Chastity – The red pill version

By MelissaBound

OK, so this is not really intended as a rant, but it may come across that way and if so I apologize. For you Matrix fans, if you read this you’re going to get the red pill version of what male chastity is about. Male submissives (and oddly enough, maybe even a few Dom’s) have fantasies and a fascination with chastity. I see it in my feed all the time. These posters seem to consist mostly of two groups. Those who have it, and those who want it. Those who have it, do it mostly alone. Looking forlornly for that special key holder who will keep them locked up and add that mystique of power and control to their self serving fetish of orgasm denial. Those who want it, daydream about what it must be like, how cool it would be, and are fascinated with the devices that inflict it. There is a 3rd group, those who live it. You don’t see them in the feed, because we don’t talk about it much. The fantasy is long past, and reality is where we hang out (or not so much as the case may be! LOL).

I’ve been locked up for a decade. That is to say, I live in chastity 24 X 7 X 360 give or take a week. I do everything in it, and so does my not so pretty alter self, who toils mercilessly to earn money so that I can spend it! 🙂 I can speak with authority on the subject as well as anyone and feel that since there is such a lack of real information on the subject out there, I’d post this for posterity.

So this message is for those of you in groups 1 and 2. Here is the reality of where you are going if you should get there.

Truth #1 – There is no such thing as a truly secure device.

Face it. Your male. You have a God-given talent to know how to use a screw driver, a saw, a blow torch… whatever. No matter how you try to lock yourself up, there are only various levels of difficulty in obtaining an orgasm. I read constantly “what is the best device” or “gee, I better try something else, I keep getting out”. Well, no shit dingledick! You keep trying! There is only ONE truly secure chastity device, and it is your MIND. More specifically, that special relationship you have with a Dominant partner. You wear that thing because of truth #2, and you don’t TRY to get out.

Truth #2 – When your Dom(me) locks you up, you damned well had better stay that way! And no cheating either.

No trying to cum with a Q-tip, or whatever ingenious bullshit idea you’ve come up with to sneak an orgasm. Chastity is not a game. It is a COMMITMENT! Those of you who lock yourselves up, are just playing a game. That’s fine. Have at it. But don’t keep complaining that you can cum in it, or that you keep pulling out. Get yourself a real chastity device, and go to a munch, or a play party, or OK Cupid, or whatever you can use to get a PARTNER. Because there is no greater chastity device than #3.

Truth #3. – It’s not yours anymore.

Huh? What did I just say? Yes. That’s right. It’s not your cock anymore. You sold it. Contracted it out. Lost it. Gave it away. Whatever. Once you have a partner who IS your keyholder, well then guess what. It’s over. All those fantasies you had about being locked up….. About being unable to cum… The game is over, and now your working for a living. You hauling that thing around between your legs, and the only thing you get to do with it is pee. And you had best be a good gurl and sit down. Yeah, you’ll get used to peeing on your balls when they have swollen after weeks of teasing and play parties, hot pics on Fet, or whatever else makes you lose sleep at night. Oh, and would you like to know what happens when you DO get out, cheat, cum or disobey your Dom(me)? Anger! Tears! It’s NOT PRETTY PEOPLE! Did somebody take your car without your permission? Have a party in your house without you being there or knowing about it? Oh yeah… it’s the same thing! There will be hell to pay! This goes back to what I told you earlier. Use the force Luke! Your mind is what’s going to keep you from being naughty. Because once you’ve experienced dishing out betrayal to the one you love, your never going to do it again! I guarantee you. Now you are fucked. Locked up tight for real, and there is no going back.

Truth #4. – Do everything.

Get yourself a device that is comfortable, because guess what? You’re going to be living in it. Do you want to walk 10 miles in uncomfortable shoes? Those points of intrigue are going to do you no favor when your laying under a bulldozer taking a transmission out, or just stooping down to get off a ladder into a crawl space. Even the most friendly device is going to pinch and irritate the hell out of you from time to time. But you don’t care because of #5.

Truth #5. – You don’t know it’s there.

That’s right. Does your wedding ring bother you? Do you see it on your hand and consciously think about it? That’s what real chastity is like. You live with it so long, you feel naked without it. You don’t WANT to take it off. You don’t want to be without it. You miss it when it’s not on. And yes, you will still sit and pee when it’s not on. That’s how much she or he has manipulated you with it. Trained you. Changed you.

Truth #6. – It’s HOT.

SEXY as hell. Yeah. This is the one you were waiting for. The one you fantasized about before I burst your bubble. When the time comes for sex, you’re going to turn into that wanton whore that will have you going after anything and everything. Am I a slut? Absolutely! Why? Because I’m desperate! I don’t have a cock anymore. I have a mouth, and an ass, and I want fucked in both holes. Oh, but I can’t cum. I want to. I’m obsessed with it. Somehow riding a cock just feels so good, and I can ALMOST get there, but it’s just not happening. Precum is oozing out of me, and I’m dribbling, making a mess and I am swollen and just absolutely miserable! My legs will give out before my lust for it does. And when it’s over, and you feel like jelly, you’ll thank your partner. And be just as randy and ready for him/her or the next person. This is what your owner has done to you. The monster he or she has created. The great white shark of sex. You are an insatiable fucking and sucking machine. It’s nature’s way of trying to make you asexual. Yeah. Think about it hard enough and you will cum and make yourself pregnant. LOL

Truth #7. – You’ll adapt.

All that stuff that you complain about will go away. The sleepless nights. The undesired erections. The chaffing, the rubbing, it all will recede into the back of your mind. That little adjustment you make with your hand at night will just be like scratching your head. The way you roll over so as not to break it or your cock when you are swollen from a dream, or the need to pee. And your mind will change too. You’ll stop thinking about things that make you uncomfortable. You’ll stop getting hard every time you look at something that turns you on.

Truth #8. – You are helpless.

Your Dom(me) will still know how to push your buttons. And if they want to see their cock get hot and bothered, you won’t be able to stop them. That’s why they hold the key. Power. The control. They adapt too. They will figure out ways to make you regret that you gave them that key. See, to them it is a game. That game you used to play by yourself, well… they play it for you now. They make you hard, and all you want is out. To be stroked. To feel that pleasure that he or she might make you give others. To take a cock in your mouth or ass, knowing what that feels like on the giving end. You know just how to work it. Gurls make the best cock suckers. I can’t help but get hard while giving a blow job. Knowing how absolutely fantastic that would feel. A feeling I know I’ll never have again. Oh, maybe once in a blue moon, she will allow me to feel it. But it’s only to keep the memory fresh in my mind. In fact, ANY pleasure my cock receives is just to torment me for the next time I don’t get any.

Truth #9. – You may learn to hate orgasms.

You get so used to NOT cumming, that your muscles that do it atrophy. Orgasms can become quite painful. They can also be mentally debilitating. Especially when your cum is ruined. I’d rather not cum at all than have one ruined. It’s crushing. It makes you cry. It may make you angry. Or you may actually laugh. If you do get to have a real, exciting, powerful, unruined orgasm, be prepared to clean it up. There will be a hell of a lot of it, and depending on your partner, they may feel a need for that to be recycled. The only problem now is, that great white has turned into a sea snail. Ick!

So there you have it. Welcome to the gurl factory. Once you sell your soul, other body parts are interchangeable. 🙂