Coming Home: A Domestic Domme

I walk in the house, intending on finding My Girl. It’s been a long day, and my back is killing me, and I’m looking to unwind.

I had called her earlier that afternoon on my way home for her instructions. I smile slightly as I see her open the bedroom door, dressed as I asked her to. Her black collar around her neck, her curly redhead hair down, falling over her shoulders and back, wearing a white gingham dress and barefoot.

She gives me a radiant smile, and I walk up to her as she kisses my cheek. “Did you have a good day Mistress?” She asks softly, lowering her eyes and taking off my coat.

“It was fine, very long. Prepare the bath for us, I’ll fix dinner for us afterward. Did you thaw the chicken?”

“Yes Mistress, just like you asked me to. What else are we having, if I may ask?”

I smirk. “Besides the chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots, and…peas.”

She makes a face but quickly hides it as she turns to prepare the bath. I know she detests peas, but they are a favorite of mine, and I’m not about to do without them since she doesn’t like them. I can feed her the carrots anyway. I watch her prepare the bath, and I stand and wait for her to prepare it all.

She turns to me, watching me expectantly. I give her a slight nod, and she starts to unbutton her dress. The thin fabric slides easily away, revealing her white bra and knickers. She smiles coyly at me as she folds her dress carefully, setting it on the counter, then sliding her underwear down her legs.

I’m getting rather impatient now since I know she’s teasing me, and I turn her around forcefully by her shoulders and unclasp her bra. She sighs as I drop it to the floor at our feet. She’s a neat freak, but I like pushing her buttons. She turns around and meets my eyes as she starts to undress me.

She starts off by unbuttoning my shirt, then she kneels down at my feet to take off my shoes. I smile slightly, seeing her there, and she looks up at me, her eyes lighting as she sees my smile.

She stands again, setting everything properly on the counter, the room is filling with steam now, and the bath is getting full. I motion for her to get in, and I pull off the rest of my clothing quickly and join her.

The water is perfectly warm, just how I like it. I pull her closer and she starts to wash me. I sigh as I start to relax and unwind after the long day. Soon enough, it is her turn, and I wash her long auburn curls first, then sliding the soap over her shoulders and breasts.

She sighs in contentment as I wash the rest of her, closing her eyes as she leans into me. “Thank you, Mistress.” I run a hand over her cheek as I tighten my grip around her waist. “Thank you, baby.”

We get out of the bath and I towel her dry. I pull the white gingham dress on over her, forgoing the bra and panties. She giggles as I slap her ass. “I think you forgot something Mistress.”

I smirk. “Did I? Why, I don’t think I did…go set the table.”

She leaves the bathroom, and I grab my black dressing robe, throwing it on and going to the kitchen. I prepare dinner, and she comes in the kitchen. “I’m done, Mistress.”

I smile. “Go to your place at the table and wait for me.” She nods and leaves. I take my time finishing everything, bringing out the food to see her kneeling by my chair at the head of the table.

I sit down, and I prepare our plate. I give her a quick nod, and she settles in my lap. I put a bit of chicken on my fork and give it to her, watching as it is taken into her mouth. She chews and swallows, smiling at me. “Thank you, Mistress. It tastes good.”

I smile back, taking a bite myself. We continue on this way until we’ve had our fill. Afterward, we go into the kitchen, and I watch her clean these dishes. I can’t help myself but hold her tightly from behind, kissing up and down her neck as she washes the dishes. She shivers in my arms as I tighten my hold on her, pressing her against the counter. “Mistress?” She whispers.

I breathe into her hair deeply, sliding my hands up and down her sides. “How was your day today?”

I feel her swallow hard as I slide my hands down to her things, lifting her skirt slowly. “F-fine. I had some work to do in the greenhouse…” She trails off as I slide the skirt up to her hips.

“Yes?” I say, biting her neck teasingly.

“A-and I talked with my A-aunts today…” Her breath hitches as I pinch her thigh. “Mistress…do you wish for me to…to finish the dishes?”

I pull her hands away from the soapy water, toweling them dry. She meets my eyes with a smile. I put her skirt back down, patting her ass and motioning towards the bedroom. She giggles, running towards it. I follow her leisurely, pleased to see she’s already kneeling by the side of the bed.

I go over to the closet. “Get undressed.” She takes off her dress as I select a few things for play. She is already naked and kneeling once more by the time I return, and I admire her pale skin and gorgeous breasts.

“Get on the bed.” She sits on the edge quickly, eyes lighting up as she sees the toys in my hand. I smile and set them on the bedside table. I pull the tie from my dressing robe completely, letting it fall open, and I see her eyeing the tie with a smile. I move towards her, finally kissing her on the lips. She sighs as she relaxes in my arms. I put more pressure against her lips, sliding my hands up and down her back.

Soon, she’s shuddering and gasping as I kiss and nibble up and down her neck. Her legs have fallen open slightly, and I know she’s wet.

“What do you want darling” I whisper into her ear, making her pant and close her eyes.

“Touch me. Please. I’m so wet for you.” She gasps.

I just smile, pushing her to lie on the bed fully, using my robe tie to tie her wrists together to the headboard. I clip her leash onto her collar, and she smiles beautifully up at me. I kiss her gently, then pull off the rest of my robe.

I get on top of her, savoring how warm her skin is against mine, I feel her arch up into me just slightly, tilting her head back with a slight whine. “You want me to touch you, darling? Where do you want me to touch you?” I tease her by sliding my fingers up and down her arms and chest, in between her breasts. “Here?” She bites her lip, looking at me imploringly. Her breath hitches as my fingers go lower, sliding over her smooth shaved skin down below. “Here?” I whisper, delighted at seeing her nod needing, her legs just spreading a bit farther, exposing her sex.

“Please Mistress…please touch me.” She begs, and I start to trace my finger lightly around her folds. She shifts her hips with a groan, and I slap her thigh. “Now, now, don’t be impatient,” I say sternly. “Or I won’t touch you at all if you’re a bad girl.”

She nods, inhaling sharply as I slide a finger into her. I close my eyes for a moment, concentration on the feel of the warm wetness that surrounds it, trembling slightly as I lick my lips. She groans as I slip my digit into her channel. I move in and out slowly, teasingly, watching her face as it slowly starts to flush. I add another finger, moving a bit harder, putting a bit of force into it.

“Please…harder…faster, Mistress.” She groans, tugging slightly at the tie around her wrists. Her breasts are heaving now, and I take one of her nipples into my mouth as I start to move into her roughly. “Yes! Yes…fuck me, Mistress! I want you…I need you so bad…” She cries out, fucking herself against my fingers, moving her hips. I add another finger, making her inhale slightly, pausing the movement in her hips. I bite down hard on her nipple, making her cry out, moving her hips faster. I start to bite the skin around her breasts, down her stomach, leaving red teeth marks behind.

I move back up to pull on the leash, making her sit up slightly, harshly kissing her. She whimpers as I slip my tongue between her lips, our tounges meet, sliding against each other. I fuck her harder as I pull away, adding a fourth finger. I lick my lips as I press my thumb into her other hole, and she stiffens and gasps, eyes wide. I lean over and grab the vibrator, thrusting it into her ass, making her eyes roll to the back of her head as I turn it on. “Fuck!”

I move my fingers and the vibrator at the same time, she’s begging to cum now, but I wont let her, not until I know she’s at the edge. I’m close myself, but I’ve got plans for that later. I take my hand off the vibrator, leaving it there for now as I grab the leash once more, snapping it against her thighs, leaving a pink mark in its wake. Her legs convulse as she cries out. “Yes! Hurt me please!”

“Yes darling, you’re a little pain slut, aren’t you?” I growl, enjoying the satisfying snap as I strike her skin once more, crisscrossing the other mark. She arches her back, I go back to two fingers as I pump in and out of her, making her move up and down from the pressure, watching her breasts bounce and her arms tugging at the tie around her wrists, knowing she wants to touch me too…

“Please…please let me cum…” She begs finally, tears slipping out of her eyes. I kiss them away, licking my lips at the saltiness, then kissing her cheek. “You may cum.” I whisper into her ear, my lips tracing her earlobe.

And she does. Her cum shoots out onto my thighs as she cries out, making me groan and rub against her, reveling in her wetness, taking my fingers out of her and rubbing my own wet sex against her thigh. “Such a good girl, My Girl…” I whisper, moving my hands quickly to untie her wrists and turn off the vibrator, taking it out.

I pull her close, kissing her heavily as I am still rubbing against her, flipping us over so that she’s on top of me. “Get down there,” I growled, yanking her by the hair. She moves down, getting in between my legs, still trembling from her own orgasm. I set myself up on some pillows as I watch her start to lick my hips, stomach, and thighs, cleaning her cum from me. I twine her hair around my hands, my fingers running through her scalp as I pull her down to meet my sex. I groan as she works her tongue inside me, and I push her head a little harder. Her fingers tighten their grip on my thighs as our eyes meet. I smirk, tugging slightly on her hair.

She works me over quickly, I couldn’t last too much longer, and I cum into her mouth and face. I pull her up quickly to kiss her hard, tasting ourselves on each other’s tongues. She sighs as I wrap my arms around her tightly when we catch our breath. Our eyes meet, and I kiss her forehead, her cheekbones, her eyelids, and finally her lips gently. “I love you, My Girl,” I whisper, holding her tight.

Tears are still in her eyes as she holds me just as tightly back. “I love you, Mistress.”