He was furious with me for being such a brat….. for behaving poorly and not caring if my antics hurt him or not. He was tired of my being selfish and difficult….. So as the door slammed hard, I quickly turned to see him
standing there, already unbuttoning his pants. My heart began pounding in my ears. The sickening (and yes, exciting…) “thwick” as his belt leaves the loops…. His face tells me this beating will leave marks….. his eyes flash with barely-controlled rage. I realize that I’m caught between the bed and the wall…. my only escape is to flee over the bed or turn and fight him off. Daddy is a wall himself, I’d never even make a dent. So I turn back and begin scampering across the big bed (fuck, WHY is it SO big??) – but before I’m even halfway across, I feel a hand clamp around my ankle and yank me back. A hard, stinging slap lands on my pajama-covered ass, followed by seven more in very quick succession. Fear begins to well up in my chest as tears spring already to my eyes.

“You are not going ANYWHERE. You deserve what you get….. you asked for this,” he growls in my ear, his deep voice almost shaking with anger. Not one to be quietly subdued, my fight or flight instinct once again takes over and I begin to violently thrash in an attempt to get away from him. A low, angry growl escapes his throat as he pulls me half off the bed, trapping one arm quite painfully behind my back, and my legs down with one of his. I am hopelessly pinned. A prisoner. DAMN his Army training!

“You’re only making it worse for yourself, Little One,” he says, his voice like ice – and for an instant, I believe he wants me to make it harder on myself!

With deft hands, Daddy begins yanking clothes off me, leaving only my tank top. I suddenly feel the cold air from the bedroom fan as it breathes across my newly bared ass cheeks, and I feel a slight twitch in my pussy as I hear Daddy suck in his breath as he sees my almost naked body. His hand tightens on my wrist as if angrier at me for having to be turned on at my nakedness. His thighs are like warm steel holding me firmly over the bed.

“Of course I never expected you to lie still and take it – but you’ve earned yourself extra for being such a bitch.” My breath catches in my throat… a bitch? I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Daddy so angry. His voice gets more clinical and cold with each word – and that scares me more than anything. And excites me, too. I meet his Vulcan demeanor with pure teenage determination. I say nothing.

In answer to my silence, I hear him fumble with his belt, looping it up double and checking his grip on the ends. My blood turns to ice water, but I still refuse to say a word. I will NOT give him the satisfaction! My body betrays me, though, by beginning to tremble ever so slightly. And a further betrayal – growing excitement. The thought of Daddy whipping me, looking at my naked body, even his rage – all brings about a highly erotic state for me. I feel tingles in my pussy, knowing that it’s beginning to drip… and my nipples strain against the cotton of my tank top. What is happening to me?

Before I can begin to reason it out, however, I feel Daddy swing his arm up, and with a low, animalistic growl in his throat, he brings the belt back down on my young flesh. Pain races through my body like wildfire, and I scream out in spite of myself. “Aaaahhhhh, NO, DADDY! That HURTS! Stop!!” He acts as though he hasn’t heard, however, and a second – even HARDER, if that’s possible? – blow lands across the middle of my ass cheeks. The pain is absolutely unbearable… yet my nipples ache against my shirt, and I can already feel juices seeping down my thigh. My confused mind is at war with my body.

A third violent strike lands across the tops of my thighs, and I manage to squirm slightly away from his grasp, now that we’re both sweating a bit.

“You stay right where you are,” an almost unfamiliar voice growls in my ear, and a firmer grasp puts me back in place. “That’s another two for you.” Daddy’s words fly by me unnoticed, however, because I am transfixed by the hardness I feel against my thigh. I feel dizzy with the implications of his arousal – arousal at beating his one and only daughter. Or is it from seeing me naked? I am bombarded by thoughts and questions…

In rapid succession, three vicious blows fall on my already crimson ass and upper thighs, leaving nasty welts in their wake. I feel bruised and swollen. Gutteral sounds slip from Daddy’s throat as the rage pours from him – feeding on itself, rather than abating. I hear deafening screams and sobs, and only after a few moments do I realize that those raspy sounds are coming from my own throat! I struggle, but only enough to feel as though I’m not simply lying down and taking it – not enough to earn me a longer strapping. My heart threatens to rip out of my chest, and the sheets under me become soaked with my tears. Yet through all this… my pussy continues to throb, juice positively flowing down my legs and onto the side of the bed. I panic that he will be able to see… that he will know I’m a slut. Surely that would lengthen this hell?

“I hate you!” The words fly in a cry unbidden from my mouth, and panic surges anew, turning my skin to ice. I am truly afraid, yet a new emotion begins to emerge – a rage of my own. A new emotion smoldering in my belly like an infant, suckling at my embarrassment and fear.

I feel a cruel hand twist itself up in my hair and yank my head back, threatening to tear my head off. I scream and reach back to grip your arm, trying to free myself, in vain of course. You are surely possessed… your voice travels like little fingers to my pussy – stroking it, caressing it – ending all reason and sanity. “Good,” you growl, sounding so much like the wolves you prize. “That will make me enjoy this so much more.”

As if to emphasize your point, you wind up and deliver another two blows to my welted and blistered body, and before I know what’s happening, a low moan escapes my throat. You freeze, arm high in the air about to deliver another. I can almost hear the cranks in your head turning, reasoning out what you just heard. Within seconds you come back to yourself and bring that belt down, harder than the rest.

“From now on,” you spit at me, “you WILL think of someone other than yourself!” Two more blows, accompanied by guttural moans from you, end the tirade, and you finally let go of me. Eleven straps with your leather belt – and I vow silently to make you pay for each and every one. For every bruise, every welt. At this moment, I truly hate you… and hate myself for feeling so alive and aroused.

You stand there panting, waiting for my reaction. Slowly I peel myself off the bed, a mess of sweat, welts, bruises, a little blood – and completely soaked between my thighs, although I’m not sure you are aware of that. Slowly I turn to face you, and you blink in surprise at the rage barely contained on my tear-stained face. If submissive obedience and chagrin is what you expected, you are sorely disappointed. I straighten myself up, sticking my chin in the air. My voice drawls out in a hateful hiss – like water on hot coals. “Don’t you ever hit me again.” You can see that I’m trembling. With rage? Fear? Embarrassment? Or… something else? And then, in an irony that eludes only brave teenagers, I wind up and slap you across the face as hard as I possibly can. Which, for your daughter, is rather hard – sufficiently shocking you for a moment.

At that moment I realize my mistake, and turn tail to run as quickly as my shaky legs will carry me. I manage to get as far as the hallway before I hear you roar with fury and give chase. Panic springs in my chest and I run faster, but I only make it to the end of the hallway before you reach me – grabbing my hair and yanking me backwards into your broad chest. I scream. You don’t even notice… you don’t say a word as you slam me to the floor, knocking the wind out of my lungs. I look up helplessly as you throw all of your weight on top of me, pinning me to the cold wooden floor.

“That was a mistake, bitch – one that you will regret.” I see no trace of my loving Daddy in you now – only anger. Your eyes flash with the insanity of violence and the desire to inflict pain. In moments you have rid yourself of your boxers and T-shirt, and with quick yank – my tank top is ripped from my body. Your knees thud down between my legs, separating them, and as I struggle to regain my wits, you snarl as you look down at my naked, aroused body. Your eyes rake over me, taking in my painfully hard nipples, the sweat covering my skin, and the slickness covering my thighs. Bringing your eyes back to mine, your face slides into a sickening grin.

“Would you like to be my whore? Daddy’s whore?” Painfully, cruelly, you twist one nipple – and then the other. Alarm bells race through my body, causing me to struggle desperately against my bonds, which only enrages you further. With a snarl, you slap me – HARD! – not once, not twice, but three times across the face, scrambling my wits. I immediately feel the swelling begin – in my face, and further in my pussy. In my fear, all I can do is glare back at you.

Taking both my small hands in one of yours, you reach down to rip my thighs open, pulling my body closer to you. I know what is coming, and I am ashamed to feel my hips arching up to meet you. With one quick thrust, you push your thick, hard cock deep into my pussy – throwing your head back and crying out as you feel my hot, wet flesh close around it. Immediately you begin pounding into my young pussy, desperate to sate this lust.

“You bastard!” I’m barely able to spit out, in between guttural moans and choking sobs. “You bastard, how could you?” Yet my body betrays me yet again by matching your thrusts, wanting more. Needing more!

“Shut up, bitch – you begged for this. You fucking whore.” You fuck harder, deeper, trying to punish me. I only moan louder. In your mind, you see all the skimpy outfits I paraded around the house in… the boys I made out with downstairs or on the front porch… the time you watched through the crack of my door as I brought myself to climax with my glass dildo. And you punish my cunt for every thought.

It seems to go on for hours… being split open by my Daddy’s cruel thrusts, and cumming shamelessly all over his throbbing dick, coating it with my juices. Suddenly you begin to fuck faster, growling deep in your throat, gripping me painfully.

A desperate thought comes to mind and I push up almost to my elbows. “Don’t you DARE cum inside me, you fuck!” My voice is raspy and shrill with panic. I’m already close to another orgasm…

You slap me again, wait for me to register the shock, and then once more. My pussy twitches at the sheer enjoyment on your face. You are a sick man! Your breath comes in ragged bursts, and you lean down to growl in my ear, “I will cum in you, slut… and you will carry my seed in your belly.” My blood freezes.

And with a final thrust and howl, you explode deep in my pussy, causing a last orgasm to arch my back. We lay there for long moments, panting, sweating, trying to come back to our senses.

“I hope you’ve learned your lesson,” you whisper.

Oh, I have…