I am my wife’s beta male

Her cuck

I’m lying naked, my collar chained to your headboard. I wake to the sound of your lover moaning and his words “I’m cuming”.

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He is being treated to a morning blow job, while I lay chained and in chastity, suffering from a month of teasing and denial. Proud to be your beta male.

Your lover’s cock appears before me, without being told I know what is expected of me. I open my mouth, your lover’s cock explodes a stream of cum into my awaiting mouth. Laughing you order me to swallow.

I want to thank you for the honor of being a cum receptacle for you, but I know better than to speak without permission. I made that mistake once! …….. I still bare the marks of your riding crop for this mistake, be assured it won’t happen again, I like to think I’m a fast learner.

You reach down and unchain me from your headboard ordering me to prepare you and your lover some breakfast.

As I leave the room I hear you and your lover kissing as he slips his big cock into your wet pussy, your moans fill my head.

I go out into the fenced back yard, cutting some fresh flowers for the table. I cook bacon and eggs, fresh fruit and coffee. The timing couldn’t be better as the two of you appear as your plates hit the table. I move to the corner, kneeling silently.

The two of you sit dressed only in bathrobes the smell of sex still on your bodies. Talking and acting as if I wasn’t there. The two of you linger over your breakfast stopping to kiss and fondle each other enjoying the morning.

Out of nowhere my stomach groans from hunger, You laugh saying “ poor cuckold we are here eating a nice breakfast and all you’ve had today was a big load from this wonderful cock” as you pull open your lover’s robe and expose his erect cock.

You then look deep into my eyes and say “ Our breakfast was so good this morning you can have the pleasure of licking my juices off my lover’s cock”

I crawl under the table knowing what is expected…….

My creampie morning

Your lover leaves, you head to the shower. I pick up the table, scraping the leftover breakfast into my dog bowl on the floor. I Clean all the dishes and put everything away just as you return refreshed from your shower.

You appear in a sexy sundress, looking so beautiful. “cuck, the girls and I are heading to the spa and shopping. Go to my bedroom clean it up, then you can come down and eat your breakfast.”

“ Thank you Ms. Donna”, I drop to my knees kissing your feet before you leave, staring me in the eye is the key to my chastity belt and a beautiful gold locket, inside a picture of me drinking your champagne, all hanging from a gold ankle bracelet. I feel so lucky to see you wearing them I grin from ear to ear.

Entering your room it still smells of sex, overwhelming my senses, hardening my cock in its cage.

My mind races with the thought of how honored I am to serve you and how I am so happy you take my paychecks and spoil yourself while I get by on whatever you ration me. I am the luckiest cuck ever.

I go about stripping your sheets and make up your bed with fresh linens.

Returning to the kitchen, I kneel before my bowl to eat, noticing two condoms full of cum draped over my leftovers. A note taped to the bowl reminding me not to forget my special sauce!


I spend my day cleaning your house, carefully and meticulously, not missing the smallest detail. I want your house to be spotless and perfect as you demand and deserve. I even go so far as to clean your bathroom, toilet and all with my own toothbrush.

I launder your linens and clothes, hand washing all your delicates. Ironing and folding, carefully and respectfully kissing the crotch of your panties before placing them into your dresser.

I am thrilled to know you and your girlfriends are spending a day being pampered while I work and slave to make your life comfortable and more pleasurable.

I am so happy knowing you’re relaxing and being pampered at the spa, receiving a hot scented full body massage from a young strong handsome masseuse, a luxurious foot massage and pedicure all through my sacrifices. I have gone three months saving my allowance, not spending, going without lunches at work and other small incidentals so I can give it all back to you, the woman I worship. My pleasure is seeing you pampered, spoiled and happy with my devoted service to you.

While you’re at the spa you and your girlfriends decide to treat me to a reward for such a nice day.

After leaving the spa, you ladies have stopped off for a late lunch and Margaritas, concocting a plan that makes you women laugh.

On the way home you pick up all the necessary items to make my reward an entertaining event for you, but a humiliating one for me. You call me before you arriving telling me to have a pitcher of margaritas ready and to be on my knees waiting by the door.

Upon entering I Kiss your shoes and then the shoes of each of your friends. I then retreat to the kitchen and return with a pitcher of fresh margaritas and pour each of you a drink.

You call me over and I kneel before you, “cuck, you have been doing such a good job taking care of my needs, that I thought I would let you have an orgasm today. I know it has been over a month since you last had an orgasm and I thought you should go another month, but I and the girls are a little buzzed and wanted something to laugh at”

You point to the bag in the corner, looking in it I see an inflatable sheep and a small remote controlled shock collar. “cuck, blow up the sheep and put the collar around your balls, then crawl over here.”

I follow your instructions while you women laugh and chat ignoring my existence. I then crawl before you and kiss your shoe. “cuck, kiss the key on my ankle that unlocks your chastity belt”

You then reach down remove the key and unlock my caged cock. I instantly become aroused as my cock is freed. Then you and your girlfriends all start laughing as one of them says “it’s just like a cock only smaller” and then to get them laughing even harder you hit the button on the remote, a shock rings through my balls, folding me over as I let out a little scream of pain.
“cuck, get to your knees and make love to that sheep like you mean it” and you all laugh even harder.

I kneel behind the inflatable sheep, first licking and tonguing it ass so it is somewhat lubricated. Then another shock hits my balls, “bitch, we don’t have all day, fuck that sheep and when you moan I want you to make me believe you’re a sheep too.”

I stick my cock into the sheep after a few pumps I start to moan “ Baa Baa Baa” you girls now on the floor laughing almost to tears. Humiliated I can take no more as I start to cum screaming even louder “Baa Baa Baa Baa” at the same time you hit the shock collar with the highest setting as I scream in pain.

I lay before you women, humiliated, my balls wreathing in pain. As you laugh saying “ I told you you could orgasm, I never said it was going to be pleasurable for you”

I look up from the floor “ thank you Ms. Donna”

“You’re fucking pathetic, lick your cum out of the sheep’s plastic ass and get us another pitcher” as I feel you shocking my balls again.

back to the cuckold husband role

The afternoon slowly comes to an end, your girlfriends leave, As I’m cleaning up the room you look over at me “ cuck, watching you humiliate yourself this afternoon has made me horny as hell, but I know just the guy to scratch that itch.” Laughing at me.

“cuck, come lay yourself down over here” Lying before you, you sit straight down on my face. “see how wet my panties are” my senses are in overload as I breathe in your lovely scent.

Rising up a bit you pull your panties aside, “cuck I want your tongue up my ass as I call my lover. “ you then settle back down on my face.

I drive my tongue into your ass, flicking, darting and twirling honored to be used in such a special way.

I hear you call your lover and tell him how horny you are, he says he will be right over.

Shortly the doorbell rings, you rise off my face. “cuck, get the door, don’t keep me waiting, I want that big cock of a stud, I so horny I want that cock NOW!”
I run to the door and let him in, I drop to my knees and kiss his shoes to welcome him. Laughing he kicks me aside and embraces you in a deep passionate kiss.

The two of you kiss some more, he whispers something to you and you laugh. Turning to me “cuck, I know its late and dark outside but my lover’s car needs washing, so while I’m fucking this hunk of a man I need you to make his car shine like it was on the dealer floor”

The two of you head to the bedroom, I put on a shirt, some shorts and head outside.

Three hours later I am finishing up, just as your lover is kissing you goodbye at the door.

“cuck, you made me proud today with all you’ve done for me. I’ve got one more surprise for you.”

Following you into your bedroom, you remove your shoes and reveal your perfectly manicured toes, “look cuck your favorite color, black”

“I’m going to let you lick my feet and toes as I drift off to sleep.”

“thank you so much, Ms. Donna” as I am smiling and feeling how much I am willing to do anything to keep you happy. I am so honored to be able to show you my love of service to you.

As I start to lick your toes “ hold on cuck, you forgot to pour these on my toes” as you hand me two condoms filled with cum. Laughing you lay back and close your eyes, drifting off to sleep

I empty the condoms onto your toes, licking them clean as you fall asleep.

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I lay on the floor at the foot of your bed thinking, how did I get to be soooooo lucky to serve such a wonderful wife, smiling as I drift off to sleep.