A Birthday Present

It was my boy’s birthday and I was going to make sure it was one he would never forget. Since I got home well before he did, I started the prep early. I took a shower, shaved every part smooth, and put on his favorite perfume. It had a sultry, dark, sexy bouquet. Making sure my makeup and hair looked good, I did the dinner preparations. When he got home, I hustled him off to the shower so he’d be as clean as I for our after-dinner activities. After finishing his shower he came out in the front lace-up leather pants I had set out for him on the bed. I had him settle on the pillow next to my chair; this was a Dom dinner tonight with the twist of my cooking-it was his b-day after all. I made sure the fillets were medium rare and the steak fries crispy, as I liked. I had a small glass of a good Shiraz ready to drink. Sitting down to dinner, I looked deep into his beautiful eyes and toasted him saying, “Happy birthday baby, here’s to many, many more.” I took a swallow, held it in my mouth, leaned over, and let the warm wine trickle into his. It deepened into a long lingering kiss. I devoured his lips, his tongue. Ending the soul-stirring kiss, I turned my attention back to dinner. Between feeding him bites of the steak and fries, we discussed our day and I could see his shoulders relaxing as he let go of some of his stress. As soon as the food was gone, I said, “Even though it’s your birthday, please take the dishes to the sink, I need to change.” he agreed.

Slipping quickly into the bedroom, I pulled off what I had worn for dinner, and put on my red leather halter dress, as it was one of his favorites. Pulling the black, thigh-high, leather boots on as well, I went back out into the living room and waited on the couch. Coming out from the kitchen, he sat in between my knees and leaned his head back onto my lap. I started by kneading his shoulders and rubbing his neck, working the knots out so he could fully calm down. Touching his shoulders front and back always makes me…warm. The power that is there, but never used against me, is intoxicating. I couldn’t resist, I need to smell him, taste him. Leaning closer, I inhaled deeply, smelling Male: power, control, love, lust, devotion. I needed that….I needed him. Nibbling and nipping from the back of his ear, down his neck, and across his shoulders, I began my dance of seduction. I bit harder sucking the skin into my mouth. I heard his growl start deep in his chest and knew that our night was truly beginning. I grabbed his collar out of the bag I had stashed earlier and buckled it around his throat nipping his ear in the process. I needed more; more of his scent, more of his taste, more of his him. Sliding off the couch and into his arms, I kissed him. I kissed him deeply feeling my passions stir. Twining my tongue around his, I sucked it into my mouth. Rubbing, coiling my tongue with his, made my heart start to join the pounding of an ancient deep rhythm. A rhythm that started deep in the core of my body. I could feel his hands in my hair, turning my head to better meet his mouth. Our breathing deepened becoming harsher. I loved how he could easily move my body to join his better. Putting my hands on his shoulders I could feel them rise and fall with his breathing. I wanted more, so I took it. Digging my nails in, I felt his response, his cock twitched under my hips. I ground my pussy on his lap. I loved feeling his reactions. I put my hands on either side of his head and moved his lips to my neck. Feeling his lips, his breathing as he nibbled up and down made me so wet, I could feel my clit hardening. Undoing the clasp of my neckline he pushed it to the side and continued down to my nipples. They were hard and aching to be touched. Sucking one into his mouth, he gently bit down on it. I ground my pussy harder against him. “Harder baby, I need to feel your teeth”. Biting harder made my pussy wetter, and again, I ground it hard against his leather-clad cock. I pulled his face up to kiss him again. I didn’t risk getting too distracted from my plan. Plunging my tongue into his mouth, I curled it around his. Sucking and retreating I tasted…..him.

Straddling his hips wasn’t enough anymore, I wanted him to taste me. Rising off his lap, I raised the hem of my dress above my hips, showing him that I wasn’t wearing any panties-as if the pool of juice on his leather pants wasn’t enough. Turning around and bending slightly over, I told him, “Come to me baby, taste me.” Pushing his face between my cheeks, I could feel his tongue snaking towards my hole. A lick, two, and I then I could feel the spear of his tongue penetrate my back hole. I loved it when he did that. he grabbed my hips and pulled my ass into his face. Brutally gripping my hips, kissing the top, the bottom, each side, then tonguing…. he worshiped me. I loved the sensation of his hot wet tongue on my ass. I love the powerful feeling it gave me, knowing that my boy worshiped my ass. I could feel my pussy juices trickling down my legs. I began to tremble as he slid his fingers between my legs and started to rub my clit back and forth. Every 4th or 5th stroke, he would plunge his fingers in my pussy. The trickle became a flow. As he toyed with my clit harder and faster my knees started to buckle and I slid down onto the floor. I moved his head down to my shaved pussy and demanded that he finish her off. Aggressively tonguing and licking my clit, my juices gushed from my pussy. Never missing, he lapped the juices up almost as fast as I could create them. Moving between my clit and pussy, he never let either feel neglected. I felt my orgasm coming hard and fast. Knowing that he wouldn’t stop, I still held his head hard as it crashed over me. Riding the waves of a massive orgasm, I screamed, shuddered, and bucked my hips hard against his face. He still missed none of my pussy juices. After licking my pussy almost dry, he held me while I recovered.

Even though I enjoy cuddling after mind-blowing orgasms, I knew I wasn’t done with him. I’ve always enjoyed touching him. I love his strength and power. Trailing my hands up and down his chest, toying with the waistband of his pants, the skin-to-skin contact is always erotic. After my breathing slowed to normal, I told him to take off his pants. Unlacing them, pushing them to his hips, and stepping out of them was as sexual as the male stripper I had once seen. My pussy clenched once again. Going to his knees, I met him on mine, and again, we kissed. Deep, soul-touching, throat kissing. I dug my nails in his back drawing him closer and ground my pussy against his cock. Moving behind him, I nipped his shoulders and toyed with his nipples. I know it’s not his favorite, but I just can’t help it. The vulnerability of his nipples as I pull and twist them makes me extremely wet. Getting the bag from earlier, I got the strap-on, harness, and lube out. Pushing his shoulders to the carpet, I lubed up my fingers and his ass. We had played often back here, but never a full pegging. I pushed in my first finger easily; we had done that plenty of times. Stroking it in and out, I readied it for the second. After a moment or two, I pushed in the second. Taking my time, stroking his cock as I played with his ass, he moved a minute amount back against my fingers. I knew he was ready for the third. I nibbled up his spine and licked my way back down; making sure that as he gently started thrusting, none of my fingers came out. I wanted him the feel the fullness of all three fingers. As he was getting harder and harder, I knew it was time for my cock to penetrate him. I had chosen a cock that was only slightly larger than my three fingers. I made sure that it was as well lubed as his ass. I wanted him to be able to enjoy this as I fully expected him to take it in the future. Guiding my cock to his back hole, I very, very slowly pushed the head in. I know that the head is the largest part and getting his hole to stretch over it was the biggest hurdle. Taking my time, waiting for his ass to get used to the feeling of something that large, I waited. As his shoulders relaxed, I knew it was time for the next step. Holding his hips, I eased my way a tiny bit more. I held his hips and wouldn’t let him move away from my cock. he groaned as the head pushed fully in. Making sure that my cock was glistening with lube, I pushed. Slowly, but firmly, I pushed until my cock was buried in his willing ass. I eased out, almost completely, but not quite. Grabbing his shoulders I slowly pulled him back onto my cock. I know that my boy is primal and I know that he loves rough and hard sex, but this, now, was not the time…..yet. Grinding my cock into his ass I made sure that every thrust ended with my pussy pushed against his hard cheeks. I love the feeling of his cock in my ass, how in control he feels to me and I wanted him to savor that same feeling. Using his shoulders as leverage, I began thrusting faster. In and out, grinding, driving, I was setting a steady pace. I could feel my clit getting harder from the friction of the base of my cock. I could feel the juices of my pussy building again. Reaching around to his cock, I could feel it was getting harder. Even though it wasn’t our usual sex, the thrusting was still getting to the both of us. I knew that the ‘p’ spot in his ass was getting a good rubbing to. Putting a squirt of lube in my palm, I closed my hand around his cock. As I thrust his cock pushed through my hand stroking him. Pulling us back, my hand stroked back to the base of his cock. Tip to the base as I fucked him, my hand stroked him harder and faster. Pushing my hips into his ass I fully buried my cock in his no-so-tight hole. Thrusting in and out I could feel his cock getting harder and then-there- I felt it-the small throb he would get just before he came. While I continued to stroke him, he threw his head back and ROARED his thick creamy cum exploding from his cock. Seeing that, I thrust my cock harder and deeper in his widely stretched hole. I ground my pussy against his flanks. Plunging my cock deep inside him, I moaned loudly and bucked my hips hard against his tight ass. Wave after wave of orgasm hit me. Breathing heavily, I lay against his back. As always the skin-on-skin soothed us. Lazily touching and stroking, we recovered from another mind-bending orgasm. Slowly, carefully, I pulled my cock out of his now well-used hole. Taking off the harness, I cuddled him close.
Mistress is leaning on a gimp
Touching him is one of my favorite cool-down activities. I love caressing him, soft in my favorite places, hard, like a man’s skin should be, in others. I reached lower skimming my fingers down his chest, across his tender nipples. Our mouths fuse perfectly. Our tongues touch and the fireworks start. Stroking his tongue with mine is a dance of mutual pleasure. Giving, taking, conquering, retreating, it’s seduction at its finest. As our kisses deepened, I could truly taste him, scent him and my heart settled. I KNOW this man. Kissing him, twining our tongues together only fed my hunger. As I was touching, caressing him, his hands were moving as well. Reaching down he flicked his fingers over my nipples. As I arched my back to give him better access, he pinched and pulled them. As soon as the pinch was painful, I bit him to show my approval. Bending over, he bit back. That was all it took for us to start a flurry of biting and scratching. As he sank his teeth in my breast, I raked my nails up his back and slid my pussy over his cock. Grabbing his head, I shoved my tongue down his throat. Pulling his head back, he bit my neck. My pussy instantly gushed juices on his cock. I pulled his head to the side so I could latch onto his jugular. Biting my neck harder and growling, he thrust his cock closer so it rubbed against my now sopping wet pussy. I retaliated by digging my nails in and pulling them across his shoulders. He grunted in pain. My pussy surged again. She started pulsing and throbbing in time to our breathing. I pushed him so he rolled to his back. I NEED to bite, scratch, to dominate, and to FUCK. He gave me the bites and scratches I needed to push me over the brink of my civility. Snarling, I bared my teeth at him and lunged for his chest. I bit, I bruised. Hissing, I ground my soaking wet pussy against his stiff cock. As he pulled my nipples, I moaned and poised my pussy over the tip. Taking the tip of my nipple in his mouth he bit. I slammed my pussy onto his cock. Pumping, thrusting, rocking, I drove his cock in and out of my drenched pussy. Sheer animalistic fucking took over. Snarls, growls, roars filled the room as we fucked. Putting my hands on his biceps, I dug my nails in, scoring his flesh, leaving half-moon impressions in his skin. Using his nails he raked furrows in my back. I bit, he bit back. Panting hard, I plunged my pussy onto his cock one final time; I flooded his cock in pussy juices and screamed as I came violently. Thrusting his cock as deep as it would go, roaring like the primal he is, he shot his hot thick cum deep in my pussy. I collapsed onto his chest. Breathing heavily, purring I rolled to his side. Looking deep into his eyes, I once again said, “Here’s to many, many more.”