The Anatomy of a Cuckold Life

Not sure where to start but what I am experiencing and living now, 12 years after I married my college sweetheart, has roots that go back to my late High School and early College days. At that time I seemed to be attracted to women who dated many men or who had the reputation of losing party-girl types. I was a bit naïve about sex but somehow I was attracted to women who were sexually active and especially if I knew the guy, or his reputation, that they were dating. Oh, I dated virgins like everyone else but the greatest attraction was to those with experience sexually, at least by reputation.

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I had no idea where this came from as in college I certainly was not a wallflower or submissive, or at least I thought I was ‘normal’. I was on both my High School and College Swim teams and was not only on the All-University Congress but was President of my Fraternity my senior year. I dated normally but, as I said, tended to be most turned on my girls who had the reputation of being an “easy lay”. I did not know why I felt this way.

A bit about me: I am 5’ 10” and am now in my 40’s. In college, I weighed around 180 pounds and was fit from playing sports including swimming and squash. I was also an accomplished water skier including bare-foot skiing and jumping. I now weigh 170 pounds and still play squash but certainly not as fit as I once was. My endowment is average at 7” with a slight upward curve.

Girly stories

In College, I knew some of the guys who dated the girls I was most interested in. They were fraternity brothers or on the swim team and I knew that they were “ass men” who usually scored with the women they dated. At least this is what they bragged about around the house or in the locker room, where I learned that many of these “studs” had much larger cocks than I did. Actually, I did not doubt them as occasionally they would sneak one into their room at the Frat house and sometimes if his room was close to mine, I heard the unmistakable sounds of sex and moaning orgasms.

So, once I knew about a girl they had had sex with, I would try, often successfully, to meet them and ask them out. I guess I was a sympathetic ear as many of these girls would tell me how much they like this person or that one and occasionally they would tell me what they did with them. This always excited me a lot and when I got home I would masturbate to the memory of what they told me.

Occasionally I would date them long enough to have sex with them, but knew they had to be comparing me with at least a couple of the “studs” who I knew from the swim team or my Fraternity who were very well hung indeed. All of these girls saw more than one guy and none wanted to go out with me alone. Somehow this always excited me. By accepting them for who they have benefited me as I almost never sat home or went to movies alone.

As I was in college for longer than one degree, this type of dating went on for about six years until I met my present wife, Jennifer, who was a very attractive sexually active girl more than 5 years younger then I was. She was 5’6”, about 135 pounds, and had a body that is was not difficult to see why she attracted men like crazy. She was full-breasted and had an amazingly round and firm butt and legs that did not seem to end. I knew that she was like a magnet to many guys who I knew dated only those that “put-out” for them. This fact increased her attraction to me but she was one attractive lady who I would have dated under any circumstances.

We hit it off on many fronts but she insisted that she did not want to commit to one person even me, who she seemed to like very much. When Jen asked me if I was OK with her dating others I then knew that my answer would be “Yes” but I did not have the courage to tell her that her having sex with others excited me in an unexplained manner. I explained it that not only was I OK but she did not have to hide anything she did – that her dating was OK with me as I cared for her that much.

One of the things I loved was that her orgasms were very vocal. Sometimes the build-up of audible moans ended in almost screams as she had her orgasm and this never ceased to bring me off at the same time. Another factor in her bringing me to climax was that she had super vaginal muscle control, which at orgasm would spasmodically contract. No one could remain in control when this happened, I thought.

My promiscuous girlfriend and wife to be

So I continued to date her when we were both free, which with my Graduate School workload and her schedule was about once a week. For many reasons I knew that I was falling in love with her and I knew she cared for me. We began to talk about the future at which time she asked me straight out if the fact that she had been and was sexually active would affect our relationship negatively. I assured her the “the past is the past” and as long as she was not secretive that I was OK with whatever she did. I did not yet have the courage to tell her that her sexual activity turned me on greatly or that I hoped she would continue to be taken and used by others.

We dated like this for almost three years until after my graduation and while in my first job got an offer in another part of the state, I could not refuse. I talked about this opportunity with her and as she had a year left for her degree we agreed to try a long-distance romance and after her graduation, if we both still felt the same we would get married. I did not bring it up but knew very well that she would go on being sexually active as no woman I had ever met loved sex as much as my Jen did. Strangely, this excited me.

Jen did agree to be honest with me about who she was dating and I told her that she was free to choose not to marry me if after time and our separation she came to feel differently about me. Jen’s assurance that she wanted to be my wife as among all the men she had dated, I was the most loving and honest and she really did and would love me. In addition, our sex life was the best I had experienced and as she was on birth control pills we did not worry about getting pregnant unexpectedly. We left it at our agreement to see what happened.

That last week before I left for this new job we made love every night and sometimes more often. She kept saying that among all her lovers, I was the most gentle and tender and she felt safe in my arms like nothing she had experienced with others. She was able to tell me this knowing that, to her, my response was that I was OK with her being active sexually and she trusted me enough to be able to be honest with me.

She even started to feel free to tell me about some of her dates and even about those she had been seduced by. That sex after she would tell me of an adventure was the greatest may have been missed by her but certainly not by me even as I did not understand why at the time. After some dates, her orgasm was so loud that I worried that my neighbors would complain.

Well, we made it for the year and made plans to get married. When it became known, some of my old friends from the swim team and fraternity brothers tried to tell me to think twice about this decision as she had the reputation of being a wild one. A few went as far as asking me if I trusted her, and things like “did you know I heard that she fucked the whole basketball team at one party”. I had not known many of the things they told me but told them that I loved her and the past was the past. Of course, what I heard turned me on frightfully whether it was true or not.

Happily married

After we were married and moved to the big city life went on almost idealistically. Jen was able to get a job within weeks of our moving and or love/sex life was the best. Nothing was said but I suspected and later had affirmed that Jen was ‘cheating’ on me and getting some sex outside of our marriage. This made me jealous and excited at the same time. I did not want to confront her as, for some reason, I wanted her to have pleasure when she wanted it but what I really wanted was to watch her being taken by a lover.
There were hints like her getting home late or having to be out of town for a few days supposedly for business and then I would find her panties in the bottom of the dirty clothes basket that was thick with dried goo (cum) and the unmistakable smell of cum. That there was always a packet of condoms in her purse was another giveaway.

One evening when I had gotten home from a trip a day early, she came home and had obviously been partying. I pretended not to notice and because I was glad to see her I gave her a big hug and a bigger kiss. The smell and unmistakable taste of semen in her mouth got me hard as a rock. She noticed my hard-on and must have put two and two together as she asked me directly if knowing that she had been unfaithful was the cause of my excited state. I told her that it definitely was and that even knowing that she had been with someone else was somehow and unexplainable to me a real turn-on.

What followed was a watershed of two people who love each other crying from the happiness that secrets would become a thing of the past. She told me of some recent trysts and how they made her feel. At one point she told me again that I was her true soul mate and that she now knew that I loved her and would love her even when she was unfaithful, which she admitted was likely to be often as she had an almost uncontrollable urge to have sex with a man if he came on to her with ‘desire” and ‘lust’ in his voice and actions.

She was happy that I would still be there if she got home late and full of cum. At this point, I still did not have the courage to tell her that I wanted, in the worst way, to watch her being taken and that I desired to see her being satisfied by another man.

Nurturing her unfaithfulness

In the months that followed I often brought home gifts of a fancy and sexy bra and panty sets that I knew she enjoyed wearing when she was stepping out with one lover or another. All along my desire to see her being fucked by a well-endowed man remained a fantasy. Actually, it almost drove me nuts with sexual excitement when I would find her panties thick with dried cum.
Jen would tell me in advance about a coming date and when she would come home I would get a summary of what she had done but always had the feeling that there was so much more than she did not tell me. With time, my wife became bolder and even had some of the men come to the house to pick her up. Before she left she would always give me a big kiss and tell me she loved me and to not wait up.

At one point I was doing well enough for us to get a timeshare apartment in the Caribbean hoping that we would have most of our time together swimming, sailing, and fishing. We made friends mostly of older people who, I guess, had more leisure time. One year we brought some gifts to a friend of my wife’s sister and her husband. His name was George and he was a retired executive. His wife was Alleen and she still ran a small shop in town. They were great showing us all around the island in our rented car but I couldn’t help but notice that despite George’s age, which I gathered was in his mid-sixties, he was particularly attentive to Jen. That he was black intrigued me even more.

When George’s wife was not around his hands were nearly always touching Jen’s shoulder or her waist or arms. Once when I came in I saw his hand on her butt. When he saw me he instantly reverted to normal behavior. As we were on an island far from home it occurred to me that maybe this was the chance to get Jen to let me watch. One day I had the opportunity to talk to George alone while we were out and we started talking about how I noticed that he liked Jen. He pretended innocence so I just came out with telling him that if he wanted to play with Jen, he had my permission and approval as long as I was nearby and it was not done in secret. He seemed surprised and questioned me further so I told him that I have always had the strong desire to see my loving wife being “satisfied by another man”.

Well, from then on he did not stop touching her when I was around (and his wife wasn’t). At night when we were in bed, I told Jen that I was sure that George was attracted to her and what did she think. She then told me that she knew that he wanted her as when they were alone he always found a reason to hug her, fondle her bottom, and one time kissed her. She then told me that she saw that he got hard sometimes when around her. I told her that I loved her and hoped that she did whatever she wanted to do. We made very passionate love that night. Jen’s louder than usual orgasm attested to her being turned on by the possibility of being taken by George at some point in this vacation.

Seeing her getting fucked for the first time

The next day we were to pick George and his wife up to go to an event that was to take place on the island. When we arrived at their house and went to the door George told us that his wife Alleen had to go into town to her sisters and would not be going with us. So, he said that before we went we had time for a drink or two. I noticed that he was more open with his touching of Jen’s body and even sat next to her on the davenport with his arm casually around her shoulders. As I did not object, he had his approval to continue and he did.

After a couple of drinks, I had to go to the bathroom so I excused myself to go and relieve myself. Before I flushed I quietly peered into the living room and sure enough, they were kissing and he was already playing with my wife’s breasts. As I stood there watching, I saw him place my wife’s hand on his lap and he loosens the top of her sundress and slides his hands down to her bare breasts and then I heard her moan.

He looked up at a point and looked me square in the eyes as he unbuttoned my wife’s top and bared her breasts for his hands to play with. He then opened his fly to expose his cock. I then saw Jen take his cock in her hand and then I knew my dream was about to come true. I was surprised at how long and large George’s cock was but did not get to see it for long as he guided my wife’s head down until she opened her mouth to take what she could in. Then all I could see was her head bobbing up and down and George moaning and telling her in a normal voice to “suck it like a good little girl”.

This went on for several minutes with George saying loud enough for me to hear such things as “suck it good girl” and “you love black cock don’t you” and what really go to me and almost made me cum was, “After I cum in your throat we’ll see how your pussy feels.”

It didn’t take too long before I knew he was cumming in my wife’s throat as his moans grew louder and my wife was clearly swallowing a mouthful. George then told my wife to take off the rest of her clothes, while she was stripping George stood up and also undressed. For a 65+-year-old man, he had an absolutely fantastic muscular body looking much more fit than any 65-year-old man I had ever seen.

His cock was longer by an inch or two but much thicker around than mine. I knew that my wife was in for some good fucking. He told her to stand before him when she was down to her panties. He then slowly lowered them while playing with her bottom saying, “My god, you have a beautiful ass, I am going to love fucking it”.

As we had not done that, I had a twang of jealousy as I wondered if she would let him but hoping that she would so I could see it being done on the woman I loved. Once she stepped out of her panties he pulled her to his mouth and began licking her pussy to her great pleasure as indicated by audible gasps and moans. She looked over at me and our gaze met. I saw pleasure, lust, and love in her eyes.

He then turned her around and looking back at me he said to her, “Bend over so I can get you ready for my cock”. He then proceeded to lick her pussy and anus alternately to her great pleasure. As he was licking her she kept saying, ”god that feels good” and “don’t stop”. Then she had her first climax audible moaning and almost screaming in pleasure, in ways I have not experienced with her.

George then asked her what she wanted to do next. She responded “put it in” to which he said “That was not very enthusiastic, put what in? My wife then said, “Put your cock in me”. His response was “Is that all? Tell me what you really want”. “Beg for it”. Guess she really wanted to get fucked as this started a torrent of “please fuck me with your big cock, please” followed by “please fuck me with your big black cock now, Please” and I want you to fuck me now” as she lay on the couch and spread her legs.

George then asked her if this was OK with her husband to which she replied, “Oh yes but even if it is not I want to be fucked”. George literally pounced on her and with only a few stokes was buried in my wife’s pussy to his balls. This triggered a second large orgasm and pleas of “More.. Faster… Fuck me good” and that is what he did. I had never dreamed my wife could take such a pounding as she screamed to at least a couple of orgasms.

As he had just cum in her mouth he was able to pound her for what seemed an hour but was probably more like 20 minutes. I had pulled my cock out and had cum twice watching, the first without even touching my self. When he finally grunted and released his cum the second time I was able to see his contractions and cum oozing out of my wife’s vagina. God, what a site, which I will never forget as it was the first time I actually saw my wife making love or rather fucking someone else and I was able to witness how vastly different his lovemaking was from mine as he used my wife for his carnal pleasure. To hear her moan through orgasms was the highlight but more was to come.

Once he pulled out he pushed my wife’s head to his groin and ordered her to “Clean it up good girl, there is more to come”. My wife took as much of his momentarily flaccid cock in her mouth as she could and while she was cleaning his cock and bringing it back to life George turned to me and said, “I really enjoyed fucking your wife and looking forward to many more times” then, “That is OK with you isn’t it to which I said in a rather quiet voice, chocking back the emotion of jealousy and envy, “yes, of course”.

After he was hard again he got up and lifted my wife into his arms and carried her down the hall to his bedroom. As they passed me Jen’s and my eyes met and whereas nothing was said, the smile she had on her lips and the look in her eye said that she loved me but wanted to be fucked again by our host, George.

I followed them down the hall and got a glimpse of the room with the bed but George closed the door with his foot telling me that he wanted privacy. So there I was out in the hall listening to the moans and groans and utterances of pleasure from my wife and the bedsprings creaking and headboard hitting the wall at a very fast rate indeed. After my wife’s second orgasm the noise stopped and I heard George tell my wife to “turn over and get up on your knees”. After some almost screams of delight, my wife yelled, “God I love it this way, don’t stop” – “please don’t’ stop”.

I knew he was fucking her from behind doggie fashion and I knew that this was her most favorite position but I did not know that she would have so many orgasms doing it this way. It was hard just to listen and not see what was going on but I did not want to spoil my wife’s enjoyment and I really was hearing her enjoy the fucking she was getting. After what seemed like forever the bouncing stopped and George said, “I want that ass” to which my wife said, “I don’t think I can take you in there as you are so big”. What I heard next got me instantly hard as George said, “Just relax it will be OK” then “I want your ass to be mine”. “I just love fucking white girls asses”.

I couldn’t take it any longer so I very quietly opened the door a crack and saw that he already had the bulbous head of his cock past her anal sphincter and as she moaned he kept inching his monster into her anus. Seemed to take forever until be was all the way in and now the utterances from my wife were oohhs and aahhs. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing with my own eyes as he went in and out of her well-lubricated ass. Wow, some site. I couldn’t help myself, as the scene was so exciting, as I masturbated to a record, for me, the third climax.

As they were nearing the end of their session, I ducked out to go back to the living room to relive what I had witnessed. I loved my wife more than ever as she trusted me enough to let herself go, in front of me.

Soon they came out of the bedroom and went into the bathroom for what I thought was a shower. Yes, it was for a shower but when I heard more moans I peeked in the bathroom and George was fucking my wife for the third time; this time against the shower wall. She had her legs wrapped around him and was bouncing up and down moaning pleasurably with each bounce. I had to admit that his stamina and power amazed me and I knew that we would be seeing him again this trip and in future years.

When she finally came out of the bathroom she picked up her clothes that were on the floor and dressed while I watched. Even that was exciting as it reminded me as to why she was naked in the first place. She then came over to where I was sitting and sat on my lap, hugged me, and told me that she loved me and hoped I really enjoyed watching, for the first time, her getting fucked by someone. I assured her that I loved him more than ever and very much enjoyed watching her receive such pleasure.

When George came out he sat down and we began anew our previous conversation about the island’s history as if nothing unusual had been happening. At one point he asked me if I liked “Cricket” which I told him that I knew so little about it that I was not sure if I liked it or not. I admitted that I was curious as we had been coming o the island for a few years and had not yet seen a Cricket game.

He then invited us back in two nights as the Caribbean team was playing the Indian team in India and it was to be televised. He said that ‘they’ were having some friends over and would love to teach me and us what Cricket was all about. At the time I thought that it was he and his wife and some of their friends but I was to learn, women rarely come to watch Cricket.

An orgy of men with my wife in the middle

I guess I should not have been surprised when we arrived at his home two nights later that his wife was gone and two of his buddies were already drinking beers as the pre-match festivities were on. George gave my wife a long hug and an equally long kiss, which I saw as showing off to his friends. Soon after we arrived two more of his friends arrived. After introductions were made all around, Jen and I got a lesson about Cricket so we would know what was happening.

George sat on the couch next to my wife with me on the other side as the match started. As we watched he and his friends told us what was happening and how they expected the present batter to get a “Century”. Heck, I did not even know what a “Century” meant. I was a little anxious as he rather soon had his hands on my wife’s legs going up and down under he skirt and it had to be obvious to his 4 friends what he was doing. He then put his arm around her and started almost casually feeling her breasts and I could feel her getting excited as I knew well how sensitive her breasts were.

I heard and I am sure the others heard George ask my wife how she enjoyed her last visit. I could see where this was going and felt my heart racing with this rather unexpected turn of events. Here was a room with 6 men and my wife and I sensed that 5 of them were going to pleasure themselves with my wife. Nothing was said but I saw 4 pair of eyes watching more what was happening on the couch than what was on the television screen. When Jen was hesitant to answer, George asked her if she wanted him again. Her response was a nod but I saw smiles around the room.

George’s hands had been under my wife’s dress as had to be obvious to all in the room. He then said aloud to me “Chris, your wife is a very horny lady as she is wet already”, followed by, “Help me remove her panties”. I had not expected this to happen but slowly reached under my wife’s skirt and lowered them first to her knees and then off while searching for a signal from her eyes. I couldn’t help myself at this point as I put them to my nose and inhaled the aphrodisiac I had come to know of the scent of my wife’s pre-cum lubrication. I was uncomfortably hard.

While George was making out with my wife next to me and I was inhaling the evidence of my wife’s readiness from her very moist panties, one of the guys came over and said, “Let me smell your wife’s pussy” at which I reluctantly passed him her panties. Soon they were being passed around to all of the guys who were all smiles as they inhaled her smell.

George then got up and pulled my wife to him and while they were hugging, he raised her skirt baring her bottom to the room while he played with it. He then turned with her and walked down the short hall to his bedroom all the while fondling my wife’s bare bottom for all to see. They went into the bedroom and I fought the urge to go watch as the 4 guys were too close by and I felt I had to be brave especially as they were all looking at me as often as they were the spectacle of my wife’s bare bottom.

They started talking among themselves about what a great find George had made and they could hardly wait to get into her and have her suck them off. They seemed to be bragging what I heard was, in fact, likely to happen. They talked about my beautiful wife as if I was not there and what they were going to do. At one point one of them asked me “Is it true that this is your wife?” My nod was met with “Is she always this sexy?”. Again I only nodded as I was too embarrassed to speak.

It had been quiet in the bedroom but now the room was filled with loud moans ending in a long scream, which told me that she was being pleasured indeed. At that point, the guys all started to undress and talk among themselves as to who goes first. I had expected that they would want to fuck my wife but now I knew that it was going to happen. What I saw in the room was four guys and all different cocks just like in the locker rooms back in college.

One was my size or a bit smaller in the 7-inch range with a large head. A couple was larger and about the size of George’s at an estimated 9 to 10 inches but they were sure different. One had a gigantic head as large as a large plum and the other was thick at the base and almost tapered and the crown was the smallest diameter. The last was a monster in terms of both lengths (10 to 11 inches estimate) and diameter. Knowing that my wife was going to feel and maybe suck all of these had my juices flowing.

After what seemed like an eternity George came out and almost immediately one of the guys with his cock at full mast sauntered down the hall and into the bedroom. He must have started fucking her almost immediately as the sounds the bed squeaking and of a new orgasm filled the room. There were ‘high-fives’ around the room. George sat next to me and told me “Thanks for coming over and the offer of sex with your wife” and that “Your Jen is some woman who just cannot seem to get enough sex” “How do you keep up with her”. I am not sure he really wanted an answer but said it just to be sure his friends knew the situation.

When the first guy came out he told his buddies that “George’s girl is one hot fuck”. Who’s up for round three”. The next was one of those with a cock the size of Georges but with the large head and he started down the hall commenting as he went so we could all hear, “Girl, are you ready for more lov’in” “Here I come, get your mouth ready”.

For a while, it was quiet, which told me that he had her sucking him. I really wanted to watch but it seemed that this was not going to happen. After a rather long period of no sounds, once again the bed was squeaking and hitting the wall followed by the very sexy and familiar moans and wails of an intense orgasm. Then it was quiet, out he struts saying for all to hear, “Showed her what a good fuck was like” and amid snickers from his buddies he sat down to watch the match.

Jen later told me that he first put his cock to her lips and said: “Suck it babe”. She told me that she loved the large velvety soft ‘helmet’. She also told me that after he came in her mouth he remained hard and simple impaled her when she was on her back. “he was good and I had a couple of great orgasms.

The next to go down the hall was the guy with a cock my size or maybe a bit smaller but he was what looked like very hard and sticking out as he went into the room. Again it was silent fro a while and then the bed started squeaking and Jen was heard moaning with what must have been each stroke. This went on for a long time and finally, we heard what must have been an orgasm but it was not as loud as the others.

Jen later told me that he made her lie on her stomach and then get up on her knees. He first licked everything from her clitoris to and including her anus. Than he told her that he wanted her ass which is what he did. “When he was done and had deposited his load in my bowels”, he told her that she had the best ass he had ever fucked and said that the next time he wanted her to suck him off.

When he came out with an ear-to-ear smile he said to the group that “that girl has the best ass I have ever had” “I can hardly wait to do her again” as he again smiled broadly and sat down to watch the match. Then the last guy, the one with the gigantic cock got up and said to the group, “Now she will see what a real cock can do” as he sauntered down the hall.

When he entered the room Jen was heard to say, “Wow, I’m going to love that one”. Then all we heard was he saying, “Yes, suck it good babe”. As he was speaking loud enough for all of us to hear in the living room, it was clear that he was a show-off. Well, he may have been but in a bit we heard the bed hitting the wall and I counted three orgasms as well as oohhs and aahhs and her saying, “Please don’t stop” as she had multiple orgasms.

Jen later told me that when he came in the room he first asked her to get him harder with her mouth. She said to me, “Hon. He was so big that I could hardly get past a couple of inches but he did get hard”. Then she said, ”He was so big that I had my first orgasm as he was entering me. He had great staying power and as you must have heard, I had several orgasms”

It was almost an hour before he came out of the room with a cocky grin and a flaccid penis. George was about to go back to the bedroom when his phone rang. From what he was saying it was clear that it was his wife as he rather frantically motioned for the guys to get dressed. When he hung up he told them that his wife and some girlfriends were on their way so they better get dressed and cleaned up quickly. He told them that they could stay but they all thought it better if they leave. “India was too far ahead anyway”.

I went down the hall to the bedroom to get this message to the love of my life and she sure looked satisfied and well fucked. Giving her a kiss, I tasted the distinctive taste of semen, which got me hard instantly. I told her that I loved her but Alleen was on her way home so the “party” had to stop for now. She jumped out of bed telling me to grab her clothes and headed for the bathroom. I rounded up her clothes and brought them to her in the bathroom just as she was getting into the shower.

When I went back into the living room the guys who had all just fucked my wife were saying goodbye to George and then to me they all shook my hand and said in one way or another that “Your wife is the sexiest woman I have been within a long time and I really enjoyed the sex” One of them said, “Sure wish I could turn my wife into a “Hot-Wife””. I told him that I had nothing to do with her love of sex, which started in college before I met her. A couple of them thanked me and asked if we might do this again. I told them that it is always up to my wife but anything is possible.

After they left, I turned around to see George going into the bathroom so I quietly followed him. What I saw startled me as Jen was sitting on the commode naked and sucking George’s cock. He kept saying, “suck it good, babe and I will give you what you want”. As this continued, I got worried that Alleen might come home and this was not what I wanted to happen.

After George loudly erupted in my wife’s throat, he grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom. When I saw what was going to happen I asked him if he wasn’t worried about his wife coming home while he was in bed with Jen. He then said, “Heck, she will not be home for a few hours as she never comes back until the Cricket match is over for the day” then he added, “These horny guys would have continued to fuck your wife all day and I wanted some more of her, uninterrupted, for myself”.

The smile on my wife’s face said it all and she then said, “Hon, come watch, I love it when you are around to see me being made love to”, “ I get even more excited when you are near”, so I followed them to the bedroom as I was determined to not miss a thing.

Well, for the next 2 hours I watched as George fucked all of my wife’s holes. His first cum was in her throat and after she sucked him to hardness, which did not take long at all. He then proceeded to fuck her in every position I could imagine. Her largest screaming orgasm was when he did her from behind doggie fashion, which I know is her favorite.

He had amazing staying power and stamina for a 65+-year-old. He kept up the chatter of ”You are the best fuck I have had in years”, and ”That’s it, girl, contract those muscles, take all of my load”, and, “Ride ‘em cowboy” (when she was straddling him and supplying the action).

For her part she was having almost continuous orgasms and kept saying, “You feel so good, don’t stop”, and “Honey, he fills me so well”, and “More, more, more, I want more”. Most of her orgasms were of the ‘screaming’ type, which I do not hear that often when we make love.

After his second load, it took a bit longer for him to get hard but when he was he lubed up my wife’s ass and slipped it in her hole as if they had done this forever. My Jen was moaning like crazy and said, “Oh, his big cock fills me so good, I do not want it to stop”. It took a while but he finally deposited his load in my wife’s bowels. I thought that this would be the end of this visit but I was wrong. George got up to go to the bathroom and take a quick shower and came back with a hard-on. My wife welcomed him back with legs spread apart and open arms.

This last one was, to me, almost the best as George slowly and deeply brought my Jen to orgasm after orgasm with her legs hooked over her shoulders. This was the first time that I could actually see a cock going in and out of her vagina. A real turn-on and my feelings of love were never higher. Yes, I had pangs of jealousy and thoughts about where this would all end but the feeling of joy that my Jen was being pleasured won out. When he finally came he rolled over and said, “Not sure I could do that again as good a fuck as she is”. Made me very proud of my Jen.

They went to take a shower and I went back to the living room to relive what I had seen. Loved every minute of it. They came out all dressed as if nothing happened and Jen came to sit beside me on the couch. We kissed and hugged and she thanked me saying, “your being present was the best and got me so hot, I couldn’t believe it”. She then told me, again, that she wanted me present if we ever do this again. I remember thinking that now I would get my lifelong fantasies fulfilled.

We talked about a number of things for an hour more and when Alleen came home. I guess she assumed that we had been like this all day watching the Cricket match. Soon after we left as we were leaving the next day and we needed to pack. We said our goodbyes and George walked us to our car.

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While walking out to the car he mentioned that he now has time to travel especially to see the US crazy sports such as American type ‘football’. When he asked if he would be welcome if he were to come to our area of the US, we both said “definitely, “we have a room for you as well as a bed for all of us”. We all laughed at that but I felt that it just might happen. As we pulled away he said “see you next year if I do not see you before”.

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