Cuckold with curves

Larry first noticed the changes on a Friday night.  That was when he
usually had sex with his glamorous, full-figured wife Tanya.  She appeared
in a baby doll nightie he had never seen before.  It was nearly
transparent and gave him plenty of glimpses of her generous bust and well-
upholstered hips, bottom and thighs.  He followed her to the bedroom,
where she stretched out on her back and beckoned seductively to him.  In a
smoky voice she said, "I'm going to need LOTS of attention tonight,
lover."  He hurried to get out of his clothes and join her but, once he
was kneeling between her long, parted legs, desire failed him.  Instead of
his usual proud, eight inch erection, he experience only a half stiffening
of his penis.  At the same time, his need rose to twice its normal level. 
He was desperate for sex but unable to perform.  And then his wife
repeated that she required more effort that usual from him.  Flustered and
ashamed, he tried to cover for himself by saying, "Um, you know how you've
been saying lately that you'd like me to... er... go down on you?"

"Yes, dearest.  I would LOVE that.  But you keep telling me you don't want
to.  That it's not manly."  He sighed and went on, "Well, tonight I want
to do it.  For you."

"Are you sure?"  He didn't want to use his mouth on her pussy at all but
his body still wasn't reacting that way it should, so he lied, "I really
do, honey.  Honest."

"Well," she said in her most sensual tone, "if you insist, I certainly
won't say no."

Reluctantly, he got his face between her smooth thighs and began.  It
certainly didn't appeal to him.  He liked watching girls do this to each
other in the on-line porn he watched.  But as he lapped and sucked he felt
less and less in control.  His wife purred, "That's my good boy.  You're
really doing a sweet job.  I may have to turn you into my male lesbian."
She chucked throatily but his reaction was much less pleased.  Tanya
wriggled her hips and told him to slow down.  Then she wanted him to speed
up.  He wasn't used to his wife giving instructions in bed.  Finally she
had a loud, hip-bucking orgasm.  He was eager to be done and go get a
shower.  Instead, she put her hands on the back of his head and requested,
"Just keep licking slowly, lightly.  Give me a minute before you start
working on my next climax."  Upset, but feeling powerless because of his
sudden impotence, he did as he was told.  After a second finish for her,
less vocal and animated than the first, she made him tongue her through a
long afterglow.  Then she said, "Can I return the favor?"  He desperately
wanted her to give him oral sex, something she hadn't done since back when
they were dating, but his member still refused to cooperate.  He answered
in a whisper, "No, babe.  I just wanted to make you happy.  I'm going
to... get washed up."

"Okay.  But I have to tell you that I could definitely get used to being
pampered that way."

He shuddered at the idea.  Larry wanted to have HIS fun.  If his wife got
off too, that was great, but for him sex was about what the man wanted.
He sighed as he adjusted the water in the shower.  Then he stepped under
the refreshing spray and began to wash himself.  To his horror he saw his
body hair accumulating over the drain cover.  What was happening to him?
Afterwards, quite shaken, he checked to see if he needed a shave but there
was no stubble at all, not even a shadow.  He examined his body and saw
that he still had his pubic bush, though it was smaller.  And his armpit
hair had thinned out.  He told himself it was just some kind of fluke that
would pass.  Then he slipped into bed next to his very desirable wife.
She rolled over toward him, took his face between her hands, and gave him
a deep kiss.  Again his need surged.  His balls drew up tight.  But his
penis repeated its halfway effort to get hard.  Her fingers toyed with his
nipples, something she didn't usually do, and it sent wild currents of
stimulation through him.  He was breathing hard as she rubbed her bust
against his chest and licked his ear.  At last she stopped, leaving him
quivering, and said, "Awww.  Still not in the mood?  Well, don't worry.  I
won't stop trying to help you.  I'll do everything I can to turn you on,
Larry."  She paused and then went on, "But for right now I have to get to
sleep.  You really left me exhausted with your talented tongue.  So if you
aren't up to the old in-and-out anytime, you can always do that."  She
turned onto her other side and pushed her plump bottom back against his
crotch, even wriggling her hips in slow motion.

The next morning he was dismayed to find his underarms denuded of hair and
his pubes with even less than after his shower.  And he still didn't need
a shave.  As he dressed for work, selecting his favorite power tie to
boost his sense of authority, his wife got into one of her skirt and
jacket combinations that made her look officious without hiding her
curves.  She delivered a passionate goodbye kiss before leaving for
Genetech, the small research company she had co-founded.  Tanya had
personally made some sort of breakthrough recently and was close to
brokering a major contract with a huge company, which would make her
independently wealthy.  Larry was excited.  He intended to keep his job as
a mid-level executive, of course.  It defined him and re-enforced his self
image.  He took secret pleasure in ordering others around and keeping a
close watch on the secretarial department, in the business sense and
personally.  At the office he noticed himself getting hungry early.  Maybe
that was the problem with him, something about his diet.  He didn't go to
his usual place to sit with the other guys and talk about work.  Instead,
he went to a spot some of the secretaries favored.  Most of the tables
were taken and he got stuck with one right in the middle, where everyone
could see him.  Larry had to accept that because he knew that here he
could get, instead of those salads and light dishes his usual place
specialized in, a real meal.  He ordered a burger and a large soda.  The
waitress, wearing a cute retro 50s uniform to go along with the room's
theme, was a busty blond.  Larry felt himself getting overstimulated like
he had the night before.  As she turned away he called her back, not to
compliment her or read her name off her ID badge, but to add a milkshake
to his order.  She smiled prettily and hurried off, wide bottom shown off
by the tight slacks she wore.

When his meal came he wolfed down half the sandwich and most of the fries,
taking long swallows from the soda.  Unable to wait, he greedily sucked
the rich shake through its straw.  Several women from his office noticed
his voracious behavior and made comments to each other.  He made the rest
of the food vanish and then ordered a second shake, switching from vanilla
to strawberry.  One secretary snickered and leaned to her friend to say,
"Mr. High and Mighty seems to have developed an eating disorder.  Not a
good thing for a guy who struts around like he's somebody's gift to
women."  Larry got back to the office late because he stopped to grab a
chocolate covered banana from a street vendor, ate it right there, and
then had another.  He couldn't believe the appetite he had acquired.  Back
at work he felt distracted.  The women were buzzing about something but he
couldn't hear them.  At last the day was over and he was able to buy
several candy bars from a store nearby.  When he got home he didn't say
anything about his increased caloric intake to Tanya.  She probably
wouldn't have been a good listener right then anyway, because she had news
to share.  The deal had gone through and her company would be worth many
times what it had been.  She owned over half the stock so that was another
boon for her.  Though distracted by his own situation, Larry wanted to be
polite so he asked what exactly it was that she had developed.  Tanya
said, "More of my genetics work.  The breakthrough I made has all sorts of
possible applications."  She looked right into his eyes and added, "Some
of them very interesting.  And in need of testing."  Then she refocused
and said, "Why don't I take you out for a celebration dinner?"

"Sure," he told her.  "But I should be the one treating."  She smiled and
said, "Not necessary, dear.  I'm now worth, well, a lot."  She was being
nice about it but he knew that his own earnings had just shrunk to
insignificance in comparison to hers.  It stung his male ego but at least
he would be able to buy himself some man toys and get amazing tickets for
the next football season.

At dinner his runaway appetite asserted itself again.  Tanya didn't
comment.  She even suggested a particularly rich item for a second
dessert.  He was happy to accept.  At the same time he noticed that every
woman seemed to be twice as sexy as usual.  It was as if someone had set
his libido on high and it was stuck there.  Larry was hungry and horny,
like he had been fed an appetite-excitant.  His wife said, "Maybe those
supplements I've been giving you have improved your appetite.  Or perhaps
you're eating a little extra because the dose is too low.  Don't worry,
I'll just double up on them."  He opened his mouth to say something but
words eluded him.  Instead he simply nodded his agreement.  His wife ate
only half her slice of pie a la mode and gave him the rest, which he
gratefully consumed.  She made sure he got all the food he could manage,
which was a lot.  And most of it was fattening.  By the end of one week he
had gained a few pounds and lost some muscle tone.  His skin was a healthy
pink, however.  All of that, along with his loss of body hair, which was
now complete, made him feel unmasculine.  Combined with his inability to
perform in bed, it was taking its toll.  Tanya wanted sex every night.  He
dutifully gave her multiple orgasms with his overworked tongue.  She
reciprocated by supplying as much teasing as he could stand and more.  He
was in a constant state of frustration.  So starved for release was he
that being her pussy server started to excite him, though he still didn't
want to do it.  His hair took on a healthy sheen.  At work he deferred to
the secretaries, feeling enthralled by them.

The middle of the second week arrived, with all his symptoms increasing,
and then something else happened, something that shocked him.  He stood in
front of the full length mirror in their bedroom, naked, gaping at his
soft, smooth body but especially at his penis.  Where it had been four
inches soft it was now three.  And his testicles appeared to have shrunk
by the same proportion.  He was paralyzed with concern when his wife
walked casually into the room.  She raised her eyebrows and said,
"Something the matter, lovebug?"  His hands flew to cover his embarrassing
loss of genital size.  She chuckled and shook her head.  "Go on," she told
him.  "Move those hands aside.  Do it."  Not knowing why his willpower had
ebbed away, Larry raised his hands and held them slightly out from his
sides.  His wife continued, "You've obviously been worrying about all of
the... changes... that you've been going through.  Right?  Well, they all
have to do with my new research and those pink capsules I've had you
swallowing.  You're sort of an experiment for me, dear.  I'm making
certain alterations in your body and the process is also affecting your
mind, making your personality more pliable.  Husband dearest, I'm giving
you the shape and mindset of a big beautiful woman, a BBW, who is also
something of a sex addict.  But don't worry.  You won't be out seeking
partners because I'm going to make sure you get all the action you can
stand right here at home with me."  She gave him an amused smile and
asked, "Any questions so far?"

"B... but I mean...  Will we still be having sex?"  She chortled.  "That's
so like you, Larry, to put your needs first.  You've always prided
yourself on being such a macho stud, or at seeing yourself as one.  In
answer to your question, the sex you'll be having is what I've been
allowing you lately, the kind where I lay back and you eat my pussy.  You
started out not liking that but I'm sure you've noticed that you're
beginning to crave it.  That's how a lot of this is going to be for you,
hating it but needing it.  Needing it so badly that you'll do who-knows-
what to get it."

"I... I'll stop taking those capsules."

"Nooooo," she said impishly, "I don't think you will.  If you stop all at
once, your system can't adjust and all the effects will become permanent. 
If you keep taking them, your body will continue to change but at least
there's a chance that I'll reverse everything later on.  Maybe.  If I feel
like it.  Understood?"  Without knowing he was doing it, Larry ran his
hands over his chest, feeling how soft he had gotten, how it was almost
like he was getting...  But he didn't want to even consider that.
Understanding the hopelessness of his situation, he simply nodded and
said, "Yes, Tanya."

"That's what I want to hear.  All the time.  Now strip naked so I can
check your progress."  He hesitated but then began unbuttoning his shirt. 
Soon his entire body was revealed.  His wife smirked and ran her
fingertips over his nipples.  His spine stiffened and he gasped.  She
wanted to know, "Sensitive?", although the answer was evident.  Then his
wife took him by one pinky finger and led him along, docile and blank-
faced.  Once they were in their bedroom she went to her dresser, opened
it, and removed a pink bag from that chain store that's in the better
malls, the one that mails all those lingerie catalogs.  She reached into
the bag and brought out a pair of pink panties.  He recoiled in slow
motion but made no move to leave.  She told him, "I had to get you your
own.  Mine would be too large in the seat.  At least for now."  She
grinned at him challengingly.  Again he acquiesced.  She handed him the
filmy garment and he picked up one foot, stepped into them, and got the
other foot started.  As he worked them up his hairless legs she crossed
her arms under her big bust and watched with satisfaction.  Larry stood
there in his first pair of panties, a faint blush on his beardless cheeks.

Tanya told him his body language would have to suit his new identity.  She
required a hip-swinging walk and that he hold his hands out slightly from
his sides with his wrists limp.  After coaching him in those practices she
decided he should also fuss with his hair and lick his lips.  Then she
gave him a pair of pumps with two inch heels, 'starters' she called them,
and made him walk around until he got his balance.  She complimented him
on how they shaped his legs and added to the sexiness of his gait.  He
didn't want to be made over this way but the possible alternative of
having the physical changes become irreversible, horrified him.  Like most
guys, he was sensitive about his penis size.  The thought of having it
never regain its lost length was dreadful.  At last his wife allowed him
to sit on the white chair at her vanity table and give his calves a rest
after the strain those heels had put on them.

As he sat there she opened her cell phone and hit a pre-set number.  When
someone responded she said, "Hello, Darren.  I wanted to thank you again
for brokering those deals with the companies we'll be partnering with."
She listened to something said by Darren, laughed prettily, and told him,
"Of course I've been thinking about your offer.  And I'd LOVE to go out to
dinner with you.  Now that my husband isn't quite himself, I'm going to
need a real man in my life.  And I know you could fill that roll
perfectly.  Plus, there's that other situation we discussed.  I'm sure
you'd like to follow up on THAT."  Larry was in shock.  His wife was
accepting a date with someone she had met through her company, someone she
found attractive.  But Larry couldn't summon the nerve to say anything,
not in his suddenly feminized state, not with the threat of being stuck
like this.  She chatted a while longer, getting flirtatious, before
finally agreeing that Friday night would be perfect for their night out
and then ending the call.

Larry's wife snapped her fingers at him and gestured for him to stand.
She stepped directly in front of him and held him with her gaze.  Tanya
wanted to know, "Do you have any questions?"  He made a small throat
clearing sound and asked hesitantly, "Can you tell me... how far... the
changes you're making in me will go?"  She smiled, pleased with his
submissive tone, and went back to the bag that had held his panties.  This
time what she produced was a bra.  Tanya held it up and Larry gasped when
he saw the size of the cups.  She seemed to read his mind as she answered
the unasked question, telling him, "48 DDDD.  You are going to be a
changed man, Larry dearest, though I'm not sure if the term 'man' will
apply much longer.  This is going to be a fascinating experiment.  Don't
you think so?"  Afraid to say what he felt, he replied, "Yes, Tanya.  I'm
sure it will be."
Larry was hand laundering his wife Tanya's panties.  She required him to
put the crotch of each pair into his mouth and suck until most of her
dried fluids were removed.  Then he had to place them into a dishpan of
warm water with gentle soap added.  The second pair would go into his
mouth and stay there while he washed the first.  She had been saving them
up so there were seven to be done.  With his libido elevated by the
genetic formula she had been feeding him, handling his wife's lingerie and
tasting the flavor of her sex kept him wildly excited.  Unfortunately for
him, he still couldn't achieve a full erection or gain any release.
Worse, his soft penis had lost another inch.  He looked down from time to
time at the unimpressive two inches that remained, slender and no longer
surrounded by hair.   And it was protruding through the front of a pair of
crotchless panties.  Along with those, he wore a bright red elastic garter
on one thigh and his two inch heels.  His wife enjoyed keeping him mostly
naked, not only because it made him so aware of the changes being wrought
to his physiology, but because he was awfully sensitive about being seen.

When he was finally done washing and hanging up the lingerie, and the tang
of her pussy was still strong in his mouth, he went to her to find out
what he was doing next.  Tanya had turned over the housecleaning to him.
But now she said, "No more drudgery for you, sweetie.  You're going to
help me get ready for my date with Darren."  Larry went cold inside.  Then
he gathered his wits and said, "Yes, darling.  Of course."  She smiled and
told him, "That's the attitude I want from you -- ALL the time."  She
paused to make sure he wasn't going to foolishly try to change her
thinking.  Then she went on, "Now let's head to the master bath and you
can wash my back in the shower."  As she walked away he couldn't stop
staring at her broad rolling bottom.  He ached, figuratively and
literally, to touch her the way he used to.  Once they reached the
bathroom he had to assist her getting out of the snug pullover top and
tight slacks that were all she wore.  He yearned just to be allowed to
touch her large breasts, to feel their warmth, maybe even to put his mouth
on those inviting nipples.  But of course he couldn't do that unless
ordered to.

She instructed him to adjust the water temperature as she stood there with
one hand under the spray.  Kneeling alongside the tub with her standing
over him, he eventually got it right.  Still, he didn't rise until she
said to.  Larry was learning quickly.  She stepped into the tub and told
him to get out of his shoes and join her.  "Take off the garter but leave
on those cute panties.  I love the way they show off your incredible
shrinking penis.  When I'm done with you, Larry, you're going to be a real
showpiece.  But you know, it sounds silly to call you by your real name.
I mean, once your bust fills out you won't look like a Larry, will you?"
As he stepped into the tub he said, "No, Tanya.  I won't."  "So how
about... Laurel?  Or Busty?  Maybe something like Miss Lipps?  Well, we'll
see.  I'm sure Darren will have some clever suggestions.  He's VERY
interested in you."  With that she told him to reach around her and get
the soap and washcloth to do her back.  Stretching to get them, he
couldn't help pressing himself against her back.  His pulsing dick came
into contact with her wet backside and he moaned in frustration.  Tanya
giggled at his plight.  He soaped up the washcloth and began making small
circles over her shoulder blades.   Larry bit his lower lip to keep from
whimpering with need.  He washed down to her waist and she made him
continue, doing her jutting bottom and full thighs and firm calves.  He
was left in a state of maddening frustration.  His dwindling testicles

After he dried her off with a big fluffy towel she strolled away from him.
He hurried to drape the towel over the shower rod and follow her.  In the
bedroom she sat and applied her make-up.  She motioned him close and
playfully gave his face a few strokes of eyeliner and lipstick.  When
Tanya pointed to the vanity mirror he saw himself and swallowed with
difficulty.  His masculinity was more compromised than ever.  He held his
hands up over the swelling that had started on both sides of his chest.
His gesture hid that first hint of breasts but also made him look like a
girl trying to cover her charms.  His wife turned on her chair and tweaked
his nipples gently.  That was when he really did whimper from unfulfilled
yearning.  At the same time he was stimulated even more, until his eyelids
fluttered and his tongue swept side to side over his lower lip.  Tanya
relented after a minute and resumed preparing.  Soon her cosmetics and
hair were done.  Then she picked out what to wear.  First there was
lingerie, high-cut panties and a bra with cups that left the tops of her
breasts bare.  Tanya said, "Why don't you pick out a nice dress for me?
Of course, if it doesn't turn on Darren, I'm going to have to punish you. 
But if it DOES push his buttons, he'll try to get me into bed and I'll be
happy to go.  So what's it going to be, cute stuff?  Earn yourself a nasty
punishment or get turned into a cuckold?"  She liked putting him into such
a dilemma.  Whichever choice he made he would lose.

Larry went to the closet, opened its double doors, and stood there trying
to decide.  Tanya admired the rear view and how nicely his rump was
rounding out.  All those surplus calories he was still putting away were
doing their job.  With an unsteady hand he at last selected a short red
dress that was certain to make an irresistible display of her contours.
She laughed at the worried look on his face and said, "Oh yeah, loverboy. 
This one will for sure get us into bed together.  I guess you WANT me to
have super sex with my new stud."  She smiled as he said in a weak voice,
"Yes, Tanya.  I do."  "Hey, this is a lot different than the last time you
said 'I do'."  With the dress on she was definitely headed for a close
encounter of the orgasmic kind.  Larry could only stand there with his
altered form exposed, his reduced penis still hanging out of the
embarrassing panties, and let events proceed.  His wife blew him a kiss
and selected her jewelry and shoes, the latter being a pair of red
beauties with block heels.  She strutted around the room, rolling her
shoulders to make her boobs move and swinging her queen-sized ass.  Her
husband watched longingly.  That was when a knock sounded on their front
door, a loud rhythmic knock.  "Well," Tanya said, "what are you waiting
for?  Go and answer it."  Larry blushed several shades of pink.  "B...
but..." he managed to get out before surrendering.  He even remembered to
maintain his girly walk.  At the door he hesitated, gritting his teeth.
Then he took a deep breath as he opened the door.  Facing him was a tall,
strikingly handsome man with a neatly trimmed goatee.  He gave Larry a
long look.  All the shamed husband wanted was to close the door and then
run and hide.  Instead he had to endure being stared at until Darren gave
him a broad wink, brushed past, and greeted Tanya.  She took both his
hands, tilted her head back and closed her eyes.  He knew she wanted to be
kissed and didn't disappoint her.  She responded and the contact went on
and on.

As they prepared to leave, Tanya said to Darren, "By the way, we need to
come up with something appropriate to call my husband.  His male name
doesn't fit anymore."  "So I see," he said, looking pointedly at Larry's
crotch.  "You told me he's going to change even more and that his cock
will end up looking like a clitoris.  So how about Cliterella?"  She
grinned wickedly.  "Clitty Cinderella.  Cliterella.  I like it."  "But
right now," he said smoothly, "we have a reservation at a very fancy
restaurant."  She gave him a hug and he let his hands slide down to give
her bottom cheeks a squeeze.  To her husband she said, "Have a nice
evening, Cliterella.  Give yourself a bubble bath.  I put some new soap on
the edge of the tub.  If you don't smell pretty when I get home, I'll amp
up your drugs and make your changes more extreme."  "Yeah," said Darren,
"that would be fun.  Wouldn't you like that, Cliterella?"  All Larry could
do was to stand there trembling.  They laughed at his distress.  Tanya
told him to stay naked after his bubble bath.   Then they swept out the
door, off to have a good time while he stayed home and worried about his
future.  Afraid of earning his wife's ire, he went to the bathroom.  The
container of bubble bath was in the shape of a fairy tale princess.  When
he removed the top and sniffed, the scent was overly sweet and flowery.
He reluctantly started the water and got it hot.  The recent memory of
being in the shower got him horny all over again as he stripped out of his
few bits of clothing.  He started the water, got it hot, and added plenty
of soap.  His wife wasn't there but her warning still echoed in his mind. 
He sat in the tub, aware that his bottom was larger and softer than it had
been.  How far would Tanya allow these changes to progress?  Why was
Darren so interested?  Larry remained undressed after his bath, as Tanya
had instructed.

When Tanya returned from her date it was nearly midnight.  She said, "I
had an incredible time, Cliterella.  You should see his luxury apartment. 
You should see his bed."  She laughed and went on, "That's right.  We had
glorious sex.  He's quite well endowed, knows how to use what he's got,
and can go for a long time.  But right now I want one more orgasm and
you're going to give it to me with your well-practiced mouth.  Hope you
don't mind that I didn't wash down there."  He mutely followed her to the
bedroom.  He was halfway through undressing her when she commented, "You
smell like a bunch of flowers in a candy shop.  From now on you will
always use that soap.  And I'll pick some fragrant shampoo to go along
with it, something very fruity."  She lightly pinched his nipples, making
him pant with need.  "And don't worry about your job.  I've explained to
your boss that you have always wanted to be a woman and are beginning the
process of making the change.  He was very understanding and will do
whatever he can to help.  I told him that there's a lot of stress involved
so he's letting you downgrade to secretarial work.  I'm sure you'll get
along famously with the other girls."  At that point Larry was on his
knees, carefully lowering her panties.  She made him put them into his
mouth, crotch first, so he could get a preliminary taste of Darren's rich
spunk.  He looked up at her with the filmy garment protruding from between
his lips.  She sniggered and lay back on the bed.  "Isn't that nice for
you?  And you'll be getting a steady supply of panties will creamy
crotches, I'm certain."

Larry's wife spread her shapely legs and said, "You can set those aside
for now.  It's time for you to thank me for taking such good care of you."
He got his face between her thighs and faced the mess he had to clean up. 
Tanya said in a singsong voice, "Let's go, Cliterella.  All that salty
cream isn't going to clean itself up."  He closed his eyes and extended
his tongue to begin lapping.  She sighed and said, "Darren is such a
dream.  I'll be thinking of him the whole time you're doing that.  And
I'll be thinking about how much sexier you're going to become as my
miracle drugs continue to do their work."  The helpless husband had to
swallow every drop of cum he retrieved while his wife moaned with pleasure
and writhed her full hips.  It took a long while but he eventually coaxed
a purring climax out of her.  Then she rolled onto her side, texted Darren
about what had just happened, and went to sleep.  Larry, still naked, lay
there trying to sort out his impossible situation.  His hands went to his
chest where Tanya had squeezed his nipples.  He couldn't mistake how much
his pectoral area had softened and swelled.  The memory of that bra she
had shown him returned to haunt him.  He pictured himself wearing it,
filling it, and shuddered.  Then he remembered Darren's remark about his
penis being reduced to clitoris dimensions.  It was a long time before he
was able to sleep.