Broken hubby

‘John!’ – Mary calls me from the living room. I rush to her.

I am barefooted, wear jeans and have my torso naked. She has a sexy dress, with a low cut cleavage allowing her ample breasts to show off. A simple but sexy little black dress. But that is not the most exciting part of her attire. I am definitely more aware of the black cane she is holding!

‘Kneel, John’ – she orders me, from hearing seating position at our light-beige sofa.

She is also pointing at me with the cane. Not really threatening. Well, maybe just a little.

‘John’ – she continues after I kneel down at the carpet at her feet, ‘I think I like your idea of you being my submissive obedient slave for a day. Let’s see how it goes. I just wonder ….’

She has now a mischievous look on her beautiful face while she “wonders” … A measure of fear crosses my mind in respect to what she is going to say … light fear is enjoyable and exciting …

‘ I wonder how obedient you can really be …’ – she adds with a smirk and a smile.

More light fear and excitement for me. Good, how bad can this be, this being an obedient game? So far it seems I am safe.

This whole idea of submission is rather new for us as a couple, even we had been talking and fantasizing in the past. So we start light. I love and trust my wife Mary, so, so I feel safe for the time being.

She blends her cane again. She brings it to my cheeks, and caresses and teases my face with it. I instinctively react and try not to avoid it, but she says:

‘No no no! don’t move!’.

So I relax, and she keeps teasing me with the cane. One cheek, then the other. Then under the chin. She slowly starts to aim for one of my nostrils. I breathe deep in anticipation and try to make an effort not to resist.

She poking my nostril with the cane is started to feel quite humiliating, and making me really hard inside my jeans as well. She rotates the cane around its axis, slowly and sensually, while keeping a soft and subtle contact with my nostril, which makes me realize how sensitive it is. It has suddenly become an erotic spot. I start to feel a weird feeling in my spine … it is the humiliation feeling! It is stronger than I expected, and I never thought it would come about in this way? She keeps teasing my nostril. I feel so excited, and more and more overwhelmed with emotion and feelings of weakness.

My mind starts to fill with fear of what could be next, will she put that in my mouth?

‘Open your mouth John!’ – she reads my mind. I obey.

‘Tongue out! More! Mouth wide open, and tongue out!’ Very good, stay there, what an obedient slave!’ -she says.

I stay there with kneeling with my mouth wide open, my tongue out, pressing my eyes while my mind struggles to cope with a new startling sensation when she puts the cane in my mouth.

But she doesn’t, she keeps teasing my nostril, while I hold my mouth open. I feel a bit ridiculous, but also submissive, and excited, and happy that I slowly fall into my slave role.

‘Does this excite you, John, being given orders? Look at you … with the mouth wide open, tongue out, so ridiculous!’

Mary was teasing me mentally and also physically by rubbing her cane all around my face. I loved it! I was told not to move, so I could only answer to her question with an imperceptible assent of the head, and an affirmative gesture of closing my eyes. I think she understood it.

“I think I’m going to enjoy myself now playing with my new slave. Because that’s what you are now, slave. A slave! And you don’t even have a name anymore now! ‘
‘No more John for you! John is gone, thrown through the window! I had a husband, once upon a time, but he is gone, and now I have a slave!”

“I think I will start by being a bit more strict with you. Let’s start with correcting your posture. Slave, put your hands behind you and separate your knees … And don’t you dare to close your mouth or hide your tongue! I want you to keep your ridiculous expression of the submissive slave in your face!”

I felt a warm joy from her firm tone, as I obeyed. And I also felt some tingling in my groin in my jeans as I separated my knees. The feeling of exposing myself by opening my legs was rewarding, especially that I also felt protected by the jeans. A paradox!

Mary is a really sexy woman, with a beautiful angel face, black hair, and sensual curves. Not at all skinny. She may even have a few extra pounds, but that only accentuated her sex appeal. She wore her 37 years with exuberance and supreme confidence.

This is all a lengthy blurb to explain to you, dear reader, why I was dying to drop the whole game and just grab her tits. But the excitement in the expectation of the unknown kept me obedient and yearning for more orders from this Goddess.

“You may think this is a game, little slave, but let me show you. Open your mouth wider, stick your tongue out, and don’t move no matter what”


She hit me on my tongue with the cane! Fucking bitch! It hurt! I didn’t expect her to be so harsh. I muffled my moan, and suffered in silence, trying to keep my obedient slave role.


Not again! Filthy bitch! This is not the game I had in mind! Well, maybe yes, I am not so sure now.

“This was just a little help to remind you that you are my slave now. Now lick my cane, say thank you Mistress, and get up”.

I did as ordered with great gratitude that it was over. I also heard myself in my thoughts calling myself a wimp (in my head only) for making such a big deal out of two little blows.

“Rule number 1, obey without any hesitation. Not the slightest!”

“Rule number 2, you shall be naked at all times unless direct otherwise.”

It took me a second to process this, and realize that I need to remove my pants, but I had my arms behind my back and my hesitation in bringing them to the front didn’t go unnoticed!

“So soon you are already in violation of both rules!”

She pushed her cane inside my nostril. I’m glad she didn’t strike me with the cane, but I was surprised on how my sweet wife turned out so nasty, with this perverted obsession with my nostril.

I wanted to say I’m sorry, but I recalled I had to keep my mouth open and tongue out. So I started removing my jeans, while she was pressing upwards with the cane in my nose, in an uncomfortable position.

“Good slave, you are learning. You look so funny trying to remove your pants with your nose upwards, and your mouth open! Ok, relax now, close your mouth, and remediate your situation, and go back to position.”

She removed the cane, so I was able to quickly undress.

“Rule 3, your default position is as you were before, kneeling, hands behind you, knees wide apart, and mouth open. You can keep your tongue inside.”

I was glad to obey and expectant to see what happens next.

“I see your cock is happy to be shown to me”

She teased my cock with the cane. This, combined with the recent memory of the cane on my tongue raised a slight concern. I really hoped Mistress was not that wicked!

“Do you know what may happen if you disobey …” she teased me while rubbing my balls with the cane … “Mmm .. you don’t want to find out, I really recommend you don’t try ….”

This just helped me make up my mind not to disobey! I didn’t want to find out!

“I know there are a lot of things that you don’t like to do … or be done to you .. but that’s what being a slave is about, right? You do what your Mistress wants, not what you want. Isn’t that right slave? Mmmmh?”
“Yes Mistress”

So far she was talking with a disarming smile, seductively mean. But suddenly she became serious. She brought her face near me, looked me in the eyes, and asked me slowly and sternly:

“Do you like men, slave? Sexually?”

That question totally caught me off guard. Where that came from?



I didn’t expect a hit on my balls! Not for just hesitating to answer!!!! What a bitch! I twisted my torso in agony!


“No Mistress, I don’t like men, noo …. I like only women!”

“Too bad. For you that is. But you will obey anything I say, because you are my slave, right?”

“Yes Mistress!”

I was totally lying, I was not really willing to go that far as she hinted, but this was the safest thing to say right now, in my painful situation. Hope she is bluffing too.

“I know you will. Even if you don’t know, I know”

Her smile returned to her face, her cane was returned to be held with two hands in a non-menacing way, and it was like if the Sun had risen again.

“Oh, my own cute little little slave to play!” She said with the sweetest smile.

She put her cane away and brought her smiling face close to mine.

She made a sweet pout with her mouth.

“Is slave horny, uh?. What will make slave happy, uh? You are allowed to beg your Mistress!”

I said: “A kiss, please?”

She smiled again, then went to grab her cane. Oh no, what’s wrong now?

WHAACK on my butt!


“Slave forgot to say ‘Mistress’ … Ha!”

“Sorry Mistress, sorry Mistress! Please no more cane, Mistress?”

“Of course, my cute slave! Only good things for you now, slave!”

She brought her slave close to me again, with a smile. I cautiously partially opened my mouth, as she got her near me. And we kissed, tenderly. She licked and sucked my lips, and I reciprocated, as we locked in a loving and wet kiss.

Her hands started caressing me my chest, and a flow of pleasure and warmth expanded through my body, from the ineffable sensations of her tongue dancing with mine, and her caring hands rubbing my torso, my arms, my chest, while I kept my hands behind me as instructed.

My cock was standing to attention between my parted legs.

A thrill startled me as her hand trailed downwards, to lightly touch my ball sac, and a playful finger traveled along the right side of my cock from the base to the tip.

“Oh, my cute slave is oozing some drops here …” she said interrupting the kiss for a brief moment, and then she went back to it.

Her finger tapping softly of the tip of my cock was like pressing a secret button for me, it caused me some sudden urge to fuck and cum! But I was determined to resist it!

She broke the kiss and looked at me as waiting for my begging. But I didn’t want to beg to fuck because I also enjoyed the tease. So I didn’t know what to beg.

“Please more kissing, Mistress?”

“Of course, my cute slave!”

This time she decided to be more aggressive in her kissing, ravishing my mouth and sucking my tongue and slips with intensity. She penetrated me with her tongue, and strongly lapped all corners of my cavity, rubbing it strongly against my tongue.

“Take your mouth out, slave, and keep it out. Flat tongue!”

She slowly placed her own tongue pressing against mine, the upper surface of each tongue touching each other. As we slowly accommodated our heads and tongues to increase the surface of contact, she started to slowly rub the underside of my cock from the tip towards the base with her full hand.

Simultaneously she started rubbing my cock underside, up and down. The coordinated rub jumped my fuse on my level of simulating pleasure, as I felt fucked through both ends. As I enjoyed and revealed in this paradise, my brain turned soft and mushy! Electricity run between my cock and my mouth, right along my chest and tummy, and back!.

We both moaned while this slow but intensive rubbing continued. And she gradually accelerated the motion. Oh, fuck! After some vigorous and faster rubbing my heavy moans betrayed that my orgasm is getting near, and she stopped.

She started tapping on the tip of my cock. Oh no, again! This time I can’t hold myself from begging.

“Please Mistress, may I get some pleasure in my cock so I can cum?”

I wanted to say let’s fuck, but I phrased it so that it is up to her how should I cum.

“About time, slave, I like to hear you begging to cum! What a sweet slave you are!”
She removed her hand from my cock, held my face, and started kissing me on the lips. No tongue this time. Just strong kisses in the lips. She played with my cheeks with her hands.

“Get up slave, I have some toys I want to show you! Come. ”

“Ok, you can free your arms …”, she said as I saw that I would need them to get up.
She grabbed the cane again, and I followed her to the bedroom, wondering what perv toys she has in store for me …

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