Biting my master

Being a brat

She’d overstepped the line and knew that her kind, loving and generous Master had had enough.

Find your little near ?

Three days had passed since the infraction. Three days where she only caught glimpses of her adored Master and received no acknowledgment of her presence. Making matters worse was the fact that no one in the household would look at her or speak to her. She had been well and truly ostracised.

This morning, however, one of the servants had entered her room with a tray covered by a white linen cloth. Directing her to stand facing the wall, the servant came behind her and fastened a blindfold over her eyes. It fit snugly and not even the faintest of light rays pierced the leather. She reached up to check how adjustable it was but it had been applied in such a way that the hood would not move at all.

The arms of the servant embraced her mid-section and a belt was drawn across her stomach and locked into place securely at her back. Kneeling, the servant applied and locked wrist and ankle cuffs before stepping back to check each item was snug and secure.

She stood silently in the enveloping blackness unsure of whether to be excited that her Master had decided to take her back, or scared at what would follow.

But whatever was planned was not to happen now. Guided back to her cot in the corner of the room she was made to lie down and her wrist cuffs secured to the hook just above the head of the bed.

Bounded and ready

It felt like days had passed before she heard the lock to her door click. Unknown footsteps made their way to her bed and her wrists were released from behind her head. Pulled to her feet, her arms were vigorously rubbed and massaged before her wrists were secured to rings on her belt.

With a person on either side of her, she was led out her room, down the hallway and into her Master’s study.

Sounds of winching, chains been moved and squishing filled the air around her. Then the hands were on her again leading her, turning her around and spreading her thighs so that she straddled a bench of sorts.

She was slowly lowered until she felt a slippery knob pressing against her pussy, recoiling she tried to fight the downward pressure but the hands insistently pushed at her shoulders until she was impaled on what must have been an impressively thick dildo. Chains were quickly applied to the rings in her belt and the winching sound came again pulling her down deeper onto the dildo. Now there was no moving upwards from her position on the cock. Her wrists were unhooked from the belt and her arms pulled above her to be secured to another ring somewhere above her. More winching and her torso was stretched as much as possible.

Next the bench split between her, the edges moving outwards to make a wide v pointing at her cunt. Her ankles were secured to the legs of the bench and her knees strapped to the outermost edges of the v. Finally a gag was slipped into her mouth and secured behind her head.

The footsteps quietened as they left the room and the sound of the door closed.

Blind, exposed, impaled and unable to move even slightly she sat and awaited her fate. Overcome with relief that her Master was, at last, to welcome her back into His fold, she wept until her head dropped and she fell into a deep sleep.A cacophony of footsteps, tinkling laughter and excited conversation woke her up.

Several people had entered the room and could no doubt see her in her exposed position. She whined and tried to say no but the gag prevented her from making more than grunts and hums.

She sat shaking while orders were taken for drinks and the sounds of people finding seats filled the room. The conversations continued but in her panic she could not make out the words that were being said.

How could her Master do this to her? He had always said that she was special and that He would not share her. Even at outings with like-minded people He rarely allowed more than a nipple or two to show and yet here she was spread and exposed for everyone to see. Perhaps there was a screen that she was behind. That’s it, He’s trying to fuck with my mind, she told herself.

Finally, the sound of Sir clearing His throat quietened down the room. Now only the sound of ice chinking against crystal glass could be heard.

“I know many of you have seen my latest slut, although not quite as much of her as you see before you now,” Hy said to the room. “I had initially intended to keep her to myself; however it turns out that this particular thing has a need to be the center of attraction. And who am I to say no hmmm?”

“So as your invitation to tonight’s soiree explained, we will be seeing which one of our slaves can give my slut the attention she feels she deserves.”

As He spoke, He moved behind her and removed her blindfold. Blinking against the dimmed lights an audience of about 15 Masters and Mistresses along with at least one or two pets started to emerge.

“So who would like to kick off tonight’s entertainment?” Master asked, flicking a switch that made the dildo deep inside her begin to pulse and vibrate.

The devil twins take their move

A quiet but firm voice sounded from the corner, “Mine will” and the gathering slowly made a path for an evil looking vixen that crawled like a panther from her Master.

The vixen’s hair was long and black, the same as her nails which had been filed to sharp points. But it was the cold animal determination in her eyes that was most frightening and it was impossible to break eye contact with her.

Coming to a stop before her, the vixen sat back on her ankles and placed her hands on the slut’s upper thighs. Curling her fingers, she dragged her claws cruelly down the inside of the slut’s thighs leaving a trail of raised, red lines behind them.

Her gasp was heard by all in the hushed room and Master smiled at the vixen encouraging her to continue her administrations. With her hands positioned slightly above her knees the vixen dived in, latching onto the exposed clit and sucking hard on the little knob between sharp bites.

Shocked by the intensity of the sensations and lack of foreplay, she screamed against her gag and tried to pull at her restraints. In seconds she exploded moaning.

Seeing this, Master invited the audience to partake of the rest of the slut.

Twin blonde slaves giggled, sought permission from their buxom and friendly looking Mistress before bounding forward and straddling her thighs. The two exchanged a kiss before lowering their heads to administer to her nipples, suckling softly at the fast hardening nubs.

Eyes squeezed shut against the onslaught she felt her body tremor and squirm all over the dildo still busy inside her cunt as a second orgasm washed over her body. She could feel herself flooding over the tool and blushed knowing that if the vixen moved everyone would see the evidence of her wantonness.

At that moment the vixen moved abruptly away and the sound of a flogger moving swiftly through the air assaulted her.

It was not her that was to be flogged though. It was the twins. The seemingly friendly Mistress had turned nasty and was wielding the flogger with the vigor of a man in a street fight.

“How dare you disgrace me with your vanilla teasing,” She screamed at the girls, as first one then the other received the brunt of the hefty rubber utensil. “This slut wants to be center of attention, that’s not attention! Give her attention damnit!”

The twins picked up the pace on her nipples biting harder as each thud connected with their backs. Both began writhing on her thighs pressing their public bones deep into her muscles and gyrating manically.

The flogging stopped and the vixen returned to her position. By now her body was so over-sensitized she could not take the stimulation. Twisting uselessly away from the hand and mouths of the three women on top her she started to cry and scream against her restraints. Shudders tore through her body and sobbing she passed out.

Master is perfect

She woke to a quiet room that had darkened. She now lay flat on the bench but she was still immobile. Her legs spread with empty cunt exposed, her body tied down to the flat of the bench and her arms held stretched behind her.

Master strolled into her line of vision.

“Awake now are we?” He said, trailing His fingers across her body. “Did you get enough attention, my slut?”

“Meuwwwll.” The gag had been removed. “No Syr, all I want is You I promise!”

“Oh really?”

Breaking out into sobs, she cried her apologies and begged for Him to take her.

“No slut. I believe it is now My turn to receive some attention.”

Removing his pants he straddled the bench and placed his cunt over her face, teasingly out of reach.

“Please Master let me give you my attention, please, please, please, please….”

Hy brought Himself squarely down on her mouth, grinding away at her nose and chin taking her breath away and flooding her with His juices. His hard pulsing knob moved in and out of her mouth and down to grind against the bone of her chin. She stuck her tongue out to lick and suck at whatever she could get her mouth at, but Master grabbed a fistful of hair and held her in place so Hy could fuck her the way Hy wanted.

Eventually, Hy erupted, His juices gushing over her face, in her mouth, up her nose and into her ears and hair. Hy slumped briefly, then stood, leaned over and kissed her lightly on the forehead.

“No more biting. Do you understand?”

Kinky girls in

Blushing, she nodded. But her mind couldn’t help but grin at the idea of doing it all over again.