Couples Chastity Mistake

A story by DaltonOtt

My wife and I have been married for 18 years. We are a long-term chastity lifestyle couple, however, our chastity does not involve key holding. In fact, we are both in permanent chastity and there are no keys. We are both into heavy gear bondage. By gear bondage I mean metal, leather, rubber, canvas, neoprene, and rope, but not the human macrame type called Shibari.

Like a fetish-level bondage craving man, I rarely get enough heavy bondage. In fact, I’m what is called a bondage pig. My wife is a rare woman because she enjoys a level of bondage that would frighten most kinky men. We both play in the extremes and we love playing long and hard.

After these many years, our limits have been stretched to the very edge and beyond. We now play almost exclusively in the beyond. The knowledge and trust we have built over the decades give us a special ability to challenge each other to go into places others only read about in stories. Our intuitive communication and trust is now second nature. This allows us to blur the line between role-playing and reality.

Our need for this type of bondage is for a different reason. It isn’t to enhance sex it is to escape from sex. I know this sounds confusing so let me explain.

We are both in permanent chastity with no hope of escape. Our devices cannot be removed. I am locked in a spike-lined tube. It is secured on with a bar through the head of my cock and a bar through the base of my shaft. Both of the piercing bars are titanium and permanently secured in a titanium cage. Removing it is impossible to even with special equipment. It has been in place for about 15 years now, but why count?

My wife has 16 permanent Titanium rings lining her labia lips with a spike-lined plate that locks securely over her clitoris with three additional rings. Her vagina is covered by a screen to allow urination but absolutely no access to a cock or a sex toy. No keys or special screws, every chance of escape or removal has been eliminated. She has been permanently locked for the same 15 years.

You are probably wondering how this happened. We were both young .com success stories. Young coders that were in the right place at the right time. For some reason we had the sense to pick up our winnings and cash out before the crash. With common-sense investments, we will never have to work again. We discovered mutual chastity play and for the first year it was amazing and we never ever wanted it to stop. The erotic idea of permanent chastity combined with a dare and a “go big or go home” philosophy got us both in these devilish devices.

We were both young, wealthy and adventurous so we designed and commissioned these escape-proof devices. The device creator did warn us to be careful what we are asking for but we didn’t listen. Our first few years were awesome because we lived in a perpetual sexual high. We then went through a few years of panic with several real attempts to have the devices removed. We offered to pay the creator 10 times what we had paid for the devices if he would remove them. He said he was sorry it was truly impossible and unfortunately a few months after we asked this he became ill and sadly passed away.

All hopes of removal had faded so our only choice was to accept our fate. Once we accepted the responsibility for our choices and excepted the fact we will be buried in these damn things we began to focus on the only thing that gave us any rest from the sexual torment, heavier and heavier bondage.The following years have been totally focused on acquiring and creating more and more bondage equipment and honing our skills.

We do have a sex life. I have several custom dildo gags and cock tube dildo attachments I use for anal sex. She has similar devices to use on me. I get ass fucked for regular milking, however, the internal spikes prevent any orgasms or pleasure. An erection is always painful especially when I am fucking her and she screams out a window-rattling orgasm. I believe she gets additional pleasure out of my painful suffering.

It seems to work about right for a chastity couple. I get milked and stay permanently frustrated without the possibility of an orgasm or full erection.   And she has a weird combination of earth-shaking anal orgasms combined with the sexual frustration of never touching her clitoris or feeling the thrust of a hard cock pounding her vagina. In spite of the anal orgasms, she has a constant itch she cannot scratch. This need keeps building and building like a man’s need to orgasm. She says the more she fucks the more she needs to fuck.

The clit plate is also lined with tiny painful and possibly damaging spikes that make any attempts to rub or vibrate one out impossible. Even a few seconds of vibration will turn her tender tissues into ground meat. She has made a few maddening attempts without success which left her painfully raw for a week. After the first few years, she has learned her lesson.

Now if she can’t find sanity from an anal session she asks me to put her in strict bondage with a discipline hood and an effective gag. It is quite a scene to watch as she desperately struggles, screams and cries. When she is eventually physically exhausted, which can take several hours she is released. She is not sexually satisfied after this but she has gathered enough internal strength to control herself and function.

We can be total animals at the drop of a hat. The D/s dynamic between us as it applies to chastity is; I want to ignore my sexual needs but she wants to battle with hers. This means I am called on every day and more to engage in her battle. The result of this ass licking and dildo fucking causes me extreme pain from the spikes. I am compelled to do this and endure this pain, she feeds on it and feeds her sadistic nature which fuels her sex drive. As I lick and pound her asshole her screaming anal orgasms feed my erection attempts, then the pain fuels my own masochism, which fuels my sex drive and so on. It is a perpetual loop for us both that can only be paused by a bondage session.

The bondage we both enjoy is to give us both a place to rest from this frustration. The one not in bondage can focus on “normal” things. Out of sight out of mind is the theme of our sessions so there is little interaction just more and more extreme bondage. The one in bondage can be left with their thoughts or made uncomfortable enough to be forced to focus on their predicament.

This isn’t the usual interactive bondage session it is quite one-sided. Enjoying bondage for bondage’s sake is on the fetish end of the scale. Both of us find this a powerful place to play.

Today maybe my turn to be in bondage. I have had little sleep the past week because my wife is on another run to “chase the tiger”. Sex has been like a drug to her this past week and she is making a full-throated attempt to once again satisfy her sexual hunger. The hours of licking and fucking her ass have me exhausted so I am looking forward to a long bondage session.

We have enough income from investments we rarely leave the property so we can play as long as we want. We have developed a program to generate random choices. This determines who, what type, how long, the level of stress, and dozens of interesting options.. The first choice is witnessed by both parties then the others only by the one controlling the bondage.

Sessions can be from one day to thirty days. The stress levels can include hours of suspension or predicament bondage, sleeping in cramped standing or puppy cages to full coverage sensory deprivation floating comfort bondage. There can be some interactive options like punishment flogging, caning or paddling sessions designed only for distraction and deepening the headspace. We both enjoy the endorphins and overpowering stimulation but have no interest in punishing or being punished. Other distractions such as VR and audio distractions. Every game of chance must involve risk so one random choice is sexual torment. The sessions are usually a place for escape from this but hours and hours of visual and audio hypnosis 3D porn can fuel the fires to the point of breaking.

Common features are not knowing how long anything will last and minimal interaction. It is a don’t ask and don’t tell method that we both love and hate. Alone with your discomfort, and thoughts is an overwhelming place to exist.

Today I was chosen to be the one in bondage. She immediately pushed earplugs in my ears, taped my eyes shut, strapped a breathing penis gag in my mouth, pulled a hood over my head, laced it and locked it, locked on a posture collar then stripped my clothes off. I was locked in bondage mitts after my hand was taped into a fist. Cuffs were locked on my ankles, elbows, thighs, and waist. I was locked on the floor in a strict hogtie as she finished the random choices. My cock painfully strained in its spiked cage and yearned for her fist deep in my ass, so much for the distraction. I must have laid there for hours.

I knew she was probably nearby bouncing her ass up and down on a large floor-mounted dildo. I was finally rolled onto a low cart and wheeled out to our outdoor re-enforced concrete ground cell. I was lifted with a hoist and lowered into the ground cell. It was small, just enough room for a man in a tight hogtie. The lid was an eight-inch thick re-enforced cement slab. The hoist lowered the lid into place. For some reason, there were thick chains for locking it in place. This is my idea of head bondage. I realized this was where I would sleep tonight.

I was in a great deal of discomfort as the hours slowly passed. My sexual thoughts faded as the discomfort turned into pure pain. This is that place just beyond that edge where we had learned to play. I knew I would be here until I wasn’t so my focus was simply on surviving. No need to struggle or panic just breathe and process the pain. Eventually, I entered that place where I lost the sense of my body. The strange and frustrating thing that happens in this place is an involuntary erection. Not one sexual thought, in fact, no thoughts at all but there it was straining in its spike-lined cage.

The body aches had blurred into the background but the pain in my cock was like a branding iron. I willed it to subside but it had a will of its own. For the first time I heard my moans then I lost my grip on reality. The next thing I knew was a rush of air and a rumble of the cement door. I was rolled out, unlocked from the strict hogtie then locked spread eagle on the cement floor.

Hours later I was taken to our standing cage. It was a very special cage with enough room to stand. All of the restraints were removed except for my mitts, hood, and ankle cuffs. My body was smeared with electrical jell and my mitts were locked over my head and my feet were locked to the floor. This cage was my invention so I knew what was coming. My feet were on a steel plate that attached to one side of the electrical source. The other was attached to the cage so any contact with the cage bars would result in a very unpleasant shock. Each shock would raise the intensity of the next shock so it was vital to focus. By now I was very sleepy so each time I lost focus would determine how high the setting would be by morning or whenever I would be released.

Eventually, I brushed a bar with the cheek of my ass. I jumped forward bumping my cock tube against a bar that gave me a double shot and yes a painful erection. I then felt someone touching my ass. The power must be off as my ass cheeks were spread open and a large metal egg shaped object was pushed deep into my ass. It was extremely large and uncomfortable going in because of it’s size I knew I wouldn’t be able to push it out without water pressure. I had designed this feature but had not yet used it. A cord attached to the probe came out of my ass and hung to the floor, it was locked in place to the plate I was standing on. Now if I touched the sides I would be shocked from deep in my ass direct to the point of contact.

I stood very still because I knew the power was back on. I know I made it a good hour or so when the inevitable happened I brushed a bar with an ass cheek and again jumped forward making contact with my cock cage sending a charge from the probe directly through my prostate and up the shaft of my cock. This actually made me scream. The cage suddenly got much smaller. This was a very long night but I didn’t think much about my sexual frustration. The shocks were at a level by morning that even though I was totally exhausted the cost of a mistake kept me razor-focused.

I was removed from the cage and led to our sauna. I was allowed to remove the restraints and hood. I was given water and food and allowed to use the toilet. We had installed metal cuffs for wrist, neck and ankles so I locked myself in, arms up and  legs spread in a sitting position. I had also pulled a  thick rubber hood over my head. The hood only had nose holes and a bite tube for water. The sauna heated as I heard the door open and the food and equipment were removed. I knew I was in for a long sweat.

The heat became more intense as I could feel my body begin to sweat. This felt good on my aching muscles and joints. Soon I heard the hiss of steam as I felt the temperature rise. The sweat was now pouring out of my body so I drank my fill of water. I was beginning to feel my heart to beat louder and my breath became more rapid. I knew what was coming in one sudden shock I was doused with gallons of ice water. I gasped for air then the cycle began again. After about a dozen cycles I was removed and locked for the night blindfolded and spread eagle on the spa tile floor. I slept for most of the night until I was awakened and my bondage was changed.

My skin was clean and soft from sweating, very sensitive to the touch. She must have thought it was a good time to administer the selected punishment flogging. The program selected the implementation, intensity and number of strikes. I was fitted with suspension cuffs and ankle cuffs. I was raised off of the ground by an overhead winch. My body was stretched into a tight hanging spread eagle until I could not move one inch.

The implement chosen was a rubber flogger, the level was high intensity and the number of strikes was 100+. The rubber flogger was between a thud and a sting depending on the intensity so with high intensity it would be a painful sting. The plus on the number allows the punisher to continue as long as they want beyond the prescribed number. I was flogged front and back, arms and legs for the full 100 then it began to get interesting. My body dripped with what I hoped was sweat and the stress of the position was becoming unbearable. I was not taken down so I knew she was not finished with me. She walked around my body touching the marks in a way that sent blood to my caged member causing that dreaded sexual frustration pain. I knew she was also suffering the same sexual frustration from the flogging as she lowered me and I sank into an exhausted pile.

I was fed then locked in a white canvas sleepsack and hood. The canvas bag was well made and designed for vertical and inverted suspension. I was so exhausted I was able to sleep the night in the inverted position. The dreams you have when you sleep inverted are amazing.

My sessions went on for another week, it had been a fairly intense session but I’m no worse for wear. We plan to take a week-long trip up the coast before we resume our bondage play. We have already determined my wife will be the one in bondage. This is usually followed immediately by the start of the session but that is optional. I want to make her sweat for a few more days. She will need the rest because it will be for a full 30 days of intense bondage with plenty of optional extras. She doesn’t know this but she is nervous and distracted.

A few nights in a bed and breakfast with a view, walks on the beach and a few candlelight dinners will give us a chance to connect. The drive home will be even more interesting because she is going to be hogtied in the trunk. I know, I’m just a hopeless romantic.

Stay tuned for her arrival homecoming……