Amazon Wife [matriarchy, forced feminization]

"You summoned me daughter?" Karl said.

Leanafel was his youngest and the only daughter remaining in their home.

Mistresses into faggots near

She was in bed with Jadea again. The two had become quite close and were
seen together more and more over the previous months. Karl assumed it
was only fitting. Leanafel was of an age. Soon she’d have to decide if
she wished to stay in the hidden lands of Themyscira or venture out into
the rest of the world.

“Yes father,” Leanafel said. “Send a few of my step fathers up to help
us dress. After that change into something less comfortable and more
pink. Then get your leash. I want to take you for a walk.”

“Make sure the outfit is slutty,” Jadea added. “You need to show that
cute little figure off. Make it something that says ‘stuff me full of
lots of cocks.’ And put on a fresh face. Sultry and whorish.”

“Indeed,” Leanafel said. “We’re heading to the town square. Mother will
be there with her newly acquired property. You must show them what is
expected of them.”

The woman’s raid had been successful then. His wife had lived and he
wouldn’t be sold today. That shouldn’t surprise him, but it always kind
of did. No matter how good of warriors the women were, they didn’t fight
with guns. In the long run, the odds were stacked against them.

That never stopped them from going out to fight as champions for
neglected and abused women. Surely there couldn’t be so many men in the
world that offended the old gods. Yet somehow his Mistress and her
sisters captured a steady stream of evil men.

After sending a few of his fellow husbands up to help his daughter
prepare for her day, Karl went about getting ready to join her. It
wasn’t a good time to clean in the men’s baths. Not all of those evil
men were hetero sexual. Those that had gay tendencies often seemed to
actually enjoy their fate. Karl was never a fan of being on the reverse
side of gang rape. He understood the pleasure though. He and his men
had raped many women in the name of war before he’d been captured.

As he stripped out of his harem outfit and the tight training corset, he
sighed. The point seemed a little moot. The only way he’d ever find
pleasure raping anyone again was if he turned gay. His Mistress wife had
seen to that.

Surprisingly, Karl bathed without instance. The bathhouse was lightly
utilized and Karl was able to clean both inside and out without any

He applied lotion to his smooth skin before slipping into another corset.
The years of constant waist training had permanently altered his
physique. Men didn’t typically boast a 23 inch uncinched waist, but that
was exactly what he had. The figure of the man in the mirror was
confusing. It was slender and delecate, so unlike the strong and
powerful man he’d once been.

As he carefully rolled a pair of stockings up his legs, he thought of the
men he’d meet today. Their lives were about to change in ways they could
never imagine. This was a land where the rules of the outside world were
flipped on end. More than that, societies rules were often distorted to
the point of being ridiculous.

The old goddesses made sure no man stepped foot in this world that wasn’t
deserving of his fate. They had devised an almost perfect world for
handling crimes against women. The methods of their disciples were
effective and absolute. To a man, they came to realize the errors of
their ways. The only problem Karl could see was it wasn’t reeducation
and rehabilitation they were after, it was revenge and it was permanent.

Karl knew what his daughter and Jadea expected of him. Simple lingerie,
heels and a leash wouldn’t be enough today. He had to look the part of a
proper husband. The dress he chose was a ridiculous pink satin creation.
It had a high collar and puffed sleeves. His chest was exposed, but the
dress quickly reformed to tightly cover the corset. It was so tight that
Karl found he needed to draw the corset in another inch. The rest of the
dress was hardly a dress at all. It shot out almost horizontally from
his hips on a sea of short frilly petticoats. If he’d been wearing
panties, they’d have been easily visible from certain angles. As it was,
his garters were the only coverage he got.

He’d long lost control of his cock. The evil wedding ring she’d placed
at its base was its master now. He wasn’t sure how it worked, but he
figured it somehow ran opposite of his chemistry. Whenever he saw one of
the naked Amazons, he was excited. His brain lusted after her the same
way he’d always lusted after a beautiful woman. His cock however did
not. It sat limp and useless until it sprung to life when he least
desired it to. “At Hera’s and Aphrodite’s whim,” his Mistress wife had
said. “Or more to the point, when I desire you hard, you will be hard.”

Trying to put the unpleasant thoughts out of his head, he lubed up his
butt plug. It had been another wedding present from his wife. It was
made from parts of the assault rifle he’d been carrying when his wife had
knocked him unconscious and claimed him. It was ridiculously large and
took him months to get used to its length and girth. Now sadly his ass
felt almost empty without it.

As he walked to his makeup table in his 6 inch heels, he sighed. It was
amazing what the human body could get used to. A woman’s routine was
practically insane. Body shaping, heels, makeup, hair and all the other
things they did to attract men in outside world was now his life. He
used to get up, run his hand through his hair once or twice and head out
the door. Now on a good day, he could barely look fuckable within two

His makeup was quite exotic and sultry when he was done. They were in an
isolated land, but that didn’t mean they didn’t have access to all the
world could provide. Leanafel had insisted he should get all the same
treatments a wealthy woman could buy. Karl’s face had endured lip
implants, a nose job, botox, facelifts, lash extensions, electrolysis and
oh so much more. His reeducation was to help him understand the extremes
woman put themselves through. It was a role he now knew all too well.

The level of role reversal depended on the Mistress. While he didn’t
walk around with the monstrous breast implants many men did, his Mistress
had her kinks. Karl’s ass was a perfect bubble. He had the best butt
implants money could buy. He also looked feminine in almost every other

Some men were barely changed physically. Others had full sex changes.
Karl was trapped somewhere in between. Flat chest, bubble butt, feminine
face and frame, and of course long flowing hair. He learned early on
that his Mistress wife loved long flowing hair. She wore her hair short,
so he supposed it made sense. Still no matter how it was styled, it took
him a long time to prep. By the time he’d done the layered braids and
flowing curls she liked, it was getting late.

Karl grabbed his leash and gracefully walked back to his daughter’s room.
He found the women finishing up a light meal.

“You are such a slow slut,” Jadea said as he entered.

“Indeed,” Leanafel said. “I had hoped you’d join us for a bite before
our stroll. Now we’ll have to find you something to suck on the way.”

Karl knew the girls were teasing him. Men didn’t eat with women. They
served them and gladly accepted any scraps they were given. Otherwise,
they had a very strict diet to help maintain whatever figure their
Mistresses wished on them.

“You look cute,” Leanafel said. “My bubble butt bimbo daddy must want to
get fucked today. Maybe mother will be in a mood. Otherwise, I’m sure I
can find you some sex.”

Such talk was still hard for Karl to get used to. He understood his role
in this society, but having one’s own child talk about him still stung.

He didn’t have much time to dwell on it before the women were in motion.
Leanafel took the leash and attached it to his collar. Karl had made
sure to pull the o-ring through the slit in the collar of his dress.
Leanafel would have surly been sore with him otherwise.

Besides the cock ring, his collar was his only other permanent adornment.
The cock ring was a gift from his wife and owner, the collar was a
present from the goddesses. The day he’d been taken, he’d woken to find
it around his neck. It was more than a symbol of his fate. It somehow
also sealed it by limiting his free will. Karl still couldn’t explain
it, but while he could still devise plans of escape or revenge, he could
never bring himself to act on them.

Soon they were out onto the street. It was a beautiful sunny day. The
woman wore light white sundresses and sandals. His daughter had grown
into an amazing beauty and she’d chosen an equally gorgeous lover. Time
was different here. She appeared to be in her late teens, but was much
younger than that. Apparently children came of age much younger in this
society. Then they became practically immortal if they stayed.

Unfortunately, the vastly extended life seemed to be true for men too.
If Karl was spared the fighting pits, woman’s wrath or accidental death,
he could expect to live a very long time. The first time his Mistress
wife took him, she told him he could remain her beautiful toy for
hundreds of years.

Even though his Mistress wife was very young in the Amazon world, she
knew of what she spoke. The elders and Queen of the society were
apparently over a thousand years old. You couldn’t tell it by looking at
them. Each appeared to be a beauty in her twenties.

They each had multiple domestic husbands of their own. While none were
as old as their wives, some heralded from what could only be called
ancient times.

Karl was his Mistress wife’s first male plaything. She’d captured him on
her very first raid. He’d like to say he put up a fight, but the reality
was otherwise. He was caught with his pants down. Literally. She
knocked him unconscious while forcing himself onto a young Vietnamese
girl. That war was ugly for so many reasons. If the world only knew the
story behind some of those that went MIA.

That had been well over forty years ago. That Karl was long since dead.
He was reshaped and reborn. He wasn’t really a he at all.

As if to prove the thoughts in his head, his daughter felt compelled to
drive the point home. She stopped to talk with some friends that were
leading along the men of their houses. These men were devoid of hair,
but beyond that they remained physically masculine. Their Mistress
obviously liked her men to look like men, albeit with a twist. Tan lines
showed where panties and bras should be. They also wore garter belts,
high heels and stockings.

As Karl thought about his feminine regiment and all the body modification
he’d undergone, he felt a pang of jealousy. That’s when he heard what
his daughter had in mind.

“I’d love to hear about it,” she was saying. “Do you mind if my father
feeds while we talk? The silly slut dallied so much she missed her meal.
He must be starving.”

“But of course,” her new companion said. She tugged two of her men
forward and pointed towards Karl. As their cocks began to harden, he
dropped to his knees. It would do no good to protest. It would probably
only make things worse.

Karl had sucked a lot of cocks over the years, but he never learned to
enjoy the act. He actually hated it every time. His Mistress Wife had
said that was part of his new life. The collar would forever keep his
sexual preferences fresh in his brain. He was just helpless to do
anything about them.

Instead one delicate manicured hand jerked a waiting cock as the other
cock slid past his pillowy lips into his well-trained mouth. Karl had a
pace he liked to hold. It allowed him to turn his brain off and endure
the act. It was almost bearable that way. Mentally he could switch
places with the man. He could almost imagine it was a beautiful woman
blowing him. Soon it would be over.

That was when the hand gathered up a handful of his long hair and the
cock was pulled deep into his throat. His doe like eyes got even bigger
as his long lashes fluttered. He wasn’t going to control this blowjob.
It was going to control him.

Panic must have been apparent on his face because his daughter and her
friends tittered. They cheered on the man fucking his mouth. He held
the cock securely lodged in his throat in response.

“I’m sure that’d be enough for a normal man to blow his worthless seed,”
the new companion said. “He won’t cum until I allow it though. It makes
for a better show. I do love watching a man struggle for air as he
gobbles down another cock.”

“I do so agree,” Jadea said. “He looks downright adorable.”

Just when Karl felt like he’d pass out, his head was pulled off the cock.
One large gasp of air was all he had before the other man slid his cock
in its place. And so it went for what seemed like an eternity. The
cocks alternated between ruthlessly pistoning in and out of his throat
and staying firmly planted there.

The young women enjoyed the show as they eventually took up talking about
whatever they originally wanted to converse about. Karl was a mere cock
sheath ragdoll by the time they wrapped up their conversation. The men
had been tireless as they pounded his dolled up face.

“Enough already,” Leanafel’s new companion said. “Feed the bitch.”

With that Karl could feel the cock thicken in his throat. Then it
twitched and started to pulse as a steam of hot come erupted from the
tip. Karl knew he had another load to consume, but as the man pulled
out, he didn’t let the cock leave his mouth without applying suction and
licking the tip. It wasn’t that he wanted the act to last, he simply
knew that if anything ended up on his face, there would be hell to pay.

“He’s a greedy whore,” Jadea said. “Maybe we should get him cock more

“By Hera, I think you might be right,” Leanafel said.

Karl barely heard. As soon as the first dick left his mouth, the second
took its place. One quick thrust and he was swallowing down another big

“You’re making us late,” Leanafel scolded as she yanked on Karl’s leash.
Karl barely had time to thank the lady companion as required before he
was tottering down the street after his daughter and her lover. The only
thing he could think about was finding some water to drink. The taste of
cum was strong on his tongue and it was making him feel nauseous.

They traveled the rest of the way to the central courtyard in relative
peace. Jadea did scold him for not swaying his ass like a proper whore.
After several blocks his feet were killing him in his heels. Other than
for that, he only worried that his hair wasn’t too messed up from the
brutal treatment. His Mistress Wife would not be happy if he looked

The Amazons were taking their prisoners before the Queen and her Counsel
as they arrived. Karl was silently glad they’d missed out on the long
boring accounting of the raids. Since he got his face fucked, at least
it meant this event would be shorter.

It still took another hour before it was his Mistress Wife’s turn. She
led nine men in chains in front of the Queen. Nine was an impressive
number. Never before had she captured so many. It would be a festive
night at their household tonight.

“Shallel,” the Queen said. “Hara looks on you with favor. Nine is a
grand prize.”

Karl knew the truth to that. An amazon had to slay five warriors in
battle for every prisoner they were allowed to take. His Mistress Wife
had been incredibly fierce in this year’s raid.

The fate of the prisoners was left to those who spoke for Hera, but his
Mistress Wife’s house would grow today. Surely the goddess wouldn’t take
all for the fighting pits.

An Amazon of the Counsel took a holy staff and passed it over each
prisoner’s head. On the first the staff glowed blue. He was a rough and
ugly man, so it was fitting that he’d been chosen for the fighting pits.

The Amazon who followed touched a rod to his naked manhood. Karl hated
this part. He felt for the man as his cock glowed in blue light before
being disintegrated and absorbed by the rod. The man dropped to his
knees in pain, but he did not pass out. He was tough. Perhaps he’d live
a year or two in the pits.

In some ways the man was one of the lucky ones. He’d be dead soon.
Every time a cock entered Karl he wished such a fate upon himself.

The next prisoner the staff passed over showed a green light. This
prisoner was far less lucky. He was to be a builder slave. As the rod
touched him, only his balls were absorbed. He was now officially
neutered. Life as a eunuch was a hard one here. The only way your
suffering ended was via accident or over exertion.

Then not one, but two domestic slaves were identified for the general
public. The red glow that signified this was rare. It was considered an
honor to contribute such slaves to the society. Only warriors of great
strength were given such an honor.

It didn’t mean any less discomfort for the men. The rod that touched
their cocks left them engulfed in mystical flames. When the flames
burned out, the cocks were gone. What was left was similar to the groin
of a Ken doll. Smooth and genderless, all traces of what made them men
were gone. Unlike the men who would die in the pits, these souls would
probably live for hundreds of years with no trace of any sexual organs.

Another was assigned to the fighting pit before the staff finally glowed
pink. His Mistress Wife got another husband. She didn’t gain just one.
Pink glowed for all the rest. The last four now belonged to her. Just
as two domestic slaves were rare, four husbands on one raid was even

The rod wasn’t used on husbands. Their fate was considerably different
in the Amazon society. The Queen placed a collar on each of the four.
Then she handed his Mistress Wife four golden bands.

Karl still remembered when this happened to him. That was the day he
became a husband and father. These men would now suffer the same fate.

His wife walked in front of a large strapping black man. He was big at
around six and a half feet in height. Despite his height, she towered
over him. A short Amazon warrior was still over seven feet tall. Some
even reached eight foot of heavenly beauty. His Mistress Wife was seven
foot eight. That was almost two feet taller than Karl.

This man’s cock was impressive. It was flaccid and it easily dwarfed
Karl’s. He was pretty sure the ring wouldn’t fit.

He was wrong. With almost no effort, his wife slid the band along his
shaft to the base of his cock. There it magically sized to stay
permanently affixed.

“You are my husband now,” his Mistress Wife said. “That feeling you feel
is yourself becoming mine.”

Karl had lived it and yet he still wasn’t used to what happened next.
The man’s balls pulled up into his body and the once hanging sack grew
tight against his pelvis. His Mistress Wife reached down and ran a
finger over the tight skin. She found a slit and pushed a finger inside.

“Now Hera has made you my bitch. I will have you pregnant in no time.”

The fear and confusion were clear on the man’s face. Karl knew exactly
what he was thinking. It was like a bad case of Déjà vu.

The ceremony repeated itself three more times. Karl was frightened to
see that each man was big and well endowed. These four were by far the
most cock gifted of his Mistress Wife’s husbands.

Karl knew the fear and confusion for the new husbands would multiply by
ten with what happened next. The Amazon Counsel member with the
absorption rod, handed it to his Mistress Wife. It glowed as it
converted the essence it gathered into what Karl thought was the most
fearsome aspect of the Amazon’s power.

The glow moved from the rod to his Mistress Wife’s groin and solidified
into what was easily a fourteen inch cock. Two bull sized balls hung
below. It was as impressive a trophy as it was extreme. What it meant
was even more impressive. For one full cycle of the moon, she would
support this monster. For one full cycle, she could breed.

The Queen and Amazon Counsel congratulated his Mistress Wife one last
time and then it was the next warrior’s turn.

His Mistress Wife led her four new slaves over to Karl and his daughter.
“Daughter,” she said. “It was a good hunt. Are you well?”

“I am mother,” Leanafel said. “I have the other husbands preparing the
bed chambers. It would appear that I was right in assuming you’d be

“Indeed. Four new bitches. Brutes all by male standards. I think we
should break them hard and fast. Would you and Jadea care to strap up
and join?”

“It would be an honor,” they both said in unison.

It was then that his Mistress Wife seemed to notice him. “Karlina. Now
don’t you look pretty. Did you see all the cock I brought you? And I’m
not talking about just those four. Take my shaft into your cute little
hands. You can bear its weight as we walk home.”

The angle was odd, but Karl did as he was told. He grabbed the massive
shaft in his now delicate hands. Pulling the half flaccid cock to one
side, he carefully held it as she started to stride home. He must have
looked quite funny as he struggled to hold on and match the tall Amazon’s

“My new husbands are so much longer than you,” his Mistress Wife said.
“Did you notice?”

“I did Mistress,” Karl said.

“Of course you did slut. You’re a wanton whore. Anyways it got me
thinking. You look more like the woman you prized now than the man you
once were. I think I’ve finally gotten you properly trained. Wouldn’t
you agree?”

“Yes Mistress,” Karl said. He was fearful. “Thank you Mistress.”

“These new bitches will take a long time to be properly trained. Sure
they’ll be popping out babies in about nine months, but it takes decades
to truly embrace your fate. I think I have a perfect example planned.
It should better prepare them for the years to come. Triyen my Amazon
Sister gave me the inspiration, so you be sure to thank her when she

“Of course Mistress,” Karl said. Now he was outright terrified.

“It’s two simple procedures really. First you’ll have a penis reduction
surgery. Then we’ll add couple big titties to balance out your frame.
Nothing too extravagant. You know I’m not really a breast girl. I’m
thinking D or maybe DD cups would look good on your frame. I’m going to
use a little magic to stretch the tissue, but I think you should have
real implants. They’re what woman do in the outside world. I want you
to always understand the lengths they’re forced to go through for beauty
in the man’s world. In my world, you shall always be made to

Karl felt dread. Even more dread than when he had the ass implants or
facial surgery. A big ass was still possible on a man. Having his penis
shrunk and balloons bolted to his chest would leave little doubt to his
role. He would never be the one sucked again. Not that he was big on
having men blow him, but at least that way he could imagine an Amazon
wrapped on his shaft. He was pretty sure he’d be the one doing the
sucking from now on.

“Of course Mistress,” was all Karl could say.

“Excellent. It’s agreed then,” she replied. Like he had any choice. “I
have the surgeon meeting us at the house. You can get started right
away. Don’t worry… They’ll use magic to heal the surgical scars. You’ll
be good as new with plenty of time to come join in the honeymoon bliss.
I bet I get you preggers on the first fuck. Then I think I’m going to
let you be my fluffer. Wouldn’t you like that?”

“Yes Mistress,” Karl lied.

For the rest of the trip home, his Mistress Wife chatted with their
daughter. Karl was lost in his thoughts as he struggled to keep grip on
the monster shaft. Fluffer… sigh. Maybe he’d choke and die on the
shaft. It would be one way out of this torment.

Those thoughts replayed over and over in his mind until he found himself
counting backwards from a hundred on a surgical table. When he woke, two
large mounds protruded from his chest. Reaching up he squeezed his new
titties. There was no way around it. He was more she than he now.

Sitting up, he was surprised by the odd feeling of the large breasts
pulling on his chest. They settled and affected his center of gravity.
He quickly learned that he needed to pull his shoulders back to

That’s when he noticed his cock. No… cock was the wrong word now. He
noticed his little dick. The gold band was still there, but it had
shrunk along with his shaft. Now it was barely the size of his thumb.

Karl couldn’t help it. He sat there and cried.

After a few minutes of feeling sorry for himself, his daughter came in.

“Nice titties. Now you finally look truly fuckable. It’ll be super easy
to get you cock from now on,” Leanafel said. She attached the leash to
his collar and tugged it so he’d follow. “There’s some cock waiting for
you right now. I hope you’re ready.”

He wasn’t, but it mattered not.

His Mistress Wife’s room looked like a fetish orgy. Jadea had a man
riding her strapon. Several of his step daughters were shagging men as
well. The husbands that weren’t being fucked, had been ordered to orally
service pussy, ass or cock.

“There’s my first husband,” his Mistress Wife said. She was lying back
on the bed as one of her new husbands tried in vain to put her huge cock
in his mouth. “Karlina, I should have gotten you tittles long ago. I
had no idea they’d make me so hot. And look at your little dicklet.
It’s just like a cock only way smaller. That’s so cute. Come here and
get on all fours. You’re just so fuckable, I want to put a baby inside
of you.”

Karl dreaded the idea, but did as he was told. Only an Amazon could fuck
his slit. He couldn’t even put his own finger inside of it. Still
somehow his Mistress Wife had always managed to cram her entire cock
inside of him. The feeling was erotic, pleasurable, painful, terrifying
and arousing all at the same time. It was something he’d never get used
to no matter how old he became.

“I think I’ll start with your ass,” she said. With one motion, she
pulled the large buttplug free. Karl was almost thankful it was such a
big plug when he thought about what was coming next. Two hands smacked
and spread his ample ass. “I do like a bubble butt.”

This Karl was used to. Both females with strapons and men buggered him
regularly. His Mistress Wife’s real cock was huge though. When Karl
cried out in pain as the monster’s head pried open his hiney, Jadea slid
her strapon into his mouth. His wife and daughter’s lover now had him
double stuffed.

It was a good half an hour before the floodgates opened into his ass. As
she pulled out, she put the plug back in. “Can’t have you leaking and
making a mess, can we?” she said.

“No Mistress,” Karl said. Or at least he tried. It sounded almost
incoherent with the strapon deep in his mouth. Jadea laughed at that and
then thanked his Mistress Wife for sharing the fun fuck.

Karl hadn’t done anything but be fucked, but he was already exhausted.
His Mistress Wife did not feel the same way though. As Jadea made off to
find another hole to plow, Karl felt the head of the cock at his slit.
His slit… he could never get used to that thought. While not truly a
pussy, it surely functioned as one. His Mistress Wife was about to prove
it yet again.

“Now man whore, ask me for my seed. Beg me to give you another baby.”

Everything in Karl’s head screamed no. It was so counter to his nature
that he could never desire it. Being pregnant. Giving birth. The act
was more than womanly. It was complete and utter submission. And sadly,
it was his fate. Resigned, Karl did as he always did. He gave into his

“I have been without child for so long Mistress,” Karl said. “You have
shaped me for breeding and I wish to be the father of another daughter to
carry on your name. Please honor me with your seed.”

With that, fourteen inches of long thick shaft slid into Karl in a way no
man should be invaded. His Mistress Wife took a handful of hair and
plowed him with long fierce thrusts. Karl’s new tits swayed with each
thrust. The feeling was almost as odd as being taken.

That’s when Karl caught their reflection in a mirror. The man he once
knew was completely gone. All that was left was an Amazon’s trophy.

“You know now,” his Mistress Wife said. “You’re nothing but a breeding
whore. I’m woman and I don’t need your pathetic seed. I’ll fuck your
male shortcomings right out of you. Now thank me for your new titties.
I should have got them for you years ago. They make you so pretty.”

“Thank you for my new titties Mistress,” Karl struggled to say as the
Amazon dominated him. He watched her pound his womb as she took him
roughly like a bitch in heat. There was no mistaking it. He was owned.

The load fired deep into the recesses of the female cavern he shouldn’t
have. Every time that happened, a little more of the man he once was

“That was the one,” his Mistress Queen said. “You’re preggers bitch. I
can feel it. You’re still my favorite. We’re going to have hundreds or
thousands of little girls. You’re such a good breeder.”

As she pulled out of him, Karl knew she was right.

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