always enjoyed the spontaneous nature of their D&s relationship. Looking back, worryingly towards the stairs, they came down, he shot a questioning look at Dominique. She smiled, “Don’t worry, the door locks from the inside, we won’t be disturbed.”

Dave took off his clothing, as Dominique looked approvingly on. Once he was naked, she motioned him to the device in the center. It was a bondage stock, designed to hold a person on all fours, using straps at the ankles, wrists, and a rod connected to a collar that held the neck still. Elevated for access, padded with soft leather, it looked very comfortable, yet was totally functional: despite the small number of actual straps, once locked in, Dave found that we weren’t able to move more than a couple of inches in any direction, his ass in the air, head and back at a slight downward angle, knees about two feet apart… Dominique playfully runs her fingertips along his naked back, bent down, and whispered directly into his ear: “Lara will be down in few minutes to play with you… She has my permission… I’ll see you later,” then abruptly straightened up, and walked out of the room, flicking the light off on the way out.

Dave shocked a little, found himself wondering what this was about. Their relationship was exclusive, neither wanted to swing, neither wanted to add any other sexual partners… And who was “Lara”? Their relationship was strictly secret, he most certainly did not want to spread that knowledge around…

After some time which was impossible for Dave to judge accurately (being all tied up, in a black room), the door opened, and the lights came on… A woman whom Dave recognized from also being in the party walked in closed the door behind her and locked it. Walking straight up to him, she stood in front of his face, and spoke in a calm, friendly voice:

“Hi Dave. My name is Lara. Dominique asked me to do to you what she herself doesn’t feel comfortable doing.”

“What would that be,” he asked.

“Punish you,” she said with slight laughter, her tone light and friendly…

Not taking this very seriously, Dave replied in the same tone: “why and how would you do that?”

Voice turning more serious, Lara told him: “Why? Because you exploit her weakness and her fear of “hurting” you too much. I have no such problems – I won’t injure you, but now it’s my task to hurt you. In fact, the whole point of this is to hurt you so much that you will always be afraid to come back here… If I do it right, Dominque won’t need to discipline you – she’ll just remind you of me, and that will do that job. How? You’ll soon find out… ”

Dave enjoyed playing the bedroom, part-time, bratty submissive with Dominique, but never had any serious interest in pain or S&M… He did agree to let himself be subject to Dominique’s discipline, as she saw fit, but that was only after he already realized she didn’t have it in her to really discipline him… This was something which he hadn’t anticipated, but strictly speaking, the situation WAS within the bounds and limits of what he willingly agreed to…

Walking behind him, Lara spoke, “I see Dominique forgot to do something, let me remedy that.” Dave felt fingers around his ball sack and felt something cool spread over it, then something tight wrapped or put around his balls… “it’s an electrical device, to provide electroshocks to your balls, and I spread conductive jell all around them too, to maximize the contact area,” Lara’s voice informed him. “Do you see that little switch on the little table in front of you? That controls the current; I’ve set it to full, no need to control the intensity – it’s a simple on/off thing.”

Moving around again, Lara started to bring out various toys, and laying them in a straight line, on the table in front of Dave’s face… As she was lying them down, she was counting them off: “1 – cane… 2 – crop… 3 – whip… 4 – flogger… 5 – wooden paddle… 6 – leather paddle… ” Finally she pulled out a pair of dice from somewhere and put them in her hand, just in front of Dave’s mouth. “This is what we’re going to do – you’ll roll, the smaller number will be the instrument, and other the number of strokes. Open up!” That last was barked in a voice Dave was much more used to using than being on the receiving end of, and his natural stubbornness caused him to recoil from her hand. As soon as she saw he wasn’t going to open his mouth, Lara flipped the switch on. The sensation in his balls was unlike anything Dave had ever experienced! The pain was beyond belief, intense, reminiscent of someone simultaneously crushing, punching, and kicking his sensitive genitals, while dipped them in boiling water!! There was no attempt on his part to control his voice, Dave started to scream out in pain. Turning to Lara, he saw her, casually, walk over to the bar, and start to pour herself a drink. “PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” was the most coherent thing Dave was able to voice, “Please stop this!!!!!” But Lara casually poured something into a glass, put a few ice cubes in, sipped it, added a lemon slice, before slowly walked back to him – Dave screaming during all this time… Lara put the glass down, and flipped the switch off. The shock of the pain disappearing was just as intense as of starting, but much more welcomed… his body limp, breathing deeply, sobbing, Dave looked at Lara with a combination of fear and hate in his eyes.
“You see, Dave, ” she started to say, “this is what I mean. I’m here to punish you, to hurt you, that’s all… I don’t care about you, I just want to hear you scream and beg, in as many ways as possible. What’s what I get off at.” She then made a sudden move towards the switch, and Dave started to scream again, only to realize that she was reaching for her glass… With fearful glaze, he looked up at her and noticed her amused gaze aiming down at him. He then realized that this was planned, she put down the drink on purpose near the switch, to see how he’d react!

“Let’s play!” offering the dice on her open palm, she moved her hand to near his lips… After a second of hesitation Dave thought he saw her other hand start to move, so he quickly reaches down and put the dice into his mouth… “Ok, spit them out,” Lara ordered while sipping on her drink. Opening his mouth, the dice fell out, and landed on the table below, in front of his face.. ” Ohh, a 3 and a 5. That’s 5 strokes with the whip,” Lara picked the long, thin horsewhip from the table and moved to stand behind him. “Count them the way Dominique tried to teach you; if you make a mistake, ANY mistake, we start back at one,” with that, she raised the whip over her head. Dave tensed up, automatically, heard the swish of the movement through the air, and then his ass exploded in pain. “Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!” was all that was able to escape his lips… After a pause of maybe 2-3 seconds, she raised the whip again and again threw the whip across Dave’s buttocks, causing yet another scream, and nothing more. Lara paused, and turned slightly towards his sobbing face “we’re still at zero since you haven’t counted anything.” “no, please, sorry, I couldn’t…” was his reply, all playfulness gone out of his voice. She hit him again, and Dave screamed out “three!”
“Wrong, start at one,” Lara said in a stern voice and hit him again…

“One!!” was the anguished scream which escaped his lips… Lara waited for a couple of seconds and said “good, but this is NOT how Dominique wants you to count when disciplined, we’ll stay at one until you say it right!” Before Dave had the time to process the words, he was hit again… Trying desperately to remember what Dominique might have told him, he screamed “One – thank you!”

“Better, ” said Lara, “but let me help you, so we save some time: aren’t you supposed to be asking for the remaining hits too?”

“Yes, sorry, I remember now, ” is what Dave whimpered, breathlessly.

“Good – start at one again, and let’s get it out of the way.” Swinging sharply, she hit his ass again…

“One, thank you,” screamed Dave, immediately following it with “May I please have 4 more?”

“Perfect,” said Lara, a tone of satisfaction evident in her voice. she hit him again…

“Two, thank you! May I please have 3 more?” this time Dave was able to say it all without a pause, despite the burning sensation which was spreading across his backside…

Another swish, another hit

“Three, thank you! May I have 2 more?”

“WRONG!” barked Lara. “Start at one again!”

“I said it, I said it!” whimpered Dave, unable to keep the tone of panic from edging into his voice…

“No, you didn’t. You forgot the ‘please’. Start at one, and we’ll do it until you’re PERFECT!” Lara’s voice was dripping with venom now, filling Dave up with real fear now… She hit him again, lower, in the upper thighs.

“One! thank you! may I PLEASE have 4 more?”


“Two! Thank you! May I please have 3 more? ”


“Three! Thank you! May I please have 2 more?”


“Four! Thank you! May I please have 1 more?”


“Five! Thank you!”

Walking around the whimpering and sobbing Dave, Lara replaced the whip on the table, picked up the dice, and lifted them to his mouth again. He gently took them into his mouth, and pleadingly looked up at her. “Roll,” she ordered, and he let them drop onto the table again… “Ohh, ” Lara said, “5 and 6. That’s 6 hits with the wooden paddle.” She picked up the paddle and moved back into the position behind him. Smack!!

The sensation which the wooden paddle created was VERY different from the whip but just as unpleasant…

“One! Thank you! May I please have 5 more?”


“Six! thank you!”

Lara replaced the paddle on the table and looked thoughtful for a moment. Dave was clearly in pain, she thought that was enough of that style of punishment. Time for something else. Taking all of the toys off the table, she replaced them a single inflatable butt plug. “See this, Dave,” she said, “it’s something I’m going to put inside of you, pump up, and then pull out, stretching your ass in the process. Same drill as before, the smaller number is the number of pumps, the larger number the number of times I’ll do it.”

“No, please, no!!! Not my ass!! I don’t do anal play,” screamed Dave.

“You do today, with Dominique’s permission, too.” Lara offered the dice to his mouth again, but defiantly Dave turned away. With a smile, Lara slipped the switch on, and walked back to the bar for a refill, while Dave’s screams filled the room. Taking her time she thought that for an investment banking protogee, Dave wasn’t very quick to learn things – that thought putting a smile on her face. Then walking back, she flipped the switch off, and without making any references to that, she offered the dice to his mouth again. Tears streaming down his face, Dave bent down and put his lips around the dice… “Roll!” Lara ordered, and the dice dropped again. “3 and 4,” she noted, moved behind him, and he felt himself get anally penetrated. The experience wasn’t painful, the plug was deflated, but it was humiliating in the extreme. He heard the pump work and felt fullness inside of him growing. 3 pumps later, Lara was ready… She started to gently tug on the rubber hose sticking out of Dave’s ass, pulling the plug out…

“aarrggggg!!!” Dave started to moan in pain. He felt like his asshole was being ripped into two, as the inflated plug was being pulled out, keeping the opening wide… The pain kept on growing and growing, his scream louder until finally, it popped out.. The feeling of relief which filled him was total, the echoes of the pain still burning freshly in his mind. But he remembered… “One, thank you! May I please have 3 more?”
Lara repeated the process 3 more times, enjoying herself thoroughly.. Dave was perfect. No backtalk, no attempts at pleading, no bratty behavior at all… She just needed one final task, before being able to get back to the party upstairs.
Taking a large, realistic black dildo, fully anatomically correct with balls on the sides, she placed its suction-cupped back end on the table in front of Dave’s face. She put a small video camera a little behind and bent down to look into his eyes.. “I’m going to videotape you kissing and licking this dildo, giving it a BJ, deep throating it, and moaning in pleasure all the time. if at any point, I’m not happy with your performance, I will throw the switch on, get another drink refill, and we’ll start the video from scratch again. Understand?”

Dave looked doubtfully at the huge dildo in front of him, with no desire to put his lips anywhere near it, especially on camera. Lara, sensing the hesitation, flipped the switch, and walked back to the bar… Dave’s screams were getting boring, at this point, but they were serving the purpose. She walked back, turned the electricity off, and asked again “Understand?”

“Yes!” came a tortured reply…

“Ok, go ahead, the camera is rolling. Show me how to do down on a black dick!”

Dave, hesitantly, brushed his lips against the material, simulating a kiss on the balls… He had no desire to do more, and Lara picked up on that. Dave saw her moving swiftly towards the table with the switch on it, and panicked, opening his mouth wide, and taking the rubber balls into his mouth. “Too late! I told you how this will play out!” barked Lara, and once again, a tiny flick of her finger sent Dave screaming, while she walked around him. After a few seconds, she turned it off, and asked “ready to try again?”

“Yes… ” his voice was barely audible…

“Good – start.”

The next few minutes were the most humiliating experience of his life, as Dave kissed, licked, sucked, and then deep throated a large black dildo, moaning in simulated pleasure all the meanwhile. After a while, Lara decided that was enough, so she turned the camera off, and said “Ok,we’re done. I’m going to give this tape to Dominique. Now, I want you to think about this: if you try to take advantage of her unwillingness to punish you properly herself, remember: she can always ask ME to punish you again. Or, she might just release this tape on YouTube… Any questions?”

Dave was able to only muster enough energy to weakly shake his head…

“Good… It was a pleasure to meet you, Dave. I loved my time with you, and I HOPE we can do this again, real soon. But that’s up to you, isn’t it?”

He weakly nodded.

“Good bye, for now!”

With that, she walked out of the room turning off the lights, leaving the bruised, crying, sobbing Dave behind, to think about how his relationship with Dominique would be different now.