Crossdresser at Berlin

My name is Sam and at the time when this story begins I was your average
IT consultant working for a boring company in London. I was 31 with a
decent body thanks to some lucky strands of DNA, a decent living
standard, a beautiful wife two years younger than me and a passion for
crossdressing. I am not sure of where I got this hobby of mine from, but
it’s always been a part of me, and since I moved to the big city I could
indulge a bit more.

I met my wife four years ago at a fetish club. I was in drag, not
looking half bad if I can say this of myself, and she was dancing with
some of her friends. She made the first move, offering me a drink at the
bar, and then we started chatting about how we knew our friends in the
club and so on. It turns out that we were both bicurious and that her
friends were lesbian while my friends, every once in a while, would
start a party that ends in some mild group sex. That night we both left
the club early and we went straight to my flat where we had some of the
best sex I can remember.

During the first two years we spent together, our relationship became
increasingly stronger. At the beginning, we invited each other to some
kinky nights for some “playing around”. Then, as things progressed, we
became more “conservative” and decided to only have sex between us. We
were becoming jealous of each other and we both loved this strong new
tie between us. We’d still go out to fetish clubs, we’d whip some
bottoms and sometimes get involved in some kissing and pegging but
that’s as far as we decided to go. It might seem like we were getting
more boring, but we actually loved how we understood that we were doing
this for each other.

We got married because we wanted a cool party. We had two parties, one
suit-and-tie classic reception, and a spicier party the night after. We
had the time of our life, a fantastic honeymoon in Iceland, where we
made our private Jacuzzi go from hot to steamy, and our life went on
happily for two more years. I kept crossdressing now and then. My wife,
Jane, encouraged me because she found it arousing. A couple of times I
got dressed to go to a party but I couldn’t make it past our front door
because she jumped on me and fucked me right on the doormat. Life,
indeed, was good.


One day I received an email from my boss saying that I had to attend
some developers seminar in Berlin. Some big company was introducing new
tech and I had to go and have a look. All expenses would be paid and I
could have a couple of days to enjoy the city after the event. When I
got home I asked my wife if she wanted to come along but she reminded me
of the store opening she was working on for her job, so she couldn’t
have gone with me. That was quite sad because I was used to sharing
almost everything with her, and a mini holiday without Jane would just work.

A few days before the event I had a notification on my private email
about a fetish ball in Berlin. It would be on the work event night,
but it would only start at 10PM, a good five hours after the seminar. I
could have the time to get changed and actually do something fun while
there. The ticket was a very expensive 200 Euros, but the description of
the night seemed to be worth every cent. I talked about it with Jane and
she helped me pack one of my hottest outfits that, of course, I had to
model for her. She picked a hot corset mini dress that ended in a very
short ruffle skirt. I would wear it on top of my suspender stockings and
some 6 inches high heel boots. A black wavy wig and some accessories
would complete the outfit. I looked hot, she agreed, and then we had
some more wonderful sex.


I left for Berlin on a Thursday afternoon. After a short flight, I had
just time to go to the hotel, have a couple of drinks at the bar and
then head straight to bed. The seminar started at 9AM on Friday. It
was quite interesting and I had a lot of notes that I would have to
write down properly later on. As soon as I got out of the building where
the event was held I went back to my hotel, got changed into my “evening
outfit”, spent some time doing my makeup properly and then I ordered a
taxi to go to the ball. I was feeling tired so I decided to have a
couple of drinks from the minibar before venturing out of my room.

The cab driver didn’t even blink when he saw me dressed up. I look
pretty good in drag, but there is no mistaking me for a genetic girl,
particularly while wearing some sexy PVC high heels. In a broken English
he said something about seeing a lot of different people in Berlin, and
that he likes it that way because he felt that the city was alive and
bursting with life. He actually complimented on my confidence and wished
me a good night of fun when he parked in front of the venue.

At the door, a young and attractive girl exchanged my e-ticket for an old-style “admit one” paper ticket, gave me a good look from head to toe and
said something half in German half in English that I didn’t completely
understand. She ended the sentence with a question and I could recognize
three words: “… man, woman, trans?” Was she asking if I was one or the
other? That seemed odd. Anyway, I went for what I thought described me
better that night and said “transvestite”. She picked a purple key from
a jar of purple keys and gave it to me along with the ticket, then she
waved and I walked into the main room.

The ball had been organized in an old theatre, something I was used to
in London, but the setup reminded me of a rave party. The old structure
of the balconies, the red velvet drapes, and the bas-reliefs on the
walls acted as a base for lasers, smoke machines and giant LED displays.
It felt like diving in some retro-futuristic movie with a touch of
cyberpunk. The effect was intentionally decadent and the many people
already on the dance floor were dressed not too differently from the way
I was dressed. Considering that I can’t speak German, not standing out
too much was good for me. I went to the dance floor and started dancing
by myself.

After one hour of continuous dancing I felt dehydrated and I needed to
give my feet a break, so I headed for one of the bars. I sat on one of
the stools and ordered a Vodka and Red Bull. The vodka keeps you going
and the Red Bull keeps you up. Good combination for parties. The guy at
the bar served me the drink with plenty of ice and then noticed the key
that I got with the ticket and that I was wearing as a necklace to avoid
losing it. He pointed at it, said something else in German, and then
poured a drop from another bottle into my drink. I was about to protest
but as soon as the liquid touched the content of my glass something
weird happened and my whole drink started sparkling like a jar of purple
fireflies. I thought that it was very cool so I thanked him, paid, and
turned around to look at the other people dancing.

As soon as my feet were ready to walk again I decided to take a tour of
the place. The old theatre was divided in three separate ballrooms with
three different kinds of house music. I danced a bit in each and then
continued my walk. At the end of one corridor, in a corner decorated
like a circus, about ten people were waiting in line and cheering for
something. I went to have a look and saw a big digital wheel of fortune,
and a guy dressed in a red tuxedo and red top hat that was operating it.
A girl with an impressive pair of boobs, way bigger than her dress could
contain, walked past me with her boyfriend. Both of them were fondling
her massive breasts as if it was the first time they’d seen them.

“You, back there, it’s your turn,” said the red man pointing at me and
speaking a decent English.

“Me? No, look, I am not here for gambling and I can’t waste too much
money,” I said. I was happy to be a spectator since I had no idea of how
the game worked.

“Don’t worry, I see from here that you already have what it takes to
play. That’s your token!” he said while his stare moved from my eyes to
my chest, where the key was hanging.

The key, previously a piece of transparent purple plastic, was now
glowing of the same glow as the drink I had before. Well, I thought,
it’s probably a bonus game or something, maybe I’ll win a drink. So I
passed some of the people in the crowd while they were clapping with
anticipation and I walked to the red guy, in front of the wheel that was
now in standby mode with random light turning in circles like an old
pinball machine.

“I see you have a purple key! Those are my favourites! All you have to
do is stand in front of the Randomiser, put the key in the keyhole in
the middle and turn it.” said the red guy.

“What’s the prize?” I asked, since I hadn’t seen anyone playing before.

“The prize may be something that you like, something that you want or
something you didn’t even think about. Anyway, you’re guaranteed to have
fun with whatever you win!” was his answer.

Thinking that I was about to win some sort of goody bag, full of sex
toys considering where I was, I just went for it and inserted the key.
Before I could turn it, the wheel came to life. It was like a very vivd
round LCD screen, about two meters wide, divided into 9 portions with a
question mark each. Three of the portions were blue, three red and three
were purple. I gave a last look at the red guy before turning my key, he
nodded and I turned the plastic piece into the keyhole. A giant watch
hand began to rotate through the options at great speed at first, and
then it started to slow down. Behind my back I could hear the other
people cheering and chanting as if I was in a sport competition. The
pointy arrow eventually landed on a red slice. All other slices became
red with a nice animation while my portion of screen changed into the
drawing of a shapely girl’s bottom seen from the side.

“We have another lucky winner here tonight!” said the red guy in a
microphone. “But everyone is a winner with the Randomiser!”

After he said those words, something weird happened. All red pixels on
the screen seemed to turn into fairy dust and engulfed me in a small
whirlwind of sparkles. I could almost see them soaking into my skin and
I almost freaked out. Luckily this only lasted for a few seconds so I
didn’t get too scared. Everyone around me was smiling and clapping while
the red man was already calling someone else forward.

“What happened?” I asked. “What did I win?”

“You’ve seen the screen! You won one of the best prizes a purple key can
get! Keep enjoying the night and don’t worry!” With that he dismissed me
and welcomed someone else in front of the wheel. I walked back to the
main dance floor and waited for a couple of minutes next to a pillar to
try and make sense of what happened. Or what didn’t happen. After a
while I just decided to dance some more and forget about it.

The music at this ball was seriously good. The DJs were a great choice
and the house music was some of the best I had heard in a long while.
The environment was getting quite hot, and not just by the temperature.
Some girls were walking around topless and some couples were making out
heavily on the sofas around the dance floor. I had the feeling that
people were losing their inhibitions as many more were dancing “with me”
occasionally, and a lot were slapping my ass. I found it weird, but a
bit of spanking was something I always enjoyed and it was making me
horny. I kept dancing and just let go of all my worries.

For more than one hour I moved to the beat and then, again, my 6 inches
heels started hurting a bit and I went to sit down on a sofa in a
corner. A waitress asked me if wanted to order a drink and I asked for
another Vodka and Red Bull. I have to say that the sofa was very
comfortable and very well padded. It was covered in leather and a bit
cold so I tried to pull my dress down a bit to cover my back, but it
seemed that the fabric just wasn’t enough. The waitress arrived with my
drink, I paid and started sipping it. I must say that without the
sparkly stuff inside, the drinks seemed less, how can I put it, less
interesting. Anyway, I sat there for a few minutes until a man in his
forties with a middle-eastern complexion and a great body pointed at the
empty space next to me as to ask if he could sit there on the sofa. He
was shirtless, only wearing a weird pair of wide leg trousers and black
boots, freshly shaved and he had a well toned body. I replied that he
could use the sofa and he sat next to me.

“My name is Kasim!” he said. “Who do I have the pleasure to share this
sofa with?” he spoke to me in English from the very first word. I
assumed that he was a foreigner too.

“I’m Samantha!” I replied using my en-femme name.

“Good to meet you Samantha. You look awesome tonight!”

“Thank you, you look great too! Do you usually come to these balls in
Berlin?” I asked.

“As a matter of fact, this is my second one in Berlin. Actually, the
second time ever in a fetish club! I recently started a new job that, I
found, fits very well in this environment!”

“Interesting!” I said, and I meant it. I wonder what kind of job would
take you to fetish clubs. I definitely would want a job like that. “What
do you do, if I can ask?”

“Sure! You surely have seen the Randomiser, actually I can tell that you
have played one round…” he started.

“How do you know I played? I didn’t even get my prize!” I interrupted.

“I can tell that you played because you still have some sparkles on you,
and I can also tell that you played because I’ve been looking at the way
your prize looks on you for the last hour, if I can say it,” he went on.
“The Randomiser picks one random attribute and enhances the body or mind
of the recipient according to the pick. In your case, you clearly won a
new bottom. I built that machine, so I have a pretty good eye on its

As soon as he said that I stood and touched my ass. He was right. That’s
why I couldn’t cover it with my dress, my cheeks were now super perky
and high, twice as big as they used to be and perfectly round. I had
buttocks that many girls would envy and the bottom part of it stuck out
of my mini dress. That would also explain why so many people were
spanking me. An half naked ass with a red thong through it must have
been quite a sight and definitely looked like an invitation. I sat down
again, almost feeling naked, and again feeling the cold leather of the
sofa under my exposed bottom.

“You didn’t realise, did you?” Kasim asked. “I told the girl at the door
to inform every one about the Randomiser, she should have told you when
she gave you the key!”

“She said something,” I said. “But it was in German and I don’t really
speak the language. She asked me something about men, women and trans,
and I said trans because I am in drag.”

“That explains it!” he replied. “Red keys are for women, they enhance
female characteristics. Blue are for men. Purple are for trans people
and can pick on either side or one of the special prizes!”

“I guess that the special prizes were the purple portions of the wheel.
But what do they contain? And, by the way, how is all of this possible?”

Kasim pulled a small vial out of a pocket and poured a drop of the
liquid into my drink. It was the same sparkly stuff I previously drank
at the bar.

“In your world you would call this a catalyst. The sparkles you see are
actually micro creatures that can perform the changes in your body. They
stay in your system for about 24 hours until they are activated by a
machine, like the Randomiser, that sends them the instructions. A key
like this,” he handed me a new key, “carries your DNA to the machine,
that does all the magic,” he explained.

“So, what I drank are actually nanites that will receive instructions
from a magnetic field generated by the Randomised.” I tried to look
smart. Kasim’s face went from surprised to annoyed, then he smiled.

“You humans are funny sometimes. You used to call the sparkles with many
names like Will of the Gods, Magic Dust etcetera… Now Nanites. Well,
they are none of those. They just are the fruit of a kind of science
that this world can’t yet comprehend.”

“What do you mean with You humans? Where are you from? And what kind of
tech is this? I work in IT and I can…” I started but he stopped my
flow of questions.

“I have to go now, but I’ll be around. Enjoy your drink and have another
go at the Randomiser. Not many people get the luxury of two rounds in
one night!” And he left.

I stayed on the sofa for another few minutes trying to compute what
Kasim just told me. Had I just met an alien, a god or something similar?
No, it couldn’t be. I am the rational type and, even if I was sitting on
a brand new state-of-the art ass, I couldn’t believe his last words. I
slowly sipped my drink while looking around trying to identify other
signs of changes in the people around me. The girl I saw before fondling
her breasts as if they were new was probably doing it because they were
new indeed. No, again, this made little sense to me. I had one way to
find out more about this. I had my second key so I could have a better
look at the machine. I stood and left the main dance room, on my way to
the Randomiser.

While I walked through the corridors I felt more people spanking my bum.
Now that I knew that my cheeks were out there I felt a bit more exposed
but, damn, those spanks were sending sexual shivers up my spine. Each
slap was pure pleasure for me and in a certain way I wanted that to
happen more and more. All of a sudden I started thinking about what will
happen when I’d go back to London. How would I explain my “improvement”
to my wife? How would I explain it to everyone at work? Would I be able
to find any clothes that could hide my new shape? A new slap on my left
cheek brought me back to the moment I was living, and shortly after I
arrived at the Randomiser where a new group of 15 or 20 people were
waiting, clapping and cheering. A cloud of blue sparkles engulfed a guy
in front of the wheel. He turned around and kissed what must have been
his boyfriend. While they walked past me I could see that the bulge in
the pants of the one playing the Randomiser couldn’t be natural.

The red man saw me through the group of people and called me forward.

“You, back there, good to see you again! Come forward! How did you get
hold of another key?”

“Err… a friend gifted me hers!”

“You must have very good friends! Come on, let’s play again the

I stepped in front of the wheel, that was blinking of all different
colours in its stand-by mode. I asked myself if I really wanted to go
through with this. What if I was changed in a way I couldn’t possibly
hide? My hands were faster than my mind though, I inserted the key and
turned it.

The display showed again a group of nine slices divided in three
colours. A spinning arrow moved around highlighting them one by one in
rapid succession and then slowed down. This time the wheel’s hand
stopped on a purple sector. The question mark icon flipped and in its
place a weird drawing appeared. It looked like a mouth, no, it was
definitely a mouth with red lips, but inside there was a double fold of
flesh. The image wasn’t completely clear and it disappeared when the
whole machien turned purple and glitter of the same colour surrounded me
and soaked into my skin.

“Congratulations to our new winner… again!” the red man proclaimed in
his microphone.

“What is that? What did that icon mean?” I asked.

“To be honest, I have no idea!” he said. “But you’ll soon find out and I
am sure you’ll enjoy it!” With these words he dismissed me and I walked
past the cheering crowd.

With every step I took I was trying to identify any change in my body
but I couldn’t feel any. There was a mouth in that picture so I walked
to the toilets to see in the mirror if my face had been changed. The
idea terrified me. But no, the mirror showed me my familiar Samantha’s
face. Nothing new. I used a stall to check the rest of my body but,
again, no sign of any change. At that point I calmed down a bit. I
thought that this whole Randomiser thing was probably a hoax and that
the swelling in my ass was probably due to some chemicals they put in
the drinks. It was all a clever special effect that would probably wear
off. I went back to a different dance room and spent some time bouncing
to the rhythm.

The music was loud and my body was following every beat. I was enjoying
myself, finally relaxed and excited at the same time by a part of my
body that was giving me pleasure but that I know wouldn’t create any
problem because it was just temporary. Occasionally someone would walk
behind me and slap my ass making me jump and shiver for excitement. I
could feel the fabric of my dress caressing the top of my cheeks and the
thong rubbing between them. It was pure bliss. I closed my eyes and kept

When I reopened my eyes Kasim was standing in front of me, slowly but
elegantly moving from one foot to the other as if he wanted to dance
with me but without invading my space. He was holding a bottle of beer
and a glass that looked a lot like one of my Vodka and Red bull. He
handed me the latter while we were still dancing. Since I don’t like to
spill my drinks I took a sip and then I walked in the direction of one
of the booths that surrounded the rooms. It was quite dark in there, and
I could see that something hot was going on in the one next to ours. I
had no problem chatting with Kasim even if I thought that all he told me
were lies. But he was also the only person I spoke with and he had never
been unkind to me. We sat down and cheered with our drinks before

“That’s a double, I hope you like it!” he started.

“It’s stronger than the one I am used to but yes, I really like it. And
it’s 3 AM so a bit more fuel won’t hurt me.” I smiled and sipped.

“So, you played the Randomiser again!” he stated.

“Yes, but I think I uncovered your game. It’s all a special effect,
right? And it’s not meant to work twice in a night,” I said, trying to
look clever again.

“And how did you come to that conclusion?” he asked. While he said those
words he casually reached inside his pants and lowered the hem as if he
wanted to uncover his cock. Regardless, I kept explaining.

“Well, the second time nothing happened. This undefined drawing with a
fffhhh mfffff hsssssss…” All of a sudden I couldn’t speak. It’s not
like I was suffocating or anything but my throat wasn’t making any
sound. I admit that I was looking down between his legs when this
happened but out of shock I immediately raised my eyes to look at his
face, that was displaying a large smile. In just a few seconds my throat
cleared and I swallowed the massive amount of saliva that accumulated in
my mouth. I had no idea of what just happened but I was thirsty so I
drank some of my drink and resumed my explanation.

“Sorry, my throat is playing tricks on me!” I noticed his hand going
down to his belt again, and my eyes followed it while I spoke. “As I was
saying, the ffffffmmmm… hhhh…..” And again I couldn’t speak. This
time my eyes kept looking at his member, a solid 10 inch uncut cock,
while I was still trying to make some sort of human sound. I was
salivating but I couldn’t swallow and while this should have scared me,
I ended up looking more and more at his dick as if I needed it. I was
almost hypnotised by it.

Now, as I said I was bicurious and I had seen, touched and even sucked
cocks before. But I was never drawn to them as I was at that very

Kasim put two fingers under my chin and lifted my head up so that my
eyes were looking at his face. He pulled up his pants at the same time.
In a few seconds, I could breathe again, and again I swallowed a massive
quantity of saliva before reaching for my drink.

“What you called an undefined drawing, ” he started, “was what I called
a Mouth Vagina. And you are now the proud owner of one of those. It’s a
special gift of the Randomiser, and my way to prove to you that there is
more to that machine than just special effects. From this day on,
whenever you see a cock, be it real, in the picture or a convincing replica,
your throat will transform into a vagina. Your teeth will retract into
your gums and your salivation will, in fact, be replaced by a lubricant.
Your tongue will stay where it is because it can give and receive a lot
of pleasure. The dangling thing at the back of your throat will turn
into a sensitive clitoris. You will be able to swallow any cock that
makes it through your lips and, actually, you’ll want to do so because
your new vagina will be so close to your brain that the hormonal rush
will overcome most of the other senses. Your throat will then remain a
vagina until you stop seeing a cock for at least ten seconds, or for ten
seconds after the cock has left your mouth. Your mouth is now the
perfect blowjob machine.”

I couldn’t believe what he just said. Was this real? Did he actually
mutate me into a blowjob machine? Right at that moment my throat felt
fine, I could feel my cold drink going down towards my stomach as usual.
I struggled to believe his words. Maybe I was just chocking on my drink
when he said that.

“Look,” I said, “you seem like a decent guy but you really say a lot of
nonsense!” As I continued he pulled out his cock again. “If I were in
you I’d come up wihhhhhh… mffff…..” Again I couldn’t speak. My mouth
was salivating like crazy while my eyes were glued to his erect member.
I felt like a sense of hunger, or thirst… emptiness. I wasn’t too sure
how to finish my sentence at that point but I felt that the first and
foremost important thing to do was to push his cock down my throat.
Without asking for permission I bent on him and I took his cock in my
mouth. My lips surrounded it while my saliva, my juices, were making it
wet. I pushed myself down on it and I felt my throath opening wide
without any gag reflex, I felt his cock hitting my new clitoris, I felt
good. Very very good. I went down all the way, taking all his 10 inches
until my lower lip touched his balls. It felt fantastic and I started to
bounce my head up and down. I had never felt anything like that. And I
can tell that he loved it too because in what seemed to be hours, but
was probably less than a few minutes, he came right into my throat, all
the way down to my stomach. At the same time I felt a wave of pleasure
emanating from my chest as if I was cumming too. It was the best orgasm
of my life.

I pulled my head up and looked at his face. His body was now covered in
a layer of sweat and he was smiling at me with a knowing face. My throat
quickly turned back to its original function and I swallowed the rest of
my juices along with what was left of his sperm in my mouth. I drank
some more from my glass to clean my mouth.

“I can’t believe it,” I said.

“And yet, you just gave me the best blowjob of my life. And trust me, so
far it has been a long one,” he replied.

“But, how am I going to explain this? How am I going to live with a
vagina in my throat?” I asked, genuinely scared.

“How many times a day do you see cocks around you? If I were in you I’d
be more worried about my ass right now! That thing really turns heads!
Talking about your ass, as you may have noticed every feeling from it is
enhanced. Are you not curious to give it a proper go?”

My mind drifted to my wife. To the silent agreement we had of not having
sex with other people. Yet, my mind started making excuses about me
being away from home, about her knowing what sort of ball I was going to
etc… But I decided to resist and I started declining his offer tilting
my head. And that’s when he took out his dick again.

“I don’t like to force people,” he said. “But I see that it won’t take
much to convince you. After all, you really want my cock right now!”

He was right. The sight of his cock made me horny and hot as hell.

“Let’s go to your place, I like my privacy!” he said.

We went out of the theatre after collecting my coat from the cloakroom.
Kasim kept his phone out all the time, occasionally showing me a picture
of his member. It was like torture. My mouth kept producing juices and
more juices and during the rare cases when he waited for more than 10
seconds before showing me again the picture I was swallowing gallons of
pussy juices. My own pussy juices. We got into a taxi that quickly
reached our hotel. Kasim paid for the ride and we took the lift for the
floor where my room was. I was about to fall on my knees in the
elevator; he had his cock out and I was feeling a massive void in my
throat, like a thirst during a desert draught. When we walked into my
room I slammed the door, dropped on my knees and deep throated his cock
in one single move. I started bobbing up and down to get all possible
pleasure for a moment I had been craving for the last half an hour.

Before I could come and before he could fill my throat with his cum he
lifted my up and said that he loved what I was doing, but that wasn’t
the reason why we were there. He told me to kneel on the bed, facing the
other way. He slid my thong away and placed his cock, still wet from my
mouth juice, at the entrance of my ass. I felt a gentle push, then he
pushed harder. His dick entered my asshole as a hot knife goes through
butter. The feeling I was receiving was nothing short of amazing. This
new ass of mine was incredibly sensitive and could do any sort of trick
to his cock. I discovered muscles I didn’t know I had and I used them to
give and receive pleasure. Even when his cock was mostly out, his hands
on my cheeks were giving me pleasure. I was in ecstasy. I was loving it.
He fucked me for at least ten more minutes before he grunted and shot a
massive load into my ass. I could feel every drop of it with my enhanced
senses, and I loved the feeling. He grunted until he emptied his balls
into me.

“Don’t turn around!” he commanded. “Thank you for sharing with me your
prizes. I have to go now. But I am sure our paths will cross again!”.

I was still enjoying the feeling of my ass being open and his juices
swirling in it when I heard a “puff”. I turned around and Kasim wasn’t
in the room anymore. The door chain still locked from the inside.

Too tired and too satisfied to care, I collapsed in bed and fell into a
deep sleep.


The next day, Saturday, I woke up at 1 PM. My phone ran out of battery
and the alarm didn’t go off. Still, I had nothing to do that day so I
connected my phone to the charger and then I took it very easy. Almost
in auto-pilot, I took off my make up, still trying to put together the
pieces of the night before in my memory. I stepped into the shower and
turned on the hot water. When the stream touched my ass I had a
wonderful rush of pleasure, that reminded me of the piece of magic art
that was now hanging on top of my legs. I stayed in the shower for a
good 20 minutes, simply looking up and enjoying the feeling I was
getting from my body. I stroke my cock and, thinking of the events of
the night before, I shot a massive load.

Once out of the shower I quickly dried myself and stepped in front of
the mirror to admire my new bottom. It was perky but not too wide. It
looked more like the shape of implants than a butt lift. My hips were
the same size but my back had a definite shelf shape to it. I have no
idea how to hide this shape, but I really loved it. I turned
around just to check myself in the full-length mirror, and when I looked
at my cock my throat went numb. I knew this feeling all too well but I
didn’t expect this to happen with the sight of my own dick. I
immediately turned my head away and made a mental note to avoid looking
down for more than a few seconds.

At that very moment, my phone rang. It was Jane.

“Hey Sam, are you ok? I tried to call you for the whole morning!” she
asked, alarmed.

“I’m fine Jane. I’m actually in great shape,” I replied, laughing within
myself for the pun I just made.

“That’s good. I was worried you’d gone too wild last night! How was the
developers conference? And how was the ball?”

“Let’s say,” I smiled, “that at the ball there were some interesting

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