A tease and denial ping pong story

It was an art class I went to that made me think of it. I life draw and once a week go to a life drawing session in Kew. One week the model – a beautiful girl called Laura – was painted with latex in footballers clothes. Naked, just latex. I watched Laura peel some of it off afterward and realized that it was a wonderful way to get the exact shape of someone.

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Slow sex, slow teasing

We both like slow sex, not fast and furious. Sometimes fast, but it’s rare. That normally happens when we’ve been apart for a few weeks and we just need each other. Then we got back to slow. We both like using hands as well. That became apparent fairly early on in our relationship; we’d lie next to each other and let our fingers just enjoy each others’ bodies, ending up playing with each other’s genitals. It was all quite slow and gentle, sometimes we’d just stop and talk. Being aroused and stimulating but having a conversation about nothing somehow makes it more arousing. Trying to concentrate on something normal while someone is playing with you – very nice indeed.

This naturally progressed to teasing with us asking each other, “Are you close?”. We know each other’s bodies so well know, we know the signs when each other are about to cum, but to explicitly say it heightens the emotions. With my finger slowly rubbing up and down just to the right of her clit hood – her favorite place, knowing she’s on a knife edge:

“Are you close?”
“Don’t cum yet,” and I’d keep up the slow rubbing.

Sometimes she’d reach down and stop my hand. Just hold it still, while she teetered on the edge. Five seconds. Sometimes ten seconds. Then she’d breathe out and let go and I’d continue. Other times she’d do the same to me. Often together. Sometimes we wouldn’t cum at all. Sometimes we’d stop, go out for a meal, and finish when we got home.

Two things about Judy. She finds it very difficult to cum in public, and she finds it very hard to cum standing or with her legs together. But she has done both. At the same time.

Her first unfinished orgasm

She told me a story once, about when she was a child which probably explains something about the things that turn her on now. She figures she was about eight at the time. She has masturbated for as long as she can remember. She can’t remember a time she hasn’t. I guess some kids just find out what feels good and keep doing it. She remembers being in her bed late one morning – she knows it was during the holidays. She was lying in bed rubbing herself and working her way up to a nice orgasm (under the duvet, fortunately) and just as she starts to cum, the door bursts open and she has to stop in midstroke, frozen, as her father strides into the room, informing her that her aunt and uncle are rowed up in the living room with her four cousins and she has to come and say hello to them. She has pajamas on, fortunately, and her father asks her to come down as she is. Her orgasm started, but didn’t finish, and dies away as she puts her slippers on. She sits with her aunt and uncle and their family all through a late breakfast, feeling completely unfinished and finally is allowed back upstairs to dress (and cum). She has told me this story several times. This is what I was saying about events affecting your sexuality.

Things started to move out of the bedroom bit by bit and slowly she became the someone more submissive partner in our relationship. Not always, but when one of us is in charge, it is more often me. In the rest of our lives, we’re equal.

It started fairly simply one Saturday morning. I started using orgasms as bargaining chips. I’d always wanted her to go out with no knickers on – it’s a thing I have and I think most guys like it – but never summoned up the courage to ask her. She’s always been quite prim and proper, and I really like the idea of her feeling a bit exposed, or, well, not exactly insecure, but doing something a little bit beyond herself. We’d been edging each other for the best part of an hour. My balls were starting to ache, but I quite like that.

When I said I’d been edging her, I’d been edging her from edging. It was something I’d started fairly recently that time, which was to not get her to the edge, just keep her turned on and not far from edging. I had a finger either side of her clit and was slowly moving her hood up and down over her clit, very lightly. I fastened the pace a little and felt her breathing change slightly, her legs fall out and her hips push up slightly. Her hand stopped moving on my cock, which meant that she’d forgotten to try and edge me because of what she was feeling.

“How does it feel?”
“Please, a bit more.” I speed up a little and listen to her breathing. She is getting close now. I slow down a little but keep a good pace. Suddenly she takes a sharp breath and her chest rises. I lift my fingers away. She slowly exhales and I move my hand back and very slowly slide it up and down on one side of her clit hood. I can feel her hand around my wrist just in case I don’t read breathing and body movements correctly.

Don’t cum, not just yet

“Want to cum?” As I say ‘cum’, I put in two fast strokes with a little more pressure, and then stop for a few seconds. She doesn’t move. As she breathes out, I start moving slowly again. Her breathing is ragged. I know she is right on the brink, feeling those things you feel one second away from going too far.

“Want to cum?” I say again. I repeat the same trick.
“Yes,” she says softly. The ‘s’ trails off into an exhalation.
“How much?”
“Now, or later?”
“Don’t cum yet. I want to chose when you cum.”
“Oh God!”

I’ve not said this to her before. The idea of her not know whether or when she’s going to cum suddenly has me very very aroused. I’m rock hard. I realize that it does the same for her because she suddenly grips my wrist and she’s panting. I keep my finger absolutely stationary. She raises her hips slowly.

“Oh God,” she murmurs again, “Oh my God.”
“Don’t cum,” I say. Very very slowly she relaxes. I start moving my finger again. She gets close again. Her other hand is barely touching my cock now – she’s forgotten about it. However, I’m thoroughly enjoying myself.

“Please…” she begs. I decide to take the bull by the horns, as it were
“Don’t cum now. I will choose when you can cum, ” I repeat to her. This time, it has changed into an instruction. Her face turns to look at me. Her eyes are bright and incredibly excited. A plan formulates in my mind.

“If you want to cum, you must earn it,” I say very softly. Her chest is moving deeply. I can feel her breast against my arm. I am still moving my finger on her clit.
“Earn it?” she murmurs as though she’s taking a while to understand. She probably is. She’s very close to cumming.
“Yes,” I increase the pace very slightly. I can feel her body desperate to cum.
“I’m driving you to work in a bit.”
“I want you to leave your knickers off until you get there.”

She stops. I realize that the arousal is going because her analytical brain has kicked in. I stop sliding my finger around.
“Because it will turn me on a lot.”
“Really?” She curious. I slide my finger slowly down to her vulva to pick up her wetness and side back up.
“God yes!” She still has her hand lightly on my cock. She grips and moves slowly.
“I don’t know, it just will. I love the idea… I don’t know… of you being aware of your sex all the time.”
“And if you aren’t wearing any you’ll be thinking about it all the time.”
“Mmmmm…” I can almost hear her thinking about this. I don’t want to make her do it if she doesn’t want to, but if she knows it’ll turn me on, maybe it’ll turn her on. Her hand moves a little faster.
“What, you’ll be thinking about me all the time?”
“Yes.” It’s my turn to breathe fast.
“Will you want to touch yourself?” This catches me off guard.
“Will you want to… masturbate?” She’s shy of that work. I can tell she’s close again.
“Yes.” I say.
“I’ll do it, if you promise not to, while I’m at work. I like the idea of you being frustrated.”

Somehow a feedback loop has been formed. Another symbiosis. I am turned on by her not wearing knickers. She is turned on by the fact that I’m turned on. I’m turned on by the fact she won’t get her orgasm until she gets back, but I haven’t told her this yet.

Our hands are still moving on each other. We’re both close.

“What, you’ll go to work, with no knickers on, and spend the afternoon like that, and come home, still with no knickers on?”
“Yes. And in return, I get to cum?”
“And you won’t touch yourself while I there?”
“Ok, it’s a deal.”

We kiss for a while, and then I start to get up.

“What?” she says.
“What?” I say.
“I haven’t cum yet?”
“I know,” I say. “You don’t cum until afterward, of course!”
“Oh God” She almost moved to touch herself, but she’s never done that in front of me before and stops herself.

I’m out of bed and suddenly see the time.

“Judy, you’re going to be late!”

No panties, no musterbation

She jumps out of bed and rummages around in her underwear drawer. At that time, she worked in BHS, the department store. The uniform was a black skirt, white blouse, shoes with no heels. I dress as she dresses. She clips on her bra looks at me for a moment. I can see her thinking… reconsidering. Then she pulls on a blouse and slides her skirt on, zipping it up at the side and turning it through ninety degrees so that the zip is at the back. She slips on a pair of black shoes and drops her mobile into her bag and puts it over her shoulder.

I’ve just slipped on a white tee shirt, a pair of jeans and flipflops. It’s illegal, but I like driving in flipflops.

We don’t often have rough or fast sex, but as we walk to the front door and turn her back to the wall and lift her skirt. Within a second my jeans are open and I slide into her. In and out quickly, one, two three times and she gives out a long moan of surprise. She still soaking. I do my jeans back up and kiss her. She pulls down her skirt.

“Come on!” she says.

The journey into town is ten minutes. Judy sits in the passenger seat with her bare legs together and I am acutely conscious of the fact that she’s naked under the skirt. I imagine that she is too. We don’t speak much.

“You’ve got your phone with you?” she asks me.
“Are you going out this afternoon?”
“I might text you.”

We both feel nervous. I pull up as near as I can get to BHS.

“Careful to keep your legs together,” I say, trying to be useful. I know this is quite a big step for her to take. She rolls her eyes at me, then stares blankly at me for a moment, kisses me ever so lightly on the nose and whispers in my ear.

“I’m so fucking horny.” Another short blank stare at me and she carefully gets out the door without flashing anyone inadvertently. She mouths, “And no playing with yourself unless I say so,” through the door, closes it and walks off into BHS. I watch her until she disappears, a little speechless.

I drive home slowly, thinking. What we’ve done has us both turned on. Halfway home I feel the phone buzz in my jeans pocket, but I’m driving and it’s only a few more minutes. I get home and read the text as I get in the door.

Let the sexting begin!

[They’ve put me shelf stacking in the underwear department. It made me laugh. Let me know when you’re home.] I text back.
[Am home.]

Nothing comes back for about half an hour, then.

[You there] I text back immediately.
[Can’t text while working. Hiding briefly in the bathrooms. What’re you up to?] I’m instantly becoming turned on.
[Am in the bedroom putting stuff away.]
[I still haven’t got knickers on. My skirt is around my hips. Are you hard.] I am by now.
[I am now.]
[I’m so wet had to come here to wipe myself. You really hard?] I am.
[Play with yourself.] Suddenly my heart is thumping in my chest. I start playing with myself, not too fast, not too slow, just a nice pace.
[Am] There is a pause. I am so excited. I wait, masturbating. The reply seems to take forever to come.
[Do it as fast as you can. Don’t cum. If you get close, tell me and go fast enough to stay close.]

I started masturbating a full speed. It is so intensely exciting. She doesn’t get a long break. How long so far? Then I’m edging.

[clse] I can’t text well with my left hand. I keep myself close, wanting to know if I will get to cum. Then I send another text:
[and u?] One comes back immediately.
[Not touching myself. You haven’t told me to. Keep going. No cumming.] I’m halfway through texting her back to start and this arrives:
[Break is over. Stop. Do your trousers up. x]

Reluctantly I stop and do them up. Then a text comes through.

[So wet. Going back to work now. Speak later. x] I text back immediately.
[Love you. Thank you. x]

I am so turned on at this point that I’m trembling. I want to masturbate. I want to not masturbate. I want to slide her hand under her skirt and touch her. She’s walking down an isle of BHS feeling desperately turned on and so am I, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

The afternoon goes by slowly. She finishes at six. I keep checking the phone even though I know that nothing has arrived. It’s four thirty and I’ve started preparing some food for us for when I go and pick her up and the phone bleeps again. I’ve been semi-hard all afternoon.

[You there?]
[Still not cum?]
[No. You?]
[No, not allowed. Hiding in the bathrooms again. Are you hard?] I decide it’s my turn this time.
[Yes. Rub your clit.] She’s never masturbating in front of me, let alone remotely, by text, in a toilet!
[doing it. fst or slow?]
[Fast. Stop if I tell you to.]

I wait for exactly one minute.

[I’ve stopped.]
[Start again.]

I wait for another minute.

[Stop. How’re you doing?]
[Am very wet.]
[Are you close?]
[Not that close, but very wet.]
[Do you want an orgasm?]
[Don’t know if I can here. Can try if you want.]
[Start again.]

I know she’s doing it. I wait for 30 seconds or so.

[want me to cum] I decide not to tell her whether she can or not.
[Not yet. Keep masturbating.] I know she must be feeling how I was with the added tension of being in the staff bathrooms, so I wait for one minute and then text:
[Stop. Pull your skirt down. Don’t wipe.]
[Need to wipe. On my thigh.]
[ok. Wipe it off your thigh.]
[Gotta go. xxx]

I know she’s rushing back to work, horny and wet. She knows I’m standing here wanting to touch her.

I pick her up outside BHS. She gets in.

I really, really need a release

“Hi,” she says.
“Hi,” I say and lean across and kiss her. Hard and deep. My hand is on her hip and I feel her legs moving against each other as we kiss. Finally, we break. She can barely talk and neither can I. She has a look on her face that I’d not seen before, which I now know means “I really, really need to have sex with you.” We barely say a word on the way back either. I lay my hand on her thigh, half on her skirt, half on her bare leg.

As we hear the house, she parts her legs. I glance across at her and she is looking straight ahead. I slide my hand down inside her thigh and let the edge of my palm lie very lightly against her labia. I can feel the wetness against my hand. I can feel the muscles in her leg tense and release.

We’re home and we trot indoors from the street. I’m watching her backside as we go up the steps. I can feel we’ve crossed a boundary that we haven’t before and neither of us is really sure where this is going to go.

Then we’re in the living room and she turns to face me and puts her arms around my shoulders. We kiss again, and then I break.

“That was really arousing.”
“God, I know.” I can feel her body against me, soft and beautiful. I can see half an inch of a white bra strap. We kiss again.
“What did you like about it?” She pauses to think for a moment.
“Not knowing what you were going to tell me to do. I don’t know if I could have cum there, but I would have tried if you had told me to. I am so turned on.”

Her speech comes out as a babble as though she’s been holding her breath, she continues, “I’ve spent all afternoon stocking shelves and I can’t control what I’ve been thinking. I’ve been wanting to touch you, wanting to touch myself, so aware that I’ve got nothing on under here. I’m sure everyone knows, but I know they don’t. I couldn’t stop thinking that I was doing this because you’d asked me to. I’ve been thinking about cumming all afternoon. I love the thought of you here masturbating thinking about me there.”

I realize that she’s used the word masturbate without even realizing it. She’s normally so shy of that world. I slide my hands down over her waist and hips, my thumbs pressing inwards just inside her hip bones. I feel her push her hips towards me, her mons against my thigh.

“You haven’t cum, have you?”
“Not yet… please Mark…” she is so aroused I can’t resist her any longer. I don’t want to make her wait for more. She’s broken so many boundaries today, and well, also I just want to have sex!

Still dressed, I sit her back on the sofa and open her legs and slide into her. She is very wet. I am moving fast and leaning over her. I can hear her breath coming fast, as is mine. I can hear traffic in the distance and the seagulls. It’s strange how you remember these things. She’s moving against me looking into my eyes and I can see that she’s close.

Suddenly she moves off me and pushes me back onto the floor and straddles me and starts again. Her arms are straight and her hands are on my shoulders with her weight on me. On the whole, our lovemaking is gentle and slow, but this is a different game. Looking at me, she says, “Don’t cum yet. Don’t cum… don’t cum.”

“What?” I say.
“I want to cum first. You can cum after.” I amazed at her directness.
“Ok.” I agree.

She moving faster and I can see the blush starting on her neck. She’s really close and so am I, but I’m trying to hold back for her. I see her face get that far away look of concentration as she rocks on me. I can feel her cumming on me. She’s wailing gently. I know she’s cumming and I’m not and this is such a turn on. I’m so hard and I can feel her contractions around the base of my cock. She hasn’t been moving up and down my shaft, just grinding my her clit on me.

She slows eventually and falls forward lying on me.

Don’t cum yet my love

“You didn’t cum, did you?” she says.
“You feel so hard in me… so needy.”
“I am!” She giggles.
“Do you want to?”
“Yes,” I say.

She starts moving up on down on me. She’s grinding her clit, but providing friction for me. Sometimes she just keeps the head of my cock in her and provides fast little movements there and then switches to deep slower movements. I’m soon coming back to the edge.

“I’m getting close,” I whisper.
“I know,” she says.

She keeps moving and I’m very close, and then she stops.

“Don’t cum until I say,” she whispers in my ear. After a few seconds, she starts moving really slowly, up and down my shaft.
“Don’t cum yet… don’t cum yet…” she repeats the mantra in my ear as she moves. I can feel my heart thundering in my ear.
“I’ll tell you when you can cum. Not yet.”

I am at the edge. The feelings are exquisite. I have tried to relax completely and my world is just Judy, moving up and down on me, wet and warm, soft and alive. Her eyes bore into me.

“Not yet,” she repeats, but I can see her concentration going.
“You’re not to cum again,” I say, “You have to earn it again.” I see a slight look of surprise in her eyes and I start to cum in her. Not on purpose; just the thought of her staying horny tips me over.

She doesn’t realize for a second as I’m trying not to thrust, but then, “You’re cumming.” and stops moving.

I try to relax completely and feel sperm run out of me rather than squirt. I don’t even spasm as I cum I’m trying so hard, but she can tell from the look on my face and probably because after a while that I start to go soft.

“You’ve cum!” she says, and she’s right, but it doesn’t feel complete. Then she starts to move and I sort of cum again, or I feel the completion of my orgasm and hold her tight. We lie for a while, her on top of me. I’m still semi-hard inside her and I can feel her moving slowly on me, keeping herself aroused. She sits up on me.

I start to unbutton her blouse. I pull it off her shoulders and I unclip her bra. It clips at the front and has firm cups that shape her breasts. She’s a touch under a C cup and wears a C cup. Her breasts are beautiful and I slide my hands over them and then up and down her torso. She has a naughty look on her face and she is still moving on me. I know what she wants.

I pull her blouse onto one of her arms. She looks at me quizzically. Then I manage her into the other arm, still with her kneeling astride me and me inside her. She can’t figure out what’s going on. I carefully button it up. I leave a couple of buttons open at the top. It’s a white cotton blouse and her nipples are obvious through it, not just where the material is pointed, but also the color of her areola.

I cup her breasts and squeeze her nipples gently through the cotton. She gives a little moan and she moves slightly faster.

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“Do you want to cum again?”
“Mmmm….” she murmurs her movement a little faster. I let her continue for a while. It feels so good and I’m getting hard again. Then in one movement I reach for her and pull her forward onto me and slide out of her. We are nose to nose and she is looking quizzically into my eyes.

“Well, then you’ll have to earn it!” I say