269 Kinky Ideas for cuckold / hotwife couples

#1 – Order the cuckold to go bowling wearing a bright colored thong, which will consistently show when he is in action. Watch other’s responses and regardless, tell him that others are laughing and talking about his visible thong.

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#2 – Talk to cuck about your deepest, darkest, and naughtiest fantasies. Tell cuck some of the crazy stories, ideas, toys, or people that you fantasize about. Don’t be shy or embarrassed, because cuck will definitely enjoy hearing about them and this will further open the doors to communication and pleasure for both you and cuck.

#3 – Force cuck to ask permission to piss at all times… employ discipline and creativity including forcing him into the tub, feet in the air and cock aimed at his own face to drench himself in his own warm urine

#4 – Force him to go down on you and lick you clean after you both orgasm. Make it a general rule that he must clean you up with his tongue every time he cums. Tease him that he should get used to the taste of cum dripping from you because next time it probably will be someone else’s cum he’ll be licking from between your legs!

#5 – Always make cuck lick you clean after having sex with him. More generally, always make cuck lick his cum up after any orgasm. This is a must as cuck will become accustomed to pleasing you beyond himself (difficult for any man to stay aroused after his orgasm), and this will make him well trained for when he is ordered to clean you of your Bull’s / lover’s cum. Should cuck only be allowed to cum in a condom, prick the end and make cuck consume the contents in entirety. Making cuck a cum guzzler will prove valuable for your future Bulls and lovers and it will be easy to eventually train him to beg for their cum as well as his own.

#6 – Practice “Orgasm Control” training on cuck. Train him to stop, force, or ruin his orgasms through your commands. Make sure to ruin his orgasms frequently as he will remain excited and in an excited state of mind to please you sexually. This is important early on in cuck’s training, but with time he should be excited to please you regardless of whether he has dribbled his useless cum:)

#7 – Humiliate your cuck husband in public frequently (discretely)…remember the humiliation is heightened given public forum. Take him shopping for panties/lingerie, adult toys, force cuck to wear a thong that is visible from time to time, force him to keep his zipper “accidentally” undone with bright panties inside, etc.

#8 – Order cuck to wear a tight panty girdle over a slim (not too slim, but allowing movement) butt plug with plenty of lubricants, and force him to accompany you shopping or dining out. As the plug slips in and out, it will give cuck a good self-fucking. If it does slip completely out, bring cuck to a locking public bathroom and make him suck it while you roughly spank him for being so loose.

#9 – Create a pet name for cuck that pleases you and makes him feel embarrassed, emasculated and humiliated…whore, slut, cunt, sissy, sperm whore, sperm lover, cum guzzler, actual feminine name, etc…you should have a pet name for cuck’s lil white penis also like boyclit, tiny, puny, nub, inny, miniature, etc…make sure never to use the term cock with him as cuck is not worthy of the “cock” title…that is for your lovers / Bulls that actually have a cock that is superior, bigger, thicker, harder, better, and more satisfying than cuck’s lil boy clit.

#10 – While cuck is blindfolded, fuck him with various dildos…make him name which dildo (black 8 inches, white 6 inches, various pet names, etc.) was used and punish him with spankings, nipple clamps, etc. if he is incorrect…his boypussy should be trained to differentiate length, width, texture, etc.

#11 – Order cuck to roll a washcloth into a tight tube and place it in the crack of his sissy ass/boy pussy. cuck must sit on this, in this manner, whenever he is at the computer, is driving, or otherwise is seated, all day once a week. cuck should be forced to try to rock back and forth like a good boytoy and think how nice it would be if you were fucking him inside his boy pussy and report back to you.

#12 – Order cuck to wear/insert embarrassing clothing or items while working out at the gym…chastity, butt plugs, panties, bows around his genitals, cock rings, etc. Force him to take pictures for compliance whether discretely in stalls, bathrooms or more adventurous in the open locker room.

#13 – Make cuck tan the word ¨SISSY, SLAVE or other” just above his boy clit or boy pussy and force him to maintain it for a period of time

#14 – Tease him about other cocks when you are having sex with him… let him know you would prefer something bigger and better… talk about how full others make you feel… elaborate with a lot of words

#15 – Cuck was begging for sexual release and I was not necessarily feeling sexual myself. However, I am always feeling naughty and a bit dominant so I told cuck he could masturbate into a cup (before midnight) and then coat his face with the entire content/cum from the cup and sleep like that until morning.

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#16 – Give cuck golden showers consistently so he gets accustomed to and enjoyment from all your fluids. Train him to cum while he is coated in your nectar (tease him or have him tease himself so that he is close before the golden shower and then allow him the ability to only cum while you are peeing on him (if you finish before he cums, he is not allowed to do so)!

#17 – Only allow cuck to masturbate his lil white boy clit as such…meaning he should never be allowed to stroke it like a cock, but only manipulate the underside of the head with a finger or two like a clit. If pleased, allow him to cum this way and only this way going forward.

#18 – Order cuck to pee only when his boy pussy is filled with a butt plug. cuck must be sitting down and the door must be open at all times when you are present…if cuck wishes to pee and is not wearing a butt plug, make him insert the plug and wear it a minimum of 15 minutes before granting him permission to pee.

#19 – Bring one of Bull’s friends over that cuck has not met and after introducing him to your cuck, tell your cuck to get you both some drinks as you begin kissing and fondling him…upon your cuck’s return, have Bull’s friend buried deep inside of you and ignore that cuck has returned.

#20 – It is important to keep cuck guessing, wondering and thinking about you all the time regardless of his situation. Give cuck orders at random times while he is at home, at work, etc. Allow him a time limit to respond back depending on his job, but push those limits…forcing cuck to take pictures are a good way to demonstrate his compliance with your orders. Simple things like ordering him to wear certain garments to work and photo his compliance. Having him spank himself in a public stall, force certain or random objects inside his own boy pussy throughout the day, forcing him to make a homemade leash while away, ordering him to coat his boy clit in toothpaste or ben gay throughout the day, take his temperature hourly with an anal thermometer and provide you the readings, etc.

#21 – Subject cuck to inspections frequently…forcing him to bend over and spread the cheeks to his boy pussy making sure that his he is cleanly shaven, presentable, and ready for penetration at anytime. Should hairs be found, they should be plucked individually or apply a healthy amount of Nair…both will cause pain and ultimately train cuck to make sure he is always presentable.

#22 – Always make cuck taste or coat his lips with any precum that leaves his lil boy clit…if his underwear/panties are wet, make cuck lick the spot to make sure he consumes the taste. Of note, cuck should be disciplined and punished for leaking without permission.

#23 – Require cuck to wear light-colored pants (tan linen pants for example) with no underwear…while at a bar or restaurant, order cuck to the bathroom with a glass full of ice. Make cuck insert all of the cubes into his boy cunt. Have cuck return and see what happens by the time you allow him to leave the establishment (in terms of a wet spot formation:). For further degradation, order cuck to the bar for a drink or back to the bathroom so you can see the reactions from other people.

#24 – Punish cuck frequently for insubordination by spanking, cropping and whipping him until he has welts on his ass…take him shopping, to the gym or other places where he is forced to remove his clothes and let others catch a glimpse of his welts, bruises and marks.

#25 – Order cuck to purchase and wear a butt-plug with a tail while cleaning the house. Force him to keep his tail wagging or spank him roughly if not pleased with his efforts to humiliate himself. Video or photograph him and post-compliance on site.

#26 – Order cuck to wear his butt plug and have a string tying him from the plug to the sink and force him to do the dishes. cuck will be naked except for the plug and a pretty apron. After finishing, force cuck to wait patiently for you to inspect his work and decide if it is time to untie his sink leash.

#27 – Order cuck to wear a vibrating butt plug that has a “loud” mode that can be heard when in a quiet setting. Clearly, you should control the remote and the settings and at your discretion, you can create both an embarrassing and humiliating situation as you wish…sitting on hard stools at a bar may create louder sounds and deeper humiliation:)

#28 – Force cuck to stop while you are fucking and order him to pull out…then Queen him (force him to eat you while you are on top and he is on his back). Don’t let him have any room to move his head out of the way, strongly hold him in place and enjoy your orgasm. Do not let him have any sexual satisfaction thereafter.

#29 – One of my favorites and my Bull always appreciates periods of time before seeing him that he requires this aspect.
As a surprise, force cuck to put a condom on. Tell him that you are not ready to let him cum inside you except on very very special occasions. Tell cuck that it is a privilege to be inside you and that you will allow your lovers / Bulls inside bareback, but definitely not him. Should you allow cuck to cum in his condom, make sure to feed him the contents immediately thereafter or save in the fridge or freezer for later use!

#30 – While engaging in heavy foreplay, immediately stop cuck before letting him penetrate you. Make him ask your permission to do so and proceed to make him beg to be allowed the privilege of penetrating you. Always make him thank you before and afterward. cuck should always feel honored to be with you!

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#31 – Order cuck to pee sitting down at all times. While at home the door must be open at all times for your derogatory comments when you choose to deliver them:)

#32 – Frequently torture cuck…every cuck needs to be punished and this needs to come in the form of both physical and psychological punishments…spanking, cropping, caning, candle wax, rulers, clamps, etc…don’t forget about his useless balls as he will be trained more quickly with punishment to his balls…again candle wax, stretching devices, weights, humbler, electric current, clothespins, clamps, string, tape, and frequently separate them as they are more sensitive when taped or tied off separately and tightly…again REAL punishment is critical to cuck’s training and improved discipline and complete obedience will come from these training methods (of note…he can take much more than you think and you need to push his limits here to modify/improve his behavior).

#33 – Order cuck to frequently wear clear fingernail polish and have him communicate how appreciative he is to comply with this order as you could choose other colors. If you don’t get strong positive feedback, force him to wear bright red for a day and then revert back to clear.

#34 – Order cuck to wear a butt plug while working out at the gym. Force cuck to dress as normal without intentionally hiding it and as part of normalcy, cuck should be required to shower as normal.

#35 – Tie cuck spread eagle to the bed and tease him for hours. Make sure cuck is hard, but don’t let him cum period!

#36 – Show cuck your panty covered pussy, make cuck smell it and tease and torment him with it. Make him beg to taste you, but only with your permission. Should you choose, order him to orally pleasure you through your panties.

#37 – Constantly tease cuck’s penis / boyclit and his inability to satisfy you. Whether about the lack of size, stamina or other, it is important that cuck knows he is inadequate compared to your lovers / Bulls and he embraces his inferiority.

#38 – As punishment for disobedience (one of many), order cuck to squat and piss in the backyard for a day, weekend, or even longer periods of time depending on circumstances. Forcing cuck to be in chastity while doing so is even better!

#39 – Discretely but abruptly require cuck to kneel and kiss your heels, boots, shoes or hands at random times (both in public and more frequently in private).

#40 – Threaten cuck consistently…tell him you will do something naughty to him that you know he fantasizes about…tell cuck you are going to share his story and fantasies with others, friends, coworkers, family members, etc.

#41 – Coat cuck’s boy clit with toothpaste and make him put on a condom to keep his boy clit tingling for a long period of time. Require reapplication every hour throughout the day.

#42 – Spray sugar-free breath spray on cuck’s plug before forcing him to insert it deep into his boypussy!

#43 – While watching a movie together, each time a woman is shown laughing or amused, require that cuck dildo-fuck his boy pussy for two full minutes…this will attach the aspect of laughing with cuck being forced to fuck himself.

#44 – Order cuck to wear a thong and make sure the straps are visible on his backside when he bends (as his shirt lifts) or as you lift his shirt as desired…force him to make it visible for periods of time as to make sure that others can catch glimpses of it should they be looking at that time. Take cuck to an adult toy store to purchase toys and order cuck to keep the thong visible the entire time.

#45 – Order cuck to keep his boy pussy well-lubricated all day, lubricating it every two hours, and then at the top of every hour cuck should fuck his boy pussy with something different and creative for 5 minutes. Have cuck keep a chart as well as photograph compliance. Punishment should be administered for disobedience, lack of creativity or small items utilized.

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#46 – Use some strong pink string (kite string, etc.), tie a slip noose in the end and tighten it around the head of cuck’s boy clit, tug on it, pull it, shake it, lead him with it, whatever pleases or amuses you…when not in your presence make sure cuck keeps the pink string in a bow as a reminder of his servitude and dedication to you.

#47 – Take lots of naughty, sexy, and perverted pictures of each other. cuck pictures should include him being humiliated, dressed as a sissy, etc. Always post these on fetlife or similar site. Threaten that sexy pictures of you will be distributed to his “hot” friends, co-workers, etc.

#48 – If cuck is really horny and bothering you, it may be time to curb his interest by ordering him to jerk off 5 – 6 times in a row. Use it as skin conditioner… 3 times on each foot, have him spread it around and lick them clean after each orgasm.

#49 – Order cuck to bring himself to the edge of orgasm and stay there until you give him permission. When you give the command he must cum within 15 seconds (or a period that you are confident he will fail to do so) and then punish cuck when he fails to do so. Keep cuck that way for 30 minutes, an hour…or as long as you want, finally communicating that he is not allowed to do so given he can’t come within your timeframe.

#50 – Order cuck to tape rough felt or very fine sandpaper inside a shirt over the nipples…effect should be stimulation, not damage.

#51 – While you are driving in daylight with cuck in the passenger seat, require him to remove all his clothes except a pair of panties and masturbate his lil boy clit. Drive by and maintain uncomfortable amounts of time beside trucks where there is easy visibility into the car where cuck is masturbating.

#52- While out for a casual dinner, hand cuck a small bag of items and order him to the bathroom to comply. When cuck opens the bag to see panties, a butt plug, ben gay, a long piece of string/yarn to create a leash, and lipstick, cuck will be shaking with excitement and fear.

#53 – While at a restaurant or bar, order cuck to the bathroom to masturbate and cum. Force him to coat his lips and other visible parts of his face/body with his cum before returning back to the table.

#54 – Place nipple clamps on cuck and constantly play with them, occasionally removing and re-attaching for his painful pleasure.

#55 – Force cuck on his back with his feet tied over head and eating you out with ass exposed for your pleasure and abuse.

#56 – Require cuck to wear temporary tattoos or other markings, hidden or not. Require cuck to wear a temporary tramp stamp and make it visible in public when he bends or you intentionally lift his shirt. Mark cuck on his chest, back, legs, etc. and take him shopping (ordering him to try on clothes so that markings are visible when changing). Accompany cuck to the gym and work out with him forcing him to do many exercises where bending or stretching is necessary and thereby making these marking/tattoos visible. Accompany cuck to a yoga class requiring him to the front and forcing him to wear a tight shirt…almost every yoga pose will cause marked body parts to be visible. Make cuck change and shower in the locker room whereby others will clearly see these markings.

Further deeper humiliation at gym…force fuck to wear pink or other colorful ribbons/bows around his lil boy clit and require him to keep it applied during gym visits, etc.

#57 – When you go out, order cuck to creatively and seductively tie himself up, be naked or dressed up as a slut, and be at or near the door for when you arrive home.

#58 – Make cuck wear your panties, pantyhose, thigh highs, etc. under his regular clothes when he goes out or goes to work so that he is constantly thinking of you and your control over him.

#59 – Make cuck wear a collar and lead him around with a leash (like a dog). This can be done privately or better yet out back, at fetish parties, etc. Further humiliation and punishment can come in other similar forms…attach a leash to cuck’s balls or tight lil cock ring, and lead cuck around with that. Tie it off in front of the sink while he does the dishes at home and various other places while in public (to the car, to a cage or another slave at a fetish party, etc. Ride cuck around as your ponyboy…roughly spanking with a riding crop while doing so.

#60 – Put on cuck’s favorite lingerie and tease him with your sexy, irresistible body. Forcing him tied to the bed or in compromising positions escalates the eroticism.

B&W fucking him with a strapon

#61 – Teasing…always tease cuck in a number of ways. (i.e. don’t allow him permission to play, masturbate, worship you, etc. Teasing consistently and often will keep cuck on edge and will push cuck to a point where he’ll “Do anything to please You”

#62 – Force cuck to hump a pillow in panties, and on your command, force cuck to cum in the panties and remain in that position for a few minutes. His cum will soak through to the pillow…require cuck to continue wearing the cum soaked panties and sleep on the cum covered pillow (where his cum leaked through).

#63 – Order cuck to insert anal beads in his boy pussy, lie face down on his bed, and fuck a pillow with his lil boy clit without cumming. Tie a cord from the beads over the end of the bed and attach lead weights. cuck must tense his boy pussy to keep the beads from slipping out. There will be severe paddling or other penalties for each bead that slips out. Over time additional weights may be added as cuck’s boy pussy is more and more trained. This can also be done in a standing position…do not allow cuck to cum and if he does, roughly punish him in a manner that you choose.

#64 – Simply stop cuck in the middle of sex, order him to pull out of you and tell him that you don’t want to continue. Order him to put on an extension/strap-on and then require that he brings you to sexual gratification.

#65 – Tease cuck about what his ex-girlfriends must have thought of him, his useless cock, and his pathetic fetishes. Threaten cuck that you are going to speak with these former girlfriends about his perverted fantasies.

#66 – Take cuck on a shopping spree and make sure at various points, within certain stores, and methodically throughout the trip, there are hints to clerks, etc. so that he is embarrassed and humiliated…have him try on lingerie, heels, perfumes, lipsticks, go to a discrete manicure location and have his nails done, etc…have his genitals, chest, legs, and armpits waxed. Enter a tattoo parlor and make derogatory suggestions about the types of tattoos cuck should have applied or piercings that would be appropriate. If an advanced stage, force cuck to get a tattoo or piercing!

#67 – Order cuck to collect his own cum when you are not forcing him to eat it. Have him collect in an ice tray or cup and freeze it. This will enable you to utilize it later to tease and torment him, whether feeding it to him, coating his body, etc. It will be a mind fuck when you are going to bring it into play and it is easy to warm in the microwave. A few other ideas…Insert frozen cum cubes in your pussy and force him to orally service and please you…cubes will melt and he will be servicing you and eating his cum simultaneously. Allow them to melt on cuck’s pillow and force him to sleep on his own melting cum:)

#68 – Order cuck to buy a black strap-on for himself when he will be traveling or away from you. Order cuck to put a condom on it, and practice sucking and plugging his boy pussy with it. Order him to video-record his practice to verify his obedience and for further humiliation and discipline, force cuck to suck and clean the strap-on after he has fucked himself. This will teach him to be clean when you fuck him.

#69 – Require cuck to wear light-colored pants (tan linen pants for example) with no underwear. Order cuck to wear a vibrating cock ring where you control the remote (wireless). While at a bar or restaurant keep it vibrating until cuck cums in his pants creating a visible and embarrassing wet spot. Great to do beneath a table cloth but then order him to the restroom to clean up or order him to walk slowly from the bar or restaurant when finished…most people will not notice a wet spot, but the mental fuck will be amazing…he will feel like he is walking through the bar or restaurant naked. If you can do so discretely, force him to cum while you are both sitting at the bar and this way you can see the wetness forming as he is actually cumming.

#70 – Order cuck to bind his boy clit inside his pants with a discrete string or rope that is visible outside of his pants. You can then use this as a subtle leash as you wish…tug on, lead around, force into a kneeling position, etc.

#71 – Force cuck to wear lipstick and panties when you are out and will be returning home. It will force cuck to think about you and your needs while away and your obedient cuck will be a welcome sight when you return home from your evening/night.

#72 – If you are early on in your cuck relationship and have not brought other men into your bedroom yet, tell cuck you’re going to make him watch you have sex with someone else and he will be allowed to watch and learn how it should really be done.

#73 – When cuck is on edge, allow him to cum, but only by fucking a blow-up doll. To top off the humiliation, force cuck to clean his own cum from the doll’s holes using his mouth and tongue.

#74 – Order cuck to keep a chart of his temperature all day (a specific day that you choose), taking his temperature every hour on the quarter past. cuck is only allowed to use a rectal thermometer, of course. cuck must get the electronic kind that beeps when his ass / boy pussy has been penetrated long enough to read the temperature. Have him text you the temperatures and post a photographed chart to the internet.

#75 – Order cuck to fuck his boy pussy with a dildo for 10 minutes and then allow him 1 minute to cum. If cuck fails to cum, roughly spank him for 5 minutes, then try the full process again until he gets it right!

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#76 – Tie cuck down to the bed and tie his hands to his lil boy clit. Do not give him permission to play or even get hard…if cuck cannot comply, proceed to give him harsh punishments for disobedience and until he is no longer erect.

#77 – For any dildo or vibrator used in your ass or pussy, make cuck beg and then allow him to lick it clean.

#78 – Force cuck on the bed naked and scratch him with your fingernails…roughly pinch his nipples, his balls, and his lil boy clit. Add a knife to play for heightened anxiety from cuck.

#79 – Deny him orgasms for extended periods of time

#80 – Frequently require cuck to wear a chastity belt or cock cage…extended periods of wear should be required.

#81 – Spank or whip cuck. (wooden spoon, hair brush, belt, ruler, ping pong paddle, riding crop, switch, cat-o-nine tails…). Spanking cuck over your knee can be simple and incredibly humiliating.

#82 – Lock a padlock on cuck’s useless lil balls…stretch them (his balls) with other devices frequently.

#83 – Require cuck to order an anal ring toss game. You and your friends or lover / Bull can torment and tease cuck while you compete to win

#84 – Go with cuck to the drug store to buy condoms. Make him find a woman/girl behind the counter and force him to ask her if they have the small ones.

#85 – Constantly comment on how well other men look to you and pointing them out. Specifically, point out men with bulges in their pants if visible. Tell cuck you like men with big cocks and that his lil boy clit is inadequate for you.

#86 – Make him clean the house wearing a penis gag, butt plug, chastity, panties, stockings and bright red lipstick…crop him if he does not do a good enough job.

#87 – Have cuck blindfolded and forced to keep his mouth open while you tease him with fingers, toes, pussy, ass, or anything else… telling him the next thing you put in his mouth is going in his ass/boy pussy and then back to his mouth. For deep humiliation do exactly that!

#88 – Force cuck to use Tabasco as a lubricant for masturbation, inside a condom, on a strap-on, etc.

#89 – Order cuck to accompany you and your Bull to a dance club…have cuck order drinks as you and your Bull grope each other on the dance floor allowing your Bull to slightly lift your dress while rubbing your pussy and ass in front of others…later in the evening and after a great deal of teasing, fuck your Bull in the bathroom (stall if the bathroom does not lock) and after returning to the table, feed cuck your Bull’s cum with your fingers…make sure to press your fingers deep inside your stretched and pleasured cunt to gather all of your Bull’s cum to feed cuck.

#90 – Either order cuck to stay erect for long periods of time, or don’t give cuck permission to be hard at all… whichever works for the situation, be sure to punish cuck when he fails! Preventing cuck from being hard during periods of sexuality (i.e. telling cuck of your fantasies, or actual engagements with other men, while teasing him, etc.) is ideal as is ordering cuck to be hard during periods of low sexuality (while in business meetings, attending public events, etc.). The situation creates the mind fuck here.

sucking two dicks in an orgy

#91 – Order cuck to purchase a kennel that he can fit in and keep him naked and caged by the bed. You and your lover / Bull can fuck, scream and enjoy each other immensely while cuck is caged by the very bed you and your Bull are enjoying yourself in. The bull can shove his superior cum coated cock inside the cage for cuck to worship and clean. Various other tormenting acts can follow…prodding, forced masturbation, squat on the cage and drip Bull’s cum on cuck from your freshly fucked pussy, have Bull and you take turns pissing on cuck while he is caged, etc.

#92 – Tease cuck endlessly before your Bull arrives…feed cuck Viagra and allow him to watch as your Bull deeply and roughly fucks you, stretching and pounding away at your eager cunt. Allow cuck to continue to tease himself (manipulating his boy clit, but not allowing an orgasm) while you are nearly split in two by your Bull. cuck will be crazy with excitement and willing to do anything for you and your Bull. Take this opportunity, to reach under the bed and hand cuck a cheap and whorish blow up doll. You and your Bull then order cuck to cum, but only doing so as he fucks the blow-up doll. Tease and torment cuck as he fucks and cums inside the doll…make cuck, using his eager tongue, clean out the doll of his own cum in front of you and your Bull afterward…for deeper humiliation, make cuck order a tv doll and have him suck the doll’s cock while cuck cums in the doll’s mouth (engaging in a 69 position).

#93 – After your Bull has pleased you immensely and emptied ample amounts of his warm and thick cum inside your stretched and well-fucked pussy, spoon feed your Bull’s dripping cum from your cunt into your cuck’s eager and waiting mouth. Make cuck beg to consume each mouthful and make him swish the salty superior fluid around in his mouth before allowing it down his slutty throat.

#94 – Unexpectedly have cuck take you to meet your Bull and your Bull’s friends at a bar or restaurant…make cuck sit there while you make out with your Bull and his friends…tease and torment cuck about the amazing and incredible sexual relationship that you and your Bull have…have your Bull order cuck to the restroom to cum in a glass and bring it back to the table. When cuck returns, make him sit there for at least a half hour in anticipation of what order will come next. When amused at cuck’s anxiety, either you or your Bull or even worse one of Bull’s friends will order cuck to consume his own cum. Everyone should ridicule and degrade him while doing so.

#95 – Have Bull order cuck to hold your legs wide while your Bull penetrates, stretches and fucks you deeper, harder and more pleasurable than cuck could ever do…you and your Bull should order cuck to watch as your eager cunt stretches to accommodate the much larger and superior cock…tease and torment cuck about how his boy clit could never do so and even to a lesser extent now that you have felt what a REAL cock can do.

#96 – Per Bull’s orders, have cuck write degrading aspects on your body with permanent marker…slut for black cock, dirty whore, cum here, black cock only, cum slut, etc.

Another option…order cuck to get temporary tattoos for you as well as cuck and let Bull choose which “sayings” should go where:)

#97 – After your Bull has filled your sore and stretched pussy with his thick, salty, warm cum, grab a celery stick, scoop your lover’s / Bull’s cum from your freshly fucked cunt and feed the celery stick to cuck.

#98 – Tell your cuck that your Bull is going to fuck you in the ass one evening and to make it easier to take Bull’s large cock, you should insert and wear a butt plug during the day. Force cuck to worship your ass and lube your ass with his spit prior to insertion. Later that day, when your Bull arrives and removes the plug, order cuck to suck the plug clean. You both should degrade cuck while forcing him to next suck your Bull to hardness. cuck should then be ordered to hold your ass cheeks apart as Bull’s large superior cock penetrates your tight tender asshole. Force cuck to lick and suck your Bull’s massive cock clean after it is pulled from your ass and then sit on cuck’s face and make him worship, clean and drink your Bull’s cum from your well fucked stretched ass.

#99 – Force cuck to give you a foot massage on his knees while you make out and engage in passionate foreplay with your lover / Bull on the couch…make cuck lick, suck, and worship your toes. Both you and your Bull should make derogatory and degrading comments about cuck.

#100 – If your cuck is not present, call him while fucking your Bull or set the phone beside the bed so your cuck can listen to your pussy being filled and pleasured…make sure you are vocal and really sharing your enjoyment of being filled, stretched and fucked by your superior Bull.

#101 – Force cuck to remove your wet panties after you are aroused by your Bull. Order cuck to wear them while you are fucked and pleasured by your superior Bull. Order cuck to cum in them and clean them afterward in front of you and your Bull with his mouth/tongue.

#102 – Order cuck to watch as you and your Bull have amazing sex…moan and compliment your Bull often for being so much better than your cuck…be vocal…order your cuck to beg to lick your Bull’s cum wherever it is deposited…your breasts, your cunt or your ass.

#103 – Order cuck to remove the pockets from or cut out of his pants. Tie cuck’s hands to his thighs so they can’t be removed from the pockets.

#104 – Watch an hour episode of a random TV show (Law and Order, etc.) together and while the show is on, order cuck to worship you in whatever way you choose (massage, foot worship, ass worship, pussy worship, etc.), but when commercials come on, subject cuck to immense teasing. Take a dab of lotion and perform slow circular motions to the underside of his boy clit. If cuck starts to cum at any point, immediately remove the pressure and ruin his orgasm, letting his cum dribble from his boy clit. Scoop up cuck’s cum and apply it to the area you want worshipped when the show comes back on.

#105 – Paint or draw a circle target, like a bulls-eye around cuck’s ass/boy pussy, with markings reading “I need to be fucked in my boy pussy.” Take pictures to memorialize it.

strapon point of view

#106 – Order cuck naked around the house with a golf ball clenched in his ass cheeks for half an hour or as long as you stipulate. If it drops, spank and crop cuck until he is welted and order him to start over again. When successful, order cuck to lick the golf ball clean of his sweat.

#107 – Order cuck to fuck his ass/boy pussy with a strange object in the bathroom at work or in the gym bathroom. Make cuck video or photograph his compliance and punish him if he is not creative or uses a small object:).

#108 – Order cuck to buy one of those thin latex gloves sold both at hardware stores and pharmacies and also a bag of marbles. Require cuck to fill the glove, including the fingers, with marbles. Order him to tie the glove off at the wrist and also tie off the middle finger at its base. The number of marbles in the hand part should not be too great as to be bulky as these will not be inserted, but the middle finger should be very full. cuck should lubricate the middle finger and insert it in his boy pussy. Require cuck to wear tight panties and tight shorts over it to hold it in place, or better yet, have cuck bound with stretchy veterinary tape or elastic bandage. Order cuck to run errands or chores like this. Different sensations may be had by using beans or rice instead of marbles.

#109 – Order cuck to accompany you to a bar with a counter and hard stools. cuck must wear a large butt plug the whole time. The hard seat will press it deep inside his boy pussy and make it incredibly uncomfortable for him.

#110 – During your time of the month, make cuck insert and wear tampons inside his boy pussy. Whenever you allow cuck to masturbate, he is to soak up his cum with a fresh tampon and insert into his boy pussy.

#111 – Order cuck to finger-fuck his boy pussy with multiple fingers while he masturbates (make sure that he does not masturbate like a man…he has a lil boy clit and must rub the underside of his cock head with one or two fingers like a clit versus stroking it like a real cock) with his other hand/fingers. Force cuck to beg you to allow him to cum. When you are satisfied, order cuck to remove the fingers from his boy pussy and suck them clean while he cums. Then make cuck lick up his cum from wherever it was deposited and order cuck to describe the taste of his boy pussy and his eagerly deposited thick, salty, sticky cum.

#112 – Order cuck into your favorite position for him, head down, legs apart, ass up high, mouth open. Fuck his boy pussy with a dildo while you order him to play with himself. Force him to cum quickly into a condom. Turn the condom inside out and place it on the same dildo. Proceed to fuck cuck again spreading his own cum into his boy pussy. After you are pleased, remove the dildo and make him lick it clean of his combined juices.

#113 – Force cuck into your favorite position for him, head down, legs apart, ass up high, mouth open, and make him beg to be fucked in his boy pussy with a dildo. Order him to use both hands to pull his cheeks apart inviting the dildo to penetrate his boy pussy easily. Tease and torment him about what a dirty slut he is bent over spreading his boy pussy so he can be filled.

#114 – Describe to cuck some of your fantasies and make him find videos or stories on the internet that match up with your fantasies…watch together or by yourself based on your specifics desires.

#115 – Order cuck to purchase and wear an ankle bracelet with the cuckold symbol, queen of spades, “slut”, “cuckold”, etc.

#116 – Order cuck to wear pink yarn as an ankle bracelet, cock leash, or tight around his useless balls…when tying his miniature balls make sure that he ties them individually (separating them) and tightly.

#117 – Order cuck to purchase a black colored “turkey baster” and keep it available to gather hard to reach cum. Order cuck to beg to consume the cum filled baster and squirt the cum inside cuck’s mouth as you deem necessary. This is great for when your black lover has deposited cum deep inside you, and cuck cannot get all of it out with his tongue.

#118 – Force cuck to squat and piss in public while wearing his chastity device. Alleys, parks, yards, etc. as you should not risk cuck getting arrested. Video him doing so and post on site. For disobedience, force cuck to use the backyard to pee for an entire day, weekend, etc.

#119 – Make cuck wear your panties or lingerie around the house either frequently or all the time. Frequently dress cuck up as a slut or a French maid and force him to perform chores around the house. Have cuck wear bright red lipstick when dressed in the above manners. Threaten cuck that you will invite friends or a small group over to the house while he is dressed and performing in this manner. Actually do invite others over if close within the lifestyle.

#120 – After peeing, make cuck lick your pussy clean and then have cuck thank you properly for using him in this manner.

fetish little slut

#121 – Sit on cuck’s chest and find out what cuck would do to be allowed to kiss your nipple. Let him almost kiss it but pull away, make him beg and come up with creative things he would do to be allowed to do so. At some point, take a break while teasing or tormenting cuck, put some worn panties over his face and leave the room for a while and let cuck think about what else you might do.

#122 – Put Ben-gay or icy-hot on cuck’s lil boy clit, balls, ass / boy pussy and nipples.

#123 – Change cuck’s programmed name to “Sissy, cuck xxx, etc.” on your phone; then change his phone’s background screen to something really feminine. Order cuck to change your name in his phone to “Mistress, The Boss”…etc.

#124 – Make cuck think of a new way for you to humiliate him. Punish cuck if you don’t think its good enough. Make him post it to the net or send to your lovers / Bulls

#125 – Forbid cuck to wear clothes around the house except collar, panties, stockings, etc.

#126 – Order cuck to put a plug in under his clothes and have him change to larger ones through the evening while you check and tease and stretch his boy pussy.

#127 – Deny cuck sex for extended periods of time while his lil boy clit is locked up in chastity.

#128 – Order cuck to jack off on his dinner and then have him consume it. In private, cuck should do so directly and in public, he should do so in a container in the bathroom and then dump the cum onto his food at the table.

#129 – Force cuck to wear a large butt plug through a movie and order him to discretely touch himself (his lil boy clit) but not cum. Occasionally order him to move the plug in and out tease him for being such a dirty slut.

#130 – Strip cuck and order him to sit on a certain hard chair (steel or wood with no cushion) with a butt plug in his boy pussy. Sit on his lap and lil boy clit and proceed to fuck him pushing the plug deeper inside of himself.

#131 – Tell cuck exactly how to masturbate while you watch him…position, toy, where, which hand, speed, etc. and spank and/or punish him if you decide cuck is not doing it to your liking.

#132 – Roughly grab cuck’s hair and force him to orally please you.

#133 – Make cuck buy all of your condoms and lube. Make sure that if cuck is buying large condoms for your lovers / Bulls that he also buy small condoms for himself. Don’t want to confuse the store clerks that your cuck has an adequate boy clit.

#134 – Walk around your house naked frequently, teasing cuck, and denying him sex. Masturbate frequently in front of cuck while you tell him the details of your sexual fantasies or actual sex encounters with other men.

#135 – Order cuck to wear a cock ring with a very long, strong, almost invisible thread attached. You can pull on this anytime using it as a leash…both in public and private.

#136 – Order cuck to kiss the seat of your chair whenever you stand. This pertains to all chairs in public and private.

#137 – In a parking lot or similar location, just before cuck will be safely hidden from spectators, make him pause and piss himself. cuck will be forced to walk the last few yards with wet clothes. Make cuck ride in the back on a towel, etc.

#138 – Take cuck on a nature walk, and tie him to a tree for a spanking with a branch

#139 – Drip and coat cuck’s body with candle wax. Make sure to get sensitive areas such as boy pussy, lil boy clit, inner thighs, lower back, etc.

#140 – Require cuck to complete domestic chores and where appropriate make completion of these tasks more difficult: tie his hands; make him use a toothbrush to clean the toilet, tie his ankles with a short chain, make him wear extra high heels, etc.

#141 – Attach clothespins or nipple clips to cuck’s nipples, balls, lil boy clit or other.

#142 – Tie up cuck’s balls and cock with a long leather thong, clothesline, or boot lace. Use a long piece, and wrap the base and his useless balls repeatedly. Tie each of cuck’s miniature balls separately. Tie tight loops around cuck’s lil shaft from base to tip then tie the end off back between his legs and up to a belt or to his handcuffs.

Other ties…frequently tie cuck in uncomfortable positions, tie his ankles together and with a cord attach his balls to them, hog tie him (wrists and ankles tied together), tie him or cuff his hands to the ceiling, top of the door, etc., tie him in a chair with his knees pulled up to his shoulders – good for spanking and everything is exposed and vulnerable.

#143 – When cuck has earned an orgasm, make him cum on your feet or on your lower back above your ass. Force him to lick you clean of his nasty cum.

#144 – Make cuck earn his rewards; for example: allow him to kiss your ass after the dishes are done, 1 minute of pleasure for him for 10 minutes of yours. 5 minutes of pleasure for him after he makes you cum 3 times. Spank cuck 10 times for each minute it takes him to make you cum.

#145 – Make cuck masturbate for you very rapidly and quickly, make him beg for permission to cum, but as cuck quickly nears, don’t let him, and punish him harshly if he does. Also, should cuck cum, make sure he has a ruined orgasm.

#146 – Dress cuck up like the slut that he is, wear a strap-on dildo and make him beg to suck it, gag him roughly and then make cuck beg you to fuck him. Fuck cuck’s mouth roughly (force cuck to wear the fuck-me red lipstick and while fucking his face, smear it all over). Torment and tease cuck in this manner and take photos to memorialize cuck being a slut. Post to fetlife or other site.

#147 – Have cuck pamper you…give you a pedicure/manicure, give you a foot/back/full body massage, paint your finger/toe nails, bathe you, shave your legs, cook and serve you a nice dinner, make him hand wash your panties and lingerie, make him polish your shoes with his tongue, etc. It is important to have cuck waiting on you and serving you consistently so he garners pleasure from doing so.

#148 – Put the base of the dildo in cuck’s mouth and make him satisfy you with it. Do it so cuck’s nose presses between your ass cheeks. He’ll be your little brown noser and love it.

#149 – Tie cuck’s balls off to something behind him so he has to tug on them to smell your panty covered pussy or kiss your delicious ass…stay just out of reach and tease cuck that he does not want you or your body enough forcing him to stretch and torture himself. Finally, masturbate in front of cuck using your fingers, a dildo or a vibrator and verbalize how much better your fingers and toys are compared to his small boy clit.

#150 – Squat above cuck’s face, make him stretch with his tongue to taste the crotch of your panties. When completely turned on, rub cuck’s face against your wet panty covered pussy…proceed to gag cuck with your panties so that he can’t lick dripping naked pussy. After tormenting cuck and yourself, blindfold cuck and make him lick and worship you to several orgasms. Take a break, cum back and do it all again:)

#151 – Tie cuck’s hands behind his back. Have cuck kneel with knees spread naked in front of you while you read or watch TV, occasionally nudging his balls or boy clit with your shoes. cuck should remain ready to worship, perform or other at a moment’s notice.

#152 – Never let cuck masturbate or touch his cock without your permission. Should you choose, he may be allowed to beg, but only with limitations (i.e. twice a month, etc.), and it will still only be allowed at your discretion.

#153 – Make cuck beg to kiss and worship your ass…have cuck do so frequently as this is an incredible way to get off:)

#154 – While around the house, always make cuck strip naked while you have the choice of whether to remain clothed or not. Frequently have cuck kneel before you and kiss and worship your feet. Ideal to make this a habit when you first enter the house and are tired and sweaty:) When undressing, make cuck help in a nonconventional way…(i.e. tie cuck’s hands and have him undress you with his mouth/teeth).

#155 – Forbid cuck to speak in public without your permission. There can be a lot of variety around public speaking rules, how he should address you, others, etc. Communication play at restaurants can be very erotic (ordering food for him, etc.).

#156 – Should your cuck be in good standing and you are in the mood, allow cuck to fuck you in the ass. Immediately after cuck cums, force him to worship and clean the cum from your ass with his mouth and tongue. “Queen” him in the end, making sure that he as slurped down all of his nasty, thick, salty cum.

#157 – While cuck is at work, send him a handful of letters from the alphabet. He is to respond with pictures of a creative item that matches the letters inside his boy pussy (i.e. s for the stapler, r for the ruler, etc.). Give realistic but strict time limits for compliance.

#158 – Discretely handcuff or tie cuck to the shopping cart while shopping (string, yarn, etc.)

#159 – Always require cuck to address you as “Mistress“, or “Ma’am” while in public and private. There is a clear hierarchy that should never be overlooked or misunderstood.

#160 – Make cuck do exercises (jumping jacks, leg spreads, squats, aerobics, yoga…) while restricted with ties, in panties, pantyhose, etc.

#161 – Order cuck to jack off into his cup of coffee and then have him drink it.

#162 – Force cuck to learn and engage in “edging” himself frequent and often

#163 – Force cuck to learn obedient positions through your verbal commands or even simple hand signals…kneeling, on all fours, head down with legs spread, standing in corner, on back with legs in the air, (inspect, examine, present, collaring, OTK, corner, corporal, tippy toes, etc.)

#164 – Require cuck to clean his butt plug anytime it is removed from his boy cunt…if clean he is to lick and suck it immediately and taste himself. If dirty, cuck is allowed to use a dry cloth or napkin to wipe it once and then lick and suck it afterward (he will still be able to taste himself this way). This will be a good incentive to have cuck keep his boy pussy clean at all times.

#165 – Force cuck to wear a butt plug when running errands outside of the house…order him to tie string around the base and leave the end of the string visible outside of his clothes…you can use this as a leash or tease and torment him letting him know that if the string is tugged and the plug exits his boy pussy, he will be punished severely…this will keep him clenching his boy pussy as you take hold of his public leash at all times:)

#166 – Hold or position a non-movable dildo behind cuck and make him push back and fuck his boy pussy against it. Ideal to use a suction cup dildo, place it on the shower door, and have cuck film himself pushing back, stretching his boy pussy against it and fucking himself.

#167 – Force cuck to go on an embarrassing shopping trip (buy, for example, tampons, pads, laxatives, pantyhose, condoms, and a sex magazine at once in the same store).

#168 – If you are feeling nice, after cuck’s shower, eat his ass before fucking him with your strap-on. Make him suck the strap-on before you use it on him, calling him your little cock sucker etc. Finally, tie cuck’s hands to his ankles and fuck his boy pussy roughly.

Further humiliation…force cuck to spread his ass cheeks so you can fuck him with your strap-on…make him whine and beg for your large cock to fuck and stretch his tight boy pussy.

Even deeper humiliation…torment and tease him about being a bad slut…lecture him about the fact that he can’t even spread his legs like the slut that he wants to be. Tie them uncomfortably far apart and then fuck his boy pussy roughly while telling him what a bad little slut he is.

#169 – Force cuck to fuck himself with his fingers after they have been inside you…using your wetness as his lube…order him to suck his fingers clean after they have been inside his boy pussy.

#170 – Force cuck to wear a remote controlled vibrator in his ass / boy pussy during a shopping trip where you torment and tease as you wish. For deeper humiliation, force cuck to wear an electric dog trainer (maybe around his useless balls) and frequently zap him for misbehavior.

#171 – Slap cuck and spit on his face and in his mouth teasing and tormenting him about what a dirty slut he is.

#172 – Leave cuck homework assignments such as: note telling him to go upstairs, put on the hollow, extension / strap-on, insert a butt plug in his boy pussy, and then to kneel at the foot of the bed until you come up…secure cuck with cuffs, and pleasure yourself on his strap-on cock.

#173 – Force cuck to communicate and reveal his deepest darkest fantasies to you…if you feel cuck is lying or not being completely honest, roughly punish him.

#174 – Force cuck to worship your ass while you play with yourself telling him that only his mouth can please you and is therefore, worthy of your attention.

#175 – Force cuck to buy a molding kit, http://www.manmold.com/main.html, where he can make a mold of your Bull’s erect cock, and then order cuck make a dildo from the mold. Have cuck use the dildo on you, then force him to suck the dildo clean of your wetness, and finally, fuck his own boy pussy with the dildo. cuck should be made to clean the dildo with his mouth after fucking himself.

When you and your Bull are fucking, make cuck beg to use the dildo on himself…you and your Bull should verbally torment cuck that you are both being fucked by your Bull’s superior cock. Make cuck clean Bull’s cock first and then the molded phallus and make him verbalize how each tastes and which one tastes better:)

Let cuck know that you and your Bull will likely tell friends about cuck’s humiliating actions.

#176 – Force cuck to take a ruler / tape measure and measure both himself and your Bull…tease cuck that his cock is more like a boy clit in comparison to your Bull’s bigger, thicker, harder, superior cock…take photos to memorialize the significant differences, and then have cuck post results to this site

#177 – Force cuck to book an annual physical with an attractive female doctor. Accompany him into the examination room and make sure that a prostate examination be part of the checkup.

#178 – While in the presence of you and your Bull, force cuck to masturbate his lil boy clit with his legs and hips in the air and aiming his boy clit directly towards his mouth / face. As cuck cums, he should coat his face and if aim is proper, cuck should cum directly into his own mouth. You and your Bull should verbally degrade and torment cuck while this act take place. cuck should consume all of the cum in his mouth and let the cum on his face dry to completion:)

#179 – Order cuck to purchase dog tags from Petsmart or Petco and engrave them in a humiliating fashion to be worn on chastity cage, neck collar, etc. (Miss’ or Master’s sissy slut, cum guzzler, etc.)

#180 – Have cuck accompany you, your Bull and your Bull’s friend bowling. Wear a short skirt that rides up when you bowl so you are giving others a bit of a show. Flirt, make-out and grope your Bull and his friend. Force cuck to wear a bright thong and a tight shirt that rides up and reveals the thong as cuck is actually bowling. Everyone should take pleasure in tormenting cuck and communicating what an embarrassing slut cuck is given the public display he is putting on. Public application of bright red lipstick could add further humiliation as would a constant “pulling up” or snapping of cuck’s thong by you, your Bull and your Bull’s friend.

You and your Bull should consistently make your way to the bathroom to enjoy short periods of fucking so that you are both reeling with excitement. While doing so, your Bull’s friend should remind cuck of what you and your Bull are doing in the bathroom. Compilation of these events will have your cuck reeling in humiliation.

#181 – Order cuck to use your lover’s / Bull’s cum as lube to masturbate his boy clit…after cuck cums make him clean all the cum from his fingers and floor with his mouth…order him to tell you and your Bull which cum tastes the best and punish him harshly if the answer is his own. Always make cuck thank your Bull for being allowed to consume Bull’s superior cum!

#182 – When kissing passionately and about to have sex, as soon as he takes his pants off, stop him, then him bring him to the mirror and tell him to look at himself in his panties (requirement/order from you that he always wears them). Tell him you can’t fuck a guy who wears panties and then have him get a strap-on, dildo or vibrator to please you!

#183 – Get a tattoo of a suggestive nature: Queen of Spades for attracting black men, Black Cock Only, etc. and present to your Bull and cuck at the same moment:)

#184 – While fucking your Bull, take a quick break and allow cuck to penetrate your freshly stretched pussy. Honestly tell cuck that you can’t feel his lil boy clit, push him off and make him beg your Bull to get back in place and please you in a manner cuck could never do.

#185 – Force cuck to watch your Bull use you as his slut…spanking you, forcing you to wear slutty outfits, whorish make up, pulling your hair and fucking you deeply and roughly…it will humiliate cuck deeply to know that you are cuck’s Domme, but you are deeply submissive to your more dominant Bull.

#186 – Force your cuck to fuck his boy pussy with a large black dildo at the same pace your Bull is fucking your stretched pussy. Allow cuck to only cum as you and your Bull cum together. Make cuck, with his mouth, clean you, your Bull, his dildo and finally his own cum from his fingers and floor in whatever progression you and your Bull choose.

#187 – Allow cuck to masturbate and cum only as you are experiencing an orgasm from your Bull. If cuck does not do so, he does not get to cum at all until your next orgasm where he again has the same opportunity. Another version is to have cuck only be allowed to cum as your Bull fills your insides with his thick streams of superior cum. Another humiliating option would be to allow cuck only to cum while his mouth is filled with your Bull’s cum (either directly from Bull’s cock or after cleaning you and holding your Bull’s thick, milky warm cum fluid in his mouth).

#188 – Order cuck go to the gym with you and your Bull…while working out fondle and make-out with your Bull while you rotate sets…everyone will wonder what relationship the three of you have, but quickly it will be a very clear picture for everyone. To add humiliation, make cuck wear a tight shirt and a bright thong that becomes visible when bending or when the shirt is slightly lifted and make cuck wear spandex so when his lil boy clit gets hard, which is surely will with a little bit of teasing, it will be evident that cuck is hard and straining at what it taking place with you and your Bull. Finally, should it amuse you, attach a string or yarn or other to cuck’s lil boy clit and have it slightly hanging out so that you and/or your Bull can use as a leash if you wish.

#189 – While at the gym or while on any outing with you and your Bull, have cuck tuck/tape his little boy clit between his legs and wear tight spandex (bright colored spandex would increase the humiliation) making himself look very smooth with absolutely no bulge…have Bull snap humiliating photos of cuck while in the men’s locker room and while working out on the bench, etc. to memorialize cuck’s humiliating position.

#190 – Order cuck to rent a limo for you, your Bull, potentially a few of Bull’s friends and cuck for the evening. During pickup, make it pretty clear to the driver that it is going to be a fun night and a lot of the fun will be at cuck’s expense. Have cuck dressed in a degrading manner (i.e. cuckold shirt or something similarly derogatory), dark thigh high stockings under very light linen pants so the dark stockings can be seen in the right light, similarly a bright colored thong that can also be seen in the right light and very noticeable when cuck bends over (thong should be clearly visible), small tight shirt that rides up easily, bright red lipstick, a collar (with leash as you enter the limo), and other markings as you and your Bull see fit. The privacy window should remain down initially so the driver is made aware of cuck’s position within the group. cuck should be made to serve drinks and serve in whatever other way requested of him. Further, into the evening, cuck should be made to sit in front with the driver and that is when the privacy shade should be put up. After satisfying your Bull and potentially his friends in the back of the limo, the privacy shade should be lowered and you should order the driver to stop so that cuck can return to the back of the limo for cleaning services. Make it an evening to remember for you, your Bull, cuck and the limo driver:)

#191 – Force cuck to rim and worship your Bull’s ass…this can take place while your Bull is fucking you or not. Doing it WHILE he is fucking you is a bigger physical challenge (all that motion) but potentially less embarrassing than when both you and your Bull are focused on cuck and teasing and tormenting him while doing so as an isolated order.

#192 – Make cuck suck your Bull off when you are out of town and unavailable to do so. Your Bull should be pleased as he desires and if you are unable to do so, cuck should be available and willing to do so.

#193 – Suck off your lover in the parking lot while your cuck stands on the lookout.

#194 – Have your Cuckoldress do a guy in a hotel room while you sit with his wife at the bar, having drinks.

#195 – Fuck your Bull in your bed…fucking your Bull in the bed that you sleep in with your cuck will certainly humiliate your cuck beyond imagination.

#196 -Meet one of your Bull’s friends that cuck has not met at a bar and after a reasonable amount of conversation, order your cuck (using his phone) to first show the man a naughty picture of you and next, have your cuck show the man a picture of himself in chastity, panties, sucking a dildo, being strapped, etc. cuck will be humiliated regardless, but this will be heightened as he will think this man is a complete stranger versus your Bull’s friend.

#197 – Force or better yet, allow cuck to “fluff” your Bull before he pleases you, Have cuck beg to do so and thank Bull thereafter. Always have cuck clean both you and your lover up after your fuck session with his tongue, especially any of Bull’s superior cum.

#198 -Have cuck accompany you and your lover / Bull to a strip club…get cuck a lap dance and tell the girl that he is wearing panties and chastity…meanwhile, have fun dancing on your lover’s / Bull’s lap alone for a bit, but then have other women join you and your Bull. The whole time communicating and pointing out that your cuck is here in panties and chastity. The “girls” at clubs talk and it won’t take long for the word to get around and further humiliating ensue for cuck:)

#199 – Make cuck drive you and your Bull around while you and your Bull make out, suck and fuck in the back seat. Order cuck to wear a chauffer’s hat, bright red lipstick, a “cuckold” shirt, slightly visible black fishnet thigh high stockings under very light and see through linen pants, and panties visible when cuck bends over, etc. Make sure you have a few stops in mind and order cuck to open the door for both you and your Bull for others to see. For an incredibly deep humiliation, have your cuck stop at a tattoo parlor and the three of you go inside and discuss loudly with your Bull that you want to get a “slut for BBC” or Queen of Spades tattoo to show your Bull appreciation and commitment. Loudly discuss getting cuck a derogatory tattoo…something humiliating like a “Cuckold”, “boy clit”, “boy pussy”, matching “slut for BBC” tattoos or even a “boy clit” piercing. See if the tattoo parlor has suggestions for something humiliating and degrading for cuck.

#200 – Force cuck to stop in the middle of having sex with you. Proceed to bring out the chastity cage and set it next to him on the bed. Don’t say anything, and then slowly allow him to continue fucking you. Just a good mind fuck in the heat of passion:)

#201 – Force cuck to beg your Bull to fuck you and have your Bull tease your tight pussy with his cock head but not do so until the stakes are increased (i.e. cuck having to wash Bull’s car, do his laundry, other chores and tasks until the Bull agrees to fuck, fill, stretch and please you). You should involve yourself in tormenting cuck, making cuck beg, and blurting out additional cuck duties to be completed so you can be fucked properly.

#202 – While in the presence of your Bull, order cuck to put on a clean condom and proceed to masturbate and ruin his orgasm into the condom…put cum filled condom on dildo or strap-on being careful not to spill a drop, clip small hole in tip of condom and proceed to order cuck to suck the dildo clean, thereby eating out all of his own cum from the condom. When all cum is sucked out, cuck is to remove condom licking clean both the inside of the condom and the cum remnants on the dildo clean…doing so in front of you and your Bull will be quite humiliating and both of you should take the opportunity to verbally degrade, torment and humiliate cuck for being such a dirty, nasty gum guzzler.

#203 – Wear ankle bracelets when out with cuck. These are a sign that you are available to fuck others…have cuck purchase these items for you.

#204 – Order cuck to lick your ass while you are being fucked and pleasured by your superior Bull.

#205 – Suck off your Bull/lover in front of cuck and share your Bull’s cum with him by kissing him deeply and passionately.

#206 – Threaten to tell one of your girlfriends (hottest one or ones) that he is a cuckold… that you like to fuck other men, and that you make cuck lick you clean of their cum afterward.

Threaten to tell your one of your girlfriends that you like to fuck cuck’s boy pussy with a strap-on and that he craves and begs for it.

#207 – Force cuck to suck your Bull’s superior cock while wearing panties, stockings, and bright red lipstick. Let cuck know that if he can stay soft through this act, he can freely have your pussy. Tease and torment cuck when his lil boy clit hardens as it will surely do so.

#208 – Invite your Bull and his friends over for a card game…order your cuck to serve drinks and snacks in a French maid costume while you help out in sexy lingerie…flirt, kiss, and sit on the laps of your Bull and his friends…allow them to grope you throughout the night while everyone teases and torments your cuck for being such a sissy…you and your cuck join in the card game and penalties for you losing result in sexual favors while penalties for your cuck losing result in humiliating and degrading acts. By the end of the night, cuck should have tasted each of the males cum and should be blindfolded and forced to categorize which semen came from which male. If cuck fails, he should be caged for the night and should cuck succeed, he should be allowed to play with his boy clit in front of everyone, cum on the floor, and forced to lick it clean while being verbally tormented, degraded and humiliated.

#209 – Make cuck lick your newly stretched pussy while your Bull is fucking you…sixty nine position is ideal as your Bull’s balls will glide along / bounce on cuck’s face and mouth while cuck is attempting to lick and please you. Bull has many options as he approaches his orgasm as he could fill your stretched cunt with his seed, could pull out and stuff his thick superior cock in cuck’s mouth and empty his thick streams or warm thick cum fluid in cuck’s mouth, could pull out and spray and coat cuck’s face with his thick strands of sticky salty semen, or any combination thereof.

#210 – Make cuck bathe you, shave your legs, armpits, pussy and ass, pick out clothes, jewelry and perfume to get you ready for you to go out with your superior lover / Bull.

#211 – The Bull goes up against the cuck in a ring or on the mats, the hot wife acts as the ref and does a body search of the wrestlers and gets a good cop a feel of her prizefighter preparing him for his impending battle. Upon the wrestle, the Bull depending on whats agreed beforehand could pin the cuck down and force his cock down the cucks throat till he cums down his throat, or forces the cuck to orgasm all the while the hot wife taunts and humiliates her cuck that he’s not man enough to defend his wife. Once won the Bull does as he pleases with the cuck i.e. makes him eat his wife out ready for the Bull then ties him to a chair and forces him to watch the Bull fuck his wife or leaves him in a room next door.

#212 – At a random point throughout the night, you and your Bull should order cuck into the tub and both of you should drench cuck in your pee.

#213 – Have Bull cum on your ring and force cuck to lick and clean up your Bull’s cum from the ring with his tongue. Have cuck thank Bull for both cumming on your ring and being allowed to lick and consume Bull’s superior cum from the ring.

#214 – While cuck is traveling alone for business, make him leave lingerie or stockings drying in the bathroom as well as toys lying out on the counters. These should all be clearly visible to the staff. The staff at these hotels talk and cuck should get some interesting looks:)

Potential addition…require cuck to purchase a maid’s costume. Whenever he travels order him to leave it hanging in the hotel room along with his regular clothing.

#215 – Make cuck answer the door for your Bull and his friends… can be made really humiliating with the right clothes being worn…panties, stockings, chastity device, collar, lipstick, etc. as well as being on his knees in proper cuck position.

#216 – Force cuck to bring a glass full of ice cubes to the bathroom while at a bar or restaurant. Order cuck to insert all of the cubes inside his boy pussy and then once the task is completed cuck should be required to cum in the empty glass. When cuck returns from the bathroom, force him to empty his cum onto his food before eating his tasty “sauce” covered meal.

#217 – After your Bull finishes fucking you deeply and roughly and has cum inside your stretched pussy, shove cuck’s toothbrush deep inside of your pussy and order him to brush his teeth and clean it of your superior Bull’s cum.

#218 – Force cuck to drink “Cuckold’s Cocktail”…combines an equal amount of Bull’s cum with your piss and topped off with some of your and Bull’s spit. Force cuck to masturbate while you or your Bull feed him the cocktail for deeper humiliation.

#219 – Require cuck to report back to you regarding the other cocks in the gym (sizes, color, circumcised, shaved, etc.)…when at the gym together have him follow the guys you find attractive into the locker room when they have completed their workouts so he can report to you about their endowments…if you find a great match, you can approach the guy in the future and after some heavy flirting, you can communicate that your cuck told you that he had a very nice cock:)

#230 – Force cuck into a large dog cage on the outside deck of the house. You and your Bull should initially engage in drinks on the deck, some flirting followed by heavy foreplay. This activity will certainly lead to your Bull stripping you and fucking you out on the deck while your cuck is caged. Depending upon neighbors, you and your Bull should be pretty vocal and animalistic in your fucking. Regardless of what follows next (dripping your cummy cunt into the cage, etc.), at some point you and your Bull should take pleasure is soaking cuck in your urine. Easily washed off the deck with a hose and can even do so while cuck is still caged later in the day / night, hosing him off like an animal as well:)

#231 – Order cuck to lick your Bull’s balls. cuck should be forced to beg for the privilege first and torment cuck about how much larger Bull’s balls are compared to his lil sissy balls, and how much more cum Bull’s balls produce compared to cuck’s lil sissy balls and boy clit.

#232 – Force cuck to set up dates with Your Bull by phone or by text…by phone with you present can be very humiliating for cuck. Make cuck go on for a bit, thanking your Bull for last time and communicating how much you were pleasured and how excited you are for the next encounter. Make sure cuck communicates that he could never fuck or please you the way that your Bull can.

#233 – If cuck is not present when you and your Bull enjoy each other, bring home fresh cum in a condom from your Bull and make cuck eat the creampie out of the condom. Take photos so that Bull can see how eager and obedient cuck is.

#234 – Consistently make eye contact with cuck while enjoying your Bull…eye contact can be very intense and humiliating.

#235 – Order cuck naked and into the tub. You take hold of your Bull’s cock and control it as your Bull pees all over and drenches cuck’s body. Make sure to make eye contact with cuck while doing so as it increases the humiliation.

#236 – You and your Bull train cuck to only have an orgasm only with an actual cock or dildo in his mouth…if cuck stops sucking, then stop stroking so he must be engaging in the actual act to experience his own orgasm. You and your Bull should tease him heavily for being a dirty cock sucker before, during, and after cumming

#237 – Make your cuck jerk your Bull’s cock…have cuck loudly communicate to you and your Bull how big it is, how it compares in size to his own, how superior it is in all facets and how much cuck wishes his was magnificent like Bull’s, and how much cuck wants to see it stretches and pleasure your pussy…have cuck measure Bull’s cock and share the statistics (to you, your Bull, and post on the internet) in comparison to his own miniature lil boy clit.

#238 – Simple but very humiliating…at any random point when cuck is in the presence of you and your Bull, your should proceed to give cuck a bare bottom spanking in front of your Bull…force cuck naked and bent over your knee for a spanking in front of your Bull.

#239 – While you are on your back and being roughly fucked by your Bull, order cuck to suck your toes…tease and torment cuck about how submissive he is to be sucking on your toes while you are being fucked, stretched and pleasured by your superior Bull.

#240 – While cuck is on his knees, take hold of the back of cuck’s head with one hand while taking hold of your Bull’s cock with the other and force cuck to deep throat and gag on your Bull’s delicious, huge, superior cock.

#241 – While at the gym or while on an outing with you and your Bull, have cuck wear a chastity device and wear very tight spandex over the device making it clearly visible…have Bull snap humiliating photos of cuck while in the men’s locker room and while in the gym to memorialize cuck’s humiliation.

#242 – Force your cuck to put on one of your Bull’s Magnum condoms and take pictures. It will be humiliating seeing how the large condom hangs off his small lil boy clit. Tell him that he can fuck your delicious pussy as soon as he can fill one of those out with his tiny guy.

#243 – After your Bull fucks, stretches and cums inside of your freshly fucked pussy, make cuck put on a rubber, tie his hands behind his back, and put a blindfold on over his head making visibility impossible . Lay there spread wide and tell cuck he has 5 minutes to go ahead and get some of that used cunt. The entertainment starts as you and your Bull laugh at cuck trying to fuck you missionary with his hands behind his back and blindfolded…it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to fuck without your arms and hands to hold yourself up and especially blindfolded and being laughed at and tormented by you and your Bull. When the five minutes is up and cuck has been unsuccessful, tell him how worthless his lil boy clit is and make him clean your dripping, freshly fucked cunt up with his tongue and mouth…the only real value cuck can add to the relationship:)

#244 – After Bull cums in a condom, force cuck to put the used condom on his smaller cock and masturbate for you and your Bull. Once cuck cums, force him to eat the contents of the condom…both his and your Bull’s cum. Make sure cuck thanks your Bull for being allowed to consume his superior seed and punish cuck harshly if he does not do so.

#245 – Either you or your Bull order cuck to guide Bull’s massive thick cock inside your eager pussy and/or ass. Make cuck communicate how honored he is to be allowed to do so and both you and your Bull should take the opportunity to tease, humiliate and degrade cuck for his actions.

#246 – Order cuck on his knees and have your lover / Bull dick slap his face over and over…you should also take hold of your Bull’s large thick superior cock and dick slap cuck roughly in the face…if your lover has precum or droplets of pee after just pissing, make sure to wipe either or both on cuck’s face.

#247 – After you and your lover / Bull have finished fucking and pleasing each other for hours, give cuck one couple of minutes, or less, to enjoy sloppy seconds… if cuck does not cum, he is not allowed orgasm for the evening…regardless of whether cuck cums, he is required to lick you clean of your Bull’s superior cum.

#248 – Allow cuck to masturbate after you have been immensely satisfied by your lover / Bull…make cuck use a condom to collect his cum and make cuck eat/drink it after cleaning your Bull’s cum from your body with his tongue.

#249 – Paint / spread Bull’s cum all over cuck’s face and force him to let the thick, warm semen dry visibly. Order cuck to run some errands for you and your Bull with the cum dried all over his face…especially humiliating if cuck is forced to drive and complete errands while you and your Bull are present. As a special treat, order cuck to proceed through a drive through as you and your Bull order food, but also loudly tease, torment and humiliate cuck.

#250 – Each night take off your worn panties and place them over cuck’s face for him to savor your smell. Allow him to place them on his side of the bed, and order him to wear them the following day…cuck should become accustomed to only wearing your day old panties and savoring your scent

#251 – Have Bull order cuck to masturbate his lil pee pee / boy clit on a piece of bread and then force cuck to eat it in front of you and your Bull. Tease and torment cuck for being such a dirty, nasty cum eating slut.

#252 – Find a delicious, large black strap on and proceed to fuck cuck’s tight boy pussy while your lover / Bull shoves his superior huge, thick, hard black cock deep into cuck’s throat…gagging while being stretched will create a very humiliating experience for cuck. cuck should be forced to swallow Bull’s cock without spilling a drop and should be punished severely should cum leak from cuck’s slutty eager cock sucking lips.

#253 – Draw a line across cuck’s forehead and after your Bull finishes dick slapping cuck’s face satisfactorily and after you suck and jerk your Bull’s thick warm cum all over cuck’s face, let it dry and then have your Bull sign cuck’s forehead…take photos to memorialize this… if accompanied by Bull’s friends, have them perform the same functions and sign as well:)

#254 – Order cuck to draw a line or multiple horizontal lines on your back. After your Bull has roughly fucked you to orgasm in doggie style fashion, order cuck to hand your Bull a permanent marker so that your Bull can sign your back (on the signature line)…take photos to memorialize this…if accompanied by Bull’s friends, have them sign after deeply fucking you as well.

#255 – Organize a night with your Bull and two of his friends. Have cuck in chastity and order him to serve everyone drinks and snacks…natural progression will take place as your Bull and his friends will flirt, kiss, and fondle you while degrading, tormenting, and humiliating cuck.

Eventually, find yourself being pleasured in each…having your mouth, pussy and ass filled by black cocks while your cuck is forced to serve and watch you experience mind-blowing orgasms will be very degrading…the cherry on top will be to force an order cuck to clean up all the cum deposited with his mouth and tongue.

#256 – Order cuck to design and purchase degrading temporary tattoos and wear them frequently…having cuck include your Bull’s name in the tattoo in some fashion adds depth and humiliation to this act (Master [xxx]’s cum slut, etc.)

#257 – Near the end of the night with your Bull, whisper to your Bull to pull out of you and cum all over cuck’s pillow. You and your Bull should then force and order cuck to sleep on the cum doused pillow (face down or sideways only).

#258 – Force cuck to fuck himself with a thick black dildo in front of you and your Bull…make him beg to cum while plugging himself in this manner. If you allow cuck to cum, make sure cuck first is made to clean the dildo once removed from his boy pussy. Next, make cuck gather his leaked cum with the black phallus and force feed cuck his own sperm with the thick black dildo (make him gag on the cum covered phallus).

#259 – Force cuck to masturbate using Bull’s cum as a lubricant and force cuck to lick his hand clean of your Bull’s cum and then proceed to lick his own cum from the floor (or wherever it may have leaked).

#260 – Order cuck to create tan lines that perfectly show he wears a string/thong bikini…this is especially embarrassing for him when he is at the gym, etc.

#261 – Force cuck to wear a hollow strap-on extension while he fucks you. The larger cock will please you, but cuck will get no relief himself.

#262 – Have cuck keep a detailed journal in which he records his thoughts and submissive feelings. Read it once every other week while he kneels naked at your feet.

#263 – Have cuck insert and wear a large butt plug in his boy pussy just before company arrives or before you both go out for a very vanilla evening. Smile at him whenever he sits down.

#264 – While at a bar, force cuck to pull up a photo of himself in chastity on his phone and leave it on the bar while he goes to pee…you are present so allow anyone to look, but not take the phone

#265 – Force cuck to give himself an enema so he can be very clean for the rough strap-on fucking you will give him.

#266 – Order cuck to purchase a kennel that he can fit in and keep him naked and caged by the bed. You can feed cuck, force him to masturbate or order him to stretch his tongue through the openings to please you at your discretion.

#267 – Have cuck wear “cuckold” t-shirt, thong underwear. etc.

#268 – Order cuck to purchase the patented Aneros prostate massager (http://www.malegspot.com) and require him to wear it up his ass for four hours every other week, or as you direct.

#269 – Give cuck a charm bracelet and a box of monogram “F” charms. At the start of each month, he must add one “F” charm each time he is fucked in his boy pussy by your strap-on or ordered to fuck himself with other toys. By the last of the month, you will examine the bracelet and see if he has been a worthy fucktoy that month…administer an appropriate number of hard swats with a paddle if you are not satisfied.



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