Cuck And Bull Resort

I was in total denial the first time I discovered Karen was cheating on me. I refused to believe it, ‘how could my beautiful wife of eight years, the love of my life, the one woman whom I’ve chosen to build a life with, throw everything away?’ I was simply in denial.

Karen came from acentric beauty. She towered over me at 6ft, with long brown hair, high cheekbones, red luscious lips, and an amazing toned physique; she turned heads anywhere she went. She got attention anywhere she went. I certainly was lucky to have her and I must admit, I felt like a king the first time we slept together.

Alas, things have dwindled in recent years. My work keeps me very busy, I work in finance and my job can get rather stressful. With all my work stress and my want to secure a financial future for us, I suppose I neglected her a tad. Karen was flesh and blood woman and I guess I was never there for her…. That combined with the fact that when I overthink; I go flaccid. Erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter and given my hectic schedule, my stress, and my other transgressions, when it finally came to time to step up to the plate, my little fella just wasn’t up for it. I guess you could say she was frustrated…. I had no idea it would lead to my becoming a pathetic cuckold.

The first time she cheated on me, I simply refused to believe it. I just pretended that everything was just as it always was….. I guess it made things worse. I was forced to confront the situation one afternoon when I walked in on them in the act.

I couldn’t believe what I saw as I opened the door to our bedroom. There was my wife, on all fours being pounded from behind by some able-bodied macho man. I had never taken my wife this way, even when I was able to get it up, I always stuck to plain old missionary and we rarely broke a sweat…. Now here I was watching two bodies glistening in sweat with my wife screaming ‘fuck me stud! Fuck me with that big fat cock’. I stood there watching for a while until they finished.

I’m ashamed to admit; I broke down and cried before them.

Hours later I sat in the kitchen as Karen explained to me that she still loved me and that her relationship with ‘Andre’ was merely physical.

I was a wimp, I was weak… I always have been. I didn’t want to lose her and I certainly didn’t want to be alone.

“I’m so sorry honey. But, we don’t make love anymore. I understand that you can’t function as a man anymore, but I have needs” She did make a valid point.

“What should we do now? Therapy?” I asked

“No, no therapy. We don’t need it. Everything is perfect. I love you and you love me. I look after you and our home and you are an excellent provider. But, I will continue to see Andre on the side in order to satisfy my physical needs. It’s just sex”

So, from then on I was a cuckold. An impotent cuckold.

For a while, everything seemed normal. Until Andre had to relocate for work.

This led to her going out with some of her friends from work until the late hours of the night and sometimes coming home with strangers. Over time she refused to even share a bed with me and suggested I move into the guest bedroom; which ultimately became my room.
Over a period of eight months, I counted 12 different lovers.

Of course she still loved me and in no way was she ever cruel or mean to me…. But this soon changed when I lost my job and she became the sole income earner in the household.

Lounging around the house all day eventually took its toll and I could tell she was getting fed up with me. So I suggested we go away somewhere, just the two of us. I was going to plan on rekindling our relationship and hopefully try to make love to my wife again and reclaim my lost manhood. I had purchased some Viagra through a mutual friend and was desperate to show her that I can be all that she needs.

Unfortunately, she had other ideas.

When I suggested we go away, she was overjoyed but insisted she choose the destination. It was then that she pulled out a pamphlet to show me titled ‘The Cuck and Bull Resort’. My stomach turned and I was overcome with a real sense of loss…. Will I ever get to fuck my beautiful wife again?

“Oh stop pouting! It’ll be fun. Fun for both of us. I’ll spend all day with the bulls and you’ll get to service all the spent and satisfied women after they’ve been fucked” There were no formal staff at the resort and I was later to learn that all the husbands or ‘cuckboys’ as we were referred to, would do all the chores; change the sheets, prepare the meals and of course provide services to the wives as well as the bulls.

“I don’t know about this Karen.” I pouted.

“You want me to be happy don’t you?” she teased

“Yes dear” I said hanging my head in shame

“Great! I’ll make the reservations”

The Cuck and Bull Resort was located on a secluded island way out in the Dominican Republic. In order to get there, we had to take two planes and yacht and finally, a ferry.

This place was simply paradise; with tropical wildlife, palm trees, and a lavish five-star resort complete with eight Olympic sized swimming pools, a large hall, a ballroom as well as other familiar amenities.

As soon as we arrived, we were ushered into a large hall where other couples awaited further instructions; we stood before a sign that read ‘Cuck Orientation’. In total, I counted another eight couples. That’s eight drop-dead gorgeous women, dominant wives. Some were as young as 25 and others were as old as 60 but all were stunners. The men on the other hand, much like myself looked defeated, weak and submissive. I could tell most of them didn’t want to be there and they certainly weren’t trying to make eye contact with anyone. So, just like them I hung my head in shame and looked at my feet as my wife broke out and went to mingle with the other hotwives.

Moments later, the curator arrived, taking her place on the stage. Introducing herself as Beth, she had founded the Cuck and Bull Resort to quench her own sexual desires. This woman, although mature was honest to god knockout. With short blonde hair and a muscular physique, she carried herself with confidence and demanded respect.

“Ladies and Cucks, welcome to the Cuck and Bull Resort. I am Beth, your curator. Before we take care of housekeeping, I’ll give you ladies a chance to say goodbye to your husbands, you won’t see them for two weeks. Here at the Cuck and Bull Resort, we typically keep spouses apart. Cucks! You will be attending to the wives here at the resort, but not your own.”

Karen came to me and kissed me on the cheek, “Be good cuckboy and make sure you do as you’re told. I spent a lot of money on this and I don’t want you to ruin my fun. Promise me you’ll be good!”

“I promise,” I said, too ashamed to look at her.

Before too long the husbands were ushered to the other side of the hall.

“And now Ladies, I’d like to introduce you to the Bulls. Choose carefully, they’ll be your lover for the next two weeks” Beth announced.

As one more humiliation, the defeated husbands were forced to watch as their wives chose another man to be their companion for the next fortnight. They came out all at once and I must admit, I was instantly intimidated. They all sported similar builds, almost reminiscent of bodybuilders. Three of the eight men were black, two were Latino and the remaining three were white. They beamed masculinity and smelt of testosterone… I could literally feel my penis retract further inside me.

To my shock, almost all of the women flocked to the black men first. My wife was lucky enough to choose the object of her desire without any problems. She chose ‘Terrance’ a six foot, black body builder; with broad shoulders, a barrel chest and an obvious bulge in his pants, in other words, big black and hung… the opposite of me. Terrance, much like the other bulls, was dressed only in briefs.

I watched in agony and jealousy as my wife ran her fingers across his manly chest, looking up at him with lust in her eyes… I remember when she used to look at me that way. All hope was lost.

Soon enough, the cucks were eventually led into a smaller darker hall with grey walls. This room was damp and cold. We all stood there in silence, eight grown men too ashamed to make eye contact with each other.

After what seemed like an eternity, the moderators entered. There were three of them in total and they all appeared to be under the age of 25…. All were bombshells. They all wore the same uniform, a skin-tight white jumpsuit. First, there was Rita, a no nonsense busty blonde, then there was Michelle a fit and toned brunette and lastly there was Helen a slim blonde.

Rita walked up onto the stage as the others stood towards the back of the room.

“You have no rights here. You will always do as you are told! By us, by the wives and even by the Bulls! No questions asked! If a Bull wants to butt-fuck you, you say yes sir and bend over! Do I make myself clear!?!?”

Then and there, I made the mistake of making direct eye contact with her….”You!” she called out to me.

“Get up here on the stage beside me” she demanded.

Hesitantly, with a knot in my stomach I made my way up onto the stage and stood next to the busty goddess. “Why are you here?” she asked me.

“Why am I here?”

She slapped me hard across the face; it almost sent me over on my ass. I could hear the other men wincing. I could hear the other women snickering. I clutched my burning face and looked at her innocently.

“Never answer me with a question cuckboy!…. Now, why are you here!?” she asked again.

“I’m here because I can’t satisfy my wife”

The three bombshells erupted in laughter.

“Who else can’t satisfy their wives? Let’s see a show of hands!”

One by one, each of the men raised their hands.

Rita smirked, “You are here because you’ve either got a limp cock or a small willy! Either way, you can’t pleasure your wives. But don’t worry, they’ll be screaming in ecstasy for the next two weeks non-stop!”

Rita looked directly at me, “Strip cuckboy!” She turned to the others, “All of you strip… and put your clothes in a pile beside you, you’ll get them back in two weeks.”

Hesitantly, I slowly began the arduous task of removing my clothes. Buying time, I began with my socks, then my belt…. By the time I reached my shirt, I noticed everyone else had already disrobed.

“Hurry up cuckboy!!” she screamed at me, “I can tell you are going to be a problem!”

Being up there on the stage, with all eyes on me, I felt so utterly exposed and vulnerable. I removed my shirt, “Nice tits!” Helen yelled out. I removed my trousers and then…. It was the moment of truth. I never thought I had a small penis, but in my current flaccid state, I must have looked so ridiculous.

All three girls erupted in laughter, “Oh, that explains allot!” Rita announced, “Did you know Bulls have a 9inch minimum requirement?… I guarantee you, your wife will never look at you the same again!” more fits of laughter followed.

“It looks like a little button! No wonder you can’t satisfy your wife! What do you have to say for yourself cuckboy?”

“My wife never complained about my size, I just can’t get it up anymore” I protested in my haste

More laughter followed, this time from some of the other cucks.

“Oh really? So you’re a shrimp dicked impotent cuck? That’s precious!” Rita laughed, “A flaccid little noodle! Awww, how cute!!” Helen chimed in.

“Bend down and touch your toes cuckboy!” Rita demanded.

I desperately wanted this to end, so I figured ‘just comply with their orders and they’ll leave you alone’. I bent over and touched my toes, my ass up in the air. “You are going to be my example!” As if she were teaching a class, she announced, “If anyone misbehaves, pretends to be a man or disobeys an order you’ll end up just like…. What’s your name cuckboy?” she asked me.

“N..N.. Nick, my name is Nick miss.”

“Well, from now on, your name is Nancy!” she announced.

I looked down at my peers, feeling every little bit humiliated, ‘at least my wife isn’t here to see this’ I thought to myself. Some of the other cucks were actually enjoying my torment, others were horrified…. But most were enjoying the show. Before I could comprehend my thoughts, I felt something hard, wet and slimy being penetrated up into my anus. I squirmed and flinched.

“I’ve just inserted a pickle into your sissyhole! Nancy, I want you to do three laps around this hall with the pickle lodged up your ass. If the pickle falls out, we shall replace it with something bigger and you’ll have to start over! Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes miss” Slowly, I rose and made my way down the steps where I proceeded to do three laps around the hall, all the while Rita spoke, “If you think this is humiliating, imagine doing it in front of your wives and all the Bulls and the staff! Faster Nancy! Pick up the pace!!!”

As I started the third lap, Helen and Michelle gave me a series of hard wacks to the behind. I yelped as my ass felt like it was on fire… Thankfully, the pickle didn’t fall out of my ass. Rita came down off the stage and ordered me to bend over once more and touch my toes.

I felt her fish around inside my anus and pull out the slimy pickle. With that she handed it to me and ordered, “eat it!” Hesitantly, I took the pickle and slowly chewed on it.

“The next few days we’ll teach you all to be proper, pricy little sissies. We’ll teach you how to dress, how to present yourselves, how to prepare a bed, how to prepare meals and most importantly, how to clean a spent cock”

I hesitantly swallowed, almost passing out from disgust, shame and humiliation.

What came next was a series of daunting and embarrassing rituals that will forever be tattooed into my memory.

Firstly, we were ordered to line up side by side as Michelle wondered up and down eyeing each and every one of us up and down. With that, we were arranged in order from most feminine to least feminine. I was somewhere in the middle for that. I knew I wasn’t in the best shape of my life, but my man boobs and slight gut, I think, put me over that scale.

Next was the penis size test. Michelle once again paced up and down holding a tape measure… With that she proceeded to measure each and every one of us, starting at the end of the line, with the most feminine male.

Dale was pale and thin and, could very well pass for a woman if he wore a dress… unfortunately; he was moved to the front of the line when his member engorged to its very impressive size of seven and a half inches. He was named then and there, the ‘headcuck’ and if there were no women or Bulls around, we’d take orders from him, since he was the closest thing to a man amongst us fellow cucks.

Michelle made her way down the line, proceeding to measure all of us. Most men sprouted modest boners as soon as she approached… but me, I was just so bloody nervous. I hung there, pathetically in my flaccid state. “Short, pink and thin! I bet your wife loves the feel of that hey?” Almost everyone in the room erupted in laughter at my expense.

I just wish I was an able bodied alpha male, with a huge hard fat cock. But that wasn’t the case, if it was, I surely wouldn’t be in this predicament.

At 2.5 inches and with the only cuck unable to attain an erection, I was ultimately named the ‘bottom cuckboy’ which pretty much meant I was everyone’s bitch and had to do the most demeaning jobs on the resort. I was constantly the butt of jokes and it was permitted by the moderators for me to be made fun of by the other cuckboys.

From there, we were forced into skimpy maid’s uniforms, which didn’t leave much to the imagination. These uniforms were very short and very tight, bright pink, complete with tassels and bows. Furthermore, we were all forced to wear 9 inch stiletto heels. For the rest of the afternoon, we all practiced walking in our uncomfortable heels, it was just torture.

At the end of the day we were shown how to apply make-up: bright pink lipstick, blush, heavy eye make-up and lastly, to complete the look, a blonde wig….. By the end of the day, Rita, Helen and Michelle had created the perfect group of sissies.

Hours later, all of us sissies were paraded throughout the hall before our astounded wives and cocky bulls. Needless to say, I simply couldn’t make eye contact with any of the women at that point. I merely kept my head down as we were exhibited before everyone. “Ladies and Bulls, I present to you, the Cucks!” as Beth made that announcement, the hall erupted in applause and laughter. This seemed like an eternity and I only hoped that my own wife couldn’t recognise me. I knew that I’d loose all credibility as a man if she recognised me and saw how utterly weak and helpless I was. After all, what ‘man’ would let a woman do this to him?…. After several minutes of applause, all of us cucks were ushered back into obscurity where our induction continued.

As the week progressed we were assigned different tasks and assignments. Mine was to make assigned beds at the beginning of the day and then again before nightfall. Being the bottomcuck, I rarely saw any of the wives or the bulls. I constantly wondered what my own wife, Karen, was up to. I burned with pain deep in my heart and longed for the days that I was able to take her the way a husband should.

Eight days into my stay at the prestigious ‘Cuck and Bull Resort’, I was approached by the ‘headcuck’ Dale, to take over some of his chores. Being the headcuck, Dale was fortunate enough to actually interact with some of the wives on a social level. A rumour was floating around that Dale had even been used as a ‘fucktoy’ at a nightly orgy a week earlier. Everyone of the other cuckboys was terribly envious of him, including myself.

“I want you to clean up in room 315, they’ve been going at it all night and I’m just exhausted. Can you handle it?” He asked me.

I simply didn’t know what to expect. What could ‘clean up’ mean? Dusting? New Sheets? I prepared myself with extra make up and made my way over to room 315.

“Room Service!” I knocked on the door. “Come in cucky” I heard through the other side. I slowly opened the door and entered.

The first thing that hit me was the stench, the stench of post coital activity. The whole room smelt like sweat and sex. It was damp, it was humid and it was stinking hot.

Laying on the bed was a spent black bull. He was soaked in sweat, pussy juices and his own seamen. He smirked at me as I made eye contact. I couldn’t believe the size of his flaccid penis, it lay across his stomach and had to have been at least 9 inches. It was as thick as a coke can and covered in purple veins. My instant reaction was to look down at my puny little member, poking out through the bottom of my very short skirt; pink and thin as Michelle had so eloquently put it.

“Cuckboy!” the hotwife called me.

I was entranced by her beauty. She had to have been at least 25, with rock hard abs, bronzed skin and a fit upper body. She lay on bed beside her lover, exhausted. Her upper torso was covered in seamen.

“Yes, ma’am” I asked.

“Clean the Bull!” she demanded.

Reaching for my cloth, I knelt down between the bulls legs and proceeded to wipe him down. I must admit, I was terrified at that point. Here I was, washing this muscular young man. His monster cock twitched as I held it in my hands and gently wiped it down with my damp cloth.

After what seemed like twenty minutes of wiping down the stud, the hotwife called out to me, “Are you just going to clean him faggot? I’m dirty too!”

“Oh yes, of course, sorry Miss” I said as the bull chuckled at my expense.

I turned my focus to the hotwife, getting ready to wipe all of the semen off of her. “No, don’t use that dirty cloth”

“Miss?” I asked

“Use your tongue” she demanded.

The thought of licking another man’s cum made me sick to my stomach, but the idea of being this close to such a goddess made me feel like dancing. I discarded the cloth and dove for her pussy, licking up the excess semen from her spent lover. It tasted salty, but almost like playdoh…. Not quite as disgusting as I had imagined.

I licked up and down, around her vulva for what seemed like ages. I looked up at her: she was in her own little world, her eyes closed, enjoying being worshiped. Her black lover appeared to be sleeping…. So, I just focused on the task at hand, it had been just a long time since I had eaten pussy, I had to savour it.

Then, something magical happened. I felt an odd sensation between my legs, a sensation I hadn’t felt in quite some time. I had sprouted a boner.

Not wanting it to go to waste, I reached down and gently started to fondle myself as I continued to eat the sluts pink, salty pussy. She moaned as she grabbed a hold of my head, forcing me further into her clitoris.

I began to beat my meat, my first erection in months. This is it! This was the moment I’d been waiting for! I furiously pounded my meat, getting closer and closer to the edge. I wish my wife could see me now…

“What the fuck!!!?” the stud called out.

This was enough to snap the hotwife out of the moment. She looked down with me with disgust, “Ugh! What the fuck are you doing? You nasty little pervert!”

“I… I… I’m sorry” was all I could say.

Before I could comprehend my thoughts, the bull had reached across and grabbed a fistful of my manhood, “You dare get hard in front of a woman! You need to learn your place sissy!” With that, he squeezed until I saw stars. Needless to say, my erection subsided in an instant.

Like a rag doll I crumpled into a ball and whimpered, “Don’t think I won’t tell Miss Beth about this!” she added.

I must have blacked out because the next thing I know, I’m seated in an office before five angry women, including the curator and founder of the Cuck and Bull Resort, known as Beth.
“What shall we do with you Nancy?” she turned to Rita, “I want him strung up and put on display, this type of behaviour shall not be tolerated!” She looked directly at me, “I only hope your wife can forgive you!”

From there, I was dragged into a small dark room where I was forced down on my hands and knees. My skirt was removed exposing my buttocks and genitals…. “Keep your eyes forward unless you want your punishment to be worse!” one of the ladies said to me.

Suddenly, I felt an odd cold sensation on my penis followed by a loud ‘click’. I later learned that I had been placed in chastity and the key had been given to my wife. From there I was strung up into what appeared to be a glass chamber, or glass booth… Obviously I was going to be put on display. I soon put two and two together and began to plead, “Please! Please no! I can’t let my wife see me like this! Please! God no!”

My mouth was eventually stuffed with a pacifier to shut me up.

From there, I was strung up and ‘decorated’. The women wasted no time in making me look as prissy and pathetic as possible. Along with my chastity tube, two bells dangled from my testicles and a pink ribbon tied them all together. My attire was more feminine with more bows and tassels, a shorter skirt showing off my crotch, heavier make up and a blonde permed wig.

I was strapped upwards, made to stand… I couldn’t move. Just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I soon felt something penetrate my anus. I squirmed and grimaced, what could it be?

I was soon to discover that I had been hooked up to what could only be described as a ‘fucking machine’. It would penetrate me for hours as I squirmed and moaned in utter discomfort.

After a few hours, the unveiling commenced.

I was encased in a glass booth which was concealed by red and gold drapes. “Unleash the bottomcuck!” Beth announced. Suddenly, I was facing all of the wives, all of the bulls and all of the cucks.

There I was, dressed like a pathetic sissy, in chastity, being fucked up the arse by a machine.

I looked down at the women pleadingly, but of course… they all erupted into laughter. The humiliation was just too much for me, I closed my eyes and turned my head away.

“As you can see, the bottomcuck here, is being punished. He had the audacity to have an unauthorised erection and the nerve to touch himself before a hotwife and her bull! This type of behavior will not be tolerated!!” Beth announced.

Pretty soon, I felt intensity like no other from behind. She must’ve turned up the speed or something, “eyes open slut!” she called out to me, “look at your audience!”

My eyes opened as I looked around in desperation, then… it happened. I made eye contact with her, with Karen. Oh god no! My wife had seen me like this! She had recognized me. Instead of laughing, she looked disgusted and almost ashamed.

“Now, if you want to claim this cuckboy as your husband, come forth now and his torment will end. In turn, you will both be asked to leave the island. But, if you wish to keep enjoying your bull, don’t claim him and his torment will continue for another 24 hours”

Oh god no! Not 24 hours of this. I looked at Karen with pleading eyes, alas it was clear she was enjoying herself far too much.

To my horror and to my shock, she was the first to leave the room with her bull. One by one all of the wives and bulls left the room.

I hung my head in shame, “You see, you’re nothing. No one wants you. You’re not a man, never were and never will be” Beth said.

With that, the moderators, along with the cucks left the hall, leaving me there alone to be fucked by the machine all night long.

The following morning, I was eventually released from the clutches of the fucking machine. I was treated to a bath and then a heavy meal. Unfortunately, the steel tube which encased my penis remained.

“You may take the day off to spend as you like, you’ve suffered enough. As you can see, we’ve taken extra precautions to ensure your disgusting little worm does not get hard again in the presence of the wives here at the resort” Rita announced.

“When can I take this thing off?” I asked.

“That’s up to your spouse. She’ll receive the key at the end of your stay” Michelle added.

For the rest of the week, I kept a pretty low profile and always avoided eye contact with the wives as well as the moderators.

Sometimes, I’d get snickered at and I’d hear people whispering as I walked on by. They knew they all knew that I was the bottomcuck.

Finally, our time at the Cuck and Bull Resort had come to an end. On the final day, the cucks were ushered into that same grey hall and we were given back our male clothes. I couldn’t have changed back into my old slacks and shirt fast enough. However, we weren’t allowed to remove our makeup or wigs yet…. And in my case, I still wore the uncomfortable steel tube on my penis. Even if I tried, an erection would not be possible.

The cucks waited patiently in a small room as, one by one, the wives arrived and claimed their husbands. I watched and waited for my own wife, Karen to come and claim me. I watched in agony as every single last cuck left before me.

Before too long, Karen entered the room…. with her Bull. “This is Terrance, can you believe he lives in our city? Can you imagine all the fun the three of us will get up to?”

I was still too ashamed to make eye contact with her, “What took you so long?”

“Oh relax, stop pouting! I was just fucking my Bull” She replied.

“Can I please take this make up off before we leave?” I pleaded.

“No, I want you to always wear make-up from now on. And that chastity device isn’t coming off any time soon either!” she added.

“But why?” I almost cried at that point.

“You are my sissy cuck, Nancy” she laughed, “And you always will be from now on, now get my bags. Terrance and I plan on having a quickie before we catch our ferry off the island”