A romantic chastity tale

They were sitting nonchalantly on the bed talking about this and that. It had been a quiet day, just another day, and they had enjoyed it a lot.
There was not a chance he could have guessed what was about to happen, as he thought that day would end just as it had started, without much excitement nor pain. He could not have been more wrong.

After a moment of silence, she heaved a sign, and it is probably when it all started for him. The expression on her face had changed, displaying a gentle smile, and her eyes were full of love and compassion. It was the face of an angel, he thought, as she blinked at him several times with complicity.
“It is now time”, she said with a soft voice; “put on your uniform, darling.”

He was caught by surprise, as that type of request would usually happen in an all different ambiance. But he was knowing better than questioning her decisions, so he got off the bed, and walked to his wardrobe. He opened a drawer, and selected her favorite underwear and top, with little hesitation. He then got naked and dressed up promptly. The white jog-strap was tight and slightly transparent, and was hiding little of his anatomy; One he should certainly not feel shy about, or be ashamed of! The sleeveless red cotton T-shirt was a snug fit, displaying his muscly shoulders. She was loving that sight, thinking it was very sexy, and he was aware of it. He then took a nice leather box out of the drawer and opened it. That is where they were keeping his collar, a beautiful one, made of red leather, wide and shiny.

He turned back, took a few steps, and kneeled in front of her, handing the collar. He was shocked that her expression had not changed at all. She gave him another sweet smile, and he thought she was the most beautiful person he had ever laid his eyes on. She took the collar and put it gently around his neck. She bent and kissed him on the forehead, then she got up, and started to walk, leading him by holding his collar with one finger in the metal ring. She made a quick stop by the drawer that was left open and grabbed a small velvety black bag from it. The man stared at the bag for a second, and he felt like his heart had stopped. It is how he was always feeling when he was seeing that bag. He had been free for some time now…

The living room of their apartment was of a decent size. The walls were made of bricks, and the place was well decorated with expensive Asian furniture of the best taste. There was just one large window, with a view of a small and quiet park. It was night already. By the window was a huge red couch; It was so comfortable that getting people out of it once they had gotten laid, had always been difficult. By the opposite wall was just a small buffet, and next to it, a big and ancient armchair laying in the corner of the room. That’s where she ordered him to sit down, still using that sweet tone.

There were ropes, already attached to the arms and legs of the chair with expert knots. As soon as he obeyed, she squatted and started to tie him up to the chair. She started with his ankles, then his arms, and ended up by making a gorgeous nat of rope over his chest. She was quick; she had expert hands; there was no doubt she had done that many times in the past.
Once she was done with the final knot, she crouched down in front of him again. She put her hands on his knees and started to slide them slowly along his legs. She was looking in his eyes with that same sweet smile, that angel face. He was a bit confused now. Her hand reached his hips, and he had a thrill when she sledded her fingers inside his underwear. She slowly pulled them all the way down to his tied up ankles, revealing his nice well hung cock between his opened legs. He wasn’t hard yet, and it seemed to make her happy.
“Still flask? You are such a good boy!” Her voice sounded very proud as if she had trained him countless times to achieve that.

Without taking her eyes off her man’s cock, she grabbed the velvety black bag and took a shiny metal device out of it. It was made of a large ring locked to a tube-shaped like a penis, and there was little doubt what it was made for. The device had been custom made to accommodate his large size. She used a small key hanging on a gold bracelet around her wrist to unlock the device and put the pieces apart. The man held his breath for a few seconds.
“Relax darling,” she said quietly. “Just relax… I won’t need your cock for some time, you know…”
She opened the ring, pulled up his balls using her long red nails, adjusted the ring around the shaft behind them, and then closed it. He shut his eyes. He was already very excited, and a burning sensation was spreading around his tummy and his hips. He slowed his breathing down and tried to focus on the warm feeling, keeping it away from his genitals, so he wouldn’t get hard. He had practiced that technique several times, but it seemed harder this time. He then suddenly felt his cock sliding down the tube, and the arousal increased tenfold. He lost the little control he had left. His heart ran wild, and he felt his blood flowing in his penis. It was now growing quickly and strongly, and he could feel the pressure of the device all around it with each contraction; was it too late already?
She used just two fingers to lock the device, and as soon as it clicked, he started to relax. His shoulders moved down as he leaned back, and his breath got slower. She looked at his dick as it was having a few more spasms, but it had given up already. He kept his eyes closed a few more seconds, trying to calm down his body and his mind. When he opened them, she was gone.

After several minutes of silence, she turned the shower on. He heard her stepping in, and she remained there for a while. He had stopped wondering what she was up to, as she had always been unpredictable. He was just waiting. Sometimes he was trying to guess what she was up to: putting cream over her body? Trying on some of her clothes? At other times, he was just thinking about something else entirely. But every second, he could feel a strong sexual tension, tearing his body apart.

He had been left alone for an hour or so when he heard the sound of her high heeled shoes in the corridor. She left him speechless when she appeared in the living room. She had made up her hair, so a strand of it would hide one of her green eyes; it was giving her that slightly naive look he had always loved so much. She was wearing a tight Hugo Boss skirt; it was going down just below her knees, but it was fitting her beautiful round butt better than any other piece of clothing. She had also put on a white shirt he had not seen before, the low neckline was giving a great overview of her sensual breast, and her hard nipples were slightly visible underneath the thin cloth. She looked stunning.
She knew how to walk on high-healed shoes, and when she took a few steps, moving her hips sensually, he felt the device tightening up again. She turned around a couple of times, so he could admire what he thought was his a couple hours ago, and she blew him a kiss, as she seemed amused by how frustrated he was. She sat down at a small dressing-table to his left, pulled up the mirror, and started to do her make up. Naked, tied up to his armchair, he couldn’t stop thinking. He certainly could not have foreseen that she would just go out dressed so nicely, and leave him alone there.
She soon was done with her make up, as she always liked to keep it light. She lighted a cigarette and leaned back comfortably in her chair. She looked at her watch several times. He was waiting anxiously for the time she would decide to leave, trying to grab every signal of her next move, when the doorbell suddenly rang.

He was shocked. He had it all wrong. He was reminded quickly of the previous day when they went shopping for new sexy knickers, and he tried for a second to guess which one she was wearing under her skirt. He got all aroused again. He also remembered how he cleaned all apartment under her command… She wanted it neater than ever, she had said. What was about to happen?
The expression on his face was not hard to read, as she was looking at him. She gave him that wonderful smile again, and he calmed down. She got up and came to him, bent from her hips, then gently put a finger on his lips. “relax my love, it’s all fine.”  she said looking in his eyes, and he finally smiled back at her. She grabbed a ribbon, and blindfolded him carefully, then whispered in his ear: “I love you”
He could only hear her as she walked toward the door.

“Hello Handsome,” she said with a sensual tone after she had opened the door.
“Good evening sweetie”, he said with a low and charming voice.
He thought he knew that voice, but he was unable to remember where he had heard it before. He tried harder; nothing. Did he really know him, or was he just making it up? As they were chip chatting, He tried to put a face on the voice. He imagined that he had dark air, maybe grey around the temples, with black eyes. He was certainly taller than him, and probably very handsome. He also thought he was certainly well dressed, according to the sound his shoes were making when he walked to the couch earlier. He kept for a while trying to figure out things he couldn’t figure out until he suddenly realized it was all silent.

He stopped breathing and tried to listen to every sound, but his heart was now beating so loudly in his chest. He thought he heard something… Were they kissing? He wasn’t sure and kept wondering for a few minutes. Then he heard the sound of a belt being unbuckled, and he immediately felt his cock trying to get harder and harder in the snug device. Again he tried to listen, and he thought for a moment that he could hear the noise of her sucking his dick. The warm feeling of arousal spread from his hips to his entire body as images of her giving that stranger a blow job were flowing all around his head. He was having a hard time breathing. The metal device was firmly pulled by his rock hard cock, and his balls were now hurting.
A few moments later, the clear sound of her skirt being unzipped, tore open the veil of silence, and that sound definitely threw him over the edge.

He was exhausted when he heard the door being gingerly closed. His heart was still beating like he had been running all day. He had gone through so much. He had moaned silently with her for what felt like hours while she was being fucked in every possible way. He could hear when the man was penetrating her slowly, inches after inches, and he could hear when he was thrusting her mercilessly, making her scream with pleasure. His mind had orgasms every time she had one, and he had been filled with intense frustration, every time he had heard him cum inside her. He couldn’t remember how many time it happened, but he surely noticed that the man barely slew down afterward, giving him no time to rest.
He tried to calm down; he was still so excited, and so frustrated. He heard her approaching, no more high-healed shoes, just the sound of her bear feet on the wooden floor. She removed the blindfold. She was completely naked now and she looked happy, beautiful, yet tired. She pressed her hand on his arm, as she could barely stand on her feet. She smiled at him, that same smiled he saw before it had all started.
“It is time for you to take care of me, now,” she said.