A boytoy

“I’m glad things are working out with your freelancing.” Lori said to Dee as they got off the elevator.

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The two women were in good spirits that evening. It had been six months since Dee had left the law firm she once worked at with Lori to start out on her own. This night on the town had been the first chance they had to get together since.

“It’s been such a relief really being able to get in touch with myself, and what I truly want to be doing with my life” the brunette replied with a devilish grin.

“It can be a lot to handle on one’s own” Lori went on, watching her friend rifle through her purse with a key. She was surprised to hear Dee burst into laughter at the serious comment. “What?” she demanded when Dee finally started to regain her composure.

“Well, I was going to surprise you, but I have had some help with that” Dee answered jiggling the keys she managed to fish from her purse. “Remember how I told you I used to like to be a controlling domme in the bedroom?”

“Yeah….” Lori cut in, adjusting her glasses, and crossing her arms in a stance of exaggerated interest.

Shaking off some of the drinks from earlier, Dee looked suddenly serious. She fluffed her curly brown hair and straightened her form-fitting brown dress, steadying herself on her heels. Eying seriously towards the door she unlocked it and entered.

Standing to the side of the door, rigidly upright, was a young man clothed in nothing but a black nylon thong. His long brown hair fell down around his neckline which was affixed with an unadorned black collar. Below the neckline, his body had been shorn smooth. Staring straight ahead the boy held out his hands, palms up.

“Oh my god, you went and got yourself a boytoy!” Now Lori’s turn to laugh, the raven-haired woman snorted as she crossed the apartment’s threshold. “ …and you’re robbing the cradle too I see” she chuckled closing the door an eyeing the young man more closely.
Far from being unattractive, Dee was a mature woman of her late forties. Her face was unlined, and the body between that form-fitting dress had slight plumpness that came with the years. The boy, on the other hand, Lori wouldn’t have pegged for being a day past 25.

“He’s actually in his early thirties, believe it or not” Dee countered handing the boy her purse. “Guess the years are kinder to the boytoys” she said with a dry smirk.

“Fetch Lady Lori and I some coffee” Dee remarkly curtly to the boy as she passed into the Living to find a spot for her and her friend on the white leather couches.

Sitting down in her black skirt and crossing her legs. Lori stared bemused, gazing over the rooms eating counter into the open kitchen beyond where the nearly naked man went about brewing coffee for her. “So is this boytoy also your….boyfriend?”

Actually, he is my slave

“God no!” Dee snorted within easy earshot of the boy. “But he is my slave”

Adjusting her glasses and leaning back, Lori looked back to Dee for more explanation.

“A true honest to god slave” she laughed as if that covered it. “He cooks, he cleans, during the day he’s my paralegal, whatever I want”

Lori giggled. “A paralegal….ha” She put her hand up to her mouth. “ Does he wear his little man-thong when he’s fetching you your files” the dark-haired woman jested, her slender cheekbones contorted in a mirthful grin.

“Of course” Dee replied eyeing as the boy rounded the counter with a tray holding two mugs of coffee. “I’ve taken all his clothing, except the thong and collar” she said still staring, delighting in making the boy a little nervous. “I never gave him a key to the place, so he pretty much can’t go anywhere unless I say anyway, so why bother?”

She reached out as the boy handed her a mug. “Half the reason I keep the little bitch around is to watch him shake that tight little ass anyway” punctuating the remark Dee slapped the boy on his butt cheek with her free hand drawing a shocked breathe as he maintained the tray with the other mug.

Handing off the mug, the redfaced boy returned the tray to the kitchen, before returning to the seating group to stand upright and await instruction.

As he approached Lori noted an unusual square bulge in the boy’s thong.
“You don’t say much do you?”, she said looking up from the bulge to meet his eyes” he looked to Dee.

“Answer Lady Lori boy” Dee nodded smiling.

He turned back to Lori, his face reddening as he tried to maintain eye contact with the woman. “Boy bitches are better seen than heard, my Lady” he managed to say through his embarrassment with practiced control.

“Oh my god….” Lori exclaimed lightly.

Dee just laughed. “What can I say, I got him trained well.”

“Do I even want to know what’s in his pants” Lori gasped reflecting on the unusual bulge.

“Why that’s the best part” Dee exclaimed. “I keep my little boytoy all locked up”.

A look of longing fell across the boys face.

“Boy, tell Lady Lori why little boytoys should be locked up” the woman remarked, pouncing on the boy’s discomfort.

“Boy bitches don’t deserve to cum my Lady, they serve only at a Woman’s pleasure” he recited swallowing hard.

Rising Dee smiled to her friend as she went and stood before the quivering boy. “Of course you know he doesn’t mean that she said turning from her friend to the boy”. Slowly she ran her fingers down the sides of the boy’s body. “I’m sure it drives him crazy, almost never being allowed to cum” she watched as the boy swallowed hard in trepidation at her touch.

Locking her eyes on the boys she continued. “Being so needy for release, electrified at the slightest touch” she cooed sliding her hands down to the side of his hips. “I’m sure his body must be screaming at times” her hands found his ass. “But I also like watching him suffer” squeezing his ass she directed the comment to her friend, but kept her eyes locked on his. “Knowing how much he must be yearning for me” she said slowly with a wolfish grin. “How desperately eager he is to keep me happy”.

Sitting, Dee crossed her legs and nodded to a dangling foot. Following her cue, the boy knelt and began to massage her foot. “My boybitch doesn’t go out carousing the bar’s like real men his age.” Picking her mug off the side table she took a sip. “My boybitch waits attentively to serve me, and only me, his natural superior”

“His natural superior?” Laughing, Lori interrupted. “Well, your highness” she smiled standing and looking down at the scene. “This…” she gestured comically at the scene before her “is quite interesting, and all but I really should be getting home.”

The two women rose and exchanged farewells, as Dee showed Lori to the door. Easing the door shut she rounded on the boy. “Go to the bedroom, get my clips, cuffs, and the thick leather belt on the dresser”

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Dee bade the slave on to kneel on the living room floor upon returning. “What do you think Lady Lori thought of us boy?” she asked cuffing his hands behind his back.

“I think she was surprised my Lady” the boy replied uncertainly what sort of answer his Lady was looking for.

“I think you’re right boy” she laughed, fixing the clips to his nipples. “That hurt..” she whispered gently.

The boy nodded slightly.

“Good” she laughed tugging on the chain between them evincing a gasp from her captive. “She thought I was joking when I told her I was your natural superior, did you think I was joking boy?” she asked stroking his hair.

“No my Lady” he responded quickly as his Lady expected. “Boybitches are born to serve their natural superiors” he stammered coming up with the expected response, as he watched the mature woman slide her wet panties down beneath her dress.

“I’m glad you agree boy” she smiled stuffing the moist garment into his mouth, “because it’s true.” Picking up the belt and stretching it between her fists she circled behind him. “I’m smarter then you” she snapped the belt “I make more money than you” letting the belt drop with one hand she let it caress the boys back. “though to be fair I don’t actually pay you anything” she smirked. “I’m stronger than you” she said suddenly, yanking the boys cuffed wrists up so that is forehead went to the carpeted floor and his ass to the air.

“I can beat you whenever I please” With a sudden swing she belted his bare ass eliciting a muffled grunt from the boy. She laughed striking again. “Do you like that boy?” she said louder with another whack. He squealed as she struck again, and again. “You know other men your age are out seducing there dates, so they can take them home and fuck them” she laughed hitting again. “Here you sit, with your balls locked up desperate to clean my toilet and scrub my counters” Taking another swing she admired his reddened ass. “If that doesn’t make me you inferior to women I don’t know what would.”

Pulling her panties from his mouth she took a seat on the couch. “and you love it” she laughed. “having an older woman cut your balls off, tell you when to piss” she looked at him fondly, as he rose back to his knees. “A natural born bitch!” she chuckled, “Tell me, bitch, tell me about My balls” she grinned at her handy work, as the shaking, bruised boy looked to the ground red and shamed.

“A boybitches balls belong to his Lady. They are nothing but ornamentation, a Lady’s property to be locked away and use as She sees fit” he stammered.

“and would my little boybitch ever like to play with My balls again?” She queried leaning forward.

A desperate glimmer filled the boys eyes, as he shuddered. He was about to answer when Dees laughter cut him off.

Leaning back Dee sighed as she regained her composure. “Boybitches are better seen than heard” she said, her brown dress rustling as she spread her legs.

Hands still cuffed, shuffling forward on his knees, the boy nestled between Dee’s plump thighs. Her musky scent filled his nostrils, as she heaved a leg over his shoulder and pushed him deeper against her.

Whap! Dee swatted a folder against the boy’s bare ass as he passed by.

“This one too” she said handing off the file to her slave. “Put it with the others.”

Finishing off the workday at a desk in her study, Dee was casually attired for a day spent working at home. Tight-fitting bluejeans hugged the frame of her plump thighs and curvy buttocks, while a loose maroon-colored tee-shirt covered her stomach and bosom. Her curly brown hair lacked any formal teasing she would usually employee when she was out in court or meeting clients.

“As it pleases you my Lady” he replied taking the folder and making his way to the lateral cabinet at the side of Dee’s study.

“That’s a good little boybitch” Dee muttered, almost to herself, as she clicked away at her keyboard finishing up the letter she was typing. “and that…about… does it” she concluded finishing up the last few words and saving the document. Swiveling in her chair she turned from her desk to observe the boy.

Forgoing the thong, she had him working naked today with exception to the ever-present collar and chastity device she kept on him. A wry grin on her lips, she took in his bare ass as he thumbed through the Pendaflex folders looking for the proper section. Upon closing the drawer he turned and saw her watching him. His cock twitched, straining against its confines, as it did often of late upon the observation. Dee’s grin widened.

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“Remind me again, how long it’s been since I gave my little boytoy some release” she queried finding pleasure in the boys constant sexual frustration.

“Twenty days my Lady” he replied with a gulp.

“Twenty days” she mused leaning forward in her chair. “Good” Dee concluded. “I like you this way, all needy and desperate” she giggled. “I’d swear, the less I let you cum the more focused you seem to be on serving me. Wouldn’t you agree boy?”

“Yes, my Lady” the boy replied knowing Dee expected him to agree with her.

“It’s the way it should be.” Dee paused standing up and approaching the boy. “From now on when I ask you if you’d like to cum, I want you to say no and thank me for taking your little cock from you. Can you do that for me sweet little boytoy hmm..?” she instructed, a smile on her lips as she reaches down to fondle the boy’s balls.

“Yes, my Lady” the younger man replied with a quiver.

“Good” the woman concluded perkily. “You’ve been doing good with your protocols, it’s important you know” she said rubbing her hands slowly on his chest.
“It’s how I start to control my little boybitches mind” the older woman admonished, an almost feral grin upon her face. “My poor little boytoy” she whispered continuing her rubbing. “All cut off from the outside world, so horney and needy” smiling she looks up from his chest to meet the boys gaze. “Would my little cubby like to cum, hmmm….?”

“No my Lady” he gulped.

Eyes locked on his Dee met his reply with patient silence.

“Thank you, my Lady, for taking my cock away” he finished reddening with the reply.

But I do want to orgasm

“With a little time and practice, you’ll come to believe that” she winked. “Now, it’s been a long afternoon and I could use a little action from your sweet little ass” stepping suddenly to his side Dee slapped her hand down hard on the boy’s buttcheek. “Bedroom, slut” she barked playfully, following as the boy made his way down the condos short hall past the living room and bathroom to the bedroom at it’s opposite end.

Entering the room behind the boy, Dee flicked the light switch and shut the door. She beckoned, with her finger, as her slave turned expectantly to her for instruction.

Without warning, she grabbed her naked prisoner and shoved him to the wall. Hands feeling all up and down his body, Dee seized her lips upon the boys slipping her tongue into his mouth for a savage forceful kiss. A bite lingering as she pulled back from the boys lips, she put her hands on the boy’s shoulders and backed towards the bed guiding him as she went. “That’s a good little cubby, come to mama” she whispered.

Pushing the boy to his knees, Dee took a seat at the edge of the bed. Thrusting her right foot forward, her slave took the hint and slide her socks off. Repeating with her right, the woman loosened her belt had him slide off her jeans.

Rising to her feet, the boy barely had time to slide back to keep from being knocked on his back as Dee thrust the crotch of her panties into his face. Pressed close to her wetness the boy looked up to his Lady for approval, his hands grazing up her bare fleshy thighs to remove the garment.

“No hands” she countered curtly. Watching with satisfaction as her slave used his teeth to wrest the silky fabric over the curve of her ass and down her legs. Barely raising her ankle by only a few inches she made her servant double over with his face almost to the floor to slide them off.

Rising on his knees the boy looked to Dee, the wet garment still hanging from his mouth.

Nearly laughing at the sight, Dee snagged the panties from him and flung them across the room. “Upon the bed boytoy,” she said patting the mattress. “ I want your knees bent, and feet flat against the headboard, your head about here” pointing she indicated a spot at the beds center.

“That’s good” the older woman affirmed watching her naked captive get into position. “Right where you belong” heaving a thick thigh over his head Dee straddled the boys face and pinned his hands down at the wrists. Weight of her body strengthening her grasp, Dee settled in sliding her legs towards the foot of the bed, forcing her moist genitals upon the boy. “Eat it” she ordered as the boy struggled to move his knees bent perpendicular to the oak headboard.

“Mmmm that’s a good little bitch” she cooed as her slave lapped, and licked at her glistening pussy. “Ooooo yeah, that’s it bitch make mama cum” closing her eyes Dee focused on the sensation. “Yes, mmm that’s it” opening them she looked at the boys caged cock, pulsing and contracting as it struggled in its clear sheath. The sight of it only intensified her excitement.

Shifting forward to her knees, Dee sat half up withdrawing her pussy from the reach of her boys tongue and pushing the soft lobes of her ass close against his face. “Mmmm…my asshole bitch” she murmured enveloping the boys face beneath her cheeks, freeing one hand to finger herself. “Deeper you slut” she breathed as the prone boy probed her with his tongue. “Yes…yes” she crescendoed, climaxing as her slave worked away.

Panting to herself, Dee sat back in full smothering the boy fully as she caught her breath. Moments passed as Dee smiled to herself with satisfaction. A shake from the boy and a spasm from his arms prompted the woman to slide forward so the boy could gasp for air.

“That was good” breaking the silence Dee leaned forward and caressed the smooth plastic of the boy’s chastity device. “Such a good little boytoy” she cooed touching the cool metal of the tiny lock holding the contraption in place. “Such a good thing you did for mama, perhaps my little boybitch deserves a nice reward, wouldn’t you like that” looking lovingly at the cock cage she awaited the boys reply.

“Yes, my Lady” the boy replied his voice his muffled against her pussy.

“How would my boy like some release, hmmm…” she giggled sitting back up on her knees and pulling her ass up from the boys face.

“Please my Lady!” the boy exclaimed eagerly.

“That’s it? just one please” she scoffed. “Is that any way for a boy bitch to beg his Lady?”

“Please, please please, my Lady!” he countered, longing in his voice.

“Mm, hmm. And is my little boytoy getting desperate” she laughed. “Be honest boy.”

“Yes my Lady. It’s driving me crazy. Please, my Lady. I’m so horney every waking moment, please my Lady” he cried with desperation.

“Awe, my sweet little cubby; but I like you that way…. all naked and horney and eager to please” she mocked. “And don’t little boybitches kiss asses when they beg” she twittered shaking her round behind just above him.

“Please my Lady, mmph. Please please, mmph. Please please let me cum mmphh.” The boy urged between pecks on his Goddesses cheeks.

“Better” she smiled pausing for a moment as though considering the boy’s cries.

Sobering, she began to undulate her hips with her words, smacking her bare buttocks against the boys face. “How… many times… do… I have to… tell you” she lectured. “You…belong…down… here.” Sounding suddenly stern, she stopped. “Now I’ll ask you again. Would my little boytoy like to cum?”

“No my Lady” the boy responded dejected, remembering the reply his Lady expected.

“Mmhmm” Dee prompted, with an ominous silence.

“Th..thank you my Lady” the boy finished shakily. “Thank you for taking away my cock.”

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“Better, boy!” Dee laughed. “Now I’m going give you another two weeks just to let that sink in” the woman concluded with a smile.

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