Chastity monitoring system

Lady Ada Callisto strode down the black and white marble tiled hall to her bedroom. Alerted by the angry noise of high heeled sandals echoing across the floor, her maid Rachel was waiting at attention when the Lady stormed into the room and flung herself into the chair at her dressing table.
“That bad?” Rachel asked sympathetically. She picked up a hairbrush and began letting her mistress’s hair down from the elaborate formal style she wore to meetings of the senate.

Goddess is waiting in

“A plague of addled ministers with fat heads and fatter asses!” Lady Callisto practically spits as she yanked her earrings out savagely and threw them at the blown glass dish on the table. She rubbed her temples. “I only stayed sane by fantasizing about castrating the lot of them. One at a time. With nail scissors.”
Rachel clucked sympathetically. She took a washcloth out of the warmer and began wiping the makeup off of her mistress’ face. “Maybe this bit of news will help lighten your mood. The tech people were here today.”
“Aha! And is the whole system up and running now?”
“See for yourself.” Rachel knelt to remove the heels and rub Lady Callisto’s feet. Sighing with pleasure, Ada reached for the controller that turned her mirror to a monitor. New icons appeared, and when she tapped them, the new household monitoring system came up. A map of the estate, lists of slaves and servants, cameras by rooms… “Mmmm, how do I see the video records for a particular slave?” she asked her maid.
“Tap their name, my Lady.”
“Ah, I see…” She tapped on Everett’s first, of course. Her darling Everett. His status was listed as “in room: masturbating,” and when she tapped that, the new cameras took her straight to a visual. “Lovely! Just lovely.” She savored the anguished look on his face for a moment, then looked at the status bar again. “Three times since the install. Poor darling must be quite frustrated.”
“How many does that make since the minder chips went in?”
“Can I check that here?”
Rachel knelt up for a moment and showed her where to look for the stimulation and edges log. “Fifty-three! My, he is… industrious.”
“Everett has always been highly sexed,” Ada said fondly. She tapped through a few of the other male and female slaves who were now linked into the system. Her husband had one of the kitchen girls in the bath with him, the rutting pig. She watched them a few seconds with distaste, then flipped on to more interesting things. Rachel was done with her feet now and was laying out a silky robe on the bed.
“Will you need anything else, my Lady?” she asked archly.
“Bring me Stephan. He looks quite irritable in one of the video clips. I’d like to speak to him briefly. Find some reason to punish him further. Then Everett, I think.”
“Very good.” Rachel left the room, and Ada stood to strip and change into the robe. She arranged herself on the low sofa near her bed and waited patiently for Rachel to bring the new slave. She’d acquired him two weeks ago, just as they were fitting slaves with the new chastity monitoring system. He was nearly wild, a barbarian acquired in one of Caesar Ruan’s interminable wars. Two years in service had worn off some of his rough edges, but guard duty for a lax finance senator bore scant resemblance to the kind of tight, restrictive servitude Lady Ava insisted on in her household. In particular, he was not submitting well to enforced chastity.
Rachel opened the door and ushered the sulky guardsman into her lady’s boudoir. “Have fun!” she whispered cheerfully and slid her hand up under his tunic to pat him on a bare buttock. He glared at her ferociously as she closed the door. She blew him a kiss.
“Come closer,” Lady Ava spoke languidly.
“Why am I still shackled?” he demanded instead. “Don’t you trust the efficiency of the infernal device you’ve plugged into me?”
“Of course, but you haven’t yet earned the privilege of self-touch. And I’m afraid with that attitude, it will be a while yet.” She looked him over slowly, enjoying his anger, his barely-leashed frustration. He was tall, with dark, shoulder-length hair and a craggy face. The white house tunic left his shoulders and legs bare, and his hands were leashed to his collar with fine, strong chains long enough to make use of them, but not long enough to reach his groin. In return, he studied his new mistress. She was sprawled bonelessly across some kind of over-stuffed couch. Her robe was crimson, edged with tiny white flowers, and it gaped open enough to reveal the soft curve of her breast, the round warmth of a pale thigh. Her feet were bare, arched, and beautiful. He felt an unaccustomed desire to take one and cup it between his hands. He scowled at her, resenting his attraction for the power-mad wench.
“Come closer,” Ava repeated, “I wish to examine your minder.” When he threw his shoulders back defiantly instead of moving, she leaned forward and pouted at him teasingly through the silky fall of her black hair. “Are you sure you won’t come? Doesn’t your cock want to be touched? Wouldn’t you like to feel my hands on you?” She laughed inside at the way her words made the muscles in his jaw bunch. “Come on, my proud and noble slave,” she coaxed, “let me feel that brave tool that plundered so many of your previous master’s maidens. I understand that was why he let you go, wasn’t it? A few too many pregnancies? A few too many complaints of ladies forced?” She arched a cunning eyebrow at him. He bared his teeth at her but made no reply. He knew his forcing days were well and truly over.
“Last chance,” she whispered softly. She didn’t actually expect him to come to her this soon in his training, but he surprised her and closed the distance to her couch in two rapid strides. For a moment her hand hovered over the shock button, but he made no aggressive move. He merely planted himself before her and glared fiercely at the wall over her head. She let his poor attitude pass for the moment. Proper subjugation of such a man was a matter of finesse. He would kneel at her feet soon enough, and his capitulation would be the sweeter for it.
She lifted the hem of his tunic. His cock, already desperately swollen, twitched as if he could feel her eyes on it. She stroked her hand gently up and down the length. He was circumcised, a rarity in her country. The fat head of his cock was as large and red as a strawberry. He groaned as she squeezed her hand around the duskier, purple shaft. She checked the fine, flexible wire of the minder where it extended from the urethra, only a centimeter showing at his current level of arousal. There didn’t seem to be any irritation around the opening. “Any pain? Any problems?” she asked, tugging at it to make sure it was still firmly seated.
“Yes. I can’t… fucking…. COME!” he bit out through gritted teeth.
“Other than that,” Ava smiled. She slid her hand down to tug at his tightened balls. His hands rattled and jerked against the chains. He hated his helplessness. She smiled again and slipped a finger lower, skimming gently over his perineal area. “How about here?”
“There is a feeling of… heaviness. Inside. I feel it sometimes,” he admitted reluctantly.
“That would be the prostate implant valve. I’ve been told it feels a little odd at first. But I could check it if you like?”
“No way in hell!” he jerked away from her hands, “It’s bad enough having a fucking maid wipe my ass every day. I don’t need you poking around up in there, too.”
“Very well. Rachel?” The maid opened the door at her call. “I believe we’re done here. Two more days in the chains.”
“Shit!” the man exploded. He couldn’t seem to figure out who to glare at first, the mistress or the maid. “I hate this fucking place.”
Rachel grinned. “Come on, big boy. Let’s get you put to bed.” She waved her shock ring at the savage and gestured him towards the door. “If you’re a good boy, I’ll even rub your cock for you a little before I tuck you in.”
He groaned, helpless to prevent it, then snarled at her, “Touch me and die, bitch!”
“We’ll see about that,” the maid smirked. She turned to her mistress on her way out, “Everett is here.”
“Send him right in.”

The man who entered next was completely different from Stephan. Everett was slender, shorter, and his build was more sleek than bulky. He had been raised to be a house servant, and had become Ava’s body slave willingly more than five years ago. He smiled eagerly at his mistress. At her gesture, he crossed the room to kneel on the cushion she threw down by the couch. She threaded her fingers through his short, tawny hair and he kissed her wrist. “Have you seen the new system?” he asked.
“Rachel showed it to me earlier. I saw some interesting videos of you.” She pulled his hair playfully.
He blushed. “I hoped you were watching.”
“Very impressive. Does it make it more piquant to think that I might be watching you at any moment? Does it make your suffering more delicious?”
He shuddered, goosebumps crawling across his skin. “Yes, mistress,” he whispered. He lifted his blue eyes to hers and they were drenched in love, desire, worship, lust…
“My sweet Everett.” She bent and took his lips in a soft, luscious kiss. “I will never get tired of you. Never.” She pulled back a little and put her bare feet on his thighs to warm them. Marble was beautiful, but it got cold. “Tell me how the minder is feeling. You hit fifty three on the counter today. Does that seem accurate?”
“Yes, that matches my count.”
“So the sensor wire is performing as advertised. It can tell any time you stimulate yourself.”
“Or if I have coital contact with someone else. Eight of those were serving you, Lady, and two were Rachel.”
“Can it distinguish, I wonder?”
“I don’t think so, unless there is something on the readout I missed when Rachel and I were studying it earlier. It records stimulation sessions over three seconds, and it records near-climax events. It also bookmarks each event for the video monitoring, so you can see video of any session you wish as long as it took place within the household.”
“You were staring straight at the camera, you bad boy.”
He cracked a grin and blushed again. “Does that displease you, Lady?”
“Yes it does, you flirt. I want to see you being perfectly natural, not performing for the camera. I want you to try and forget that they’re there. And don’t let any of the other slaves know. Let’s just let them think I’m omniscient.”
“They saw the system being installed, of course.”
“Home security, computer monitored. That’s all they need to know.”
“Of course.”
“Now, go and get me the key box.” She smiled again at the surge of eager heat in his face. He rose gracefully and brought the carved rosewood box from her night table. She pressed her thumb to the print lock and it popped open. Inside were two dildos in separate sections, one for females, one for males. She took out the male one, which happened to be made of a dark green silicate. The wiring inside was barely visible through the angled and tapered glass. “This excites you, doesn’t it, Everett?”
“Yes, mistress.” He swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry. He took the closed box and set it back in its place. “Does this mean…” he ventured, then stopped.
“That you get to come tonight? Maybe. At the very least, it’s been over a week since I milked you.” He moaned pitifully and she took his hand and kissed it. “I want you over my lap.” She sat straighter, with her feet on the floor, and he lowered himself carefully over her bare thighs so his hardened cock rested against one and the other pressed against his aching ball sac. His legs and upper body weight rested on the sofa comfortably. She pushed and prodded at him with her hands until he was exactly where she wanted him, then she began scratching and tickling with her nails. She drugs them gently up his back, toyed with his hair, then brought them down again to the rounded slopes of his ass, the tops of his thighs, and the sensitive skin between. She kept it up, moving back and forth from one sensitive spot to the next until he was panting and writhing and rubbing helplessly against her legs.
Suddenly she slapped his perineum sharply, “Stop that, you bad boy! Did I say you could hump my leg like a horny little dog?” She slapped again and he winced.
“No, lady.”
“No, I did not. You are getting slack in your behavior, I think. Either that or the new slave is making you jealous. Are you jealous, Everett? Are you trying to mark me for your territory like a bad, bad dog?”
“No, mistress,” he groaned. She slapped him again, harder, and he winced again. “Maybe, mistress,” he admitted. Several slaps later he gasped and added, “I don’t like him.”
“I don’t like him, either, dog.” She rested her hand against the hot spot she’d created between his legs. “But he’s something of a low-rent predator. Not an actual rapist. More of an aggressive opportunist who thinks too much of himself as a lover. Can’t believe a woman could actually refuse him, that kind of thing. He’s much safer here than anywhere else. And Rachel likes him. She’s taking him in hand more than me.” Everett sighed and relaxed subtly over her lap. Poor thing, she thought, he had been worried! Not that that made his behavior excusable. “None of which explains why you’re squirming around like a worm on hot ashes when you know I prefer that you be still. I am displeased.”
“I am so sorry, mistress,” he said miserably, “Please, please punish me.”
“Certainly I will! First of all, for jealousy. Reacting like a free man, as if you own me! Secondly, for trying to steal pleasure I haven’t offered you. And thirdly for carrying on so boldly for the camera earlier, like some kind of male stripper. Disgusting.”
Everett groaned and buried his face in the cushions of the couch. What a fuck up! He’d thought she’d like seeing him on the camera. Shows what you got for thinking!
“Plus,” she went on, “I had an absolutely execrable meeting and I need to take some frustration out on someone. You’re it. Off my lap.”