Two bisexual fantasies

licking a woman as a man takes her from behind

I’ve had this fantasy for a while and would love to discuss with others who have similar thoughts or have things to add. Also, I’ve love to chat with any ladies who’d like to exchange stories or experiences. Without further delay…

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The night begins normal, like any other. I’m at home, and my lady comes over for what I believe to be a normal night of fooling around and play. She wastes no time and instructs me to sit in a chair, proceeding to blindfold me and handcuff my hands behind my back, leaving me unable to see or move. She begins the normal teasing, working up my sexual appetite. Kissing my neck, slipping a hand underneath my shirt to play with my nipples and chest, and rubbing my hardening cock through my jeans. Just as I start to beg for more, she says, “Oh you will, I have a special surprise for the both of us tonight.”

I hear her walk out of the room and my mind begins to race, going through everything we’ve discussed in the past and wondering what she has in store. I keep replaying her words, “for the both of us” in my head…

I hear her return, only I also hear the footsteps of another. Without any words or introductions I hear kissing, and the soft sound of her moaning. My heart begins to race as I can only hear the sounds of her with someone else. I begin to speak, but she cuts me off and says, “don’t worry, you’re going to enjoy this.”

I then hear the sounds of a belt being unbuckled and the rustling of clothes as they drop to the floor. Are they her’s, or the other person’s?

Seemingly knowing what I’m thinking, she replies, “I invited a man over, and he’s going to fuck me, but I need you to make him hard for me. Can you do that?”

Harder than I’ve ever been, my mind racing and not wanting to disappoint, all I muster is, “Mmm hmm.”

“Good,” she says as she walks behind me and begins caressing the back of my head, my face, and then strokes my lips with her fingers, making me salivate. With her right hand, she continues to probe my mouth and I feel her left reach forward, pulling her soon to be male lover toward us. I feel the tip of his penis touch my lips, half hard already. I begin to reach out with my lips and tongue but my woman holds my head back, not allowing me to take him in just yet. She asks, “Do you want to make him hard for me and taste what’s going to please me all night?” Without hesitation, I reply, “Yes.”

“Hmm,” she mutters, “I don’t believe you.”

I can still feel the tip of his penis circling my lips, just on the verge of plunging in. I can’t take it and do my best to convince my woman to let me taste the object of my woman’s affection. Finally, after shouting and begging, she allows him to enter my mouth.

I’ve never experienced anything like this, and its absolutely driving me insane. He instantly begins to get hard and moan, as my inexperienced lips and tongue do my best to please him, and thus, please my gal.

After a few minutes, my wife says, “I’m glad you did such a good job babe, I’m going to enjoy taking this hard cock inside of me.”

I feel his cock pull away and I hear them move toward the bed and they immediately tear into one another. I’ve never heard her moan like this before and it’s driving me wild. Not only do I love the thought of her being pleased so thoroughly, but I’m so hard that it hurts. In the back of my mind is the desire to taste him again, especially with my lovers taste all over him. Desiring to see what is going on, and to become involved, I ask them to take off the blindfold. She asks him for approval, and he says that I can watch.

They stop momentarily, and she comes over to remove my blindfold. After just one glimpse I can understand my woman’s lust. He’s an incredibly handsome man, cut out of the same mold as Hugh Jackman or Daniel Craig. My eyes glance down at his member, and the site of it makes me salivate once more. Roughly 7 or 8″ and thick, glistening with my woman’s wetness. My jealousy kicks in, not because he’s taking my woman, but because she is taking him!

She begins to walk back and halfway I stop her. “Let me help,” I request, “I want to make you happy and please the both of you.”

She looks to him for approval and he nods. He says, “He can lick your clit while I fuck you nice and slow.” I see her smile grow and then shift to a sinister grin. I know immediately that he’s hit the correct note in both her and me.

She removes the handcuffs and instructs me to take off my clothes. She gives me a surprised and then loving a smile as she sees my member completely engorged and bigger than it ever has been. She responds only with, “I told you that you’d enjoy this. Now, why don’t you come lay on your back and I can suck you while you lick my clit and his shaft as he takes me doggy style?”

I waste no time in doing as instructed. I’ve never been so intoxicated with the moment as I was now. The sensation of them pouring into one another, and my tongue sliding across the both of them was unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I could begin telling he also approved and his moans became louder and louder with my woman responding in kind. Going back on his promise to go slow, he began pounding my woman in full force, thrusting as hard as he could. Not being able to hold back, I felt him release inside of her as I focused all my attention onto his shaft and balls, ensuring that he got the best orgasm imaginable. How he could cum!

I sat there staring at my gal’s beautiful pussy, dripping with his cum, and was quickly snapped out of my trance as she commanded, “Oh god! Clean me, I’m so close to cumming!”

Again, I waste no time in doing what I’m told. I begin to lick her clit as more and more cum dripping out of her and into my mouth. Her moaning let me know I was hitting the spot and finally I felt her taken over in a full body orgasm, every muscle contracting and screams of ecstasy unlike any I’ve ever heard from her before.

She then lay motionless on me, with my cock now throbbing from the night’s excitement. I look over to see the man, still naked, looking on approvingly at my ability to help them achieve sexual nirvana. He softly states, “I think he deserves a reward.”

Exhausted, I hear my gal say, “Mm-hmm,” and she takes my hard cock into her mouth again. Within seconds that seemed to last for hours, I exploded. Every muscle clinching, shouting louder than I ever have before, releasing multiple squirts into her mouth as a rush of thrill, excitement and pleasure completely took me over.

Laying there lightheaded on my back, my lips still tasting of both of their cum, my woman snuggles up beside me, unable to swallow all of me, and with some left on her lips, she passionately kisses me. “Thank you,” she says, “I told you this would be special.”

I smile as I stroke her hair lovingly and say, “We’ll have to do this again. I definitely enjoyed this.”

They both smile, and I know we’ve established the start of an amazing relationship.


Forced to suck the cock of a well-endowed man

We start off by removing our clothes, me slowly and him eagerly. Just as I’m about to remove my boxers, I look up to see his impressive manhood standing up and erect, well past his belly button. I’ve always thought my 7″ cock was respectful, but it’s dwarfed by his.

“What’s the matter?” he asks.

I freeze up, embarrassed to show how much smaller I am in comparison. Unwilling to accept my hesitancy, he comes over and rips off my boxers, completely tearing them in the process.

“Hmm,” he says inquisitively, “Your cock is okay, but just a boy’s dick and not a real man’s dick like mine. I can’t believe you’ve fucked women if given the choice between me and you there’s no contest. You know what this means, don’t you?”

I shake my head unknowing what’s going to happen.

“This means that I’m much more of a man than you, and because of that you’re going to be my little cocksucking bitch, my pleasure toy. After all, it’s my right as a big-dicked man to take advantage of ill-equipped boys like you.”

Unable to disagree, I anxiously ask, “And how can I please a real man?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. You’ll have no shortage of instruction during this session,” he smirks.

He walks over and sits down on his leather office chair rotated away from his desk. I look on, standing firmly in place until he motions me otherwise.

“Come here and get on your knees, boy,” he commands. His voice firm and authoritative. “Rest your chin on this chair and lap at my balls. I want to make sure I’m rock hard before we begin.”

I oblige with his command, licking his smooth balls using only my chin to brace against the chair. He looks down and soaks up the view, like a medieval king taking advantage of a serf.

“Mmmm good. Now lick my shaft. Get it nice and slick. You’ll want to do a good job because it’s going to be fucking your face soon.”

I waste no time in soaking his cock with my saliva, making it both rock hard and ready for whatever it is that he has planned.

Once satisfied, he throws me aside and pauses only briefly to grab handcuffs tucked away in his desk drawer.

“Back on your knees boy,” he orders.

I manage only a “Yes sir” before I find myself firmly bonded, hands cuffed behind my back and completely at the mercy of whatever he has in store.

I expect the worse, an immediate abuse of my virgin mouth, but find myself even more tortured when he grabs my head and rests the tip of his dick on my lips. I try to suck, but he pulls away and slaps me in the face with his cock. I look up confused and he says only one word, “beg!”

I plead, whimper and ask to suck his dick, but each time he says, “not good enough” and slaps me in the face with his rock hard cock. Defeated, I say, “I need to suck your dick, the dick of a real true man, someone that could satisfy every girlfriend I’ve ever had and will have. I want to know what it’s like, what I’m unable to do and provide for women.”

I know I’ve hit the sweet spot as his smiles and says, “Good, boy.”

He slowly digs his hands into my hair and then with a sudden, violent pull on my head starts fucking my mouth in ways I never imagined. Starting with short, quick thrusts he yells, “see how much you can take, cocksucking boy!” and attempts to shove everything down my throat. Unable to comply and completely overwhelmed I attempt to pull away, saliva drooling down my mouth and onto my chest.

“Disappointing,” he says, “now you’re going to really get it.”

Using one hand to grab the back of my head, he inserts his cock deep back into my mouth, but instead also pinches my nose with his other hand, suffocating me in the process. I struggle to gasp for air in the moments that he allows me to. As a result, I’m forced to focus entirely on the taste and sensation of his cock inside my aching mouth, breathing now a luxury deemed too distracting from his satisfaction. He repeats this for a few seconds at a time and tests my limits and ability to hold my breath a little harder each time.

Finally, on the precipice of ecstasy, he places one foot on my shoulder, grabs my head firmly with both hands, thrusts fully into my throat and pumps loads of hot cum into my eager, used mouth. Unable to swallow it all, his cum leaks out the corners of my mouth and drip onto my chin and chest.

After his final thrust, he pulls out, smears the rest of the cum clinging to his shaft onto my face.

“Now do you know the difference between me and you?” he asks.

“Yes,” I respond. “You’re a man and I’m just a boy. I could never fuck like you and it should’ve been you pleasing my girlfriends, instead they had to settle for my inadequate gifts.”

“And you know what else is going to happen from now on? You’re going to be my own personal sex toy. If I call, you arrive regardless of place or time ready to suck this cock. I deserve to take you whenever I please.”

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I nod in agreement as he leaves the room to shower, leaving me on all fours in total submission, grasping for recovery after being so thoroughly abused.

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