A Chance Encounter – A Chance Of A Lifetime

He was nervous. He didn’t want to be nervous. He wanted to be calm, cool, and composed when he met Her, but the truth was he was nervous. He had a lot to lose if this didn’t go well, and a lot to gain if it did. He wanted the meeting to go well. He wanted the meeting to be the beginning of a whole new way of life for himself. He wanted the chance to show Her he was the submissive for Her.

The bar where he sat nursing an imported beer was dimly lit and not very busy. She had chosen the meeting place. Someplace trendy, but not too crowded, close to where She worked and closer still to the hotel he was staying at for the weekend. Absently he touched his left breast pocket, feeling the hard plastic of the key card for his room. With any luck, he would be giving Her the card and following Her into the room very soon.

“You are early, pet.” Her soft, low pitched voice washed over him like smooth whiskey. He had heard Her voice numerous times over the telephone in the last 4 months, but hearing it in person, now…..God he nearly lost a load right on the bar stool. He had to get a grip on himself. Standing, his eyes to the floor as he had previously been instructed to do, he offered Her his bar stool.

“Please, Ma’am, will you join me?”

“Thank you, Eddie, but let’s take a booth. Bring my tea please.” She walked away, towards the back of the bar, Her black high heels clicking authoritatively against the hardwood floor. He followed Her, carrying their drinks. Silently he waited as She slipped into the circular booth, demurely tucking the chocolate-colored suede skirt that She wore, under Her knees. He could see She wore no stockings. ‘Wonder if She’s not wearing panties, too.’ The thought rushed through his mind so quickly! Emotion poured through him. He was simultaneously turned on and ashamed by the impure thought, knowing instantly that it was wrong to think of Her in that manner. He really had to get himself in check!

“Edward? Is something wrong?” She asked softly, then with a perfectly manicured hand She patted the leather seat beside Her. “Come, sit with me, please.”

Without looking at Her, Eddie set Her drink before Her and his just to the left of Hers. He slid into the booth beside Her, close, but not touching Her and he purposefully kept his eyes on the table, as She had instructed him when they had discussed the plans for their first meeting. “Thank you, Ma’am, for meeting with me. I am honored.” He told Her.

“As you should be, pet. This is a big day for you. Are you ready to take the next step?” Her voice rippled gently over his nerve endings and he shivered at the effect She had on his system. His heart raced, his blood boiled and his loins….had hit hyper-drive. She waited patiently for his answer.

Swallowing hard, Eddie replied in what he hoped was a strong, willing voice. “Yes Ma’am, I am ready.”

Her hand stroked along his downturned chin, and She let go of a soft sigh. “I have been waiting for this for a long time, pet. I hope you won’t disappoint Me.”

He couldn’t speak, so mesmerized by the tone of Her voice he was, that he was only able to give a short jerk of his head to indicate that he too did not want to disappoint Her.

Slowly Her hand traveled over him, inspecting him digitally. He felt Her fingers, feather light, slide over his broad shoulder and down to his bicep where She massaged his upper arm, gauging the muscles and their strength. He threw a football for a living so his muscles were well developed and sinewy. She very nearly purred at the power She felt in his arms and was very pleased. “Nice.” She said quietly in his ear. “Keep your eyes down, pet, as you were instructed. You are doing well.”

He blinked in surprise. How had She known he was thinking of sneaking a look at Her? He wanted so much to feast his eyes on the Woman who had charmed him over the last few months. He was beguiled, bewitched and intoxicated by Her, but not once had he been allowed to see Her. Being Here with Her, breathing in Her subtle cologne, feeling the heat of Her just inches from him, he was ready to throw the submissiveness out the window, toss Her on Her back and take Her like he would have taken any other female he desired. And Eddie had desired, and bedded, more than his fair share of women.

But something held him back with this Woman. He couldn’t fully understand really why She captivated him so thoroughly, and yet, She did. She had almost from the moment he had read Her first posting to him on the singles website he sometimes trolled. He remembered Her email as if he had read it just this morning.

“…when the whisper of my voice…
sends shivers down your spine…
then you will truly be mine”

It had been bold. It had been sensual. It had caught his eye. He had written back immediately telling ‘Her’ he was not ‘Hers’ for the taking, that ‘She’ would answer to him. He was the Master, ‘She’ would be the prey. ‘Funny,’ he thought, sitting there, still as a mouse, prey about to be captured.

She let Her hand move to his chest, working Her fingers over strong pectorals. He marveled at the site of Her touching his shirt; dark, olive hued fingers, perfectly sculpted, stroked pure white Italian cotton pin striping. “You left the jacket off, as instructed. Thank you.” She nuzzled his neck, keeping just far enough back that he couldn’t see Her with his peripheral vision. “Eyes down, no peeking. You will see soon enough.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” His voice was a hoarse whisper, all he could muster at this precise moment.

She toyed with a button that sat just above his monogrammed sterling silver belt buckle. Leaning close to his ear She whispered. “Have you altered your trousers to My specifications?”

His mouth went dry, his palms became sweaty and he felt his heart flip like it usually did when he threw a Hail Mary pass and it landed safely in a receiver’s arms saving the game. “Um…” He tried to clear his throat. “I…” His voice failed him.

Her hand slipped down his right side and wiggled into his trouser pocket. Locating the seam She pushed against it and was pleased to feel it move freely. Without hesitation, She wrapped Her hand around his manhood and idly stroked him through his briefs. He was rock hard and his briefs were stretched tight over him. Every stroke sent pulses of sensation coursing through his shaft and if She kept it up he was certain he would explode. “White cotton I believe?”

God! How did She do that? He sucked in a breath, closing his eyes against the throbbing in his loins. She was killing him. It was that simple. She was bent on slowly driving him out of his mind and She was loving it, his was sure. “Ma’am I’m a…”

“Shhhhh….I know what you are, pet…..and I intend on guiding you to understanding what you are also.” She gripped his cock firmly and sat back. “Look at me.” She commanded.

The moment had finally come. He was going to see Her for the first time. He knew he didn’t really care what She looked like. She could have blue eyes, or green eyes, or brown; She could be a redhead, blonde or bald for all he cared. He just wanted to gaze upon Her and be given the chance to show Her how much he cared for Her and wanted to be in Her service.

He couldn’t move. He sat there in the booth, back against the leather bound seat, eyes still riveted on the polished wood table. A man in command of a winning team, the best quarterback in the business, a man in control of his life and his destiny and yet, he couldn’t move. He was filled with anticipation, apprehension and trepidation.

She seemed to understand his fear. Maintaining Her grip on his cock, She brought Her other hand to his chin, gently raising it, turning him to face Her. Still he kept his eyes turned downward so that She again had to command, “Look at me, pet.”

Slowly he raised his eyes, his mind taking in and registering Her ample bosom tucked snuggly in a black lace shirt. The long, raven curls that fell lavishly across Her shoulders, the perfectly formed pouty red lips, the delicate and gently sloping nose, the large, crystal clear aquamarine eyes. Eddie stopped breathing and stared, astonished.

“Hello, Eddie. It’s been a long time.”

“Danielle?” He finally found his voice, but it was strained nonetheless. “Danielle Simms?”

“The one and only!” She smiled then and withdrew Her hand from his pants. “Quite a difference from the last time you saw me, isn’t it?”

“Um, I’m trying to remember the last time I saw you.” He said truthfully. He recognized the face, the eyes no longer hidden behind studious black rimmed glasses. “You wore glasses.”

“Lasik eye surgery.”

The male in him pushed Eddie to let his eyes fully take in the beautiful woman before him. She had really changed from the Art History class She had helped him struggle through his sophomore year of college. “You filled out.” He observed.

Dani laughed. “Yes I was a bit of a late bloomer. Hazard of being thrust into college at the age of 16.”

“Yea, I remember you were a lot younger than the rest of us. Shy, too. I remember you very shy.”

In a rare unguarded moment, Dani blushed. “Yes, I was painfully shy back then. Intimidated by all of you upperclassmen.”

“You shouldn’t have been, hell, you were smarter than all the rest of us put together!” Eddie laughed, remembering a time they had been studying together. “You remember when we were at the library studying for mid-terms? Several of the guys from the team stopped by and were talking with us? Man, I thought you were gonna crawl under the table you were so scared of those guys!”

Dani did not laugh. Her tone turned serious and She kept Her gaze steady and firm. “I was scared of them. I was scared of you.” She told him.

“Me?” Eddie was truly shocked. “What did I do?”

“Nothing. You were always a perfect gentleman.” She took a sip of Her drink and studied him over the rim of the glass. “I remember you always walked me home after study sessions, even though I lived off campus with my parents.”

Eddie nodded, but he still didn’t understand why She had been afraid of him. “Why were you scared of me though? I treated you with respect. I even took you out for burgers a couple of times.”

“I know. It was me, not you.” She confessed. “I had a crush on you and didn’t know what to do with myself.”

Eddie grinned. “You did?” When She nodded he made a confession of his own. “I had a bit of one on you, too, but you were jail bait back then. Dangerous.” The thought crossed his mind that She might still be dangerous, just in a whole different way!

As if reading his mind, Dani leaned close to him, the shy young college student gone, the calm, cool and controlling Domme replacing Her. She slipped Her hand back between the folds of fabric of his pocket. As She wrapped Her warm hand around his now flaccid penis She caught his eyes and held them with Her own. “So we are still attracted to each other, after seven years.” She gave him a squeeze and Eddie felt his body reawaken, responding to just Her touch, slipping him instantly into a submissive state of mind. “And I want you as a play toy.”

He exhaled through his teeth, trying to fight off the hot need that was rising rapidly in him. He wanted Her so badly, but there were things he needed to know before they moved forward. Questions he had planned on asking Her when they met circled his brain like vultures. Where was this game with Her going to go? How had She found him online? She couldn’t have known his screen name, he had made it up when he joined the kinky adult website. No one, not even his own brother – the person closest to him – knew about the name and the profile he had carefully created for himself. And finally, how had She known he was submissive? He had only just started to explore the Lifestyle himself, and the side of him that seemed to like to serve Women.

“Dani…” or should he have referred to Her as Ma’am? Lord, what was he thinking? He was not going to submit to Her now. Or was he? Could he? Her hand felt so good on his cock, Her fingers sensually teasing him. It had been awhile since he had been with a woman and he could feel his body tighten with desire. In the months that they had been talking online, She had asked him…no, She had required him, to cease all casual relationships and have no sexual activity, save for the sporadic times She allowed him to masturbate to relief. It had been hard, damned hard. He was a healthy, normal male after all, but for some reason, he had willingly submitted to Her demands. It was crazy really. “Ma’am? Please? May I ask you something?”

“Certainly, pet. What is it you would like to know?”

“How did you find me? After all these years?”

Dani laughed out loud and gave his cock another insistent squeeze. “You afraid I was stalking you, Mr. Pro Football? You are everywhere on American TV you know. On any Sunday…”

Eddie felt a chill go down his spine. He was all over the TV and other forms of media. His team had come out on top this past season and so his face and information about him had been plastered everywhere. But he had not met Dani, rather Mistress D, until well after the season had ended. And it had been Mistress D who had set the pace of their relationship. Slow, excruciatingly slow, Eddie had felt.

“No, I don’t think you were stalking me, I just don’t know…I mean…why…” His question died in his throat when She smiled at him, Her aquamarine eyes mischievous and full of delight.

“I know you are puzzled by all of this, pet.” A gentle pressure turned his face fully to Hers and his lips to within a whisper of Hers. “All will be revealed to you in due time. Now kiss me.”

Mind barren of thought will power having mysteriously vanished on him, Eddie did as instructed. He touched Her lips with his own, tentatively at first, hesitant, but She didn’t let him stay that way long. Her lips moved against his, Her passion searing him to the core. The current of desire that had been smoldering within him all day, roared to life, threatening to consume him where he sat. He wanted Her. God help him, he wanted Her so badly. “Dani…”

Slowly, Dani sat back, Her cheeks flushed with Her own desire. “I think it’s time we move this upstairs.” She gripped his cock, squeezing the fabric of his briefs tightly around the hardening flesh. From Her bag She pulled up a thin cord and working it expertly, She slipped it between the folds of his trousers, lassoing the head of his cock and pulling the noose on it snug, but not tight enough to cut off circulation. Eddie instantly felt the pressure begin to build in his leashed organ. Mercy!

“It’s time to go, pet.” Dani stood, tugging gently on the cord, indicating he should follow Her out of the booth. When he was standing beside Her, She demonstrated how She would continue to hold on to the cording, leading him by the cock, as it were, while they made their way to his hotel room. There was no way he was going to be able to walk out of the bar or up to his room without everyone knowing what was going on between them, Eddie thought ruefully. What in the hell had he gotten himself into?

“Open the door.” She stood by the hotel room door, waiting expectantly for him to carry out Her command. Eddie’s hands literally shook as he slid the key card into its slot. As he had in so many football games throughout his career, he willed himself to calm down, to get control of the situation and move on. Stepping aside, he allowed Dani to enter the hotel’s Presidential Suite.

Standing in the sitting area, located just inside the doorway from the hall,
She let Her gaze travel over the rest of the room’s layout taking in all of the lush amenities. To Her right was a small dining area, a nice cozy setting for a late-night gourmet meal provided by the hotel. She was pleased to see a vintage china tea set adorning the center of an oak sideboard. An oak dining table, seating six, stood in the middle of the small room. Turning to Eddie She smiled. “I would like a cup of tea, please.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he responded automatically and set about gathering the tea set, taking it to a tiny kitchenette, located behind a door off of the dining area.

While he was fixing Her tea, Dani continued to look around the suite. On the far side of the living room, an open door revealed a king-size wrought iron and wood bed, ‘suitable for some bondage games’, she thought. A spacious bathroom was just to the left of the bedroom door and it boasted both a sauna tub and a separate shower facility. ‘Nice’, She thought. ‘We’ll have some fun in there.’

From the open-air living room, with its two overstuffed chairs and sofa arrangement that could seat at least 4 She guessed, She could open two sets of the ceiling to floor French-style doors and step out onto a long balcony that afforded a spectacular view of the beach connected to the hotel. The blue-green of the ocean stretched out to the horizon and mesmerized Her for several minutes.

“Beautiful isn’t?” Eddie spoke from behind Her, his voice was low and whiskey smooth. She loved listening to him talk; the times they had spent on the telephone being part of what She enjoyed about their relationship the most. So far anyway…

Turning Her gaze upon him, Dani smiled. “Yes. I like the view quite well.”

“The room is satisfactory then, Ma’am?” He stood with the tea service on a silver tray, ready to serve Her.

“Very. You have excellent taste, pet.” She smiled when he blushed. Was it Her compliment that embarrassed him? Or was it being called Her pet. She had noticed in the bar during their conversation that he seemed to always react in some small way when She spoke the term ‘pet’. She got the sense from him that he liked the term, liked the term being used in reference to him. She knew he had a lot of questions, and that he had a lot to learn and accept in regards to his submissive self. She was going to enjoy guiding him to that submissiveness.

“May I serve you, Ma’am?”

“You may.” She slipped back into the living room and took a seat in one of the plush chairs. She watched intently as Eddie prepared Her a cup of tea in one of the delicate china cups. His big hands, made for tossing footballs, were clumsy and awkward as he tipped the china teapot aiming the spout at the cup. He missed and hot tea splattered onto the saucer and silver tray.

“Dammit.” He muttered under his breath. Dani suppressed a giggle, quickly adopting a look of disapproval on Her lovely face. Eddie mopped up the spilled tea. He had bought the china tea set on Her command and every evening he was supposed to have practiced the art of making tea by following an instructional video She had sent to him. He had practiced for maybe a week and figured he had it down good enough. Now he realized he should have paid more attention. “I’m sorry, Ma’am. I will do better.”

Taking the teapot in his right hand again he carefully poured the hot tea into the cup, successfully this time. He raised his eyes to Dani. “No sugar, correct?”

“No, sugar…what?”

“Oh…um…” How could he have been so stupid and forgotten his manners? Dammit, he was too nervous, he needed to get himself under control. Taking a deep breath, he corrected his question. “No sugar, correct, Ma’am?”

“Correct, pet.” She took the cup and saucer from him and over the rim of the cup, as She had in the bar, She studied him while She sipped the tea. He was so nervous, which tickled Her immensely. He was so big and strong, 6’3” tall, and in such superb condition. Even in the off season, She knew Eddie kept himself fit with daily workouts and a strict eating regimen. She liked the fact that he was big and brawny, yet he still wanted to be on his knees and serve Her. He may not fully realize he wanted to be on his knees servicing Her, but he would soon discover it.

Setting the cup and saucer on the silver tray Dani regarded Eddie silently for a moment longer. She knew what She was going to have him do, She just wanted to prolong the suspense a little bit longer. Keep him off guard. Suddenly, without preamble, Dani sat up in the chair and barked, “Take your clothes off.”

Eddie froze. He’d known this was coming, but now that it was here, he wasn’t sure he could go through with it. He was used to being in charge. He was used to making the moves and setting things into motion. Could he turn it over to Dani? Could he do in person what they had talked about for months online? What he had fantasized about damn near every night?

She rapidly clapped Her hands together. “Come on. I don’t have all day you know. Get ‘em off or I leave.” When he still didn’t move, She stood up and stepped towards the door.

“Wait!” Eddie called out as his hands began to fumble with the buttons on his shirt. “I will…I mean I want…um…” He finally clamped his mouth shut and simply removed his shirt, tossing it on the chair beside him.

“Neatly fold your shirt and place it on the coffee table.” She commanded. Watching him do as She instructed, Dani drank in the beauty of the man She had chosen to be Her submissive. His shoulders were broad and the muscles rippled as he folded the shirt. He was laying it on the table when She gave Her next command. “Now the pants, and let’s not take all day with this.”

Off came Eddie’s shoes, then his pants, leaving him in nothing but white cotton briefs and socks. Oh, and the leash that hung out of the opening in his briefs. Eddie blushed crimson from head to toe. A smug smile crept across Dani’s lips. Reaching for the leash, She pulled him to Her and captured his lips with Her own. Slowly She deepened the kiss, stroking his tongue with Hers in tantalizing anticipation of things to come.

“I want to see it all.” She said when She broke the kiss. Then She slipped a hand down the front of his briefs, cupping him and teasing him to erection. When he was good and hard, Dani squeezed his cock, demanding, “Get them off. And fold everything neatly and place it on the coffee table. There is no room for slovenly ways with me.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Eddie mumbled as he worked to fold his trousers neatly before adding his socks and then finally his underwear to the pile. He stood, totally naked, with his cock leash, ready for Her to inspect.

Dani pushed him to the center of the room, directly in front of one of the open double doors. Eddie glanced over his shoulder with more than a little trepidation. “Ma’am, the doors are …”

“Open? Yes, they are and unless someone is in a low flying plane, you cannot be seen. Now put your hands behind your head.”

Eddie hesitated a second too long. Dani slapped his ass with Her open hand. “Hands behind your head! Clasp your fingers together! Now!” He did as instructed, burning with a strange mix of embarrassment and humiliation…and desire. He could feel Dani slowly circling him, Her eyes taking in his athlete’s body. He prayed that She liked what She saw.

Dani did like what She was seeing. From Eddie’s broad shoulders, down the length of his well-muscled arms, across the width of his chest and the flat plain of the belly, to his slender hips and long, muscular legs, Dani’s eyes roamed. Jutting out from the juncture of hips and thighs, his erection stood straight and proud, surrounded by a dark mass of curls. Dani grinned inwardly, good thing She had thought to bring shaving cream and a package of razors! “Your package is much better viewed live than on cam, pet. You have a lovely cock.”

Eddie didn’t know if it was appropriate to verbally respond or not, but his body blushed an even darker shade of crimson. Dani laughed out loud, “You have something to say, pet?” When he didn’t respond She added, “It is fine for you to be proud of your body. I know you work hard…” She gripped his cock and balls, holding them tightly. “…at keeping yourself in shape. This pleases me very much.”

“Thank you, Ma’am,” Eddie responded in a strained whisper. “I wish to please you always.”

“Hmmm…we shall see.” Releasing him She continued Her inspection. She moved to stand behind him, smiling appreciatively at round, dimpled buttocks. “Yesss… Nice. Very nice.” She purred. “Now, spread your legs for me. Stand with them shoulder-width apart.” Eddie again did as instructed, shifting his feet, broadening the space between his thighs. Cool air washed over him as a breeze from the open doorway swept through the room. Minuscule bumps pimpled his flesh and he was hard-pressed to determine if it was from the sudden cool air or just the fact that he was about as turned on sexually as he had ever been. He was definitely turned on, but there was more to it. Standing before Her, naked and unprotected, he was laying himself open for Her use. Telling Her he wanted to be used by Her.

Dani received his message loud and clear. She knew what was in his heart, even if he wasn’t sure of it yet himself. She understood that to Eddie, this meeting was not only a date to get acquainted with each other, it was also a chance to play and get his kicks for an afternoon. She would give him that, since She was in need of a play session Herself, but She also knew that this afternoon would be a turning point for them. A decision would be made. A new level would be reached. She was ready for it, She only hoped that Eddie would be also. She believed he was; he needed to believe that also. She would know soon enough. Right now it was time to complete the inspection. Without warning, Dani reached between his thighs and grabbed a hold of his ball sack. Gripping him tightly She demanded, “Bend over. Show me your ass.”

Eddie sucked in a breath. Her hand on his balls was much stronger than he would have ever imagined, is just this side of painful. He lowered his arms, resting his hands on his thighs as he bent forward, his ass sticking out behind him. A slap on his right ass cheek accompanied a curt command.

“Hands behind your head!”

Eddie simultaneously spread his feet further apart as he clasped his hands behind his head again. Off-balance, he teetered precariously, ever conscious of the hand that gripped his balls. Dani’s touch on his ass cheek was feather-light as She ran Her fingertips over his backside inspecting the curve of his ass. Her hand pressed against his flesh, kneading the soft globe, gauging its expanse – no doubt determining what size paddle would be best to use on him, Eddie was thinking. As if She knew his thoughts Dani drew Her hand back and slapped the ass cheek She had just been fondling. Eddie flinched, but to his credit, he didn’t make a sound. It wasn’t so easy to stay composed with Her next move.

Spreading his ass cheeks, Dani blew gently on Eddie’s hole. She let go of an evil chuckle when She heard him suck air in through his teeth. A shudder raced through him, throwing him farther off balance. His hands shot out in front of him, gripping the back of a chair to keep him from falling on his face. “God.” He muttered under his breath, trying to regain his composure. He had nearly lost it and he could see the precum dripping from his cock head.

“Liked that, did you?” Dani asked innocently. She stood to his side now and patted his back. “You may stand, pet.”

Eddie stretched to his full height. He estimated he stood at least a foot taller than the Domme who stood beside him and he was most certainly physically stronger than She was. He could end this right now if he wanted to. All he had to do was put his clothes back on and escort Her to the door. Hell, he could grab Her, take Her to his bed, fuck Her and then escort Her to the door. They had talked online about how much they both wanted to have sex together, so he didn’t think She would put up too much of a fight if he said he just wanted to fuck. He certainly wouldn’t turn Her down. But what She said next stopped him dead in his tracks.

“Mistress Torrie was correct in Her assessment.” Dani settled Herself on the large sofa and regarded Eddie with an amused smile.

“I’m sorry?”

“You don’t remember Mistress Torrie? Tsk, tsk, pet. I can’t believe you would forget the Woman who so ‘completely subjugated’ you.” Eddie flinched inwardly at the use of his own words to describe his play session with another Domme. Dani continued observing, “You obviously didn’t think about Dommes talking to each other.”

“No…I mean…yes, no, I mean…” He shut his mouth to keep from tripping over his tongue more. Dani laughed, delighted by his discomfort. She reached for Her cooled tea and took a sip. Eddie tried again, scrambling to make a coherent statement, but only able to pull off a lame, “I didn’t realize you knew Mistress Torrie.”

“I do. In fact, you can thank Her for bringing you and me together.” Dani held Her cup and saucer out to Eddie, indicating with a shift of Her eyes, that She would like another cup of tea. When Eddie had refilled Her cup She continued. “You remember the private party Torrie held in early April? Her ‘Spankin’ Birthday Party’?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” How could he forget? He had been the spankee. Chained to a St. Andrew’s cross, head encased in a latex hood, more for protection of his true identity than for the turn on the hood had actually become, Mistress Torrie had wailed on his backside with paddles, a flogger, a riding crop and finally a whip. He had endured it all, never using the safe word, and eliciting praise from numerous Dominants and subs alike. The sex with Mistress Torrie and another woman afterward, his reward from Her after he had come down from subspace, had been hot and consuming. When they were done with him, Eddie had slept for 20 hours straight. But how did Dani know of that party unless She had been…

“Oh my God…You were the other woman.” Eddie said hoarsely. He remembered that the woman had always worn a mask, covering the majority of Her face, when She’d been dominating him. Shock and disbelief shuddered through him and he sank down onto the sofa, his legs no longer able to keep him up. He stared open-mouthed at Dani, waiting for some kind of explanation.

“For the record, I did not know who Torrie was playing with that night.” Dani began. “I simply liked your physique, your style, the way you carried yourself. When She invited me to join in on a more private play session, I agreed. It was only when I saw you bound to the table, the hood removed, that I recognized you. Torrie trusted me to not reveal who I had played with, but She had no clue that you and I had a history.” She gave him a minute to absorb this information before continuing. She had so much more to tell him. “Mistress Torrie was my Domme when I first came into Life. She was my academic advisor when I was getting my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.”

Eddie frowned in confusion. “You’re a lesbian?”

“Bi-sexual, but I favor men. I like the equipment men possess.” Her eyes went straight to Eddie’s crotch. Even flaccid, his cock was a beautiful piece of art. At least 8 or 9 inches long when fully erect, Dani decided the ‘powers that be’ must have broken the mold after Adonis and Eddie Moran had been created. Tearing Her eyes from his manhood, She resumed her story “Mistress Torrie recognized the need in me and She took me under Her wing and guided my path. I served as a sub to Her for a couple of years, but She knew I was a Dominant at heart and She lead me to recognize that in myself and to accept it. We have been friends for a long time.”

“And Her ‘assessment’ of me?” Eddie couldn’t hide the curiosity in his voice. He had played with Mistress Torrie, the Mistress of a close friend of his, several times, but She had said She liked playing with him because he was a masochist. He loved pain. He didn’t really think of himself as a submissive.

“She said that you are a submissive at heart, but did not realize it. That when you found the woman you could ‘give all’ to, you would discover your true self.” Dani watched him closely. His thoughts and emotions were reflected in his eyes as he thought about what She had told him. Leaning close to his ear, Dani whispered, “You want to serve your woman, Eddie. You want to be Her everything. You want to take care of Her, provide for Her…” Her finger traced a line from just below his chin down to his left nipple where Her fingertip circled the brown ring of flesh, teasing it into a tight little bud. “…and you want to allow Her to control you in every way. It’s time you stop fighting your true nature.”

Eddie felt his body tighten with desire. He knew She was right. He knew it deep down in his soul. He had discovered it during their long conversations online and on the phone. Now he was ready to accept it and he knew what he had to do. Moving off the sofa Eddie knelt before Mistress Dani. He was already thinking of Her as his Mistress and his words came easily and without reservation. “Please, Mistress Dani, will you consider me as your sub? I want nothing more than to be Your humble servant in every way you desire.”

Dani leaned forward and gave Eddie a single peck on the lips. “I accept your submission. From this point forward you are allowed to refer to me as Mistress. And, I have a gift for you.”

Eddie watched as Mistress Dani pulled a wooden box from the bag She had brought with Her. She held the box on Her lap and turned it so the opening faced Eddie. “Open the box, My pet.”

His hands shook slightly as he reached to open the clasp on the box. He had an idea of what might be inside, and though he was sure he was ready for this step, he still felt an anticipatory chill race through him. The lid opened revealing a large, brown leather collar and four smaller ones that he recognized as wrist and ankle cuffs. Dani lifted the neck collar and set the box on the sofa beside Her. She held the collar between Her hands, eye level to Her subject.

“This is a training collar. It is the first step in an amazing journey that we both ultimately seek. We will embark on this journey together. We both want this relationship; Mistress and submissive. This collar symbolizes that you accept My Dominance over you and that you freely and of your own will embrace your station in this relationship.” She paused for a moment to let him digest the meaning of Her words. Eddie raised his eyes to Hers. She could see the desire, the determination, the devotion he possessed for Her. She offered the final commitment. “Edward, do you accept this collar of training?”

He readily accepted. “Yes, Ma’am. Mistress Dani. I accept Your collar. I am willing to place me at Your feet. I willingly accept Your Dominance. I am here to serve you.”

Mistress Dani buckled the collar in place around Her sub’s neck, then took the cuffs from the box and placed them on each of his arms and ankles. When She was done, She sat back and regarded him with smoldering eyes. “It’s time to put your pretty words to the test, My pet. All these months you have been telling Me how you will serve Me and make Me have orgasms like no other has.” She lifted Her skirt revealing for the first time that She wore no panties. Eddie’s eyes grew large and round and the predatory male animal in him growled to life. “Serve your Mistress, My pet.” Licking his lips, he lowered his head and began to kiss Her pretty pink pussy lips.