35 Cock and Ball Torture Ideas (CBT)

Warning: These are all very stupid and dangerous ideas, don’t try any of them! Don’t even read below this line.

Find a slave near

Whatever you do, always start small and work up. Take time to find tolerance level. . .  You can tie a rope around the balls in all sorts of patterns, or just tie them so they can’t get away and give it a pull. Hit them… start with light pats and build up from there 1 being light pats, 9 is using them as a speed bag. Ballbusting might sound like a good idea to start with but it is better to take it easy. 

Same thing with the cock. Start maybe with squeezing, then pulling or even pulling the skin waaaaay back. Slap it hit it.. again start small and work up, open hand, softer objects like fly swatter or crop, working up to more drastic ways.

For the most part, just uses your imagination.

Have fun! If it isn’t fun, do you really want to do it?

There is nothing like someone else gripping your balls in her/his hand and squeezingSpray capsaicin or bengay or icy-hot on the nuts.

1. Use acupuncture needles – to stimulate you nut chi – they are super fine and won’t do a lot of damage but the mind fuck of having to put several in the nuts all at once. hmmm could be torture.

2. Use a tens unit on each ball and turn the unit up slow or fast until it’s maxed out.

3. Use a ball crusher

4. Zap your balls with an electric fly swatter.

5. Use a stun gun on the balls. There are two feelings;  One is when the contacts are put directly into the ball, the feeling is intense but sounds like a ticking. The other is when the stun gun is held an eighth of an inch above the ball, then the voltage will jump to the ball from both prongs, more intense and better visual as you see the blue arc of the sparking, makes a popping sound too.

6. I love when my Goddess is dishing out punishment and makes me stand spread eagle in the doorway and kicks my balls. She will do so repeatedly while making me stand up straight when I am doubling over. She usually follows this up with me laying only back, legs spread while She squeezes my balls and then She turns to punch them, it will be 20 to 30 times before she is satisfied.

7. Isolating a testicle in one hand between the thumb and a couple of fingers, working it away from the body, compressing and rolling it until it is stretched to its maximum and nearly nothing left of the swollen ball it once was. Then she/he starts on the other…

8. Tied tight till they are purple and the veins popping out then with a heavy rubber band flip the veins till balls are covered with blisters, healing takes days, really hurts doing this

9. I love when a girl has a grip on my balls, with them pulled tight at the end of the sack… then proceeds to punch them repeatedly until I fall down to the ground. Takes quite a few hits, but each time I get lower and lower until I can’t take it anymore.

10. I like my balls to be sat on! Just bare ass and pussy on my bare balls on board. Nothing more personal then smashing them with the very part of a woman that can give the ultimate pleasure!

11. Get some cotton rope. Great for raping around the base of the cock and balls to push the balls out from the body and make them more sensitive and vulnerable. You could also make a leash and “walk you boy” around the house.

12. Lower the testicles into a glass of ice water. That in itself is quite painful. Then jerk off and when you cum with frozen balls, it feels like someone has pushed a red hot nail through each testicle. The ache lasts for an hour or more.

13. Prepare a bowl of ice water and while it chills masturbate or, if you have a master or Mistress they could warm up the slave parts with torture and teasing. When the sub’s cock and balls are overheated and he or you are begging to cum it is time. Balls ties so they cannot retreat up inside, the sub plunges his parts into the bowl of ice water and holds them as long as you can tolerate it, or until granted permission to remove them if submitting to another’s control. Short dunking, maybe 15-20 seconds to start. Soak for longer and longer as tolerated/directed. No touching when removed. If desired or permitted, shooting hot cum through a frozen cock is a wonderful sensation.

14. I just love it when a firm feminine hand reaches from behind and pulls them back and up as hard as she can, squeezing at the same time.

15. Lying on my back with my legs spread as she repeatedly knees me in the balls until I’m ready to puke.

16. Stun gun. I *STRONGLY SUGGEST the submissive, masochistic, lucky bottom be in a position where they simply can not fall.
Perhaps they are lying down. Perhaps they are restrained in a way that safely supports their full body weight even if they go totally limp, or totally extended the muscles supporting their weight. Chairs fall over and folks fall off them. But a well-planned sitting position could work.
Take a tube of roofing caulk or glue (Big, Wide tubes) and after it’s been used up, cut the pointy end off, clean out the insides, place your balls in there and then put it into the gun. This will keep your nuts in place while you crush them.

17. Testicle-crushing machine. You will need:

  • A small, automatic blood pressure machine
  • A pediatric cuff for the machine
  • Some rope, rubber bands, paracord, etc. to bind your balls

It’s pretty simple. Just tie or rubber band above your balls, trapping them in your sac. Connect the pediatric cuff to the machine, and wrap the cuff tightly around your balls. Hit the Start button on the machine and feel it slowly crushing your balls. When will it stop? Who knows? That’s part of the excitement. It stops at different pressures each time (and gives an Error message). But there’s really no error here 😉 It does an awesome job of crushing your nuts

18. I like for a female to tie my balls so they’re separated, then pull my sack tighter and tighter til my balls really stand out, then use her other hand to flick each ball with a fingertip, scrape her nails over them and dig them in.

19. Stuff them in my Mistress’s cunt and have her squeeze them hard with her muscles as she came hard from riding my bloated nuts.

20. Get a couple of squares of plexiglass and a couple of c clamps.. See how flat you can get them

21. Scrotum Tug of War. Two slaves on all fours, Dom puts humbler on each slave’s ball sack. Slaves are butt to butt and now a 6ft. chain/rope is attached to each humbler. Move slaves forward just so the chain/rope is taught. Attach a flag in the middle of the chain. Goal lines are ten feet apart. Each slave has a Dom/Domme assigned to them with a riding crop. Slaves’ asses will be whipped to encourage them forward.

The command is given…”PULL” and their asses whipped.

22. Supposedly this is an old Native American torture. Stake someone out face up spread eagle, then wrap a piece of wet leather around the testicles. As the Sundries the leather, it shrinks and slowly crushes the victim’s balls. Or get a magnifying glass and direct the suns rays towards the sac (other parts of the bodywork too – depends on your kink) go as soft or heavy as you like.


23. Execution-style ball hanging. Like hanging by the neck, balls are tied securely at the base with a noose or loops with the other end of the rope or cord is tied securely to something overhead. You’re standing on a high chair or ladder (or on a ledge or something) and the chair/ladder is kicked from under you, or you’re pushed off the ledge or jump. Hanging by the balls

24. Put them into a humbler.

25. Use insects to torture the balls.

Crickets – They just love pre-cum and cum when it either leaks out or is shot out of cock, they go nuts around the head especially the piss hole, just drinking your pre-cum and your thick white juice as it leaks from your cock and if it leaks down on the balls they bite the balls and eat as well.

Buy them a day before you want to use them so they are hungry. Coat cock and balls with sugar water, or slice an orange and squeeze the juice onto cock and balls. Crickets not only bite, but they bite off a piece of flesh and eat it. Feeling them crawl on cock and balls, and not knowing when they will bite, and then feeling multiple bites at the same time is amazing.

Redwood wasps – They inject over and over and bite at the same time. Catch them by a wing using normally closed tweezers, after holding them on balls or cockhead they will do their thing. I always release them after they have given their all.

Yellowjackets and small ground hornets – Will sting, allergies may be an issue for some but the continued exposure actually will help develop resistance. Take some ground beef and pulverize it in a blender. Then staked out in the back yard and spread the finely ground beef on balls. Yellowjackets LOVE raw meat. After a while, a few will appear and land on the balls to get some of that stuff. Annoy them a bit and they will sting.

Red ants – Sit over a red ant hill. Punched a hole thru it and they will come out in hoards. Drop the ball sack right into them. They will attack with a furry. They bite and sting which makes them seem bent over.

26. 2 Paint sticks and two decent elastics. Place balls between paints and start tightening the elastics. Pretty simple and easy.

27. Target practice. A paintball gun is way too powerful. It is very unlikely a nut would survive. A good fantasy but would definitely break the toys. A tennis ball and bean bags would be great. In fact. Really hurts even when not thrown very hard

28. Hang balls in the corner pocket of a pool table.

29. Slingshot

30. A little busting

31. Hammer

32. Rock weight

33. Fried nuts

Ball crushers in

34. Savage Stiletto Stomping

35. CBT spanking machine


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