A day in a life of a hotwife’s slave

Giving you the morning you deserve

Its morning I wake, I am sleeping on the floor at the foot of your bed, locked in chastity behind your locked bedroom door. You are sleeping in the master bed, which I know is reserved for you and your lovers only.
Quietly I leave the foot of your bed, dress, unlock the master bedroom door and wake the kids for school.
I head to the kitchen and feed the cats and dogs. Prepared breakfast for the kids and get them ready to head to the bus stop.
Once the kids leave for the bus stop, I quietly enter your room with a fresh brewed cup of coffee and place it on your nightstand. You awake to the smell of fresh coffee.

Mistress is waiting for you near ?

“Good morning cuck slut” I smile knowing I am the luckiest guy around to serve you.
“Mistress the kids are all off to school, the animals feed and walked”. You smile as you grab your coffee and sit at your laptop to answer all your emails from your subs and lovers.
I make your bed and tidy up your room before I shower for work. When showering I am only allowed the use of cold water, the hot water is a pleasure you and your children enjoy. But it is a small reminder every morning of how you own me.
How wish I could just stay home and worship you all day, but work calls and nothing makes me happier than handing you my paycheck each week.
Appearing showered and dress for work looking beautiful, I drop to my knees and kiss your shoes before you leave for work, then I clean and neaten your bathroom before leaving for work myself.

Just waiting to serve you again

The day is a typical workday filled with meetings and calls. To the outside world, I look like the A personality businessman, but they don’t know I am own by you completely and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
I love the feeling I get when, under my pants, I touch my chastity belt, I’m so proud that I have your cock trapped, caged and denied. Just thinking about it I feel it grow in its prison.
It’s such a complex feeling knowing I don’t know when or if I will ever have an orgasm, but you can have one anytime you like with whomever you want.
All these thoughts help my day fly by and I am so happy about my position as your slave I send you an afternoon text “Mistress I am the happiest servant in the world, thank you for making me your property”
As the day winds done I just want to rush home to greet you on my knees before you, but the reality is I got to pick up the children, pick up your dry cleaning and prepare dinner for you and the kids. Sometimes life just gets in the way of my deep desires.
As I unpack the car and help the children get started on their homework I get a quick text from you that you and your girlfriends are stopping off for a quick after work cocktail.
I make dinner for the kids, clean up the kitchen as the kids settle into a TV show. You arrive home just as I’m putting the last plate away, I give you a big kiss and hug to welcome you home. I love the smell of your perfume when I have you in my strong arms.
You whisper to me, teasing me about all the good-looking men at the bar and had the children not been around who knows how tonight would of ended. Laughing, as you head into the living room to spend some quality time with the kids.
your cock swelling in its cage as I stare at your swaying ass as you walk away, wishing, dreaming, my tongue was worshipping it. As I join the family conversation.

Time for worshiping

The Kids finally head to bed. You head to your bedroom, fire up your laptop to chat and catch up with your worshippers, and friends.
I pick up the living room and head up to your room, locking the door behind me as I enter.
Seeing you lying on the bed, typing on your laptop, your ass looking perfect in your skirt. “slave I know what you’re thinking, and yes you may worship my ass while I chat”
I am so happy with such a reward, I unzip your skirt and carefully pull it down your body. I then kiss your feet, licking and kissing my way up your ass, kissing and worshipping as I reach my temple.
I am so pleased to hear you moan, it is music to my ears, to know you getting such pleasure from my lips and tongue.
As the night winds down you close your laptop and push me aside. “slave get to your bed on the floor”, then you reach into your hamper and pull out a pair of your panties. “slave these are the panties I wore home from my date yesterday. They are full of mine and my lovers’ juices.” Laughing as you stuff them into my mouth.

Hotwifes are waiting for you near ?

As you Lay down and turn off the lights. I am in heaven to serve such a wonderful woman.

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