Amy And Her Daddy At the Movies

There once was a girl named Amy. She really, really wanted to go see an R rated movie, but she wasn’t allowed to go without her Daddy to go with her. She’d bribed her Daddy and begged him for ages to get him to go with her.

It was raining out, and Amy’s dress was soaked through as she and her Daddy walked into the theatre. Daddy had carried an umbrella, but he walked too quickly for her to catch up to him properly. Amy had sandy blonde wavy hair, that felt just to her shoulders. It was a bit darker than usual, because she was all wet. She wore a dark blue summer dress and brown sandals. She was rather slender and short, and many people thought she looked younger than she really was.

Her Daddy was a rather handsome man, and lots of women liked him- Daddy was very popular with the ladies, but his favorite girl to play with was Amy! He shook out his umbrella, making Amy grin- holding out her hands to shield herself from the water. She’d forgotten her coat at home, because she had been hoping Daddy would have shared his.

She held herself around her middle, following her Daddy to the concession stand- people were already waiting in the long line. They were cutting it close, and this was a really big movie that everyone wanted to go to.

“Daddy?” Amy whispered tugging on her Daddy’s sleeve. “Can I get some chocolate?”

“Maybe later, if you are a good girl.” Daddy said with a little smirk.

Amy blushed a little at this, looking down at her wet shoes. She knew what that smirk meant.

They waited patiently in line, Amy huddling against her Daddy- she was a little cold now, with the air conditioning and everything. She peered up at her Daddy hopefully, and he wrapped an arm about her shoulders, pulling her a little close.
Amy grinned a bit, leaning against him, not caring if people were glancing their way. As Amy and her Daddy approached the front of the line, Amy could hear the other customers talking in front of them.

“Isn’t she a bit young for him?” One woman hissed to the other, glaring a little at Amy.

Amy frowned at this, and glanced up at her Daddy. Her Daddy spoke up. “She’s my daughter.” He said firmly. Both women quickly looked away quickly, flushing a little. While she wasn’t really his daughter in blood, it was just easier to say such things to get people to leave them alone. Also, Amy liked the thought of having a Daddy. And her Daddy liked being her Daddy too.

Amy grinned a bit, and the two ladies approached the counter and bought their tickets. Amy and her Daddy stepped up towards the counter. She pointed towards the sign. “Two for that movie, please!”

The clerk looked sad. “Sorry kid, we’re all sold out! Just sold the last two tickets!”

Amy groaned in frustration, and she looked to her Daddy pleadingly. Daddy was looking up at the listing with a frown. “Alright. Thank you, sir.”

He took Amy’s hand, and led her out of the theatre lobby. Amy was very upset- she had really, really wanted to see that movie.

“I really wanted to see that Movie, Daddy.”

“I know, pumpkin, I’ll see what we can do. Don’t worry, Daddy will fix it.”

Amy grinned at this, and they walked out of the building. He opened his umbrella, walking a bit slower so she could huddle up with him.

“Where are we going?” Amy asked, as she realized that they weren’t going to the parking lot, but around to the back of the building.

“Shush, it is a surprise.” Her Daddy whispered with a grin. Amy loved surprises!

“Daddy…what are you doing?” She asked, as her Daddy opened the back door of the theatre.

“Just this once, we’re going to break a little rule. Our little secret, right baby?”

Amy giggled, and the two of them slipped in the back door. “If they are sold out, there won’t be anywhere to sit.” She whispered.

“Don’t worry about that. I’ve got it covered.”

Amy followed her Daddy to the theatre, watching him close his umbrella again. She followed him into the darkened theatre, and saw that the ads were already playing
They went all the way to the back row, where one seat was free, at the very end.
Daddy sat down first, and put Amy in his lap. Amy grinned at this, wrapping her arms about her Daddy’s neck. What if there hadn’t been a seat? Would they have had to sit on the sticky floor? Ew.

Still, she was glad to get a seat, and she considered it to be the best, because it was in her Daddy’s lap.

Finally, the movie began to play, and Amy was entranced by the gross horror of it all. She squirmed, covering her eyes, allowing her Daddy to hold her tight.

“You alright?” Her Daddy whispered in her ear.

Amy nodded slowly, burying her face in his neck. “It’s scary, Daddy.”

“I know, sweetheart, that’s why it’s for grown-ups. Do you want to leave?”

Amy shook her head with a small smile, pressing her lips against his warm skin. “No, I like sitting here with you, Daddy.”

Daddy smiled, adjusting her on his lap a little, kissing the top of her head. He pet her hair, and she flinched as there was a loud scream coming from the screen.

She buried her face again, and she could feel her Daddy rubbing up and down her back soothingly, trying to calm her down. Somehow, though, she was getting more excited!

Her heart was racing, and as her Daddy slid his hand over her bum, she lifted her head from his shoulder, glancing around to everyone else. Their eyes were glued onto the screen, and no one was watching. Daddy and Amy glanced at one another, and she gave her Daddy a small nod.

Daddy slipped an arm around her, and she shifted in his lap, allowing him to undo the front of his trousers, and pull up her skirt a little. Once she seated herself again, his cock was pressing up against her knickers.

Amy giggled, tipping her head back a little as he reached down, fondling her through the thin cotton fabric. He kissed her hair, continuing to rub her slit through the cloth.

“Daddy, please?” She whispered, rocking her hips against his erection. He gave her a small nod, and he pulled her knickers aside. Amy licked her lips of the sensation of the cool air on her wet slit- in the theatre, no one looked like they had any idea what was going on. It was dark, and everyone’s eyes were on the screen, watching some busty lady get chased by the murderer…

Amy had long since forgotten the film, rocking her hips against her Daddy’s cock, feeling his erection pressing up against her. Amy slowly lifted her hips up, allowing his erection to lift a little- she slid onto his cock with a small whimper- she covered her mouth with both hands.

The couple next to them glanced over, and the woman spoke. “Are you a little scared, dear?”

“Just a little.” Amy gasped, biting her lip with a small smile.

Her Daddy’s cock was inside her, and she could tell by his heavy breathing and the way his hands were clenched around his hips that he was having trouble controlling himself. She slowly began to move up and down in his lap, making it look like she was squirming, covering her face and mouth with shaking hands.

Her Daddy was breathing heavily against her neck and ear, pressing a light kiss against her neck. “Good girl. Go slow and easy.”

Yes, Daddy.” Amy Whispered with a shaky smile.

His cock was hard, and reached all the way up- she was very lucky she was on the pill, ‘cos she would have gotten pregnant ages ago
Had she remembered to take it today?
Amy couldn’t remember.

But she still rocked her hips, holding her Daddy’s arms tightly around her middle as she slowly eased herself up and down his cock, their movements as subtle as possible.

His hips quickened a little, and Amy’s toes curled in her shoes- Daddy was biting at her ear now, and she let out a breathless groan.

The couple next to them looked over, concerned. “Are you alright?”

“Stomach ache, I think,” Amy said quietly.

The woman spoke. “Well, maybe you should lay off on the sweets, dear.”

Amy gave her Daddy a pleading look. “Daddy, I’m gonna go to the bathroom, okay?”

“Alright. Be back soon, okay? Daddy asked, covering his lap with his jacket as she slowly withdrew herself from his lap.

“…Well…I might not come back. This movie is really scary.”

“Alright baby, let’s go home.” Her Father murmured, keeping his jacket closed. She led the way out of the threatre, her hands shaking- Daddy was walking out of the theatre behind her, but slower, his erection making it a little hard to walk.

Amy quickly ducked into the girl’s loo, and Daddy followed- they didn’t care if anyone else was in the loo. But in less than a moment, her Daddy was bending her over one of the sinks, yanking up her skirt. He was pulling down her knickers, stretching it taught against her thighs.

Daddy was pushing his coat apart, and with a thrust, he was inside her! Amy groaned loudly, clutching the white porcaline of the sink. She could see her reflection in the sink mirror as her Daddy fucked her from behind. It was so naughty- not only had they snuck into the theatre, but now they were fucking in the loo where anyone could see them!


Daddy grinned at this,his hips pistoning in and out of her. Amy stared at her flushed face, her gaping mouth, her mussed hair. Her Daddy was behind her, and there was such a sexy look on his face- he looked at her in the mirror, and she gave him a little grin.

With a little thrust, he was making her cry out again. She struggled to keep her balance on the floor, arms shaking as she tried to support herself. “Daddy….ooh, feels good.” Daddy slapped her bum hard, the sound ringing through the loo loudly. She shook at the sensation, gritting her teeth.

“I’m getting close, baby.”

Amy groaned a little at this. “Daddy, I don’t remember if I took the pill today or not.” Amy gasped.

“Well, that’s your problem, you should have remembered, little one.”

Amy groaned at this- honestly, she didn’t see it as a problem at all. Amy bounced a little as his thrusts got faster- that turned him on, didn’t it? Maybe he really wanted to knock her up?

“Daddy, oh….fuck, yes…fuck me….” Amy cried, hands gripping the sink tight.
“Almost there…” Her Daddy groaned. “Sooo…close!”

The loo door opened slowly, revealing the lady from earlier, and her eyes widened as she saw the couple there. Her Daddy was suddenly cumming inside her, practically shaking with desire.

Amy gasped, watching the woman’s expression in the mirror, feeling her Daddy come inside her. Her body was taught, feeling the sensation of him filling her up. “Daddy….oh….wow…I love it when you cum in me.” She whispered this with a relish, watching the woman’s face flush a little. She hadn’t moved from the open doorway, her mouth still dropped open.

The woman finally came to her senses and left the bathroom quickly, slamming the door behind her.

Amy groaned as her Daddy slid out of her wet cunt, and she could feel his cum still full in her tummy. A little trickled out, but not much. Daddy was pulling up her knickers, not caring if they were being reported at that second.

Amy was slowly standing up and turning around. “That was really good, Daddy”
“I’m glad you liked it, Baby. Go clean yourself up in the stall, and don’t you dare clean my cum out.”

“Yes, Daddy.” Amy went into one of the stalls and began to clean herself up
She could hear her Daddy cleaning up at the sink.

Amy loved her Daddy. She glanced through the crack in the door and could see her Daddy washing his hands at the sink. She giggled to herself, wondering if they were going to get banned from the theatre, or if the lady wasn’t going to tell on them. Still, they should probably leave soon, either way.

Soon, the two of them were leaving the bathroom, hand in hand, and saw the woman from before just outside the door, blushing a little. Amy gave her a little finger-wiggle, and they laughed quietly as they headed towards the back door.