A Christmas chastity story


I hadn’t seen Elaine for about 20 years, we had lived together for 5 years and I can’t say during that time I treated her particularly well, I rarely had any money and when I did I mostly drank it so yes I took advantage of a wonderful girl who was good to me, I didn’t knock her about but looking back I often bullied her, I knew she would do anything for me and I used her, she had a responsible job in the civil service and the last straw came when that job took her to another region with a promotion, she wanted to sell the flat, after all, it was hers, I contributed nothing toward the mortgage and stayed there for months after she moved to pay no rent until she finally went to court and had me evicted.

Now I meet her again all these years later after no contact, I still live near the town she had the flat we shared and spot this attractive well-dressed woman looking in a department store shoe display window, I think I recognize her but it can’t be, she’s smartly dressed in a winter coat, pleated skirt, and expensive-looking navy blue court shoes, her hair is cut in a neat short bob and her bag and gloves match her shoes.


She turns her head and looks at me over the top of her glasses, I know the look in those dark blue/green eyes but it looks harder, not as soft as I remember but it’s her, she’s older obviously and perfectly made up, she rarely wore makeup when we were together but she did always dress quite well for her job.

“Oh…it’s you,” She looks me up and down, “You cost me a lot of money Andrew, are you dossing on the streets again?”

“No…yes I did cost you a lot of money, I’m sorry….things have changed”.

“Have they Andrew? You still look scruffy and let me guess, if you have somewhere to live now it’s a grotty little flat somewhere, you’re probably behind with the rent and you only work sporadically if at all?”

I nodded.

“I see, not much point talking to you then Andrew, unless you can buy these shoes for me, you never did buy me a good Xmas present if at all”.

She indicates a pair of very high heeled black patent strappy sandals in the shop window, I shake my head, I can’t afford them and I comment that they’re not her usual style, Elaine fixes me with a hard glare that softens and she sighs.

“You never did know how to treat me, Andrew…I had to keep you for so long, perhaps if you’d cared more for me you’d know they are my style, I just never felt the need to wear something like that for you and as you say, things have changed…I suppose you have enough to buy me a coffee?”

Over coffee she tells me she now works as an executive rep for a pharmaceutical company and has moved back to the area, she had rather hoped that I wouldn’t still be around but seeing as I am she wants to see where I live, I don’t think it’s a good idea but she won’t let it go and phones a cab telling them to arrive in 20 minutes, on the way down from the department store coffee shop she takes her gloves off for the first time, her nails are long and painted deep scarlet, I remark they were never like that, she used to bite them.

“Well that was then Andrew, you caused me a lot of stress”. She opened her purse, “Here’s £105, the shoes are £104.99, on the way out you can buy them for me….and you can keep the change”.

It was as she’d done before, giving me the money to buy her a Xmas or birthday present but I’d still never bought her anything decent, as Elaine waited outside I had them gift wrapped, an extra £6, and I signed the card, handing her the package outside the store she was surprised and pleased.
“I thought you might run out of the other door with my money Andrew, I’m glad you didn’t, thank you”.

She was not so impressed with where I lived however and would not go further than the hallway.
“It’s a hovel Andrew, I don’t want to see it, I know you, I know exactly what it will be like”.
She handed me back the gift-wrapped package containing her shoes and wrote something on the card.
“I’m assuming you’ll be spending Xmas alone, we had some good ones Andrew, my address is on the card so bring me my gift on Xmas eve, I’ll put it under the tree and open it on Xmas morning, you still have the receipt, you can take them back for a refund and spend the money or you can come to me, it’s your decision”.

With that, she was back to the waiting taxi without even a backward glance.
Elaine had never called me “Andrew”, it was always “Andy” and she had never been that distant or cold but this time there was an air about her I’d never seen before and something told me it would be a mistake to let her down, I was determined not to.


Six days after meeting Elaine again after all those years it was the day before Xmas eve, there was a note in my mailbox that read simply, “3pm,try to look presentable, don’t be late please”. I was more than a little excited, I could be on a promise I told myself and remembered the times we had and how sexually adventurous she could be, well we both could and generally I led things, she was then relatively inexperienced, a former girl guide leader and a regular churchgoer she was, if I’m honest, a little frumpy but quite attractive and now she’d matured beautifully and I wondered what I’d been missing, to think I could have married her! She would have done anything for me but I never really loved her, I just thought she’d be nice to grow old with and in reality I led her along, I’m surprised she will even talk to me now but then again she always was the forgiving type, we’d even stayed living together long after we split up as a couple, so, on the day I made an effort, casual dress and boots as always but I’d shaved and cut my hair, I didn’t look like I’d just stepped off a building site at least and I made sure I arrived on time.

I knew the road Elaine had moved to but I was surprised when I saw the house, a large Victorian property with a long driveway and beautiful garden, not what I’d expected, she had obviously done well for herself and there was an expensive car in the drive, unlike her, I thought as I’d only ever known her to drive a little hatchback, I rang the doorbell and there was a voice on the intercom, “Yes?”, “It’s Andy….Andrew”, the door buzzed and I pushed it open, Elaine was standing there in the entrance hall wearing a pretty red, white and cream on black low cut floral dress that accentuated her now fuller figure, nude stockings, I can always tell, and high heeled black patent pumps, “Oh….so you came then”, she looked me up and down, “Well I suppose you’d better come in…wipe your feet please”.

I followed her into the kitchen, large and well designed it had a central kitchen counter where we sat, “Coffee?” I said yes please and placed the present she’d paid for on the counter, Elaine looked at it with what I can only describe as disdain and served me a slice of cake, “Before you ask it has 5 bedrooms over 4 floors and yes it’s paid for, part my inheritance and part the house I sold in London, plus I’ve done well, I can retire if I want to….and you?”

I told her I obviously hadn’t done quite so well but I’d got over the issues I had when we were together, yes I was still often broke but I managed,
Elaine looked like she wasn’t really listening and studied her nails as I spoke, still looking at her hands she said, “I suppose you owe money…credit cards and things?” I admitted I did and told her how much when she asked, “Well you always were an irresponsible and selfish shit, Andrew, you were a bastard to me”.

I hung my head, “I know Elaine but I haven’t seen you to say sorry so I’m sorry…do you want me to go?”

She looked at me and smiled, it was a sad smile, “No…no I don’t think so Andrew, you see I always had some kind of misguided faith in you and I suppose I still have, there was something decent in you somewhere so I suppose I can still see something good but you didn’t bring much to the party today did you?” She indicated the box on the counter and I started to explain I was short of money, it was a bad time of year workwise but she put up her hand and stopped me, “No…no, please, I really don’t want to hear it, I already know and I’ve heard it a thousand times before Andrew, and I don’t want to spoil my Xmas or yours, you’re my guest and I want you to stay tonight….do you want to?”


“Good, I’ve got things in so there’s plenty of food and drink, just the two of us like it was before but not the same as it was before because I’m not the same Andrew and I’m hoping you’ve changed a little as well, I’ve already made some pasta for supper, your recipe, you always were a good cook, but you can cook lunch tomorrow, shall we take a bottle of something into the lounge and watch a film before we eat?…you can put my present under the tree”.

The lounge was beautifully decorated in shades of lilac and white with white leather armchairs and sofa and a pristine carpet, I placed her present among the many others under the tree and we settled down on separate armchairs to watch one movie then watched another before eating, several times I caught Elaine looking at me strangely and without smiling, I could barely take my eyes off of her and we hardly spoke but there was something flittering between us, like an electrical charge in the air, but then suddenly it was late and Elaine announced she was retiring to bed, “But you can’t come with me…not tonight…I’ll show you where you can sleep”.

I was deflated but there was always tomorrow, Elaine showed me my room, I knew there were 5 bedrooms but this was number 6 and little more than a box room on the top floor with a single bed, it had a hand basin and there was a lavatory and shower down the hall, Elaine was yawning as she showed me where her bedroom was on the second floor, “You can’t come in here, I don’t want you to….but if you can get up at a reasonable time you can make me breakfast like you used to when I had to go to work early and you didn’t like me driving to London without breakfast, I still like a boiled egg and some toast and some marmalade and tea, and I really like breakfast in bed so you can bring it to me if you want but knock first okay?”

If I was reading that as an invitation I was again deflated quickly, Elaine was clearly tired and her eyes were closing but not enough so she couldn’t fix me with a steady gaze.

“Andrew…do you know one of the things I really hated about you?….you would stay up all night and sleep all day and when I went to bed I nearly always found you’d had a wank and there was your muck on the sheets, I had to sleep in it and it was disgusting, so, if you have to have a wank you can do it in my house but just don’t mess up my sheets and things…I mean when I packed my stuff up I found your mess in one of my shoes….the white heels you liked that I bought for that wedding?…that was a foul thing to do to me, you never once thought how horrible it was for me to know you were doing that and that maybe I wanted you to cum for me even if you weren’t making love to me anymore…how many times did I tell you…ask you to do what you liked to me in my bedroom?…no strings, but no, only when it suited you to abuse me even if that was what I wanted, you couldn’t be bothered so, please, if you have to have a wank then do it in the hand basin and clean it up, I don’t want to see a mess but I do want to see you in the morning….it’s late so breakfast about 10 am…OK?
Oh, and under your pillow is a small gift..from me…you can open it.”

She kissed her fingertips then planted the kiss on my cheek and said goodnight, Elaine was never one for playing emotional games, I was the one that did that but now the student was teaching the master.

The small gift was a photo of her and a pair of her used panties, the card said, “To remember me by”.


10 am Xmas morning, I have a mild hangover and didn’t sleep well, tired as I was the photo and panties didn’t help and I’m more than a little intrigued, is Elaine building up to some big climax…a special treat?

Her breakfast is ready and I knock gently on her bedroom door but it’s not exactly breakfast in bed because she is already up and awake, she’s walking out of her ensuite bathroom and drying her hair, she’s naked.

“Oops!…sorry…I thought you said come in when I knocked”.

“I did, you’ve seen me naked before, it’s not a problem is it?”

“No…not at all…” She took the breakfast tray from me and set it on her dressing table, I couldn’t help noticing her breasts were fuller than 20 years ago but still very firm and she was fully shaven between the legs, something I used to do for her.
“Good, I’ve got a treat for you, what I want you to do for me is choose my outfit for today,” She indicated an arched opening beside the same to her bathroom, “That’s my main wardrobe, it’s walk-in obviously and everything you need is in there, I’ll wear whatever you want me to.”

I was bound to say it, “How about nothing?” But she shot me a withering look, “No Andrew…that is NOT an option, now do as I ask please and don’t spoil the day.” She was looking at me in her dressing table mirror and I couldn’t help jokingly striking a salute, “Yes Ma’am!”, Her hair whipped across her face as she spun on the stool to face me angrily.

“ANDREW!….I said don’t spoil things so please….don’t, I’m trying to give you a nice day, please, choose everything, my lingerie, my shoes, everything….I said I’ll wear it for you, just lay it out on the bed.”

I said I was sorry but she ignored my apology, she waved me away into her walk-in wardrobe and turned on her stool, I thought perhaps I knew what she was doing because I always liked her dressing up, it was a thing with me during our years together but she tired of it, she couldn’t understand why she had to dress up and why we couldn’t just have normal sex as she called it, but I would turn out to be very, very wrong, I’d never given her credit for her intelligence all those years ago and I wasn’t doing it now, I was thinking with my dick.

Elaine’s wardrobe was a veritable Aladdin’s cave of female finery, when we were together she did sometimes wear stockings but only when I wanted her to or on the odd occasion when she had no clean tights, again she only wore high heels when I wanted her to, the same with lingerie, I once pointed out a beautiful and expensive lingerie set in a shop window and said I’d buy it for her as I had some spare cash, but she deflated me then by saying there was no point as she had no reason to wear it, it was after we’d split but were still living together and still having an on/off sexual relationship, now everything was here in this huge wardrobe, expensive clothes, exquisite vintage lingerie and racks of shoes, some designer, Louboutin etc, and there were two drawers of unopened fully fashioned stockings, some vintage, it wasn’t like her, not the Elaine I knew.

I didn’t know how long I’d been in there but it must have been half an hour when Elaine called out, “Andrew!…..what on earth are you doing in there….you haven’t pulled everything out and made a mess have you?…put things back where you find them please.”

I’d made my choice though difficult as it was, a white silk blouse, black pencil skirt, black seamed vintage nylons and a black vintage corselette with 10 garter straps, for the shoes I’d chosen a pair of shiny black leather slingback court shoes, these were new in a box and the heel was 5.5″ with a metal tip, I thought she’d tell me not to be so silly but when I carried everything back into the bedroom and laid it on the bed she smiled, “Nice choice Andrew, not quite what I expected but I suppose I should have known, at least you’re dressing me properly, do you think I need a girdle?”

“No….not at all but you said…..”

“Yes Andrew I know what I said and actually I like that girdle, I bought it in Paris, it was made in 1951, the stockings are 1962, the blouse was handmade for me, as were the shoes but the skirt is off the peg, still a very good choice though and oh…I can stay in heels like that all day…does that surprise you?”

I nodded stupidly, I was not on the common ground now but was vaguely aware she had turned the tables on me and was totally in control of the situation, Elaine had me like a rabbit in a headlight, she’d eaten her breakfast and had set the tray aside and was now brushing her hair after blow drying it while I was in her wardrobe, “I’m going to do my makeup now and get dressed, you don’t have to leave.” The look reflected in her mirror toward me told me she wanted me to stay and watch, I did so, her makeup didn’t take long but when she applied a deep red lip gloss I let out an audible gasp, Elaine smiled back, “You like that don’t you?….I never used to wear it for you, maybe I should have….”

I had to ask, “Elaine?….what’s the game…all this, the photo and your knickers under my pillow?”

“Well the photo and my knickers are very simple Andrew, it was a message that means you can look but you can’t touch, as for you dressing me today that’s just a bit of fun, that’s all, and you still can’t touch but you can look, you can watch, but you won’t be disappointed I promise you…oh, that reminds me, Andrew, the girdle is the open bottom and you didn’t choose any knickers for me, that’s okay, I won’t wear any today.”

Oh shit!… I’m not sure I can deal with this but it’s about to get worse, I’m watching her dress and I’m transfixed, I know I should leave that room but I can’t, I watch her squeeze herself into the vintage corselette and fix her stockings to the metal clasps, all the while she’s checking the seams in a full-length mirror to make sure they’re straight, she dons the blouse, then the skirt, then the heels and stands to face me, “There, do I look like some kind of fetishy schoolmistress on those porn sites you look at?”


“Yes I do Andrew but it’s what you wanted and I’ll take that as an admission you look at those sites, now, did you do as I said last night?”


“Did you masturbate in the basin as I asked you?”


“Did you masturbate at all?”

“No Elaine I didn’t.” I feel like I’ve got something back, that I’ve scored a point, but then she says.
“Oh, that’s a shame, I hoped you would…is it because you’re older now…you can’t get an erection anymore?”

“No Elaine…I can but….!”

“Okay, I see, but I’ve gone to all this effort and I think you should, I’d prefer not to think that you think you’re going to get your way with me like old times because it simply isn’t going to happen, it’s important, did you shower this morning?”

“Yes, and thank you for the toothbrush.”

“But you’re still in the same clothes Andrew, it’s okay, I understand, you didn’t know you were staying the night, you can put your clothes in the washing machine in the utility room downstairs, something clean for you is under the tree, but I must insist that if you want to ejaculate today you do it before we leave this room, I don’t want you thinking anything is going to happen after that because it isn’t so you can do it in my bathroom, I don’t need to watch.”

She had that sad look on her face again, I’d seen it before now but had never fully realized the pity in that look, I told her I wasn’t going to do as she asked, Elaine said simply, “Your choice Andrew, but it’s a wasted opportunity”.

Was I hoping for something, anticipating a sexual adventure with her? It was looking that way but I misread the situation, I did the other things she asked, I put my clothes in the washing machine downstairs then out of some kind of misguided and immature rebellion I presented myself stark naked and said “What now?”

“What now?….what now is you can’t walk around naked Andrew and I’d like you to shave.” She indicated my crotch, “For me, I’ve often wondered what you would look like, I mean you always liked me clean down there and I can’t have you burning yourself cooking dinner so you can wear this, it’s one of your presents.”

She tossed me a parcel from under the tree and told me to open it, it was a pinafore apron, in all our time together only once in our games had she dominated me and at my suggestion, it was the very same apron, now things were looking more interesting, surely Elaine would not go to all this trouble for anything?

It was already getting late in the day and I had to get Xmas dinner ready, quite rightly Elaine said she couldn’t help dressed as she was so I had to do everything in a strange kitchen, she did say we’d open our presents after dinner and not before so that I had something to look forward to.

There was to be more than one surprise gift.


It was approaching early evening before we ate and by the time it was served up I wasn’t quite drunk but I was well on the way there and my inhibitions were gone, being naked except for the apron wasn’t too much of a problem, Elaine was, every time she came into the kitchen to top up her wine glass her steel-tipped heels clacked tantalizingly on the hard tiled floor and I couldn’t help looking, she just smiled, if I thought about it she was dressed the way I wanted and I was dressed the way she wanted, I went with it because there was absolutely no way despite what she said that this scenario would not lead to something sexual, I knew her too well for that, or so I thought.

Elaine too was not entirely sober, you could always tell with her because she would seem perfectly normal one moment and giggly the next, this was good news I thought because when tipsy it heightened her libido, surely I was on a promise tonight?

Dinner over she congratulated me on cooking a lovely meal saying I hadn’t lost my touch in the kitchen, then we retired to the lounge where she wanted to watch a TV program when it was over she rose and poured me a whisky, I marveled at how she walked in those 5.5″ heels and asked if they hurt, “No, not at all Andrew, they’re Spanish leather, very expensive but very comfortable”. She was standing over me as she handed me my drink, I could smell her perfume and of course I knew she was wearing no panties, it was almost too much for me and her wry smile told me she knew, she sat down and crossed her legs, the rustle of her stockings nearly killed me and she laughed, looking straight at me she said, “So Andrew, where do you think this is going?”

“I don’t know Elaine, I haven’t seen you for nearly 20 years and now I’m sitting here nearly naked, you’re all dressed up like something from those porn sites you say I visit and to be honest I haven’t a clue what’s going on!”

“Yes…but it’s nice though isn’t it….a nice Xmas?”


She studied the shiny toe of her shoes, “Do you know the only mistake I think you made with this outfit?”

“I forgot your knickers?”

“No….not that, I think you got the skirt wrong, I think you should have chosen the leather skirt, I think it goes better with this blouse and the shoes.”

“I…I didn’t see it…..”

“No matter, shall I change it?….then we can open presents.”

“Elaine!…..what are you playing at?”

“I’m not playing at anything Andrew, I’m going to change the skirt because I think you’ll like it, that’s all.”

She returned a few minutes later wearing a tight shiny leather pencil skirt that ended just above the knee, it squeaked slightly as she walked.

“There, what do you think?”

“I think you’re teasing me.”

“Maybe Andrew….maybe, tell me though, how many times have you had a hard-on today?”

This was too much, “Nearly all fucking day Elaine!”

She sat on the arm of my chair, inches from me and stared intently into my eyes, it was something she used to do to get my attention and was usually followed by her asking me if I wanted a blowjob, she was eager to please then and had never even thought she could perform that act until I corrupted her and showed Elaine her first porn film, not this time though, the stare and her smile was different, she rose and bent over slightly, showing off her leather-clad bottom, then she turned to face me with hands-on hips.

“Really Andrew….all day?….I can’t say I’d noticed but then again you were never really much of a ‘big boy’ were you…oh and please don’t swear, I really don’t like it.”

“That was a bit cruel Elaine, and uncalled for, you never complained.”

“No you’re right I didn’t, but you were always very good with your tongue, and I don’t mean just the lies you used to tell me, it compensated so yes cruel, but not uncalled for, and not as cruel as you were to me sometimes, you used to make me feel ugly when you rejected me…did you ever really love me?”

“Yes….I did…and you are not ugly….Elaine, I’m sorry for those days but there’s nothing more I can say, I think I’d better leave before we fall out again.” It was a ploy on my part, I was hoping she’d ask me to stay, I wanted her so badly now and under any terms, she’d cried when I’d threatened to leave her before but not this time, she just fixed me with a steely gaze, I could see her chest rise as she controlled her anger and her face hardened, her lips were set and her eyes blazed at me, unblinking, then her face softened, she poured me another whisky and handed it to me.

“Okay, go then if you can’t handle a bit of fun, drink your drink and get your clothes then just piss off!….but if you do we never speak again Andrew, ever, I had hoped you weren’t still the same old lying and ungrateful shitbag you were but it seems I’m wrong….I thought we could have an arrangement and I wanted to give you a nice Xmas, you know me, I always did anything I could to make you happy.”

“What arrangement?” I asked.

“There you go Andrew, being selfish as always, it’s a big house that needs maintaining, you always need work and I always have little jobs that need doing about the place and the garden and I will say that when you worked you were very good at what you do, I just thought there could be some sort of mutual agreement that could benefit both of us but as usual all you’re doing is thinking about yourself and not me…it’s just so typical of you.”

She was right, I was being selfish, here I was in her fabulous house enjoying her hospitality but trying to do it on my terms, yes I was thinking of her, the only thing on my mind was her, but that was because I wanted her, I wanted my sexual satisfaction with scant regard to what she wanted….oh but had I known what a tangled web she was weaving!…and we all know what the female spider does to the male!

I apologized and asked if we could start again, “Yes Andrew, I’d like that, especially because I’d hate your presents to go to waste….shall we?”

I thanked her and said yes, I asked her to open hers first but she said, “Oh no, I know what you brought me because I paid for it remember?…and I’m really not interested in those shoes, they’re nice but to me cheap junk, I’m far more interested in what you think of my gift to you.”

“But you’ve got loads of other presents under the tree, don’t you want to open them?”

“No, not really, well yes I do but they’re from friends and….other people….tonight it’s just you and me.” She handed me a small package and put a smaller one on the coffee table in front of her, “Go on, open it.”

I did as she said, unwrapping two layers of paper I found a small zipped pouch, opening that I found something that took me only a few seconds to comprehend, it was a bit of a shock but I knew what it was, it was a stainless steel chastity device, and it had a very small cage!… I had seen such things on the internet, on some of the very sites Elaine seemed to think I frequented, I was more than a little lost for words and it was her who spoke first.

“I told you a little lie Andrew, I said I kind of hoped we wouldn’t meet again but when I moved back here I found out you were still around, I’ve actually seen you a few times and that day we met at the shoe display in the store window I engineered it, I followed you, I’ve done it a few times but you never saw me and I knew you’d be passing that day, I got in front of you and stopped so you wouldn’t miss me, that little toy I ordered from Germany long before we bumped into each other, why?, Because I can afford to and because I know your size, I actually had it specially made but I wasn’t sure about the rings so I got 3 different sizes, I could have got one of those cheap plastic things but this is so much nicer and won’t break, it should be a really nice fit.”


“Because I want to know what it feels like to have you paying attention to me, I want to know how things might have been if I hadn’t been so compliant to your needs and you were more attentive to mine, I want you to know what it feels like to think of me and pay attention to me.”

More than a little drunk I may have been but I was sure I saw a tear well in the corner of her eye, in a blink it was gone.

“Elaine, I know what it is….but there aren’t any keys.”

She opened the little package on the coffee table in front of her and held up three keys, “No there aren’t Andrew, these are your present to me, I thought we’d have a little bet, I thought if you stayed here over Xmas and until the new year that you’d wear it for me, pay attention to me and not think about your needs, then on new years day you can have ‘other’ presents, I think I’ll win though because knowing you I don’t think you have the willpower…not even for just one week, I don’t think you can do it.”

Beer, whisky and women, classic weaknesses in the male but so is the challenge, I accepted, one more week, I can do that and get my reward I thought so I accepted the bet, what difference could one more week make after 20 years?
The device was surprisingly easy to get on and snapped shut just like that, drunk I wasn’t too aroused but there was a minor struggle with the cage, it was only 1.5″ in length but then I went totally flaccid and I was in, all I had to do now was show Elaine I was locked and that was it, how hard could one week be?

Easy peasy.


Boxing day morning and I’ve slept surprisingly well in the device, in fact I wasn’t even aware of it until I got up to use the toilet, I get washed and dressed, my own clothes this time, Elaine didn’t say anything about wearing the apron all the time neither did she ask for breakfast in bed this time so I don’t disturb her, I go down to the kitchen and put on some fresh coffee then fix myself some scrambled eggs on toast, Elaine must have smelled the coffee because no sooner have I sat down to breakfast than she walks into the kitchen, she’s fresh out of her bath or shower and she’s naked except for a towel wrapped around her head and a pair of white high heeled fluffy wedge mules!

“Mmmm!….scrambled eggs on toast!….yes please, can you do me some?”

As she pours herself a coffee I say, “Elaine!…that’s a bit unfair!”

“What….asking you to make me some scrambled eggs on toast?”

“No, you know full well what I mean”, She flashes me a smile.

“Well you’ll just have to get used to it Andrew, it’s my house and if I don’t have to get dressed yet I won’t, besides, we had this yesterday and you said it wasn’t a problem, so, did you sleep well?”

“Yes, thank you”.

“I mean my little present, you are still wearing it aren’t you, it didn’t fall off in the night?”

“No it didn’t fall off in the night and yes I’m still wearing it”.

“Show me”.

I lower my trousers and shorts, Elaine’s eyes light up, it’s obvious I’m aroused and squashed up in the short cage, erect I’m just over 5″ but the cage is only 1.5″ and already it’s telling me there is no point becoming too aroused, it seems to keep my foreskin retracted so the bare glans is pressing against the steel bars at the tip, flaccid it’s fine so far.

“That looks really nice!…does it hurt, do you want the key?”

“No it doesn’t hurt and no I don’t want the key”.

“Ooooh!….don’t get all sulky Andrew, I was just checking, now, what shall we do today? I thought some shopping in the sales, perhaps I can buy you some clothes, you can’t wear the same things all week”.

“I can go home and pick up some things, you don’t have to spend any more money”.

Elaine shook her head, “No….no I don’t think so, I’ve never seen you look really smart and I’d like to, plus I can maybe buy you a decent razor, you haven’t shaved this morning and any kind of beard just doesn’t suit you, we need to smarten you up a bit and make you look presentable, the apron was just a bit of fun”.

So we went shopping, I drove her car to a major shopping center while she sat in the back, it was like I was playing chauffeur and indeed I had to open and close the car door for her, she wore a smart dark grey suit with black opaque tights and nude heels, as I followed her around I noticed she turned a lot of heads, at nearly 50 years old she was stunning and there were a lot of signals coming from my chastity cage!

This little shopping trip seemed to be more about me than her, she bought little for herself, just some scent, but for me she bought chinos, polo shirts, smart loafers etc, yes I liked them but I was more of a boots and combat trousers man, despite my protests that it wasn’t necessary she insisted, she teased me with a smart suit and tie but when I shook my head she said, “No, you’re right….that would be really cruel and it wouldn’t suit you anyway!”

I asked her why she was spending all this money, her simple answer was, “Because I want to and because I want you to make an effort for me for once, and because I like making people happy, including me”.

That week passed surprisingly quickly, there were no real issues with the chastity device, Elaine asked me daily how it was and my only complaint was that I wished she would dress more soberly, everything was low cut showing lots of ample cleavage and short skirts with high heels, of course I knew she was teasing me but she insisted that was how she always dressed these days, she also liked me to tell her daily how she looked but the invitation to her bedroom and to choose her outfit had been a one off, it didn’t happen again, in a strange way it was just like it was 20 years ago toward the end of our relationship when we became more like brother and sister than a couple and we were enjoying many of the same things we did before, watching movies together, eating my cooking, Elaine could cook but only out of a book or out of a packet, the kitchen was always my domain and it was my only claim to domestic skills, things like washing up and housework had always eluded me or to be more honest I had always eluded them, they were always Elaines department, but now there was a real incentive and I was doing everything, the chastity device had me in a strange mindset that I found I liked, I was genuinely trying to please her and give something back, it had always been good to see her happy but now even more so, but of course I had an ulterior motive, at the end of my week in chastity I would get my reward, I was just playing her game and playing it to win, Elaine, I was convinced, was my reward.

Time’s up, my week is over, I’ve done it and Elaine is pleased, I’m secretly proud of my small achievement and it’s new years day, the prisoner can be released.

We’re in her conservatory and have just finished breakfast, I’m reading a newspaper and Elaine is doing something on her laptop, she’s dressed up to the nines as usual and I’m struggling to ignore that fact when she looks over the top of her computer screen at me, “So Andrew, how was it?”

“It was okay Elaine, a little difficult at times”, I nodded toward her cleavage as she closed her laptop, “But I think I won the bet didn’t I?”

“Yes Andrew you did!…. I applaud you, I thought you’d be begging for the key by day one so I admit I may have underestimated you and you have been so attentive!….but tell me, do you think you have any love for me again?”

I nearly choked on my answer, not because it was a lie but because I was embarrassed by the truth, “Yes”.

Elaine studied me intently for an uncomfortable length of time, her eyes were unblinking, I tried to match her gaze but I couldn’t and it was I who looked away first, her voice was soft, trembling slightly, “Do you know Andrew….I do believe for once in your life you’re telling me the truth…you are telling me the truth aren’t you?”


“Then it’s time Andrew, you can open your main present….come on….it’s under the tree”.

I followed Elaine into the lounge where there were still several unopened presents beneath the tree even after all this time, she picked one up and handed it to me, I was expecting the keys but this was much larger than that small package should be, it was A4 sized, “Go on…open it”.

I did as she asked, there were two large buff envelopes and inside them was just paperwork, that was all, nothing more, I couldn’t take in the wording as it just went straight over my head as if I was blocking it out, oh I could read it perfectly, it just didn’t make any sense, Elaine handed me a pen and explained.

“The top one is an employment contract, 6 months trial period, I know the wages aren’t great but that’s reflected in the other one which is a tenancy agreement, basically I pay you the salary outlined and charge you £1 per month rent from your salary, in return you look after this house…and me, you get the room you’re staying in upstairs now and your little bathroom plus I give you another room on the same floor as your sitting room, computer and TV included, all your bills paid, full board so I pay for your food as I used to, and I will provide a small car, you’ll work reasonable hours and have lots of free time Andrew, you see as I said I always had some kind of faith in you but I needed you to prove to me that I could trust you, it’s a secure job, I’ll be looking after you as I always did, just on different terms, it’s a good offer Andrew….do you want to think about it?”

I looked again at the papers in my hand still not quite taking it all in and then asked, “What about this thing….the keys….when does it come off?”

Elaine looked at me misty-eyed and shook her head.

“It doesn’t Andrew, that’s the ‘arrangement’…it doesn’t come off, it stays on, if as you say you feel some love for me then I don’t see why you need to cum because if I allow that you’ll be distracted from your focus which has to be me, you’ll be my companion, nothing more, there isn’t any ‘you and me’, just me….and my husband….I think you need a drink before you sign”.


Well that was last Xmas, Elaine’s husband Gavin arrived in a taxi before I put pen to paper but I signed, he’s a nice guy, tall, grey-haired and in his early 60’s, they’ve been married for 18 years now, he’d spent Xmas in New York with his daughter, he and Elaine always spent Xmas apart it transpired and alternated it but they were always together at a new year, they both travel a lot, sometimes together and sometimes separately but Elaine is home much of the year.

There were other things I didn’t know, it turned out that Elaine owned the flat I lived in, that was purely coincidence, she’d bought the building as an investment and I was on the list of tenants so she did some digging and found out my financial situation, the rest was left to her imagination, like having my flat emptied minutes after I signed the employment and tenancy agreements.


I’m happy, I have a good job and a nice place to live, I’m almost part of the family, I eat and drink with them much of the time and I caddy for Gavin when he plays golf.
I do everything about the house much like a butler or valet, I maintain the property and it keeps me busy but there is no physical contact of any kind between myself and Elaine, from day one we’ve never even touched hands, it’s just not allowed, I can look but I can’t touch, those are the rules.
It’s not a “Female domination” thing as such, there is no interaction in that respect and there are no punishments only admonishments when I make a mistake.

What do I get out of it?

Well apart from the security I get to spend a lot of time with a beautiful woman I now know I truly love but purely as her companion and that time is very precious.

The keys?

They’re immaterial, I didn’t get them last year and I won’t get them this year because Elaine is in the Bahamas so I suppose there is always next year.
Anyway, I must go, it’s Xmas day morning and Sir wants breakfast in bed.