Breaking Me In

I was on my knees underneath her bedroom desk, her collar around my neck and my hands cuffed behind my back as I slowly, sweetly licked her. Occasionally, she would stroke my head or issue an instruction on where to send my tongue, but generally, she ignored me. After four weeks, I didn’t need much direction on how to serve her properly.

I still wasn’t really sure how it had happened. Well, I understood perfectly well how it had started, it was just that I’d never expected to end up here. She had started working at the lab where I interned at the beginning of last semester, the only woman and the only criminology major in a lab full of comp sci majors, geographical analysts, and one lonely forestry major with an interest in geographic information systems– that would be me, John Lionel Harris.

I was the only one in the lab her first day, and she walked through the door just as I was walking out to use the bathroom. She was smiling and talking to my boss, a tiny little Indian girl with her long hair pinned up in a complicated mass at the back of her head. I was so arrested by her smile and her big brown eyes that I didn’t even notice her plunging neckline or the way her dress hugged her hips until much later. I grinned and said something sarcastic in greeting, and then made a graceless exit. I didn’t learn her name was Sarah until the next week.

Over the next few months, we discovered that she loved to tease and flirt. I was assigned to train her on the database we were putting together at the time, and she apparently decided that I was the most fun to torment out of everyone. Needless to say, I didn’t mind (though I felt guilty about my girlfriend back in New York) even when she made me squirm. We discovered that we had gone to rival high schools, had rival football teams, and had violently opposed viewpoints on literature and movies; but both loved to hike and really loved to argue. At the end of the semester, we both got put on a temporary contract with the lab, and she moved into the apartment beneath mine, recently vacated by another of our fellow interns.

It was around that time that my girlfriend dumped me in a dramatic fashion involving explicit photos of her and another man posted publicly online. I was heartbroken… but if I’d only noticed, Sarah’s sympathy was a poor mask for the hunger in those soft brown eyes.

She made her move less than a week after that. She took me out hiking in a local park, supposedly to take my mind off things, and she wore a white tank top and yoga pants that did little to conceal her figure and were just about the least appropriate hiking attire I had ever seen. She made sure to stay in front of me up every hill, and all I could focus on was her round, fleshy ass and the swaying of her long ponytail.

We were maybe 30 minutes into the hike when the weather started to turn, a sunny day turning into a torrential downpour. We raced back to her car, and sat there laughing. That was when I realized that she was bra-less. She had cranked up the A/C and between the cold and the water that drenched her skin, her nipples were as defined as those of a Greek bronze.

When I finally dragged my eyes back up to her face, she was watching me with a malicious smile. Flustered, I started to apologize, and she cracked up.

“Oh, shut up. You’re cute.” Then she leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek, which nicely shut me up for the ride home, which she spent teasing me for sneaking glances, whether I was or not. Usually, I was.

When we got to our building she leads the way, and I don’t think I was really surprised when she kept walking up the stairs past her floor to mine, and straight to my door. She grabbed my hand and spun me around so that my back was to the wall, pushed me against it, and pulled my mouth down to hers, filling my mouth with her tongue. One hand rested on my shoulder as she pressed tightly against me, and reluctantly released my mouth to pull my ear toward her. I was used to her teasing tone and flirtatious smiles. Now her face was dead serious and her voice throaty, desperate.

“Let’s get inside…” She trailed off into a kiss applied to just behind my ear, “Get these cold, wet clothes off…” Her tongue slipped into my ear, “And get you warmed up in a nice hot shower.” I was plenty warm at this point, but she shivered as she pulled away, and I could tell she was cold. I couldn’t believe this was happening, and I fumbled a little getting into the apartment. I don’t remember much of the trip to the bathroom, but I remember my first sight of her full breasts freed from clinging, soaked, almost transparent shirt. and I remember sliding into the shower, where I pressed her against the cold wall as the water sluiced down around us, kissing her as she gasped at the wall’s touch.

she pushed me away and gently back against the wall underneath the shower head, and slid down to kneel before me, dropping kisses all the way. She knelt there for a moment, kissing up and down my thighs and giving a few teasing touches of her tongue to my balls. I tried to slide my hand into her soft hair, still up in a high ponytail, but before I could do more than touch her lightly she caught my wrists with her hands and gave me a stern look as she guided them behind my back. Her hands and mouth were all over me, caressing my thighs and kneading my ass. Finally, when I thought I couldn’t take any more, she firmly grasped my ass cheeks, planted a delicate kiss on the tip of my dick, and sloooooowly eased her full lips over and down my length.

Unable to resist, right hand came from behind my back, caressing gently the back of her head. She gave me a warning glance, but continued to suck, so gently and smoothly that I thought I was going to die… and then she stopped. As she stood under the pouring water, my hand trailed down her body to cup her ass, and I leaned forward to kiss her again. She pulled away when I tried to go deeper, and reached behind me to shut down the water. Then she stepped out of the shower and walked away without a word, her ass glistening with water and her hair soaked. She looked so cold and small and vulnerable I couldn’t resist.

I followed her helplessly into my room, where she grabbed me and backed me into the bed, her tongue filling my mouth again, the air cold against my wet skin as she laid me down and climbed on top. I expected her to stop with her hot, wet, lightly trimmed pussy over my dick, but she kept going up my body, smiling evilly the whole way until she knelt over my chest with my hands resting lightly on her thighs, tracing aimless patterns. She slid her fingers behind my head and gripped firmly.

“You’re going to make me feel soooo good, aren’t you John?” She ground against my chest, and I nodded eagerly. She smiled with pure pleasure, and grasped my hands in hers, pinning them above my head as she moved forward until she was sitting directly on top of my face, pressing her wet, neatly trimmed pussy against my mouth.I began to lick enthusiastically, applying pressure to the hood of her clit, and she pulled away, giving me a stern look as she pressed my hands into the bed. “Gently now. I want you to make love to me.”

I nodded, and she lowered herself back onto my mouth. I began to lick her gently, lovingly, while she murmured soft instructions. Soon she was holding my wrists with one hand while the other gently stroked my hair. My tongue was around her, inside her, and she slowly rocked back and forth above me with more enthusiasm, telling me to let me give her more and more pressure. I wasn’t sure how long I pleased her, but from the way she shuddered and shook I think she came more than once. By the time she lifted herself off my face, breathing hard, and slipped down to lay curled against my side, my face was soaked and my tongue was sore.

I stuck it out at her and made a face. “You wore me out! When am I going to get something out of this?”

She laughed and was back to the teasing Sarah I had come to know, pouting her full lips. She trailed a fingertip slowly down my ribs and along my thigh while she laughed. She gave me a peck on the cheek and an appraising look at my dick, which had softened a little while I licked her. “How can you get something out of this when you don’t like me anymore? You’re all soft!”

I grinned back at her. “Keep it up and you’ll see.” She laughed and sat up, leaning forward to slide her mouth over my semi-hard dick. Once again she blew my mind, and I came to her insistent hands and mouth, while her eyes twinkled up at me.

Over the next few days she came over every night. We didn’t have sex, but we did everything two people could with their mouths and their hands. We weren’t going on dates, either. We basically left work, came home, and played with each other till we went to sleep curled together. On the fourth day, we were at work when she leaned close to me and whispered that she had a surprise for me that night.

When we got back she sat down on my couch and leaned back to watch me as I went to grab myself a soda. When I came back she held up her hand peremptorily.

“Why thank you!” I looked at her, laughed, handed her the drink, and turned to get myself one. She stopped me as she cracked open the soda and took a sip, pursing her lips more than she needed to emphasize their fullness. “I need you to get naked if you want your surprise.”

I looked at her, embarrassed for a moment. She was still dressed for work, more formally than usual in a dress that went down to her knees, with a high neck that didn’t show any cleavage, a sweater, and a pair of glasses that she didn’t normally wear. Her hair was piled behind her head as it had been when I first met her, and she had kicked off her heels at the door. I was wearing khakis and a polo shirt, my usual work uniform, which she never ceased to mock.

“After all, you can’t expect me to get in the mood with you looking like that.” I laughed awkwardly, but she didn’t change her teasing expression. So I stripped. It didn’t take long before I was standing naked before her, and she smiled. “Why don’t you spin around for me? So I can get a good long look? This really isn’t quite doing it for me.”

So, I slowly turned around in front of her in my own living room, while she made appreciative noises and offered critical or complimentary comments about my ass and my thighs and my abs… and my dick. I resumed standing there, just looking at her, my hands awkwardly at my side, not really sure where this was going. That was when she tossed me a blue plastic bag, tied tightly shut. I tried to catch it, but it fell to the floor with a clinking of metal.

I looked at her inquisitively. “What… ?” She laughed at me.

“Open it up and put them on for me. It would make me soooooo wet.” She was teasing me again, but when she got that look in her eyes I didn’t care. I started to get hard as I bent over and picked up the bag, ripping it open instead of unknotting it to reveal a blue leather collar, a chain leash, and a pair of silver handcuffs. I looked at her, and she was looking… worried, and anxious, and eager. I think she expected me to laugh, and I realized that doing so would crush her. So instead, I smiled, maybe with a bit of trepidation. She smiled back, and the twinkle was back in her eyes.

I took the collar first, dropping the cuffs and the leash on the floor. As I tightened it around my neck, I realized that my dick was harder than it had been in two days. Then I picked up the cuffs and locked my hands behind my back as I looked Sarah straight in the eyes. Now she stood up, something new in her smile… something cruel and sexual and oh so very hot.

She still carried the soda, and she sipped it as she stepped up to me and walked around, her gaze raking over every part of my body. She came back to stand in front of me and touched a finger to my lips.

“Get on your knees, John.” I dropped before I even thought about it, and found myself staring up at her with desperation in my eyes. “Do you want to be my little fuck toy for tonight John?”

I hesitated. I had never done anything like this. Not remotely. I had been a bit embarrassed already, and now I flushed bright red. “Yes… please.”

“Please who, John? Please what?” She pursed her lips as she looked down at me, considering, and I think I actually got even harder.

“Please, Sarah, make me your fuck toy tonight. Use me however you want.” She smiled, as my voice cracked a little at the end.

“Pick up your leash and give it to me.” I realized that I had forgotten it on the floor and looked down to see it just behind her. After a moment’s consideration, I leaned forward and grasped it in my teeth, leaning my head against her thigh with it between my lips. She took it, hooked it to my collar, and set down her soda on an end table, turning to walk away.

I hesitated for a moment before I began to crawl after her, not sure where she was going. After a moment I realized that she was walking to the front door, and I tried to balk… she ignored me and my attempt at babbling excuses, jerking harshly on the leash until I followed her out into the hall.

She walked briskly and I practically trotted, hoping desperately that no one would walk out, and that the cameras were broken. It was an eternity before she stood outside her own door, the key in her hand, looking down at my naked, desperate face.

“Do you want to come in, John? Do you want to come in and be my little toy?” Her other hand kept my leash tight, my eyes on her.

“Oh god, Sarah, please, let’s go inside. We can do whatever you want!”

She laughed. “Give me a kiss and I’ll let you in.” I started to stand up, but she pulled the leash tight and kept me on my knees. “Not that kind of kiss.” Realization dawned, and I leaned forward, sliding my head underneath her dress to plant a kiss on… her naked pussy. Dear God, had she been naked under there all day? I started to slide my tongue inside her and then I heard the door unlock. I pulled my head free and tried to run inside, but she held me tightly and we slowly walked in, and she slowly closed and locked the door.

Then she guided me over to the couch and sat down, spreading her legs as far as they would go in the tight dress. I wormed my head inside obediently, and she chuckled as I began to lick enthusiastically.

“Oh god John, that was so much fun! You looked so scared that someone was going to see you!” She gasped, as I applied pressure to her clit. “I know you liked it, but you need to go slowly. Warm me up gently, John.”

I licked in silence for a few moments, while she murmured approval, then she pulled my head free with the leash and stood up. She looked down at me with a smile.

“I have such plans for you!” She dropped the leash and unzipped the back of her dress, pulling it down over her lips. Then she reached up and undid her hair, letting it fall free down her back. “I bought a riding crop, and a whip, and spreader bars, and a few butt plugs to get you warmed up… I ordered a very nice strap-on, and soon it’ll be here and I can get you broken in properly.” She noticed me just staring, with a glazed expression and slightly parted lips. “Don’t just sit there, lick me!”

She pulled my head tight against her, and continued to ramble on about all the plans she had to “break me in.” I could hardly believe that this was Sarah, who’d always teased me so innocently. I could hardly believe how hard I was, and how much harder I seemed to get with every depraved word.

She kept talking as she slipped down to the floor, pinning me underneath her once again… and she kept talking as I licked her to the first of many orgasms in our new relationship…

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