Bad results when you are provoked into orgasm control

We were off for a week in Las Vegas. We love Vegas, although we don’t gamble. We love the shows, the food, the people-watching. This time, we were hoping we’d enjoy something else.

My lovely wife has been denying me an orgasm for two weeks. My cock is always hard, always dripping. She teases it every night, makes me drip, makes me tease her wonderful pussy to an explosive orgasm, then rolls over, with the last comment … “Remember, no cumming, or you WILL regret it.”

I’ve dreamed of her controlling my cock and balls for a long time, dreamed of the amazing teasing she does ending not with an explosive orgasm but with a dripping cock and aching balls. She loves to do it. Now, all I think about is sex — with her, nobody else, her amazing full soft breasts, her lovely mouth, soft sexy ass, and tight pussy. My cock aches all the time, my balls are sore from being tortured and filled over and over with no relief.

The night before we left, she subjected me to two hours of teasing, edging, and denial. Her smile was so delicious, her hands magical … her breasts swayed near me, although I wasn’t allowed to touch them that night, as she teased me mercilessly. God, it felt sooo good, and she was getting so good at edging she seemed to know exactly when to stop or slow down to keep my precum flowing and my body begging for an orgasm. When I did beg, pleading, please, please let me cum, she whispered, “You have no idea how hot I get hearing you beg me for orgasm … and I get twice as hot saying no.”

She leaned close, her heavy dd breasts resting on my chest as she teased and stroked my cock. “Do you want to cum in Vegas, baby?”

“Of course, Miss … I’d love to …” I moaned in reply. I needed an orgasm sooo desperately.

“Welll … you know we’ve been talking about me dressing really sexy, showing off my fat tits. What if a sexy man hit on me … in a bar, maybe, while you sat nearby … not too close … and watched?”

My cock spasmed, getting even harder if that was possible

she smiled, stroking steadily … “That’s a turn on for you, isn’t it, baby? Don’t lie, your cock says yes …”

“Yes Miss, you know it is ….”

“Well … what if he wanted to fuck me? What if I wanted to take him to our room? And what if I wanted you to sit and watch while he took me … what would you think of that?”

All I could do was moan as her teasing sent me into spasms of pleasure … always short of my aching need to cum.

“I’ve read how easy it is to control your man, to get what you want if you ration his orgasms, how he’ll be desperate to please you if you control his cum.” She smiled. “I think it works.”

She loaded a fingertip with my precum and fed it to me. “Okay, I’m tired. We need to get going early, so let’s go to sleep.” I moaned in frustration, but turned on my side after a kiss and tried to sleep. Believe me, it wasn’t easy.

The next morning, we set out on our drive. All day, she teased me through my shorts, squeezing my cock and making a wet spot where the head touched, leaking wildly.

This went on for the two days of travel. Mercifully, we arrived, she looks lovely and relaxed, me tense, frustrated and wildly excited.

The first morning, we did some sightseeing and had a lovely dinner. When we got back to the room, she smiled. “Are you ready, lover?” Then she disappeared into the bathroom.

leather kikken in the mirror

When she came out half an hour later, I was stunned. She had on tight jeans that beautifully showed off her ass, heels and a shelf bra that cupped and pressed her breasts together, the nipples exposed. She slipped into a tight soft top, showing spectacular cleavage and her already hard nipples leaving an impression on her top. Her soft blonde hair was loosely curled, and she looked totally hot!!

She reached between my legs and squeezed, feeling my cock hard. “You like the outfit, I take it?” Moaning softly, all I could say was, “Very much, Miss.”

“Good. I’m going down to the dance club on the 10th floor. Come down in 20 minutes and don’t come over. Just sit at the bar.”

Then she was gone, trailing a cloud of erotic perfume.

I couldn’t help it. I touched my penis through my slacks as I imagined what was happening in the club. Finally, I got up and headed down for the 10th floor.

I got a seat at the bar and looked for her. She was sitting about 30 feet from me, talking to a younger, good-looking guy, tall with dark hair and a nice smile. I was so jealous as he touched her arm that I wanted to slug him. But I was also wildly aroused. She looked hot. Why shouldn’t men want her?

He stood and held out his hand, she took it and followed him to the dance floor. The quartet was playing soft, sexy music and several couples were pressed together, moving to the music. He pulled her into his arms and they swayed slowly. She was pressed to him and I could see her breasts swelling out the sides … His hand stroked down her left side, fingers brushing the full soft mound. I moaned into my drink as she ground her breasts into him and his hands slid down to cup her ass. Oh god, my cock was soo hard!!

He used one hand on her ass to press her against his no-doubt hard cock. The other slid up her back, caressing her neck as he pulled her lips to his for a soft sexy kiss. My wife — obviously aroused by the attention of this good-looking stud. When his back was to me, she looked over, eyes half closed, and smiled, winking and blowing me a kiss. I was going crazy.

He took her to a dimly lit table and they continued kissing. I watched as he took her hand and pressed it between his legs. She fondled him, and I could almost hear her moan with excitement. I guessed he had a nice-sized cock, and my jealousy instantly doubled. Her hand on another man’s hard cock!!!

Then … I watched her whispering in his ear … he turned … and looked right at me!! She told him who I was!

He quickly turned her to face the table, so I could see his hands sliding to below her breasts. He slowly raised his hands, finally cupping her full breasts, bouncing them and then letting his fingers tease the thick hard nipples!! I thought I was going to cum from the sight. She was obviously in heaven from the erotic attention, he obviously loved her big breasts, and through my jealousy, I was hot and frustrated.

Finally, she brought him over, introduced him as Dave. I could see his cock swelling in his pants. It looked thick and hot. She told me she wanted to go to the room for a nightcap. I followed as she and Dave walked to the elevator, his hand resting on her ass. In the elevator, they started kissing again, slow and sexy, hot and passionate. “This is what you dream about, isn’t it, baby?” she asked … I just moaned.

When we got to the room, she had me fix drinks for all of us and then pointed to a chair in the corner, telling me to sit down. Dave smiled, knowing where this was going. She stood in front of him and slowly lifted her top, hooking her breasts in the hem so they bounced as she tossed the top aside. Her nipples were huge and dark with excitement. He immediately reached for them, squeezing the tips gently, then sitting back to stare as she stripped off her jeans. Standing in panties and bra, she started undressing him. As his shorts slipped off, a big cock, thick and bulging with veins and a head dark red from excitement, feel free, jutting straight out. She moaned again before reaching for the shaft and

gently jacking him as precum flowed freely from the head.

I could hear her whisper … “Ohh Dave it’s beautiful.” Then she turned in his arms as on the dance floor … “Take off my bra, Dave, and enjoy the tits you’ve been staring at all night.” I watched as her breasts fell from the bra and his hands cupped them, showing me his lust for her tits. He squeezed and bounced them as I stared, my cock stretching my slacks ..

“I’ve been dying to feel you up, sexy,” he said as he worked the nipples and squeezed her tits passionately. Her eyes closed and she moaned as he made love to her breasts.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. “Get undressed and sit back down. You can touch your cock, but if you cum, it will be a long time before you cum again.” The threat was chilling; after all, it had been more than two weeks since my last orgasm and I was frantic to cum. I teased my leaking cock but didn’t dare stroke it even once.

He pushed her back on the bed and knelt between her legs, licking her pussy while groping her breasts until in just a few minutes, she had a spectacular orgasm, screaming with pleasure. Then … he crawled up on the bed, presenting her with his thick cock. She started sucking, her tongue sliding out to lick all over the head and shaft, her fingers squeezing his balls, gently, not the wonderful torture my balls received.

His cock was too big to get it all in her mouth, so she slid her mouth to the head, licking and worshipping it as she stroked the shaft with one hand. He was moaning non-stop at the pleasure I knew he was feeling, and my hand moved slowly on my own cock, watching the precum pour down the side. Oh god, I was sooo horny!

Suddenly he cried out and I watched her cheeks sucking as he came in her mouth. She swallowed his juice, gulping as he spasmed in her mouth. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. I had to stop touching myself, the sight almost made me cum without a touch.

Finally, she slid the head from her mouth and licked her lips as she stroked and teased him to keep him hard. He knew what she wanted, and slid down her body until the gleaming head was at the entrance to her pussy. He slowly pushed, and the head disappeared as she moaned with excitement. He pumped slowly, each stroke taking him deeper into her wet hot pussy. With about half his thick cock inside her, she came, loudly and explosively, almost screaming as her body shook and trembled with orgasm. His hands were all over her breasts, working them hard, and he held still as she came down from her pleasure.

He lifted her legs then, putting her feet on his shoulders as he stroked faster, finally getting his entire meat inside her. Her head whipped back and forth as he began pumping, first slow, then faster, stroking long hot strokes, pulling almost all the way out then driving back in, making her beg for more. He reached down to fondle her ass as he — and I — watched her fat tits bouncing with his fucking. Suddenly she screamed, arms and legs flailing as she came so hard I thought she was going to faint.

heart shape plug in her ass

When she calmed down a bit, he pulled out and flipped her over on her hands and knees, getting behind her and again sliding his big cock inside as I watched. He had her set so she was facing me, and she looked in my eyes as he stroked deep inside. I watched her breasts hanging and swaying, then bouncing wildly as he fucked her, fast and hard, reaching under to slap her tits hard. She came again as I watched, eyes closed, mouth open in a soundless cry as she collapsed under him. He continued fucking her, squeezing and playing with her cheeks as they both moaned with pleasure.

He again stopped and lay on his back, she on top with her back to me, so I could see his cock deep in my wife’s pussy. Ohhh god it was soo hard to hold back from cumming!!! I could see his cock sliding in and out, hot sexy fucking that looked soo amazing. It had been so long since I’d been in her pussy. Again, jealousy blended with overwhelming excitement. I couldn’t look away.

I watched his balls tighten, then saw him grab her hair and pull her mouth to his as he moaned, “I’m going to cum!!!!” As I watched his cock spasm, she joined him in yet another huge orgasm, both of them moaning and gasping as their pleasure overwhelmed them.

He continued stroking slowly, deeply, pushing my jealousy higher and higher as I watched his cum leaking out of her around his cock. I heard her whisper, “Don’t move …” as she turned again to face me and continued riding his cock, slow and sexy, as he remained still and let her do the work. Our eyes met and she flicked her tongue at me as she sometimes does. “Are you turned on, lover? Is this hot? It feels sooo sexy to watch you struggling to hold back your cum while we orgasm over and over and over. I like this!”

As his hands worked her ass, she leaned forward a little to give me a wonderful view of her sexy, hanging breasts, the nipples hugely swelled, thick and dark. “Please, baby please let me cum … please …” She smiled again, shook her head no with an evil grin and then concentrated on his cock. They fucked like that for 20 minutes more, until both of them had a final, wonderfully sexy orgasm, bodies shaking and trembling with lust. The agony between my legs was unbearable, yet I bore it, for her.

They lay next to each other for about 10 minutes, kissing, his wet cock on her thigh, his hand gently feeling her up. Then she whispered something, and he got up, dressed, kissed her one last time and was gone.

She called me over and kissed me, then had me straddle one leg … her hand went to tease my cock and then pressed the head against her open pussy. “Fuck me, lover … hot sloppy seconds … make me cum and fill me with your sperm!!!” I started fucking, as hard as I ever had, sooo excited, feeling the thick juice he’d left behind, and within a minute I exploded in her pussy as I felt it spasm around me. I know I screamed with the most spectacular orgasm I’ve ever had, the combination of all that teasing and watching her fucking a stranger making me explode wildly with two weeks of built-up lust. I could feel each individual jet race up my shaft, burning me as it spurted deep inside my wonderful sexy wife. I was in heaven.

I murmured in her ear, telling her how hot it was to watch her have so many hot cums. She moaned softly, pushing my hands away when I went to cup her breasts. “They’re a little sore, baby … maybe another time.”

Then she turned to look at me. “That was the hottest thing we’ve ever done, love … oh my god I came sooo good. I hope you enjoyed watching … and it made you hot and jealous …” I moaned in agreement, telling her how delicious she looked with his big cock inside her.

Oh god, his cock was soooo good. Big and thick and hard. I loved getting fucked in front of you. Maybe we’ll try it again. In the meanwhile, I think you may have to wait another two weeks for a chance to cum. And that entire time, I’m going to tease you endlessly while I tell you how hot Dave was and how much I loved fucking him.

“You think that will make you horny, baby?”