A night out

“And another one, you are such a beautiful couple!” the photographer said as their faces smiled one last time at the camera. “I really like that pendant on your necklace, hon, is that a key?” he added. Like everyone else present, they had dressed up for her company’s Christmas Do and her low cut evening dress revealed the usually hidden treasure around her neck. Her left hand instinctively grabbed the pendant and her thumb caressed the jeweled head of the key.
“It is indeed, a special gift from my darling” she looked at her boy with a knowing smile and as their eyes met and his cock vainly twitched in his locked cage, he had to suppress a little moan. Instead, he squeezed her hand and let her drag him to the dance floor where the DJ had just put on a slow piece. She put her arm around his neck, her fingers casually brushed his metal collar sitting on his collarbone, discreetly hidden from view, and she asked: “How long has it been now?” her body was pressing into his as they slowly moved to the music. “49 days, Madame, since you locked me”.

As the evening wore on, more of her colleagues enquired about her unusual pendant and she would tell them that it was the key to “Pandora’s Box”, giggling about it with the girls and smiling seductively at the guys. How many knew or guessed, he didn’t know, but the sheer idea was enough to send him on an emotional roller coaster of embarrassment, pride, and arousal. Watching his lady dance with a number of men, laughing and enjoying herself, didn’t help either – or did it?
They arrived home well past midnight, intoxicated not from drink but from the innuendo that had carried them both through the evening: the exchanged glances when in conversation with others, the close dancing, her ‘accidentally’ dropped purse to make him crouch on the floor picking up the coins while admiring her half-exposed garter, culminating in her making him kiss her high heels in a deserted stairway. He had lost count of the number of times he would have had a massive erection if not for the chastity belt.
No, the night was not over yet.

After having helped her out of her coat and taken his off as well, he went to fetch drinks for both. His return found her lounging on a chaise, one heel dangling from her pretty foot. He placed the glasses on the side table, crossed his arms on his back, and stood waiting for her to acknowledge him.
Heaven knew she liked to take her time. She looked him all over, her handsome guy, his strong masculine jaw, his broad shoulders, and toned body – he looked stunning in his suit. She always loved when he dressed smartly. No one outside their circle of friends would ever know nor guess this man was submissive, and yet he was, hers to command.
She nodded, and he started taking his clothes off in learned order: the jacket first, then shoes and socks, he unbuckled his belt and pulled the shirt out, placing the cuff links on the table and slowly unbuttoned the shirt. As he slid it over his shoulders, the stainless steel collar became fully visible and she smiled. Their eyes met as he unzipped his trousers and slowly dropped them, moving out of them in a swift movement. Again he stood, his legs slightly spread, his arms on his back and she drank in the sight of him. His toned upper body, the warm color of his skin contrasting with the metal of his collar, she could see little goosebumps forming despite the warm temperature in the room. Her eyes wandered lower, watching his flat stomach rise with every breath, then lower still and her smile broadened at the sight of her baby rose lace panties worn by her property. They barely hid the metal cage enclosing his cock, which was now fighting its prison for freedom. She placed one foot on top of the soft material and teasingly rubbed it over the panty and cage, causing him to draw in a sharp breath. “Did you enjoy your night out in slutty underwear?” she asked, while her toes found their way under the lace. A shiver went through him and he quietly replied “Yes, Madame, I have enjoyed being in public as Your property even though no one else knew”-“I think” he added and could not read the meaning of her smile. By then, her toes had managed to pull the lace panties down to his ankles, so his caged cock and trapped balls were fully visible.

“You may kneel. You know what to do!” he didn’t need more prompting. Immediately, he sank down, his legs spread wide, his back erect “Thank you, Madame. Please, may I clean your shoes for you?” she placed one high heeled foot in his palm and he started licking the sole with long strokes of his soft wet tongue, before softly kissing his way to the upper side of the shoe and along the sides to the heel. As his tongue ventured down the 5.5″ heel, she spread her legs a bit wider, allowing him to look up her dress. She placed her other foot comfortably on his chastity device and he moaned.
Slowly she withdrew the shoe he was kissing, so that he had to bend further forward, pushing his cage harder against her other foot until it hurt . “That’s right, put in some more effort” she teased and placed the tip of her heel on his lips. He willingly opened his mouth and slid the stiletto in as deep as he could. “Ever so willing to give a deep throat, aren’t you?” she asked as she removed her foot from his groin (relief!) only to then place it on his neck and push his head deeper onto the heel. “Since when do I have to repeat my questions?” she asked and moved her heel slowly back and forth in his mouth. He nodded in consent, mumbling an unintelligible answer. “I cannot understand you, you are not trying hard enough” she commented with mocked innocence in her voice, while her heel worked its way deeper into his mouth. It was hopeless, he couldn’t win in this situation, and the fact alone turned him on as always.
“Enough now” she commanded with a soft voice and he let go of her heel, straightening his shoulders, arms on his back and waited respectfully.
She stood up and walked over to the chest of drawers, her heels clicking on the wooden floor. Then she sat back down on the chaise, facing him, and bent down to him. Her fingernails softly stroked his jawbone, caressing his neck, fingertips barely touching his skin, sending shivers down his spine. “Tell me” she whispered, looking him in the eyes, and he replied equally quietly “I am proud to be yours, Madame. Thank you for making me your property.” His heart was beating fast now, and so was hers. “I want to kiss you,” she said and he leaned in closer. “No! It’s not that easy!” Her hand firmly grabbed his jaw “open up!” he did as he was told. She produced the three-layer pinwheel and placed it onto his tongue, before closing his mouth again. About 1.5″ of the handle still protruded from his lips and she started lustfully licking it. He moaned, torn between the desire to kiss her and dread of taking the Wartenberg wheel deeper. His imprisoned cock throbbed madly with frustration and lust, leaking precum. Her left hand grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, causing the wheel to move inside his mouth, her right hand’s fingernails clawing at his skin, pinching his nipples. When she released her grip on his hair and started licking the wheel’s handle again, he swallowed hard to move it deeper into his mouth, the pins scratching his gums and tongue. The reward however was instant, the tip of her tongue tracing the contours of his lips, moistening them before the softest lips in the world embraced his mouth in a voluptuous kiss. Yes, the pain was worth it and he would choose it any time. Their eyes closed as they let the moment carry them away, shutting out his pain and discomfort. When she finally stopped, they were both breathing hard and the scents of their arousal filled the room.
She brushed his precum off the metal cage. “Pucker up,” she said, a mischievous smile in her eyes. He did as he was told and pursed his lips for her to smear his juices on. “Oh look at you, gorgeous. What a pretty lip gloss my little cum slut is wearing tonight. Do you like the taste?” He closed his eyes for a moment before replying “Yes, Madame”. She cocked her head and looked at him like butter wouldn’t melt before asking “‘Yes Madame’ what?”. He swallowed and repeated “Yes Madame, your desperate cum slut loves the taste of spunk” – he blushed and again his cock rebelled against its confinement.
“Good” she grinned “there is a lot more on the floor, clean the mess up!” her finger pointed at the puddle of precum that had formed beneath his crotch. “As you wish, Madame” he bent over, his back arched as she had taught him, so his butt cheeks would spread nicely, and started licking his juice from the wooden floor.
When he looked up next, he saw her leaning against the wall, wearing her strap-on dildo and beckoning him …

“You are not done yet”

sexy posture with a corset

she said, casually leaning on the sideboard. His eyes flickered from her to the spot on the floor he just had been meticulously cleaning with his tongue. There was no trace of his precum anymore!
His face puzzled he enquired “Madame, I don’t understand?”
She sighed and straightened, striding over to him. He kept his position on all fours, his eyes drinking in the sight of her, high heels and nylon garters, glance wandering higher to where her thighs met. Instead of silk panties or her wonderfully smooth skin, however, all he could see was a grotesquely big black dildo protruding from her strap-on leather harness. It bounced a bit as she moved and his stomach clenched in anticipation.
“Let me explain,” she said in a mock exasperated voice. “It would appear that my ever so greedy cum licking whore got so turned on by the task of cleaning up his mess that he actually produced a new puddle” – she pointed at the wet spot. A thin thread of crystal clear precum dangled guiltily from his chastity cage as he moved to look at the place between his legs that she had indicated.
He hung his head and murmured “Yes, Madame. I am sorry.”
She crouched down next to him, caressing his face and lifting up his chin with her fingers until he looked at her.
“You are hopeless, aren’t you? So desperate to get rid of your juices,” she whispered in his ear, her soft lips touching his ear lobe and sending shivers down his back.
He leaned his forehead on her shoulders when her fingernails dug into his nipples, grinding his teeth “I know, Madame. Thank you for putting up with me.”

“Be a good boy, sit up!”
his hands left the floor and he straightened his back. She copied his position, kneeling opposite him, their spread knees touching slightly, a mocking smile on her face. Her right hand pulled the cleavage of her dress even lower, exposing more of her breasts. He moaned and again his cock cage twitched.
She smirked “Is my little slut horny?” her hands wandered lower, under the harness of her strap-on, out of sight. More twitching of his cage, his imprisoned cock was fighting its boundaries and oozing more precum.
“I am, Madame. Please, it has been so long.”
She laughed, the sound ringing in his ears. “I can see that it is about time.” she withdrew her hand and moisture glistened on her fingers in the candlelight. She wiped her middle finger under his nose and he instinctively opened his mouth, but she had already removed her hand and was sucking on her index finger, eyes half-closed. That sight plus her smell right in his nose were enough to set him on fire on a normal day but now, after seven weeks in chastity and the constant tease and denial, he was reduced to a whimpering, precum dripping object of her desires. His hips moved, futilely grinding air in desperation.
And then she actually seemed to give in. “How about a little jerk?”
“That would be very generous of you, Madame.” He smiled hopefully, his heart beating faster.
She nodded “you may” .. “well, get started!” she added as he hesitated.
“But … Madame?” he looked at his metal cage.
Again, she cocked her head to look at him.
“But Madame what? The next time you fail to communicate in full sentences I shall add a week to your chastity time.”
He gulped. “I understand, Madame. I was under the impression you were going to release me from my cage.”
She raised one eyebrow, upon which he added “But I must have misunderstood. Would you like me to jerk in my device, Madame?” he felt stupid.
“Aww, of course not! That would not work, would it?” her voice was a mixture of innocence and mockery, but her fingers caressed his face with genuine tenderness and he huddled his cheek against her hand, feeling relieved.
“I want you to jerk … MY cock!” she whispered, triumph blazing in her eyes.

He bit his lip in frustration, a moment’s hesitation that he paid for with a slap in the face. Their eyes met and he drew a deep breath – he knew that predator looks on her face.
“Again please, Madame!” the sound of her hand slapping his cheek again rang in his ears. His hand darted forward and grabbed her big black rubber cock by the shaft, moving his wrist back and forth. By then she had entwined her fingers in his hair, pulled his head to the side and sunk her teeth deep into his neck. As her jaws closed around his flesh and she thrust her hips rhythmically into his hand, she started to moan softly.
“That’s good, give this big cock a good wanking” she encouraged him and so he did, pretending it was his own, though that one would never be nine inches long, let alone nearly two inches in diameter. She was still thrusting in and out of his grip, the tip repeatedly poking into his flat stomach when she placed her right hand on his left and slid it towards his own cock, which was now close to bursting in its cage. “Jerk us both, slut” he immediately started to pull away at the metal device, desperate to feel something, anything.
“Your slut, Madame” he moaned and her hand closed over his imprisoned cock, skin bulging out between the confining metal bars. She pressed the palm of her other hand firmly over his throat, choking him, her lips closing over his in a passionate kiss.

After a while, she asked him to put his hands on his back and took over where he had stopped. Her right hand closed around the thick shaft of her strap-on, her fingers not even barely touching, while the left hand easily encompassed his hard metal and soft pulsating skin. She slowly started to jerk, sliding along the shaft of her black rubber cock, while the stroke of his tiny chastity device came to an early ending.
She tried again, starting at the very base of both cocks, moving her hands at equal speed. Her right hand had not even made half the length of the toy, when her left hand hit the air and went limp.
“Oh no, jerking three inches is so pointless.” She removed her hand from his cage and went on jerking her dildo with both hands, delight on her face.
“Mmhh.. so much better, so much bigger”. Frustration rose inside him, he so much wanted her to touch him instead. “Remember when I used to do this to your cock, before I locked it away?” She was such a tease.
His lower lip trembled. “Yes Madame, I remember….. I remember it every day.”

“I would fancy a blow job” she stated, wiping his precum leakage from the cage and off the floor and smearing it on the tip of her strap-on, getting up and sitting down on the edge of the armchair, her legs spread wide enough for him to not only fit comfortably in the gap but also to see wet shiny skin underneath the leather harness.
He crawled over on all fours, looking up at her
“Madame, do you want me to give you a blowjob now?” he knew immediately that this wasn’t good enough. “Please, Madame, do you want me to lick your strap-on?” would he have to admit quite how desperate he was for her to abuse him with this grotesquely huge toy? He craned his neck to reach it.
“You’re not very convincing” she commented, she knew him only too well by now. “Just say it, let me hear what you crave”.
He took a deep breath, looking up to her, the rubber cock’s tip shining with his own juices nearly touching his lips.
“Please, let me suck your huge dick. Please, fuck me with it, my throat, my ass, my holes are yours to use”. There, he had said it.
“Are you saying you are desperate to suck dick and taste cum? Just like a dirty whore?” she inquired.
“Yes Madame, please treat me like the filthy slut I am”.
“How could I ever deny you, my pretty boy. Go on then, suck me good!”
His tongue set to work, circling the dildo’s tip, licking his own precum off, before placing his lips all around it and slowly sliding the big cock inside his mouth.
When she first had mentioned how she would like to watch him suck off a cock, it had been a hard limit for him and she had respected it. However, the more she teased him, made him desperate enough to jerk and cum from videos, pictures, and stories of guy-on-guy action, and the more he saw the enjoyment she got from it, the more this limit vanished. He had caught himself lost in thought of sucking dick for her, being deep-throated and having to drink cum more than once. She was not pushing it, but she knew he would soon be ready and desperate enough to beg for it.
As his mouth worked the rubber cock deeper and deeper, she grabbed his hair with one hand and placed the other in the back of his neck, pulling him closer and making him gag hard in the process. The strap-on now pumped his throat rhythmically, making his eyes water and his saliva dribble from his chin.

By the time she finally slowed down again, he was desperately grinding air, wriggling his ass and swinging his cock cage around, oblivious to what was going on around him.
“You are such a horny fluffer slut, aren’t you just?” – the sound of her words got him back to the there and then and he nodded eagerly, his throat clenching around the cock.
She slowly withdrew the dildo, now all over covered in his drool, glistening, from his mouth, and leaned back, her legs still spread. The strap-on was slightly dangling to one side and it was very obvious for eyes and nose how much she had enjoyed this situation. How much would he love to plunge into the moist of her groin, cover his face in her wetness, and drink her juice! His locked-away cock twitched again.

“Get me your sissy panties” Obediently he passed her the baby rose lace panties he had worn earlier and she used them to wipe all her juices away, before passing the panty back to him:
“Clean your mess off the cage and the floor!”
“Thank you, Madame” he first wiped his precum threads on with the gusset, moaning as he imagined her juices to touch his skin and mix with his, then he cleaned the small puddle on the floor with so far dry fabric and placed the panty back in her waiting palm.
She turned the panty inside out and strapped it over one of the scatter cushions that she then placed on the armrest. While he remained in a kneeling position, waiting clueless as to what was about to happen next, she got up and retrieved something from the chest of drawers. When she came back, she fastened the padded leather cuffs around his wrists, made him get up and bend over with his chin resting on the panty cushion.
She then took his wrists and locked the cuffs together behind his legs.
“You know what comes next, don’t you?” she asked quietly.
He had been looking forward to this all night. “Yes, Madame, you’re going to fuck your whore.” …