Chaste Away

In spite of her title, Mistress Kim never really felt all that dominant. Others seemed to find her to be a natural leader and followed her easily, especially subbie males who seemed to always be attracted to her. But she really didn’t identify with the BDSM culture and only played at it like a game. She was actually more of a sadist who enjoyed causing discomfort and even pain to others. So when her husband had hinted about chastity play she didn’t really care for the idea at first, thinking of it as a D/s or cuckold thing. And she was a very sexual creature and didn’t want to deprive herself of any pleasure and felt that locking up the only cock available to her would do just that. But over time she came to think of some of the positive aspects of a partner in short term chastity, primarily that he would be more attentive to her needs and eager to please with the hope of being released. And if it made him squirmy and a little uncomfortable that would appeal to her sadistic side as well. So she bought a metal chastity cage on a whim and kept it in a drawer while she considered whether to act on it.


One random morning she made her decision and that evening gave the proclamation to her partner when they were getting into bed: “You are going to wear a chastity cage for a period of one week starting tonight. And since you will be unable to fuck, you will worship my pussy with your tongue and fingers and be responsible for bringing me to orgasm as often as I like and in any manner that I choose. You will not have the opportunity to touch yourself nor will I touch that greedy cock of yours during this time and you will certainly not be allowed to orgasm. There will be other rules and expectations and failure to comply in an agreeable manner will result in the time period being extended. But if you are especially good and compliant I might cut the week short.”

Her matter of fact tone left him no room for questioning her announcement and she wondered at first if she had pushed him too far but she heard his sharp little intake of air and she could see by his growing erection that she had hit just the right nerve. In a lightning-quick move she slapped the head of his cock with her open palm and his erection immediately subsided. “That’s better,” she said. “You need to be soft for this.”

And with that she presented the shiny stainless cage to him, complete with a lock and key. “Put this on,” she said. After a second of hesitation, she added sternly “NOW!!”

He quickly took the cage and fumbled briefly with the lock before getting it open and disengaging the cage from the backing ring. He laid the cage on the bed as he opened the ring and wrapped it around his balls and cock, careful not to pinch his skin in the hinge. The ring was cold on his skin but it was nothing compared to the chill he got as he pulled the cage over his cock and up to align with the clasp. He reached for the lock but she beat him to it and deftly clicked it in place and took the key. She placed the key on a chain which she hung around her neck. “The key will be in my possession this week and there is only one. If I learn that you have tampered with the lock in any way or tried to remove the cage I will extend your time in chastity.”

He was now breathing hard and was visibly nervous but he again started to regain his erection so she was sure that she was hitting all the right buttons. “I wouldn’t recommend getting hard with that thing on either,” she laughed.

Pulling off her clothes she noticed him watching her intently. “Come start your week by showing my pussy how much you appreciate the trouble I have gone to and the attention I am giving you” she said.

He wasted no time with the usual kissing and fondling and instead moved his mouth directly to her waiting pussy. He drank up her sweet scent and started right to work with his tongue on her clit. She had helped him develop his skills and was pleased as usual with his performance. The sexual tension built quickly for her. She felt the heat energy start in her thighs and move up to her groin and then radiate out all over her body and in minutes she was writhing in a powerful orgasm that shook her to the core.

“Ah yes. Nicely done chastity boy” she purred. “And much nicer to not have to worry about your greedy cock tonight. Don’t you agree? Now go to sleep.” She kissed him, rolled onto her side away from him and closed her eyes, listening to his rapid breathing and pleased with herself for the squirmy and uncomfortable feelings he was feeling. She noted that it took him much longer than usual to get settled as he rolled side to side looking for a position that allowed him to sleep.

She woke the next morning to a delicious back rub and lay enjoying it for several minutes. Without her having to say a word he began kissing down her back and to her ass. She moaned with pleasure as his tongue made its way between her cheeks and to her rosebud. He expertly licked all around and lapped at her, his fingers moving up to gently probe and caress as well. “Mmmmmmmmm, this week is starting out even better than I’d hoped,” she murmured. He worked diligently with his tongue and moved one hand around to massage her clit, keeping the other hand working with his tongue. Once again he brought her to a powerful orgasm. She rolled over to thank him and noticed his obvious discomfort. “Awww, are you getting hard in your cage chastity boy?” she teased. “I think you need to devote more of your attention to getting me off and less to that selfish chunk of meat of yours. it will only take one week for you to learn that lesson.”

For two more days and nights, he gave her incredible oral-service and orgasms but she was really beginning to miss his cock penetrating her. So for a twist on the fourth night, she told him that she wanted to fuck. He was obviously excited and gave a big sigh as she led him to the bedroom. There lay her strap on harness and dildo which she used to peg him. He picked it up and held it out for her to step into but she said “Oh no chastity boy, that’s for you to wear to fuck me. If I were to fuck you it would bring you pleasure and this week is ALL about me! Well, don’t you want to fuck me? Quickly now before I change my mind.”

He put on the harness and had a difficult time getting it to work around the cage which held his cramped and sore cock which was still at half mast. But once he had the dildo in a place she laid back and spread her silky legs, opening herself up to him. He carefully placed the tip of the dildo on her lips and rubbed it around gently to pick up her moisture. He found her to be soaking wet and the toy slid easily into her waiting pussy. He worked it as he would his own cock but she was insatiable and demanded that he pump faster and harder and kept him going much longer than his stamina would normally allow. When she finally came they both fell back exhausted on the bed.

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“There now. Isn’t it great to make love when you are focused only on me?”

He reluctantly agreed and then seemed to consider it a moment before saying “Yes, yes it was better. I love giving you pleasure.”

“You’re not thinking or your own orgasm? Not aching for release?”

“Well yes,” he admitted. “I do want so much to be released and allowed to cum'”

Even though he still wanted to be released he was progressing quite nicely, she thought to herself as she closed her eyes.

The next evening after dinner Kim was surprised when he sat at on the floor next to her chair, produced a tube of her favorite lotion and began to massage her feet and calves for what seemed hours. He was so focused on the task that she was tempted to release him early.

“What are you thinking?” she asked.

“About how horny I am,” was his reply.

So he was still not quite ready but the promise of chastity was definitely still paying off for her.

He spent 40 minutes that night making love to her with just his mouth and hands and it was glorious. She was feeling like royalty with all of the attention he was giving her. Was it just to get an early release or was he really devoting his attention to her? It was now day 5 with only 2 days to go and though he seemed to be doing better each day she was not sure the goal would be reached in time.

On day 7 they retired to the bedroom after a long day and she could sense the anticipation and nervous energy in him. She took the key from the chain around her neck and asked “Well, it’s day 7 and you have been very good this week chastity boy. Better than I had even hoped. Do you think you have earned your release?”

“Oh yes ma’am. I do!” he said emphatically.

“What is the first thing you want to do when I take off the lock?” she inquired.

“I am about to explode and want to cum SOOOO badly,” he replied before he even thought.

“Oh, bad answer my Love. You should have at least been concerned that I might want to make use of your cock and not what it would mean for you. I’m afraid that you are still not ready for release.” She put the key and chain back around her neck and then kissed him. He was shuddering in her hands but his cock straining against his cage told her that he was loving every minute of the situation.

“Okay chastity boy, week two starts now with your tongue on my pussy” she commanded.