Breaking in the dog

fido knew we were having a party….but he had no idea the plans I had made regarding him. As usual, I had the Kinky Caterers take care of all the minutia of the party, so I could flesh out the details of breaking my dog. We had been together for a number of months, and it was time for his testing – this party would determine if his training had taken. I had him, kneeling, in the corner, blindfolded with his hands cuffed behind him. he could hear my instructions to the caterers and the guests arriving; all the Ladies and their boys and a couple of Masters with their subs as well. As I welcomed them in, I quietly reminded them of the plans for the evening, especially Michael and Marc and their roles this evening. I had those who were interested; go fondle fido as I knew that would make him feel uneasy – other hands grabbing his balls, testing for heft, tightness, fullness, and size. I shoved his face down into the carpet pushing his ass up, so they could be a better grip on him. Knowing his obsession with leather, I had asked all the dominates to wear leather gloves. I knew the smell…the feeling would get him in a more ‘eager to please’ mindset. I saw Lady Carissa shoving her finger in his mouth, making him suckle her it. It had the desired results; I could see fido’s cock trying to get hard. Too bad it was in the cage. He squirmed and whimpered around her finger, but it did no good, his cock wasn’t going to go anywhere. She popped her finger out and then around to his back. Since his saliva had wet the glove it was perfectly ready to invade his little ass. She covered it with another glove and as she gently slid it in all the way, he moaned. fido knew not to attempt to reject it and being bound and on his face negated his even thinking about it. She pumped it in and out a couple of times making him used to it. We had played this way several times, but not knowing who was in his ass was troubling for him. poor fido….. She pulled it out and fido thanked her, as he had been coached.

As the evening progressed and others came and went to play on the equipment, I kept Fido on a short leash. I could tell that he was perfectly happy cuddling my boots. Finally, only Michael and Marc were left. I ordered fido to show them his boot worshiping skills. I had him start at the soles of my boots. Licking them, cleaning them with his mouth and tongue kept us entranced. Watching him on his knees, cleaning my boots, made me wet. Pulling his leash short, I guided his face into my pussy. Wrapping my hand around the back of his head and bringing my leather-clad legs around his shoulders, I pulled his face in tight against my dripping wet pussy. Licking and sucking fido lapped up every drop of my pussy juices. Riding a rolling tide of sensations, I rode his face harder and harder. Michal, seeing that I was close to cumming asked if he could fuck me. Seeing that he was only semi-hard, I pulled fido’s face away from my pussy and I ordered him to open his mouth…. I kissed him long and deep holding his head tightly. I turned his head and whispered, “We’ve only started training, but I want you up suck this cock – DO NOT embarrass me” fido crawled closer to the cock in front of him. I grabbed his head with my leather-covered hand and turned his face. fido could smell the leather and it triggered something deep inside, he wanted to please me in any way he could. “Yes, Mistress,” he said. Stroking Michael’s cock with one hand I pulled fido’s face into Michael’s groin. he gave it a tentative lick at the base and licked then it again. fido could feel my hands in his hair, holding it tight, I pulled his mouth to the tip of the cock. he licked the tip, it started to grow. Knowing that I was proud that he had gotten a response, fido licked again, it stirred… I held the hardening cock in one hand and guided it to his mouth. fido knew that this WAS going to happen, he opened his mouth widely to take the thickening cock inside…. I knew that fido was humiliated sucking cock, but I also knew that his need to please me was greater. Keeping my hand on the back of fido’s head, I forced Michael’s cock deeper. As Michael’s cock just got thicker and harder, fido knew better than to dare displease me in front of my guests… so he took it. “fido, you’re such a good boy; you’ve made that big thick cock hard for me!” I exclaimed. fido knew that what he was doing was going to make Michael’s cock ready for me to stuff in my pussy. It made him very, very happy to suck Michael’s cock harder and deeper even to the point of gagging. I pulled fido off Michael’s cock; spread my legs, and felt the results of fido’s hard work sink deep in my pussy. I pulled fido to me and kissed him passionately. I told fido to lay his head next to mine, ass up, so he could feel how hard are real man’s cock could thrust into my pussy. he, of course, did. After watching Marc stroke his cock, I let him know that as a bonus for fido making Michael’s cock hard, he could have fido’s ass if he wanted. As Marc sank his cock into fido, I told him to spread his ass open so Marc could go deeper. fido moaned, knowing he couldn’t escape…. it felt…. full… tight… stretched. Besides seeing the shame and helplessness in his eyes, I knew that this was a first for fido. I kissed him & stroked his chest as he felt me getting fucked by Michael. fido knew I was closer to cumming from his being ass-fucked; it helped ease the tightness. he was also happier knowing that this was what I wanted him to do. I was well pleased with my dog. His obedience to my wishes gave him my favor. I came hard screaming and grinding my pussy against Michael’s thick beautiful cock. I looked at my dog; he was pitiful; feeling that hard cock thrusting in and out of his ass, knowing that I could stop it and chose not to. fido whimpered and bucked as Marc pulled back, grabbed his hips, and unloaded streams of hot cum in his ass. Marc gasped heavily and collapsed on fido’s back. Marc’s orgasm triggered Michael’s. Pounding my pussy, brutally thrusting, Michael orgasmed; shooting deep inside me. When Michael’s breathing calmed, I looked at my dog and let him know that, once again, it was time for him to clean my pussy. I knew this was something that had never happened with my dog, but I also knew that he was going to do it. It was his job, as my dog, to do as I wished. And I wished for him to clean my pussy. I pulled him closer with his leash. I told Marc and Michael, “look, what a good dog I have! He’s going to clean the cum of a real man out of me, as a good dog should.” fido crawled to my pussy, pushed his face in and started to lap up our comingled cum. Nuzzling and slurping he licked my pussy. All that attention made me start squirming again. I grabbed fido by the hair and ground my pussy against his face. Wrapping my booted legs around his neck, I came again; smearing pussy juice all over his face and down his chest. Breathing heavily I pulled fido down and he fell in a happy heap on my boots.