Dancing in chastity

Oriented to kink

It was a warm, autumn day in September. My car rolled up to Jaques school of ballet. I was excited to be going, hand selected from St Peter’s Catholic to learn at the most prestigious and most secretive ballet school on the planet. Not many knew what made their dancers dance with such passion, but I had to learn. Dancing was my life! My everything!

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My parents guided me to my dorm room and helped me unpack. A dark-haired girl with a knock-out body was making her bed. Did I mention I’m a lesbian?

“I’m Leah, pleased to meet you!” I opened.

“Maria.” She replied. She eyed my body as if measuring me in her head. “Hey, did you hear about the weird welcoming ceremony they have? They have all these cards. Mine says “D-KH”

I pull the card out of the folder they gave me “S-CB”. “Strange. I wonder what these letters stand for.”

We hear a knock on the door. “It’s time to register, ladies! You don’t want to be late!” Says the RA. She gives me a knowing look. “Especially you.”

I’m a bit flustered, but I decide not to question. We rush to the registration room. There’s fitting rooms to the right and left beside it, and a tough looking man inside the room on the left. A bored registrar sits behind the counter. “Cards please!” She robotically sequesters. Maria and I give her our cards. She gestures to Maria “You, head over to the fitting room on the right.” Maria trots off. The registrar looks at me, a slight facial twitch betraying mild amusement. “You’re off to the fitting room on the left.”

I walk into the fitting room. Racks of leotards and dance dresses stretch across the left, but what catches my eye are the collars and metal underwear carefully out of view on the left. I begin taking my clothes off so I could be properly fitted. “Precision fitted attire!” They said. Just the thought of it sounded professional.

“Leah…36, 28, 34. Nice figure, if a little heavy for a ballerina. The Jaques is prime for motivating ahem certain behaviors.” He grabs one of the metal underwear contraptions off the wall. “Here, step in.” I didn’t want to cause problems on my first day, still, I found myself saying “Excuse me, sir, what is that? It doesn’t seem like anything I’ve ever seen in any dance studio.” He grunted “You signed a waiver saying we get to choose your attire. Now step in.”

He was right. I did sign such a waiver, thinking of how great a team of professional dancers in form fitted clothing must look. In no position to argue I stepped in. He quickly lifted the belt over my hips and tightened the whole thing. The crotch band felt unusually tight against my pussy and the belt was snug against my hips. He brought the whole thing together with a pin and a lock right under my belly button.

“Hey, what is this thing? It doesn’t seem kosher.” He ignored me. He then grabbed a collar out from the rack and locked it around my neck. A little skittish I said, “This doesn’t seem right.” Again, silence. He then fitted me with a pink pair of tights and a pink leotard. He smugly said “This won’t be your last time here. Now run along to the opening ceremony.” I was more than a little disturbed.

Off to a big auditorium, I found Maria and sat in a table next to her. There was an envelope on the table marked “Maria D-KH” There was only a card on my spot saying “Leah S-CB” An announcer is giving details about the curriculum. I can barely listen as I’m thinking about the metal underwear and collar I’m wearing. Maria whispers “Hey, where were you? And what’s with the collar?”

“I don’t know, but I’m a little afraid of what’s going on here!” I reply, my voice shook a little.

“Oh relax,” Maria says. “Don’t tell me you’re frightened of your first day of school.”

“Of course not!” I shot back, unsure if I believe my own words.

“Quiet, girls!” A nearby counselor admonishes.

“And now I invite the lucky ones to open their envelopes!” The announcer beams, with a little mirth. Lucky ones? “Read the note to yourselves.”

I watch intensely as Maria opens the envelope and carefully extracts the note. As she reads a devilish smile spreads across her face. The look in her eyes scares me–half excitement, half lust, and all sadistic. I’m afraid of what would happen next. She stares at my collar, then my crotch, and grins.

“You girls are dismissed to your dorm rooms, you have a lot to talk about!”

My roommate, my keyholder

We rush back to the dorm. I keep asking Maria what’s on the note. She smirks and says “You’ll want to hear it in private.” We can’t get to the dorm room fast enough.

Maria gets in first, I come in shortly after and she closes the door behind me. “So! I understand you’re wearing some interesting undergarments. STRIP!” Taken aback by my roommate’s new confidence, I strip with automatic obedience. Except for my metal underwear and collar. “What is this stuff!?” I ask, panicking.

And panic I should. For her answer. “The collar, is, well a collar. And around your crotch” She paused to grin and give a sultry laugh “Is a stainless steel chastity belt!”

“A what?”

“A chastity belt. According to this note, it prevents you from having sex, or even masturbating.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I needed it off. I pulled and tugged. “Hehehe, they said you might try that. Go ahead!” Maria seemed to be enjoying this way too much.

I explored my new prison. I tried to get a finger under the crotch shield. I couldn’t even get a fingernail. I tried to push it down, but it was flush against my hips. I tried a combination, seeing if I could get the belt to give just a little and slip my finger under. After rubbing my fingers raw I eventually gave up and simply banged on the belt. I was starting to get a little aroused, but I hid it.

“I bet you could really use this right now!” Maria dangled a key.

“Oh my gosh, you have to give me that key” I roared.

“Not so fast. Let me read you the letter.”

Dear Maria:

It appears we owe you two sets of congratulations. First is for making it into our program. I’m sure you are not too shocked about that part. Jaques School of Ballet prides itself on choosing the best dancers and filling them with the passion that allows them to bring the burning soul of the heart into their performances. Our second congratulations are that due to your dominant personality, much of this burning soul already exists in you. Some others, like your roommate, were not so lucky.

Paired with each dominant talented student is a submissive student in need of guidance to build and nurture that passion you already have. In our experience, we’ve found such students are often distracted, allowing their passions to escape through other means. Often they need these passions contained, so they can be directed on the art of ballet. This is where the procedure comes in.

Your roommate has been fitted with a collar and chastity belt, to aid your journey in making her as focused, disciplined, and passionate as you are. We’ve handed you the keys so you can reward her when necessary, and fan the flames when she needs it. As a natural dominant, we trust you will handle her the way she needs to be handled, and do what must be done to ensure that she burns as bright as she’s capable. We also included some attachments for her collar and some other necessary items. I’m sure you’re creative enough to employ them correctly.

Congratulations again!
Headmaster A Caum.

“I don’t believe my ears!” I need to get out of here! They can’t do this to us! Unlock me so I can make my escape.” I demand.

“That’s an awful lot of big talk for someone who can’t even masturbate on her own. Tell me, what’s it like to wear it.” She coyly replies.

“Just give me the keys” I shoot back.

“You can forget it. I always dreamed of taking power over a girl, but I never thought it’d be so easy. You’re not getting these keys. Partly because you already agreed to be here, and partly because it amuses and arouses me. So again, what’s it like?”

“I don’t need to talk to you.”

“Let me put this in terms you will understand. You can get out tonight, or you can stay in for months. It’s just as easy to do either for me, they gave me the combination to that safe as well, where the keys will stay until I see a use for them. So if you ever want to play with your sweet little pussy again, you’ll tell me how it feels.”

“Fine. I feel trapped, helpless, and a little aroused.” I finally respond.

“Wonderful. And sexy. Time to get dressed for class.”

I pull on my tights. Then I put the leotard over it. Then I feel a chain drop against my neck and two locks click into place. “What’s that?”

“Just making sure you’re committed. They gave me all sorts of fun toys! God help you if you’re naughty.”

I grumble and we get going to class.

Sweat is not the only thing that make you wet

Class ends up being more trying than I thought. One of my favorite parts of the ballet was seeing a bunch of skinny girls in skin-tight clothing. With my metal groin-prison, this was suddenly an exercise in frustration. We did our jumps and pointe. We pranced and danced. All the while I notice a growing sexual urge beneath the cold steel belt. I was getting wet down there for sure. I wondered if it showed.

“Class dismissed!” Normally the words would be music to my ears, but somehow I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much without being able to enjoy myself. I went into the bathroom to see what I could do.

First I asked a girl to help me unzip. “I’m afraid I can’t. It’s a little…locked in place. Your domme must be a mean one!”

I growl “I can’t stand that girl.” I sit down and realize I can’t actually pee either. Not without looking like I wet myself. A damp spot is a sweat, a trail down my leg…well everyone would know what that is. I guess I just have to hold it. I moved to more pressing topics, trying to rub myself off through the belt. My vag is competing with my mouth for slickness and my clit is burning for attention. I rub and rub but the fiendish belt was designed to just miss my clit. A knock on the door: “You better hurry up if you want lunch!” I groan in frustration and storm out.

Maria finds me at lunch. “So how was your first class? Frustrating?” she coquettishly suggests.

Startled I said “How did you know?”

“I saw you checking me out. I know you’re into girls. You didn’t think you were being subtle, did you? You must be dying to get out of that belt.” She toyed with me.

“You have no idea. Look, can you please just let me out?”

“No way! I’m having too much fun. But if you have to, you can speak with the headmaster. I’m sure you can straighten things out with him.”

I drop what I’m doing and rush over to his office. I run into his secretary instead. I notice she has a collar seems to be slightly flush. “Can I speak with Mr. Headmaster?” I ask.

“Having trouble adjusting?” The secretary replies in a sultry voice.

“Come see him after class. Six, perhaps?” “It couldn’t be soon enough, but ok.” I say.

“Tata! Don’t have giggle too much fun at class!” She teased. What was wrong with this place?

I was barely aroused at the start of the first class, and I walked way more aroused than I’d ever been in my life. I don’t know if I could take this next class. The instructor starts. “I assume you all found some passion in your warmup class. Now it’s time to see what you’re made of.” We dance, and I find already I’m making the moves sexy. My hips are sauntering. I’m thrusting every time it works with the movement. My lust brought forth a dancing talent I had not known. Maybe something did work about this. But it wasn’t right! Why did I have to suffer? By the end of the class, my teacher was quite impressed.

“It seems we have a bright young prodigy! Leah, you were destined to dance. And like all those destined for greatness, you may have to work hard and make sacrifices to make the most of your beautiful talent. I hope you’re up to that challenge.”

I thought about it, and I was flattered if I could feel anything other than the desperate need to rip this belt off and rub my clit to an explosion. “Thank you master tom! I do my best”.

“I can’t wait to see how you are tomorrow” he smirks knowingly.

“I loved your performance. It was quite hot!” Maria said, undressing in our dorm room. When the tights came off, I couldn’t help but notice a little glisten.

“That’s nice, Maria, but could you please let me out of everything now? I really need to pee!” I was wiggling, not sure whether I was more desperate for orgasm or simply peeing.

“When you get back from your appointment. But first, I’m feeling a little tense.” She grabbed a vibrator out from the desk drawer.

“You can’t be serious. Now? In front of me?”

“That makes it more fun!”

The dominant power rush

I glare at her.

She slid the vibrator into her glistening sex and moaned a little. A few seconds later her eyes locked onto me. “Listen, Leah, I’m going to say this plainly. I love having this power over you. They were right about me being dominant, I was born to do this and it turns me on so much to watch you in heat. Everything you do, from how your cheeks flush to how your hips bucked just then gets me all slick and wet inside. I could masturbate to this all day, and I probably will. You, on the other hand, are going to be my plaything. You’ll build that passion for sure because I’m going to make sure orgasms are a rare treat for you. When you show me you can dance as well as me. You earned a reward today.” She pauses as her impending orgasm forces her to breathe heavily. She breaths faster and faster. She shuts her eyes. Finally, her whole body contracts and she lets out a soft scream. “God that was good. Best I’ve ever had. I bet you’re jealous.”

Jealous didn’t begin to describe it. I was stabbed somewhere between my heart and my puss with pure, primal envy. My knees had buckled, and I was grinding involuntarily on the floor where I had been standing. Slowly I regained my ability to stand, pussy dripping wet, and clit burning like a smoldering ember. “Run along now! You don’t want to be late! I hear the headmaster frowns on subs that are late.”

I rush through the halls in desperate heat. I’m still wearing the same pink outfit I’d been wearing since the day started, its crotch now soaking with my juices. I looked like I had a small accident. An accident! Suddenly all the need to pee came rushing back. I had neither the time nor the ability to remove my clothes, so I pressed onward.

“So, Leah, I hear you are having difficulty adjusting! What seems to be the trouble.” The headmaster beams, knowingly.

“I think you know it’s this horrible belt. I can’t stop thinking about…you know. And Maria keeps teasing me further!” I protest, vigorously.

“Now now, I know the first day takes some getting used to. As for legality, we did specify a dress code, and the chastity belt does count as an article of clothing. Tell me, Leah, have you ever felt so alive and in touch with your body?”

I thought about it. He was right. All the intense sexual passion had caused me to feel everything in my body. Every movement, every sensation was intensified by this sexual charge. “No” I softly whispered.

“And sexually, is there no pleasure to it? Is it really just pain?”

I may have been frustrated, but I’d never been so aroused in my life either. Despite all my protest, the submissive in me was enjoying this a bit. There was a bit of a high that being sexually denied was giving me in a way I’d never experienced before.


“Such a darling little submissive. I knew we had you pegged. The belt may seem cruel and unusual, but we are very selective about who we put in them, and who we choose to pair off. Maria is well talented and has the perfect attitude. She’s been in special classes to learn just how to bring the best out in you. If you can just relax and trust that we’re molding you into the perfect ballerina, I think you’ll come to realize that all of this can become a source of joy. We don’t want to hurt you, we just want to harness your energy! Have you ever felt such erotic passion in your life?”

My raging groin wanted me to protest, but in my heart, I knew he was right. Ironically being trapped in the belt had ignited an erotic passion I’d never known, I didn’t know I could know. It wasn’t just great for my dance, I was discovering a new side to my sexuality. “No…”

“Don’t you want to see how far it can go?”


“Do you still want to leave?”


“Off you go then. I’m sure Maria wants to show you something special!”

I rush back to Maria’s dorm, still wiggling from needing to pee. I knock desperately on the door. It opens. Maria is naked from the top down. She produces a key. “Are you ready for a reward?”

“OH GOD YES! PLEASE MARIA!” I half begged half shout, and half scream. I was never good at math.

“Great.” She fits the key into my collar lock and pulls my leotard off. My tights quickly follow.

“I bet you’ve been dying to go to the bathroom. Have fun! Enjoy your reward!” I get flustered. I totally plan to have some fun time in the bathroom.

“But the belt! I can’t pee in the belt!”
“Sure you can, didn’t you notice the pee holes?”


“Yes silly! So you can pee without us having to remove your belt!”

My hopes were dashed. I rush to the bathroom and squat over. I let loose. The pee slowly drips down through the mesh. I take a good look, I can see my labia through the holes. I see my clit peeking through the hole closest to the front, trapped like a caged animal. So close and yet so far. By the time I’m done urinating I’m fully aroused.

“Did you enjoy your reward?”

“What reward?”

“I let you pee, silly! You must be relieved!”

It was true. I was relieved. And more frustrated and horny than ever. “You can’t be serious.”

“Today was a good first step, but you have a long way to go. I can’t wait for you to earn fun with feathers. Actually, you can earn a few points tonight. How’s your oral?”

“I..uh…do you mean?”

“Just because you’re stuck helplessly yearning for relief doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun. Come on! Maybe it’ll help to give selflessly. Like community service!”

I start licking. My clit burns with envious passion as I gently tease her with my tongue. Her sex glistening lightly, her clit hot with passion, I lick furiously with my tongue. She grabs my hair and presses my face in harder. I lick with all my might as fast as possible. I hear her panting. I lick harder, my own sex bucking and twitching trying vainly to latch onto vicarious freedom while being filled with envy. Finally, I feel her pussy twitch, and I know it’s coming. Her thighs squeeze my head like it’s in a vice and I can barely breathe. Finally, as I wonder if I’m going to die frustrated, between a beautiful girl’s legs, she lets me breathe.

“That was…whoo. You do need some work though. I think you’ve earned your choice of pjs for the night, and as much time as you need to giggle enjoy your frustration. No cold showers until I get to sleep, though. I want your first night to be special!”

She lays blissfully asleep while I continue to grind the bed in frustration. Finally, exhausted, I drop onto my pillow. Watching Maria’s peaceful afterglow and feeling world war three in my pussy, I feel a warm, selfless love for the girl.

I think maybe this is for the best as I drift off to sleep.

In Ballet, Males Are Always Secondary.

“Mr. Moscowitz, I understand you wish to do a column on us! Please! Have a seat!” Headmaster Caum greeted in a friendly, calm manner.

“Yes Mr. Caum, the world has been buzzing about the talent put forth by Jacque’s School of Ballet. There’s has been a lot of speculation and quite a few interesting rumors out there about your unorthodox training techniques. I’m dying to take a tour of your campus!” I had heard rumors that the school had been using some kind of sexual technique to bring out the passion in their students. I wasn’t sure if it was entirely legal. I was 23 and just out of journalism school, so I had to get the scoop.

We discussed the history of the school. It wasn’t much as it had just sprung up in the last five years. Headmaster Caum had invested a substantial amount of money from his own assets to found Jacque’s. The school wasn’t named after anyone, but instead, the name “Jacque” was chosen for marketing reasons. It was originally small but grew fast when the first class of formerly mediocre students started dancing on the professional level after. How Mr. Caum happened across these students was somewhat of a mystery. Neither he, nor they, seemed willing to discuss their origins.

“Well Mr. Moscowitz, if you are going to tour our schools you will have to obey our rules. I’m sure you understand. I must have you sign this waiver before I can let you in the door.” He stated, cautiously.

I read through the agreement, it seemed pretty standard except for a few clauses about the dress code. I wasn’t exactly sure how “device” and “clothing” could fit in the same category without inflicting the kind of bodily injury that would cripple an up and coming dancer. I signed it.

“Excellent! Right this way sir! Step into our changing room Ms. Larochelle will get you changed”


It was the girls’ first day practicing with the boys. I was practicing a difficult lift with her new partner, John. I jumped, he caught, and both of us crashed to the floor with a resounding clank as we landed hip to hip on top of each other. As we picked ourselves up from the tangled pile of limbs we caught each other’s gaze.

“Are you..?” I gestured crotchwards. He looked at me downcast. I smiled.

“We definitely need to chat after class!” I beamed. I wonder what it’s like for the boys!


I entered their changing room, and it was unlike any changing room I had ever seen. There were no stalls or room or any structures that would give anyone any privacy. In fact, it was featureless except for what looked like a freezer on the right-hand side. Both the door behind me were thick steel and I got a distinct impression that the walls were equally well enforced. Who builds a dressing room like this?

“Alright, you are going to have to change into a faculty uniform before you enter, Mr. Moscowitz so please get undressed.” Her voice was almost hypnotic. It was cheerful, warm, sultry and sexy all at the same time. It complimented her figure beautifully, which was a rare combination of curvy and skinny, with muscle in all the right places. She was a rare beauty indeed.

“May I have a little privacy?” I choked. My brain was a little short on blood.

“Oh, don’t be silly Mr. Moscowitz–”

“You can call me Dave”

“—David. You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before, and besides, I have to make sure the clothes fit. We have hard regulations on dress code in our facility.”

“Right…I read that.” When in Rome, I thought. I began to strip. I had gotten to dropping my pants when she startled me.

“I see you know a little bit about hard regulations. One of our more unorthodox rules is that this facility is an erection-free zone.” She opened the freezer and pulled out a foreign looking device. “This should help calm you down.” With startling quickness and precision, she began putting it on me. “We keep these in the freezer to help certain boys follow the rules. The cold helps reduce the swelling so we can keep them nice and relaxed.” She clicked it shut. “There! Now you can stay focused on your interview!”

I was stunned. I looked down at the device. It consisted of three metal parts, a ring that went around my balls, a tube that just barely allowed enough room for my now-flaccid cock, and a post that held them all together. There was a hole in the post just big enough for the lock she threaded through it and closed. I was beyond shocked and even more scared.

“Aww, don’t be sad!” She chirped. “It’s just the rules!” She struggled to hide a chuckle. “Ok now finish getting dressed so you can finish your tour!”

I put on the jumpsuit in the box I had come in with. Hardly precision fitted clothing. I couldn’t believe I was duped by that. I was in no position to make a scene, though. They had me by the balls quite literally. If I ever wanted to have normal sex again, I had to play along.

“So I see you made it past the fitting room! I guess there’s no further need to hold back. Our campus is divided into two sides, one for the boys, and one for the girls. There’s a stage in the middle where they practice their moves when they need to be together. Let’s visit the girls’ side first.”

We made our way to the girl’s side. “This way is our dormitory. Right out front is changing rooms, which you could say you’re intimately familiar with. As you notice there are two. In addition to our other requirements, one of our qualifications that every individual student needs to be either very dominant or deeply submissive. With their introduction packets, each girl is given a small card with either D:KH or S:CB printed in the middle. D:KH stands for ‘Dominant: Keyholder’ and S:CB stands for ‘submissive: chastity belt.’ The dominants go into the room on the right and are none the wiser after receiving a normal set of ballet clothes and told to wait in the auditorium. The submissives, on the other hand, are fitted with chastity belts and collars as well as their clothing and gruffly send them off, bewildered to the auditorium, to sit next to their roommates.”

We entered the dorm “All our rooms except for the RA’s room are doubles. This wasn’t an accident: we designed the floor plan this way to facilitate our program. We select equal amounts of both sides of the coin and then match them in our dorm room. We break it to the girls in the auditorium. Usually, there’s a little shock about our procedures at first, but due to our stringent admission requirements, most girls end up being pretty happy with the situation. Let’s take a look at our average dorm room”

I might have noticed the layout of the room if there hadn’t been a scene happening in it. A girl was sprawled out on the floor leaning up against the bed in nothing but some metal underwear while a dark-haired girl was dressed in a blouse and jacket and nothing else, and she was masturbating over her. As she was getting into it she panted. “So hot, so–Master Caum!”

Both girls, startled scrambled to their feet. “Relax, Maria and Leah. I’m just giving this nice man a tour. Care to tell him how you like Jacques?”

Maria answered first. “Oh god, I love it. I always loved ballet but this has got to be the best experience I’ve had in my life! The teachers are good the dorms are…comfortable and the food is…wonderful! She grinned devilishly. You may speak, my dear”

Leah answered shyly. “Well, I had some difficulty adjusting first, due to…well…you know. But once I embraced it I found it one of the most intense experiences I’ve had in a long time. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!”

“Glad you two girls are so happy. Care to tell us a bit more about your relationship?”

Maria, again, answered first. “Well as you probably saw earlier, sex is something we’re quite comfortable with. Due to my dominant nature, I already dance like a star, but Leah here needs a little help. I help motivate her by making sure she only gets rewards when she dances to the best of her abilities. I am her mentor, but I have to say that I take quite a bit of pleasure in it, as you might imagine. Leah, do you have anything to add? Again, sugar buns, you have permission to speak.”

“Well, at first I was quite shocked by the idea, but then not even a day in I saw such great results. I was a mediocre dancer before but thank’s to Maria’s wise guidance and disciplined motivation, I started dancing with a passion I didn’t know I had. She really brings out the best in me!” The look in Leah’s eyes betrayed a young girl deeply in love. Maria, through her own harshness, reciprocated that look, though Leah seemed unaware of this.

“Seems like you girls are quite happy together!” Observed Headmaster Caum.

“We are!” Answered Maria. Leah just smiled, her eyes still sparkling.

Maybe I misjudged him. Maybe something good really was coming out of this school despite all the extreme and unsually sexual measures. Perhaps because of them. Next was the boy’s dorm.


Earlier that day:

“Marriiiiiiaaaaa, I have someone new for you to meet!” I said gleefully dragging poor john by the wrist. I was more than a little excited to have a new friend with something intimate in common with!

“Oh?” Maria offhandedly replied, not even looking up from her book. Teasing 101: Techniques to drive her wild with lust.

“Come on, Maria! Meet John! I met him in class and–” I bubbled.

“A boy?” Maria cut me off. “My my, It’s a good thing you’re locked up in that belt or I might have to worry about you.”

“Actually I-” John started

“He’s like me! I dunno how but they make belts for boys too!”

“Now now, Leah, manners! Don’t cut the boy off! We’ll talk about that later, First I’m intrigued about what a male chastity belt is like. Strip!”

Without hesitation, the boy dropped his tights.

It was the first time I’d seen a penis outside of a drawing in the birds and bees talk at school. When I saw the metal penis tube I couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“It’s like a thimble!” I couldn’t stop laughing.

“That’s enough!” Maria admonished. “You had metal barbie anatomy last I saw!”

I turned beet red with embarrassment. His tube twitched. “Um girls, are you sure you’re allowed to have, ya know, boys in your room?”

“Oh I think it’ll be alright, after all, you’re a little giggle impotent.” I couldn’t help but laugh. He twitched again in his tube. There was a gleam in Maria’s eyes–a gleam I’ve grown to love.

“I think I need to get us some toys!”


“Once again right at the entrance is one changing room. As you might guess finding boys who pursue ballet to this level is a little harder than finding girls. As you might more astutely guess, there is also a very clear trend in the kinds of boys that apply here, namely that the overwhelming majority of them are submissive. Therefore there is only a submissive changing room.”

Headmaster caum guided us into the dressing room. I was a little cautious. Inside was boy’s ballet clothing and on the other side a vast array of devices.

“Training boys is handled a little differently than the girls. Since as a rule of thumb, there are very few dominant students, the dominant students are allowed to change wherever they wish and are granted alpha status. The rest of the boys are sent into the submissive changing room where they are made to strip naked.”

Headmaster paused to let that thought sink in, then continued. “A handful of boys will qualify for beta status after they’ve been sent to the submissive. In order to be a beta, the boy’s penis must be either longer than 8″ or wider than 2.5″. Usually the dominatrixes we keep on staff can eyeball these things, but on some close cases we will have to measure. Due to difficulty finding large chastity belts and our tendency to reward nature’s gifts, if a boy qualifies as a beta, typically they will be allowed to forgo chastity and only have to obey our faculty and alphas. All other boys fall under omega status.”

Again, Headmaster Caum paused to allow me to contemplate the previous description. “Once our Dommes determine a boy is omega, she will usually tell the boy that the campus has a policy against erections and we fit him with a chastity tube like the one you’re wearing. We have six types of chastity tubes that range from the smallest one, to what we call the ‘Magnum tube’, designed to harness those who tragically just narrowly missed the cut.” I looked at my device: it appeared to be the second smallest tube. No wonder I had so much trouble getting girls to bed.

Caum continued. “We believe in a progression of chastity for the boys. Each device has guidelines for how often the boy should be allowed to release. Ordering them from 1 is smallest to 6 is biggest, we divide them into groups 1-3 and 4-6. In the beginning, all boys will get their first orgasm after a week. From then on, groups 4-6 will generally trend towards shorter release times, ultimately earning permanent freedom from their belts provided they continue to make progress and don’t break the rules. 4 will progress to this goal the slowest and six will progress to this goal the fastest all things equal. Groups 1-3 will trend towards fewer orgasms. Group three will generally have the frequency of their orgasms slowly cut back but never eliminated altogether capping out at once every three months minimum. Occasionally if they fall just short of their potential, their unlock sessions will fall just short of orgasm before they’re locked back in their belts. Since these boys wind up in chastity after our program is done, usually we give the keys to the dominants, unless the boy chooses permanent chastity, which is rare but it does happen.”

I leaned in at the next part wanting to know what would happen to a boy of my size. Caum grinned slightly. “The twos and ones are the reason for these fancy devices here.” He pointed to the full flourentine chastity belts, “Both will ultimately wind up in one after a little of the training we give threes. Once we feel a two has progressed to this phase, we hold a ceremony in the boy’s dorm where he is transferred from his tube to the belt. This will be the last time he will get to touch his equipment, so we let the other boys watch as he brings himself to his last manual orgasm. His orgasms from then on will be provided by the dominatrix staff, and he will either receive an orgasm, teasing, or a ruined orgasm based on his performance from best to worst respectively. In addition, the belt is designed with a mini, remote control vibrator for summoning and teasing purposes. From then on, a short teasing buzz is how ones and twos are addressed. Even after graduation, the school keeps the keys to the belts, though it entertains the whims of any domme a one or two finds himself under the thumb of provided she keeps to his orgasm curriculum”

I thanked my lucky stars I wanted to be a reporter and not a male ballerina at this school.


“So, john, I’m curious how chastity is for guys!” I asked, curious as a kitten. Maria had gone to get toys leaving us to

“Um…well…I wasn’t really expecting it when I first got here, to be honest. They brought me into this room and told me to strip naked, then they told me erections weren’t allowed so they locked this tube on me.”

He was a little shy! I loved it. “They did that to me too! How have you found your stay! Once I got into the right headspace it’s been a thrill.”

“Well it was tolerable for the first few days. Perhaps a little fun even, like taking a little extra time. But then it got a couple days in I found myself constantly distracted. I can’t even get hard in this thing! It hurts sometimes but I can’t stop myself. I wind up in fits of frustration. It gets intense.”

“Intense is right. Often times I wake up in the middle of the night wanting to rub my sopping wet parts and I just fume until I exhaust myself back to sleep. Maria doesn’t let me use the shower.”

“I wouldn’t be able to make it without a shower. I’m nearly constantly aroused as it is, I need something to take the edge off.”

The door opened. Behind it was Maria holding up a strap on and some handcuffs. “I have toys!!!”


I shuddered to think what a poor one was given. Mr. Caum didn’t waste any time letting me be curious. “The ones have their orgasms scaled back faster than even the twos, typically winding up in the full belts in a year or two. Their belt ceremony is different and a little more involved. First, they will have to blow all the staff, alphas and betas. Then they will be cuffed as their tube is removed. The domme then administers him his first ruined orgasm by mouth signifying both the end of orgasms and the end of oral and vaginal sex for him. From then on, when he’s earned a good reward he will be let out of his belt to be teased and locked again. If he’s mediocre, he will get a ruined orgasm. If he’s bad, he will be let out of his belt and not be touched or allowed to touch himself.”

“We’ve spent enough time in the fitting room, I think it’s about time we showed you the actual dorm!” As we walked through the dorm, I couldn’t help but notice the boys looked rather normal given what I had just heard. They still roughhoused and played games and had the same pecking orders I remember from college. Maybe it really was just part of nature. “Here’s a model dorm”

There were two beds, both boys were playing video games, hooked up to a small television. It reminded me of my old college dorm, with the suspicious absence of pot. Things sure did seem cleaner, too. I’ve never known boys to be so neat. I wondered if the chastity had anything to do with it.

“Of course, sometimes males have trouble adjusting to their device and status, so we have somewhat of a time out for them.” Master Caum led me down the stairwell and into the basement. It was a total shock to find out it looked like a prison. There were boys in all the cells, all wearing nothing but their chastity tubes. Some were asleep. Some idly fidgeting. A couple were desperately trying to masturbate through their devices, though their faces betrayed that it was to no avail. Suddenly Master Caum opened one of the locked cells. The boy made no attempt to escape.

“Well, David, this is where your tour ends. You did work out to be a size two, so you’re entitled to the orgasm schedule we have for that. Unfortunately, your arrival has caught us a little off guard, so you’ll be staying down here until we figure out a proper place for you and you show us you won’t do something as silly as runoff or call the police and earn yourself permanent chastity or worse.” Sensing these people weren’t to be trifled with I accepted my fate. My cock stirred in the tube in protest. Master Caum closed the bar door and locked it. “Now strip so these other boys don’t get ideas about special treatment.” I glared at him in refusal. “Come now. You didn’t think we’d let you tour the facility without giving you a sample of our program, did you?” My cock was twitching in response to how effortless he seized control of me. Was I enjoying this somehow? I stripped without further hesitation. “Twitching in excitement already? Looks like your cock is happy in its new home like a fish returned to the water. You truly are special David, I’ll make sure you receive the special torment you deserve. For now, I’ll leave you alone to explore your prison and your prison within a prison.”

I stood as I watched Master Caum swagger out of the basement jail. My cock throbbed angrily in the tube and I felt a hot neediness that was new to me. I tried to pull out. Ouch. Like being kicked in the balls. I tried to get my finger into the tube. Not nearly enough to stimulate. I tried pulling the tube back and forth to generate some friction. My cock filled it all the way to capacity and the tube wouldn’t even generate a little fiction. Not that that stopped me. I pulled and tugged for what must have been hours before I collapsed in exhaustion. “Newbs.” I could hear someone scoff from the next cell over. I couldn’t cum. I couldn’t even get hard. All I could do was sit and slowly drip precum. Now I sat alone, with accompanied my aching frustrated orgasmless cock, cruelly bound in this fiendish steel tube as I wondered what Master Caum had in store for me next.

Chapter 3: Problems like Maria aren’t meant to be solved.

I was sitting in my dorm room after being let out from our teasing classes. Leah was still at her ballet class, so I decided to catch up on some reading they’d given us Dommes to help tease our subs. It was a rather exciting chapter on teasing that I couldn’t wait to try out. Leah had been all locked up for three days already and the girl was like a little bitch in heat. I loved it, and was eager to find new ways to make her more frustrated and horny than ever.

“Marriiiiiiaaaaa, I have someone new for you to meet!” Speaking of the devil.

“Oh?” I volleyed. Honestly, the reading was getting quite sexy.

“Come on, Maria! Meet John! I met him in class and–” S bubbled.

“A boy?” I cut her off. “My my, It’s a good thing you’re locked up in that belt or I might have to worry about you.”

“Actually I-” John started

“He’s like me! I dunno how but they make belts for boys too!”

“Now now, Leah, manners! Don’t cut the boy off! We’ll talk about that later, First I’m intrigued about what a male chastity belt is like. Strip!” I was thoroughly amused. Apparently, the girl subs weren’t the only ones that had problems getting laid. I wonder when he last enjoyed that delicious freedom of orgasm.

Without hesitation, the boy dropped his tights.

The boy looked rather…ahem. Small. I wondered if that had anything to do with him being locked up. Maybe it was the belt itself that was forcing him to be small.

“It’s like a thimble!” Leah couldn’t stop laughing. Honestly, I would have joined her–between his tiny dick and his locked up predicament it was quite a hilarious sight. But someone had to maintain composure, and it wasn’t going to be either of the subs.

“That’s enough!” I admonished. “You had metal barbie anatomy last I saw!”

Leah’s face flushed. His tube twitched. “Um girls, are you sure you’re allowed to have, ya know, boys in your room?”

“Oh I think it’ll be alright, after all, you’re a little giggle impotent.” Leah giggled. He twitched again in his tube. The poor boy must be incredibly frustrated. My mind started bubbling and boiling with ideas of how to torment both of them.

“I think I need to get us some toys!”

I strode down to the Domme classroom. They had all sorts of fun toys there. Whips flogs, violet wands, chains, rope, cages, and of course, several dildos and plugs of various shapes and sizes. It was a dungeon crawler’s dream! I knocked on the door.

“Mistress Larochelle!” I greeted. I wasn’t allowed to say more than that. Despite being a Domme, I was still her student, and the woman demanded respect. I wasn’t about to cross her.

“Little Maria. Come in. How may I help you? You may speak.” She kindly invited. Her knowing smile suggested she at least could ballpark why I was here.

“Mistress, my slave leah brought home a male friend, and I was really hoping I could borrow some toys to have fun frustrating both of them.”

“I’m a fan of extra credit, but I think it’s important that you don’t take things too far, too fast. You’re just learning how to be a fantastic tease, so I think it’s important that you focus on teasing. This is also a special time for your slaves. They’re still getting used to their belts and haven’t yet started to channel their sexuality elsewhere, so frustration is going to affect them especially deeply right now. I think you should take this strap on and have fun with a gentle exploration of just how frustrated they can get!”

“Thank you Mistress! You’re very wise!”

“You’re a good student, too, Maria, but try to make sure you don’t speak unless I give you permission, ok?”

I was silent. She handed me the strap on and some handcuffs. Headmaster Caum entered. He didn’t acknowledge me, but gestured her to tell me to leave.

“That was excellent. Now run along, little one!” Ms Larochelle dismissed.

I couldn’t wait to have some fun with Leah and John. I definitely knew I was going get a fucking, even if it was with a plastic cock. It was sized pleasantly above average, but not too obscene–perfect since I was in the mood for a nice pleasant fuck, not to get torn in half. I opened the door.

“I have toys!” I announced, displaying my loot.

“Uh…my…uh…is that?” Leah fumbled.

“It’s a strap ons. I assume you’ve seen handcuffs before!” The girl is so charmingly naive. Is catholic school really that sheltered?

“What are you going to do with that?” John asked voice caught. He must be really desperate for some relief. Oh well! Don’t have the keys to his contraption.

“More like what are you going to do with it. I’ve been missing having good fucking since I got here and I think it’s time for you two to have a contest! The prize…” I gestured to the key, which I now wore around my neck” “Is the possibility for a little fun!”

Leah practically jumped out of her skin. She had been rather desperate, so even the hope of being freed was enough to cause the poor girl to swell with excitement, and probably a few other feelings. John seemed less enthused.

“I…don’t mean to bother you, Miss Maria, but you can’t let me out! What fun is it for me?” John’s eyes were again downcast. Poor boy. He must be desperate for a little relief.

“I know, john, and I’d love to give you a fair chance, but I’ll tell you what. If you perform better than leah, then you’ll get to watch me tease her. It may not be much, but misery loves company!” I knew well how this would turn out. Poor leah didn’t have a chance. She was just learning about sex and while her oral had come a long way, I doubt she could handle a strap on. At least john at one point had a free analogous piece of equipment.

He perked up a bit. “That could be fun! I always did like lesbians.”

“Too bad you only watch them in a chastity belt!” I teased. “Ok now who’s first?”

“MEMEMEME I NEED TO get out of this belt. I simply must!” Leah begged.

“Ladies first.” Responded john. I guess I couldn’t blame him for being less than enthusiastic, but it wasn’t the response I hoped for.

I expected Leah’s performance to be rough around the edges, but I wasn’t expecting what happened. The poor girl put the thing on the edge of her belt and managed after a little fumbling to guide it into me. She humped with all her lust, but she’d gotten a little spastic. As intended, the constant humping motion and pressure on her crotch plate got her a little-worked up. Soon she was frustratedly thrusting erratically. Not hot at all. After I beared as much as I could I finally had to push the poor girl away. She looked like she was going to cry.

“I..I tried…it just made me so horny! I couldn’t help it! Please! Give me another chance.” She pleaded.

“Sorry Leah, it’s time for the tubed-up little boy to try his hand at giving a girl a good fuck.” I directed. John seemed surprisingly cool about it for a shy guy.

John’s attempt was better, but still that of a teenage boy. A bit of awkward groping and hiccups here and there, but eventually we fell into a rhythm and I built to a gentle climax. Good god, both of them needed work, but at least John did manage to get me off. The poor boy was twitching madly in his tube and I noticed he didn’t exactly stop grinding his hips when I got off. Endless stamina. That’s potential!

“Well. It seems Leah and John are 0 and 1. But I’m feeling charitable, so I’ll let Leah have a little fun.” Leah perked up. Poor girl must be delirious with horniness.

“Ok Leah, hands behind your back.” I cuffed her hands. “I just need to get your belt back on you when we’re done!” She pouted. Hot.

I produced the key and put it in the lock. She breathed in deeply in anticipation as the lock popped open and the crotch shield fell with slack, exposing her glistening sex. Glistening doesn’t even begin to cover it–the girl was sopping wet and her clit was visibly engorged. She made a little, jerkey mini thrust. She must have been dying for this moment.

I started in deep, touching her g-spot. She let out a small yelp. Her sex must have been dying even just for a touch. I started rubbing from there up to but just missing her clit. I traced along her labia, gliding right over the nerves beneath. She started panting. I stroked gently, but faster and faster. The girl thrust her hips forward with each stroke, finally holding them forward in anticipation of orgasm. I stopped right then.

She tossed her head back and cried. “No…you can’t…”. I repeated the process a few times. By the end the girl was a frustrated, horny mess, bucking and twitching uncontrollably, poor clit radiating heat and a trail of lube smeared across her bedsheets. The girl was a wreck.

I got her chastity belt and began to get strap it onto her. “NO! THAT’S NOT FAIR! YOU TOLD ME I COULD CUM!”. My own pussy began to twitch a bit. She was hot when she was a frustrated mess.

“I changed my mind!” The truth was it was just a lot more fun to play with her when she had hope. “Besides, you didn’t make me cum, why should I make you cum? Fair’s fair.” If looks could kill. I couldn’t blame the girl for being a little upset. I’m sure that lust was eclipsing it. “John, did you enjoy the show?”

The poor boy looked like he almost as horny as Leah. His cock was twitching uncontrollably and he had his own trail dripping out of the pee hole. He, too was grinding his hips. Poor boy. I hope he got out soon.

“John, Leah and I need some time alone. It looks like you could use a nice shower.” He nodded and got dressed.

Once he was gone I started my lecture. “Leah, you need to improve on a couple things. The sex was terrible You’re going to need to practice pleasing a woman with a strap on, and we’re going to start that daily.” She groaned. Her hips bucked involuntarily. “You’re also going to only speak when I give you permission. I like the idea of you being too docile and delicate to be allowed to speak freely. You’re beautiful, and I want to see you, not hear you.” She looked at me helplessly, like she didn’t know what to feel.

“This is hot.” I started to please myself. I was a bit worked up from all the excitement. “So hot. So–Master Caum!” Just then headmaster caum opened the door.

“Relax, Maria and Leah. I’m just giving this nice man a tour. Care to tell him how you like Jacques?”

I answered, expecting silence from Leah. “Oh god I love it. I always loved ballet but this has got to be the best experience I’ve had in my life! The teachers are good the dorms are…comfortable and the food is…wonderful! She grinned devilishly. You may speak, my dear”

Leah answered shyly. “Well, I had some difficulty adjusting first, due to…well…you know. But once I embraced it I found it one of the most intense experiences I’ve had in a long time. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!”

“Glad you two girls are so happy. Care to tell us a bit more about your relationship?”

I continued. “Well as you probably saw earlier, sex is something we’re quite comfortable with. Due to my dominant nature, I already dance like a star, but Leah here needs a little help. I help motivate her by making sure she only gets rewards when she dances to the best of her abilities. I am her mentor, but I have to say that I take quite a bit of pleasure in it, as you might imagine. Leah, do you have anything to add? Again, sugar buns, you have permission to speak.”

“Well, at first I was quite shocked by the idea, but then not even a day in I saw such great results. I was a mediocre dancer before but thanks to Maria’s wise guidance and disciplined motivation, I started dancing with a passion I didn’t know I had. She really brings out the best in me!” I really admired her I had just finishing tormenting her and yet she still felt she was better for it. For all the erotic power plays, I was starting to have deep feelings for her. It’s too soon to call it love, but I definitely had a special place for her in my heart.

“Seems like you girls are quite happy together!” Observed Headmaster Caum.

Kinky playmates in

“We are!” I answered, truthfully. Leah just smiled, her eyes sparkling.